The Dairy

Jul 21st, 2014
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  1. 16th of Harpin, 1021 AB
  3. It’s been a couple of weeks since my arrival in Equestria, and things are honestly... kinda boring I guess? I mean, I know it’s strange hearing that being transported to a land of sapient magical horses doesn’t provide constant excitement all the time, but it doesn’t. After the hype of having a completely new species come to Equestria through a seemingly random event died down, things kinda got a bit... I don’t know, still? Nothing happens, I haven’t really made any friends in my time here, and I pretty much spend all my time lazing about the house I was given here in Ponyville (Pretty much all I did before being transported here anyway).
  5. I need some excitement in my life, I can’t live in a world where magic actually exists and waste away my time doing exactly as I did before, except without internet.
  7. I got the idea to start a Journal from the local librarian, a Stallion named Foot Note or something like that. I guess it’s to stop me from going insane? I feel like I’m talking to someone at least, so there’s that.
  9. Nothing else to report I’m afraid, I might take tomorrow to explore a bit more of the areas around Ponyville (Stupid name for a town by the way), Maybe I’ll find something interesting.
  12. 3rd of Lunaris, 1021 AB
  14. Hey, Diary. I managed to find a bit more about the area, apparently Princess Twilight used to live here or something? I met her in the first few days of coming here. She’s the reason I can talk to everyone, universal translation spell and stuff. Really useful.
  16. Anyway, turns out Ponyville has a lot more to it than I thought. There’s more than just the bulk of the town, there’s a bunch of other houses and areas, a park too. Oh and I passed by a huge pasture, which to my surprise wasn’t for livestock. It’s actually part a small settlement of sapient cows who live next to Ponyville. Little houses and everything. I’m sure just about every animal imaginable is gonna end up having its own culture the more I explore. Jeez. Guinea pigs are going to be riding bicycles or something.
  18. The cows get by selling their milk to the town, which is kinda weird to me, but no one else questions it, so whatever. I actually bought some from them. It’s been a while since I’ve had any coffee, and having it black isn’t really my thing. Hopefully the ice box in my place can last long enough to keep it fresh. Some of the cows were kinda cool actually. I met a Bull named Thunderhoof (cliché, I know,) and his wife Maybell, May for short. They turned out to be pretty down to earth, or equis I guess, for a species that I once considered dumber than a pile of rocks.
  20. Anyway, I’ve vowed to myself to go out more, which is probably why I haven’t updated in a few days. I’ve been out and about and stuff! I still haven’t found anything to do as a job, but for now I’m happy with not being a layabout. I really should have explored more back on earth.
  23. 5th of Lunaris, 1021 AB
  25. Hi Diary! Things have been really good over the last few days. Looking back on my first entry I’m surprised I could have ever been bored with this place! I met a fucking Minotaur today! He’s some fitness presenter or something, Iron Will I think. His show passed through Ponyville yesterday! I didn’t actually watch the presentation, I just saw the huge freaking Minotaur that looked like he could snap me in two with his index finger.
  27. Aside from that whole thing, it’s been pretty chill. I went to visit The Dairy again yesterday to get some milk (That’s what the cow settlement’s called.) Again the settlement is really interesting. Way more communal than anything you’d find back on earth. Way more communal than Ponyville even.
  29. I’m gonna get a train to Canterlot tomorrow. The fare is cheap and from how ponies talk about it, it’s really a sight to see. I might take this with me, but I’m not sure. I’m only gonna be staying a night or two while I see the sights and stuff. So if I don’t take you, see you when I get home!
  32. 8th of Lunaris, 1021 AB
  34. Ok so Canterlot was fun. I’d have liked to have someone to spend my time there with, but it was still really cool on my own. I got a lot of attention as usual, and I saw the Princess again Princess Twilight that is. I’ve not met the other two, or is it three? I don’t even know. But yeah she was happy to see me again. She did a little magic examination too, which felt really weird as it always does. She also said something about it being too soon to tell something? I didn’t really catch it cos she was muttering, but it was probably nothing. Look at me, saying the classic, “It’s probably nothing!” while I’ve likely got some sort of weird magical disease. Hah.
  36. Well I’m sure the Princess would have told me if it was that serious.
  39. 14th of Lunaris, 1021 AB
  41. Hey Diary.
  43. Life’s been pretty stable I guess. I’ve been visiting The Dairy a lot more, and just helping out with chores around there. Hey, I can’t just sit around doing nothing, and you’d be surprised how much help someone with hands can be in a non bipedal world. I get a few bits and some free milk out of it so I’m not complaining. It’s weird being able to talk to the suppliers of the milk but it’s not too bad if I just put it out of my mind.
  45. I’ve made some pony friends too, talked more with that Librarian again, Foot Note. He’s a bit of a recluse, but he’s cool once you get to know him. Other than that, nothing new. About to make myself some hot chocolate, talk to you later. Or write in you, whatever.
  48. 12th of Onrich, 1022 AB
  50. Umm, hey Diary.
  52. Sorry I’ve been so absent it’s just. Ugh I don’t know I’ve been really busy with life and stuff. New years was cool, there was this big celebration and stuff and it’s called the ‘Summer Sun Celebration’ or something. Not as big as Manehattan apparently, as the princesses were holding the “Official” ceremony there. Whatever.
  54. Other than that things have been fine, aside from some weird skin irritation on my lower stomach. I think I’ve got some sort of infection, or rash or something. I don’t know, it might be an allergic reaction? I don’t know what from though; I’ve not changed my diet in the last few days. Oh well, I’ll check with the Ponyville Doctor if it doesn’t ease up at all.
  57. 15th of Onrich, 1022 AB
  59. What the fuck.
  61. No seriously like, what the fuck.
  63. So that skin irritation I told you about? Probably not irritation. It’s like, a darker shade of pink than my skin, and all the hair that’s normally there is gone. Just gone, it was all over my sheets this morning.
  65. It’s like... It’s fucking thick and it’s not really attached to my skin, if you know what I mean? It’s like a second layer of skin all the way across my lower stomach.
  67. Oh god what the fuck is it? It doesn’t hurt or anything, just feels a bit sensitive. But yeah I’ve made an appointment with the doctor and stuff. I’m a bit pissed he put off my appointment, but there’s nothing he can do about being booked out. Ugh. The walk there and back was just tiring is all, I feel a bit sluggish. I think I might have gained weight? I should hold off on the baked stuff from Sugarcube Corner.
  69. I’m going to go lie down and hope that this thing doesn’t start spewing puss or something. Ugh.
  72. 17th of Onrich, 1022 AB
  74. Hey Diary.
  76. Saw the Doctor, he said he hasn’t seen anything like it, and he doesn’t really know how to treat it, let alone on an alien species. He gave me some basic antibiotics and stuff, I guess I’ve gotta wait it out and hope I don’t have an alien chestburster in my stomach.
  78. I went for a bit of a walk to cheer me up, stopped by The Dairy to see if any of the cows knew what the growth thing is about. None of them really knew what it was about, but Mary and Thunder gave me some family cure-all mixture, which tasted weird, but I don’t think did anything. Still the thought was nice.
  80. I’m going to get something to eat. I’ve been way more hungry lately. Probably should hold back a bit cos it’s not helping my figure at all. I’m really glad to have a steady supply of milk. I can’t get any meat in Ponyville, so having a good source of calcium or whatever is probably good for me. I’m gonna’ use that as an excuse because it really tastes good.
  82. 10th of Gildrid, 1022 AB
  85. Hey Diary... it’s been a while. And I think I have a good reason. I’m hoping this is all just some fucked up dream and I’m gonna wake up at home any moment. My real home, on earth, next to my beautiful girlfriend.
  87. The weird growth on my stomach? It’s gotten a lot bigger, and my hands and feet and arms and stuff are really fucking stiff. Like, I’m having trouble holding the pen to write this stiff. On each of my limbs two of the nails are like, almost twice the size of the others. It looks really gross to be honest.
  89. I’ve written to princess Twilight, cos I’m pretty sure this is past some normal sickness. The pink thing has 4 little bumps on it for Christ sakes... It’s starting to look like a cow’s udder...
  91. I fucking hope it’s got nothing to do with the milk. If I’ve got some weird cow disease I’m not gonna be happy. I mean the cows are cool and everything, but I’m happy on 2 legs, and male for that matter. Oh fuck, I really hope the princess can help. I don’t want this shit to go on any longer than it has already.
  94. 14th of Gildrid, 1022 AB
  96. I’ve got the princess here with me, she’s made some sorta’ scribe spell for me since my hands really hurt and I don’t think I can write with them. She doesn’t know why I should bother with this journal since I’ve got more urgent stuff at hand, but I just want there to be some record of what happened. Like if I was able to get home finally, and I wasn’t recognisable to anyone, I’d want there to be evidence of what happened.
  98. I... oh god, I’m not crying I just... wait is that thing writing down everything I’m saying?
  100. Even now?
  102. Ugh, whatever. I don’t understand why you couldn’t just write it manually rather than using some stupid spell.
  104. Fucking hell... oh, sorry, I’m just really stressed right now and... Yeah I should probably just say what’s going on. This thing doesn’t have unlimited ink.
  106. So the princess identified what was going on with me, and she said it was expected. Aparently the magic of the world around me was going to change me into a pony eventually, and that it was inevitable. Why she decided not to tell me this is beyond me. But instead of turning into a pony, I’m turning into a “Bos Tauros” instead thanks to the amount of time I spent hanging around The Dairy. And yeah that’s a cow in fancy science speak.
  108. I knew I should have just locked myself inside. I’d be lonely but at least I’d still be me. Yeah I... I know it wouldn’t have fucking helped! But... ugh. Sorry princess.
  110. Look I’ll wrap this entry up, I don’t know if I’ll get back to writing at all this week, with all that’s going on. The princess enchanted my quill so I could if I wanted to but I’m not sure I will. Apparently I’ll be finished up in a few days... I don’t know what to say really... seeya I guess.
  113. 16th of Gildrid, 1022 AB
  115. How the hell do ponies deal with fur? It’s like, ech it’s gross and it smells bad if you don’t wash it and it takes ages to dry and it’s just a pain. Yeah, if you haven’t guessed I’ve started growing fur... it’s all over most of my back and chest now and it looks like I’ll be sporting the classic black and white pattern. My nipples are all but gone and are being made up for plenty... down below. Having an udder is really weird. It’s like, sensitive to the touch and it’s always noticeable. Every little movement is a reminder of its presence and it’s really annoying.
  117. I’m losing a bit more of my flexibility all the time, but I can still see my genitals, and it’s wilted a lot, like a potted plant that you forgot to water... I knew it’d happen but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. My voice is getting higher by the hour and I don’t think I’d pass off as male anymore, not even to myself. I'm panicking a bit to be honest. I feel like i'm losing myself. My voice was the only thing that was still -me- through this whole change, but now I don't even have that anymore. Fucking hell.
  119. It’s getting a lot harder to stand on two legs too, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to be on all fours by tomorrow. Not a huge deal, as my arms are a lot longer now, and any resemblance I had of hands is almost completely gone, but still.
  121. I’ve been voraciously hungry, which isn't surprising considering how much mass I’ve been putting on. Like, I’ve gone through 3 bottles of milk, 5 peanut butter sandwiches, a box of cupcakes and 3 bowls of salad today alone, and I haven’t even had dinner.
  123. I went to The Dairy again this morning and told everyone what’s going on. They were really sympathetic, and couldn’t help feeling guilty over it, but I told them not to worry. They’re really a bunch of friendly people.
  125. Funny, a species that resembles livestock on earth are better people than a lot of the people I knew there. Maybell and Thunderhoof offered to get together a buncha people to build me a place if I felt like moving into the settlement once I’m done, a bit weird to think about bovine construction, but I guess I’ll see it if I ever take the offer. Living in Ponyville suits me for now, but you never know I might just sell the place and move in with the ones who I’ll share more in common with.
  127. Fucking hell. I’d never in my wildest dreams consider this sort of shit would be happening. I’m turning into a fucking cow. A female one. And that’s just... how it’s going to be. I’d be angrier if there was some way to stop it, but right now I’m just... really scared. I don’t know what I’m going to do and I wish I had more friends that didn’t remind me of what’s happening. What I’m going to be.
  129. I can't see myself being female at all, it's just... Sure all the girls at The Dairy are really nice and cool but they're just... I don't know, alien to me? I hope my life doesn't change too much after all this is over.
  131. Later.
  134. 17th of Gildrid, 1022 AB
  136. Things are moving forward I guess... and that's not a good thing. I can barely move today, I haven't got quite the right body shape to walk on all fours, but I definitely can't walk on two legs. So yeah, here I am, bedridden and watching my humanity slip away. My dick's all but gone now I think, I can't feel it anymore. I miss it already, even though I haven't done much with it in the last few days.
  138. Oh yeah and I've got a tail too.
  140. This... I feel like I'm on my deathbed, but I know I'll keep living with the results. It's not a sword of Damocles, it's a saw of Damocles. I'm slowly being changed cut by cut and there's nothing I can...
  142. Sorry... I don't know how I'm going to take this. It feels worse than death. Princess Twilight assures me that my life isn't over and that I'll be able to go on but I'm just not feeling it. If I could move I'd crawl into the nearest hole and just never come out again.
  144. 19th of Gildrid, 1022 AB
  146. Hey there. So guess who’s now a fully fledged bovine? It’s still a little hard to believe, and I don't think I believe it myself really, but it's better than being in some kind of half half state. Better to be female than half female right? I... yeah I'm having a bit of trouble letting it sink in. Everyone's being really nice to me but it's still there, still at the back of my mind.
  148. I've gotten over the initial shock, and most of my depression but it's still... I'm not happy.
  150. The princess left for Canterlot again now that I’m finished. She also left me with a bit of a payment to make things easier, which I’m really thankful for. Maybe this’ll help me with the move? And yeah, I have decided to go live in The Dairy. I’m not 100 percent happy with it but I think it’s ultimately for the better. I'm ripping the bandaid off in one go.
  152. Cows aren’t unwelcome in Ponyville by any means, but I’d be the only one living here, and despite me getting out and about, I’ve honestly made more friends in The Dairy. It’s only about a half hour walk from Ponyville, so I guess I could stay, but I think I’ll be a lot more happy living there. I’ve kind of... come to terms with my new situation, mostly. I mean, when life hands you lemons right?
  154. I’m not going to talk about the change of gender. I might in the future but not now. I’m avoiding the whole topic to keep my sanity, but I’m not going to be able to ignore it forever right? I keep finding myself
  156. That’s a depressing thought. I think I’m taking this a bit too fast. Hormones screwing with my head probably.
  158. Anyway, I hear someone at the door, so I’ll wrap this entry up, Talk to you later.
  161. 5th of Solaris, 1022 AB
  163. Hey diary. Had a busy couple of days so I didn’t get to write that much, but I haven’t forgotten about you! I keep getting distracted when I’m about to start an entry. I’ve got Adelita from The Dairy staying with me, helping me adjust and everything since she recently broke up with her bullfriend and has nothing to do. I’ve ribbed her a lot about how I always thought Borris was an ass. And yeah she says hi.
  165. But yeah she's been really helpful to me in terms of getting used to everything
  167. Also that mare pinkie pie has come along a bunch of times offering to throw me a party for my change of species, which I declined. I’m not one for parties, and this doesn’t really seem like a thing to celebrate. How a mare her age hasn’t grown up is a mystery to me.
  169. I guess things have been going fine. I feel like this change is going to be manageable now. I’m not worried about losing myself, because my interests are mostly the same and my personality hasn’t changed a bit. I’m just a bit less reclusive now that I’ve got people who I can relate to. And I say my interests are ‘mostly’ the same because... well I guess there’s no point dancing around it. I’m attracted to guys now.
  171. I never thought I’d hear myself say that but... yeah yeah shut up Addy. There wasn’t much I could do, after the first 2 days I found I could barely even appreciate the aesthetics of the female figure, or what I remember of it on humans anyway. Now I get this tingly feeling whenever I look at a particularly muscular bull. Ugh.
  173. I tried to stay friends with the bulls I used to hang around with at The Dairy, but it’s just not the same now. They’re different, the other side. I’m attracted to them now, and there’s little doubt they’re attracted to me. I'd still hang out with them but it's just... they see me so differently now. Everyone does. So I’ve been spending time with the other cows mostly, not the older ones. Those old ladies are so... ugh. Just ugh. They’re the kind who around in a panic whenever they see any sort of vaguely dangerous animal, even when it’s nowhere near them.
  175. Yeah I know they produce a lot of the settlement’s export due to the fact that they’ve had kids and can produce milk, but still. Does the term old ninnies mean anything to you? Plus they’re kinda fat, even by cow standards. Don’t get me wrong they’re very friendly, in that ‘best friend’s middle aged mother who smiles too much’ kind of way.
  177. Anyway I’m getting ready to make the move pretty soon, the construction on my new place is nearly finished, and the payment from the princess helped out a lot with materials. I’ll probably get a fair bit when I sell this place too. Things are coming along fine. I’m going to miss being able to go to Sugarcube Corner but The Dairy has its own bakery. Not nearly as good but it’ll do.
  179. Look at me, speaking all normally after the most radical change in my life. I guess with all the support I’ve gotten it seems really manageable. I’m actually looking forward to the future, as weird as that sounds.
  181. Ok I’d better go, Adelita’s whining about being hungry so I think we’re going to go out to get some dinner. Talk to you later.
  184. 17th of Solaris, 1022 AB
  186. Hi Diary! I know it’s been a little while but there’s been a lot going on, just like last time I think. I’ve started writing with my mouth, since I shouldn’t get too used to the enchantment the princess gave me since it won’t last forever. It’s still a little messy but readable enough I think.
  188. So as I said a whole lot of stuff has happened. I made the move to The Dairy, finally. The house is a quaint little place next to the river, big enough for me and someone else if I need it, which I don’t unless I have someone staying over.
  190. Life in The Dairy is a lot more interesting than I thought it’d be, and I decided to actually try to get myself some work. It’s a lot better than sitting around at home and living off a government stipend. At the moment I’m working the register at the bakery called ‘The Slice’ down the road. It pays well enough to keep me going and have some spending for myself. Considering there’s no rent to pay its pretty smooth goings. I’ve also decided to pick up a new name, since 'Jacob' doesn’t really work for a female cow right? Well technically I’m a heifer. I’m still not used to all the terminology and it's still a bit weird referring to myself as a girl... Anyway, the new name I picked out is Kelsi. I don’t know why I like it so much I just do. Simple, and it rolls off the tongue. It's a big step for me, and I was pretty reluctant, but I think it's for the best.
  192. Living a lot closer to all my friends is much better too. Adelita and Maybell have become very dear to me, as they were the ones helping me settle down the most. I know what you’re thinking, but my friends aren’t a bunch of gaggling housewives or anything, they’re young and pretty cool which helps me out a lot. Addy’s the funniest by far, I don’t know how Borris was thinking breaking up with her, she’s the sweetest thing. Unfortunately with the change of gender my relationship with the group of young bulls has dwindled a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in them. Quite the opposite actually...
  194. Yeah as time’s gone on my attraction to the other gender has steadily intensified. I feel slightly ashamed about it, but there’s really nothing I can do about it. I find my thoughts wandering all the time, and it's really disconcerting. I've tried to keep the friendships alive but they're just... they don't talk to me like they did, always dancing around what they say. They're not doing it overtly but I feel like they're trying to impress me. It just... it sucks.
  196. I did some experimenting the other night and had my first female orgasm... It was definitely something. Kinda makes me wonder what it’d be like to...
  198. Ok I’m going to stop myself before I let my mind wander too much. Bye
  201. 10th of Alfrane, 1022 AB
  203. Heheh...
  205. Umm...
  207. I don’t really know what to say about what happened last night I just... we were just talking and one thing led to another and he...
  209. Ok I’ve calmed down for now. Let’s just say Jerah and I might be seeing a lot more of each other in the future? Oh god how’d I let this happen. He said since I’m not in Estrus I can’t get pregnant but I’ve been looking around for a way to be sure all morning. Discreetly of course, I don’t want to announce to the whole town that I had sex with him.
  211. Oh god it feels really weird to actually write that. But it actually happened. I’m going to go have a long shower after writing this...
  213. I mean he was really nice, and he made sure I knew it wasn’t just some fling, and I do care about him... This is a bit of a weird way to update a diary after 2 months of absence right? Sorry diary I’ve just been way too busy to remember.
  215. We had just come back from a night in Ponyville, and we were a little under the influence. It takes a lot more to get drunk with this body yet I still manage to do it. I’m pretty sure I was drunk anyway. I led him inside and we talked for a while. He knows I used to be human but he doesn’t care. We just... we ended up making out and eventually he was... he mounted me and it felt so fucking good. I’ve used a hoof and it doesn’t even come close to the ways he made me feel.
  217. I... I guess I can deal with this. It’s been a tough few months but I think I’m ready to move on. I don’ t think I’ll be writing in you anymore, diary. I'm not upset or depressed I just think I’ve said everything I need to say.
  219. There’s someone knocking on my door, so I think I’ll go see who it is.
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