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Feb 25th, 2016
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  1. Our problem..........supported on a national level?
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  3. Rick Cooper
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  6. I called a gifted IT friend and asked him what can be done to help us protect our profession against the problems we have been experiencing. He suggested setting up a forum through a strong host (Bluehost/others no connection). The host should improve security through dedicated servers and sophisticated security measures which can monitor activity. Credentialing can be improved. We should see what they and others have to offer.
  8. Please check out the link below to observe (local/national) government emphasis on blocking our licensing efforts.
  10. I feel we need both national and local PR efforts to emphasize our good outcomes and promote licensure.
  14. Rick Cooper ND
  15. Norwalk CT
  18. Michael Uzick, N.D.
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  21. Hi Rick,
  23. I think those are great suggestions generally speaking. However, I want everyone to know this is a very local phenomena. There's about 10 of these people that regularly listen or contribute to that psudo-science blog/quackbuster garbage. Most people dislike them and almost no one reads anything they write or finds it credible.
  25. We are having a strange little drama in our profession which I think is really about one or two individual naturopaths and their own issues with themselves and each other that has become attached with this horrific betrayal of a naturopath resigning from the profession, joining the quackbusters and trying to severely damage us. These quackbuster/"science based" Nazi's originated from a vicious criminal conspiracy of a medical profession - the Chiropractors - in this US in the 1970's.
  27. This is no imagined vaccine conspiracy, in case you don't know, the AMA was found guilty of conspiring to damage the Chiropractic profession by our US Federal courts in the 70's. These court battles led to the national licensure of the Chiropractors.
  29. So what were the quackbusters and the AMA doing that led to charges of conspiracy in the Federal courts? Well, you can read about some of it in this NY Times article from the 70's discussing one of the rulings. Or for those of you who are aware of Britt Hermes and her husband's work, just read the list of activities they are up to. It's the same. Everything from writing "scathing" letters to legislators about our licensing, to reporting naturopathic doctors to governors, attorney generals, the FDA and you name it - I'm sure Obama has several letters - to creating fake Facebook pages and slandering naturopaths on their review pages. Ask yourself, how much money would it take to get you to do something like that?
  31. U.S.Judge Finds Medical Group Conspired Against Chiropractors
  33. Suffice it to say, these are criminals. They come from criminals and most importantly almost everyone can tell they are.
  35. They are talking to themselves. Most people either hate them or dislike them. Most people easily identify what they are about and no one is interested in "paid bias." People are generally repulsed by it and them. They are also terrorizing us. So we are talking all about it. I think that's very natural. But the truth is the majority of people are aligned with us. All human beings know that diet matters and inherently distrust those who deny it or are antagonistic to the natural world.
  37. It's pretty much just us and them who care about this. Some people are fooled for a moment, almost no one would follow them or believe in them or see them as a source of reference. Just incredibly negative people who are into to watching bullies and criminals attacking people or who have had some kind of trauma with natural medicine - perhaps pummeled by an organic carrot and out for vengeance ever since?
  39. I grew up watching the quackbusters on TV - 90% of it was good old Victor Herbert, MD. A truly disgusting man. Every TV talk show, and news program that discussed a vitamin or had a health advocate, also had Victor Herbert giving his counter point. This would comprise him yelling, "Scam!" and "Quackery!" He claimed vitamin C was responsible for millions of deaths and the vitamin companies settled out of court for million dollar law suits with confidentiality agreements. In a court of law he slandered Linus Pauling who was testifying for a cancer doc being persecuted by him. You would just have to see him to believe him and he had a giant prestigious resume. But no one believed him, everyone disliked him, he was hated and his resume meant nothing.
  41. Today, the quackbusters/science based scum appear on their own blogs, "internet magazines" they tweet, they take claim for unsuccessful legislative efforts. Today, no one cares about them. They appear no where. I've been told with confidence by those involved in our licensing efforts that Britt has no impact. Did I say hated and not believed? They can trick some people momentarily and terrorize a bunch of naturopaths. But beyond that, we thousands are making meaningful differences in peoples lives on a daily basis. We truly care about people, true science based medicine and everyone can tell we are genuine in our efforts. Their agenda is paid for and there's no lie or dark deed that's too low for them. They have no meaningful impact, because they have nothing meaningful to offer.
  43. Compare coming to the aid of a terminal cancer patient and their desperate family, with Britt doing everything in her power to prevent that man from receiving his only hope. She was the doctor of these of his 3 beautiful children aged 7 through 11 and she did everything in her power to stop their father from receiving treatment and closing the clinic where he and so many patients with cancer come for received help. A treatment his oncologist said was a miracle. How do those two doctors compare? That's the difference between Britt and myself. As well as, the difference between Britt and every human being with a soul.
  45. Our perspective is a little skewed, she's successful at upsetting us and riling up a tiny number of hateful people. It's more likely her efforts will led national licensure much faster than expected.
  47. Michael Uzick, ND
  48. Tucson
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