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  1. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> [21:30:39] <@Tori> apparently
  2. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> [21:30:44] <@Tori> mike got on charlie's acc
  3. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> [21:30:45] <@Tori> then got off
  4. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> [21:30:46] <@Tori> then
  5. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> [21:30:48] <@Tori> pernix was gone
  6. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> y was mike on his account
  7. [01/05/12] (08:34pm) <Bryce> did he say he was on it?
  8. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Tori> he told charlie he was borrowing his abs
  9. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Tori> isps matched as well
  10. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Tori> charlie was the 1 who said it was mike
  11. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Tori> when i texted him.
  12. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Tori> said mike was the only 1 other than johny with his pin
  13. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Bryce> could of just aswell been johnny
  14. [01/05/12] (08:35pm) <Bryce> one or the other
  15. [01/05/12] (08:36pm) <Tori> jacks saying johny wouldnt lie to him idk
  16. [01/05/12] (08:36pm) <Bryce> yeah i'm pretty sure quite a few people have thought that
  17. [01/05/12] (08:36pm) <Bryce> mike's been trusted with a lot and hasn't scammed anyone before. i rlly don't think he'd randomly scam charlie?
  18. [01/05/12] (08:36pm) <Bryce> did mike even know charlie had someone elses pernix
  19. [01/05/12] (08:37pm) <Tori> not sure, but everyone knew johny had been using the acc
  20. [01/05/12] (08:37pm) <Bryce> cause if he did i could maybe believe it
  21. [01/05/12] (08:38pm) <Tori> i just feel bad for jack
  22. [01/05/12] (08:38pm) <Tori> he's the one who got fucked over either way
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