On a walk with hexferry

Jan 13th, 2014
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  1. >evening stroll in the forests of Equestria
  2. >you’re on a walk with Hexferry, the tsundere little honey bunny
  3. >the walk started out okay, but now it is rather dark
  4. >good thing you brought your flashlight
  5. >and good thing it has a dimmer, you do not want to make Hexferry chase the dot of bright light like a cat trying to catch the red dot of a laser pointer
  6. >she did not appreciate that
  7. >speaking of the blonde squeaker, she’s been looking a bit troubled for a while now and her trot has been a bit funny
  8. >she’s been crossing her hind legs and squirming a bit every time you came to a pause, almost as if...
  9. >”Hexferry, do you need to pee?”
  10. >Hexferrys wings, ears and antennae shoot up in surprise as she blushes a deep shade of red
  11. “D-don’t be silly Anon, I do not need t-“
  12. >Hexferry squeezes her hind hoofs together hard, like she is about to leak
  13. >”You need to pee clearly. Go pee”
  14. >you point at some bush
  15. “You make it sound so simple...”
  16. >”It is simple, just squat down and let it flow. Don’t tell me you do not know how to pee Hexferry”
  17. >Hexferry punches you on your leg
  18. “Haa haa very funny Anon”
  19. >suddenly some animal lets out a howl and Hexferry shoots to hug your leg while shaking a bit
  20. >”...Hexferry are you perhaps afraid?”
  21. >Hexferry blushes again and stares at the ground
  22. >Yup, she’s scared
  23. >Hexferry lets go of you and you ponder what to do
  24. >She’s sweating now and squirming in place
  25. >”How about I accompany you to take a leak?”
  26. >you can practically see steam rising from her head as she blushes as red as she can
  27. “I-if you t-think I will just let you come with me and s-stare at me lewdly as I p-pee you are mistaken!”
  28. >oh boy, she’s thinking this all wrong
  29. >”No, Hexferry, believe me, I do not want to watch you pee”
  30. “Well I still don’t believe you!”
  31. >you sigh
  32. >”Fine, we’ll keep walking”
  33. >the two of you get back to walking towards civilization
  34. >well, you would walk but Hexferry keeps lagging behind you, her ears laid flat against her head as she squirms as she trots
  35. >this is getting ridiculous
  36. >but before you can even begin to think how to get her to pee, she grabs the hem of your jacket with her hoof and gives it a tug while avoiding eye contact
  37. “C-come with me...”
  38. >finally
  39. >the two of you make your way off the path and into forest, you going in first and Hexferry hanging off of you shyly
  40. >you have to admit, it makes you feel pretty good about yourself, how she feels safe behind you
  41. >soon you find a good spot
  42. >”well, there you go, I’m going to return to the path”
  43. >you turn around but then you are stopped by a tug on your pants
  44. “Please don’t go, I’m scared...”
  45. >”Well then I uhh... how exactly are we going to do this?”
  46. “Just turn around but stay there where I can see you”
  47. >and you do what you are told
  48. >and then just stand there in silence
  49. >you are not sure what to think about this
  50. >you hear the sound of a stream hitting the ground and your body tenses up
  51. >Hexferry is taking a piss behind you
  52. >suddenly there is a crack of a twitch breaking
  53. >you quickly turn around and shine the light; no monster is going to eat Hexferry on your watch!
  54. >and immediately regret it
  55. >Hexferry starts to blush as her eyes start to tear up a bit
  56. >her tail is raised and she is, well, emptying her bladder, unable to stop the stream midway
  57. “...You promised!”
  58. >Hexferry picks up a small rock and throws it at you
  59. >”Hexferry I-“
  60. >no use, she’s now throwing stuff off the floor of the forest at you while looking very crossed
  61. >you just book it back to the path
  62. “Anon”
  63. >you stay silent, not sure what to say to her with seeing her that way, doing that
  64. “...Anon?”
  65. >that’s weird, it’s like her voice sounds panicked
  66. >there is a huge crash and Hexferry suddenly shoots out of the bush and hugs you tightly while screaming
  67. >after a short while she stops screaming and collects herself, looking yet again embarrassed
  68. >”...let’s just go”
  69. >Hexferry lets go of you and nods in agreement
  70. >wait a moment
  71. >you shine your flashlight to your shirt
  72. >there’s a wet spot there, right about where Hexferrys crotch was when she hugged you...
  73. >Hexferry looks like she could die of embarrassment at any second now
  74. >”Don’t feel bad, you were scared and all so...”
  75. >Hexferry just shoots off to flight at top speed towards the village as you are left into the forest by yourself, piss on your shirt
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