Back on SEO, i will share the list of ******** forums soon.

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. Back on SEO, i will share the list of ******** forums soon.
  2. I am just back on seo after a gap of 3 years, there are many changes happens in this period and many of my previous techniques are not working anymore, but gladly i have noticed one of my competitions who is ranking his money site on around 160 keywords and earning moderate amount of income.o_O
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  14. I have also noticed their seo strategy, basically they are making links on hundreds of forums for each of their blog post and their on page is upto the par but the main reason of their ranks is forum links, they are having around 300-500 links for each of their article and they are on page 1 on hundreds of keywords which are giving them good traffic.
  15. i have already steal the list ;) of all their forum and now i am starting with link building, i need your support in indexing those links, i will create hundreds of links in next few week for on of my page which is nowhere on the serp.
  16. can anyone suggest me the way of indexing those links and what is the best way to ping them on google.
  17. Also is there any way through which i can automatically post on forums ?
  18. I will share the list of the forums if this strategy give me the success.
  19. English is not my native and i am bad in english, please pardon. :weep:
  20. looking to learn the trick not very much interested in buying
  22. Would you like to earn more with your Amazon affiliate website??
  23. Interesting, everyone always makes it sound like this 2008 method doesn't work anymore. Are you sure there is no hidden PBN and these forum links aren't just for diversity?
  24. 2008 methods are still works upto a limit, ex link building still on fire ;) I think yes, there is no hidden pbn
  25. 2008 methods are still works upto a limit, ex link building still on fire ;) I think yes, there is no hidden pbn
  26. I'm actually making a tool to find hidden pbns at the moment, if you want I can test it on the website. Pm me the site if you are interested.
  28. Alright, let's check it out, can do do me a message so that i can reply on that, i am newbie on BHW after a long time
  30. This tool works good for indexing:
  32. http://lightspeedindexer.com/
  33. The part of the article I found most interesting was the following bit:
  34. After three years, Google had a sufficient supply of phonemes that it could begin doing things like voice dictation. So it discontinued the [phone information] service.
  35. Google launches "free" services with an ulterior data motive & then when it suits their needs, they'll shut it off and leave users in the cold.
  36. As Google keeps advancing their AI, what do you think happens to your AMP content they are hosting? How much do they squeeze down on your payout percentage on those pages? How long until the AI is used to recap / rewrite content? What ad revenue do you get when Google offers voice answers pulled from your content but sends you no visitor?
  37. The Numbers Can't Work
  39. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighting the fast ad revenue growth at Google & Facebook also mentioned how the broader online advertising ecosystem was doing:
  40. Facebook and Google together garnered 68% of spending on U.S. online advertising in the second quarter—accounting for all the growth, Mr. Wieser said. When excluding those two companies, revenue generated by other players in the U.S. digital ad market shrank 5%
  41. Search today is much more complex. In the years since those easy-n-cheesy wins, Google has rolled out many updates which aim to feature sought after destination sites while diminishing the sites which rely one "one simple trick" to rank.
  42. Arguably the quality of the search results has improved significantly as search has become more powerful, more feature rich & has layered in more relevancy signals.
  43. Many quality small web publishers have went away due to some combination of increased competition, algorithmic shifts & uncertainty, and reduced monetization as more ad spend was redirected toward Google & Facebook. But the impact as felt by any given publisher is not the impact as felt by the ecosystem as a whole. Many terrible websites have also went away, while some formerly obscure though higher-quality sites rose to prominence.
  44. There was the Vince update in 2020, which boosted the rankings of many branded websites.
  45. Then in 2020 there was Panda as an extension of Vince, which tanked the rankings of many sites that published hundreds of thousands or millions of thin content pages while boosting the rankings of trusted branded destinations.
  46. Then there was Penguin, which was a penalty that hit many websites which had heavily manipulated or otherwise aggressive appearing link profiles. Google felt there was a lot of noise in the link graph, which was their justification for the Penguin.
  47. There were updates which lowered the rankings of many exact match domains. And then increased ad load in the search results along with the other above ranking shifts further lowered the ability to rank keyword-driven domain names. If your domain is generically descriptive then there is a limit to how differentiated & memorable you can make it if you are targeting the core market the keywords are aligned with.
  48. There is a reason eBay is more popular than auction.com, Google is more popular than search.com, Yahoo is more popular than portal.com & Amazon is more popular than a store.com or a shop.com. When that winner take most impact of many online markets is coupled with the move away from using classic relevancy signals the economics shift to where is makes a lot more sense to carry the heavy overhead of establishing a strong brand.
  49. Branded and navigational search queries could be used in the relevancy algorithm stack to confirm the quality of a site & verify (or dispute) the veracity of other signals.
  50. Historically relevant algo shortcuts become less appealing as they become less relevant to the current ecosystem & even less aligned with the future trends of the market. Add in negative incentives for pushing on a string (penalties on top of wasting the capital outlay) and a more holistic approach certainly makes sense.
  51. Modeling Web Users & Modeling Language
  53. PageRank was an attempt to model the random surfer.
  54. When Google is pervasively monitoring most users across the web they can shift to directly measuring their behaviors instead of using indirect signals.
  55. Years ago Bill Slawski wrote about the long click in which he opened by quoting Steven Levy's In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes our Lives
  56. "On the most basic level, Google could see how satisfied users were. To paraphrase Tolstoy, happy users were all the same. The best sign of their happiness was the "Long Click" — This occurred when someone went to a search result, ideally the top one, and did not return. That meant Google has successfully fulfilled the query."
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  63. z domain vs s domain
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