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DayZero Patch

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Nov 12th, 2014
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  1. Reduce coyote spawn (same as czech?)
  2. Reduce SAW spawn
  3. Remove oil rigs, ammo crates up north
  4. Lower APC wreck spawns
  5. Fix heli crashes floating above the ground
  6. Reduce zombie speed (when they glitch out and hit you far away)
  7. Fix zombies spawning on top of houses
  8. Planes/Helicopters do not always explode on impact
  9. Fix zombies pushing players against walls/houses (can kill you)
  10. Fix broken arms indicator
  11. Remove crates - keep tents.
  12. Fix smoke grenades not affecting zombies
  13. Fix major desync
  14. Put DayZero on DayZ Commander/DayZ Launcher and/or make whitelisting process a lot easier
  15. Fix vehicles exploding on restart
  16. Lower spawn of G3/DMR/MKMOD/any high tier weapons if crates are removed (more loot balancing patches would have to follow if too rare/too common)
  17. Fix - shouldn't be able to move when receiving a bloodbag
  18. Fix heli crashes crashing 1-3 minutes to restart (not enough time to loot/fights can occur from heli crashes being there)
  19. Hiding bodies = same animation as repairing a bike
  20. Advertisement email to all members
  21. Fix heli crashes disappearing
  22. Fix not being able to access bodies, (have to relog)
  23. Change rangefinder spawn to 3 per server (make them ultra rare...they don't feel rare to have right now)
  25. Non-important/Content patch:
  26. More attachments for AK variants
  27. Another backpack?
  28. More planes
  29. A hero donator skin
  30. More skins/camos
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