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  1. [The exterior of the Corpus Krab is shown.]
  2. Nef Anyo: [Off-Screen] Da da dee. [Nef Anyo is shown in his office. He is stitching.] Stitch one purl two. da da dee doo. [The scene shows that he is stitching a pattern of a dollar bill.] Da day dee da. Dee doh.. [He abruptly stops and sniffs the air.] What's that smell? [He runs over to the cashier boat.] The register! [He shakes the register and smells it.] $49.0... 8?! That's a penny short! [He starts crying.]
  3. Alad V: [sarcastically] Oh, no. Not a penny. Help! Somebody, help us.
  4. [Zora slides up from the floor of the boat.]
  5. Zora: It's just a penny, sir. [Nef Anyo stops crying. Zora jumps out of the boat.] It doesn't matter.
  6. Nef Anyo: Doesn't matter? It's money that makes the world go round, girl! It's money that keeps your [He holds up a paint swatch to Zora's pants.] pants their exact shade of electric violet! It's money that keeps Alad V in frilly soap!
  7. [The scene cuts to Alad V in the Dining area sniffing the air.]
  8. Alad V: Lilac!
  9. [The scene cuts to show the Corpus Krab with numerous large bandages on it.]
  10. Nef Anyo: It's money that paid for all those renovations we did! Oh, nothing in all the Origin System could matter more. Not even that... [Something catches his eye] Hmm? ...scrumptious, curvy cutie.
  11. Zora: I see her, Mr. Anyo. [The scene cuts to a Grofit Patty on a tray, next to a soda.] A Grofit Patty with cheese. [A pair of hands grabs the sandwich. The scene cuts back to Zora and Nef Anyo.] The classic.
  12. Nef Anyo: Not the sandwich, boy. The curvy cutie holding the sandwich.
  13. [The scene cuts to Mrs. Lotus eating the Grofit Patty.]
  14. Zora: [Off-screen] Hey! [On-Screen] that's my space mom, Mrs. Lotus!
  15. Nef Anyo: Mrs. Lotus? Aw, she's married.
  16. Zora: Oh, no, Mr. Anyo. She's single.
  17. Nef Anyo: Then what happened to Mr. Lotus?
  18. [The scene cuts to Ballas, who is now half-Sentient, locked in Sentient Jail. The scene cuts back to Zora.]
  19. Zora: She doesn't like to talk about it. And to be honest neither do we.
  20. Nef Anyo: Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a lass like that on my credit pile.
  21. Zora: Hey, I know! Why don't I take you over and introduce you?
  22. Nef Anyo: Oh, no, no, no, I, I'm, I'm too old, boy. Too hard-shelled for love. Besides, I’m not properly dressed.
  23. Zora: Oh, come on, Nef Anyo! [The scene cuts to a close-up of his clothes, which are messy.] You look great. [The scene cuts back to Nef Anyo and Zora.] You wait here while I go break the ice.
  24. [Zora quickly runs off.]
  25. Nef Anyo: Zora, no, wait! I'm too nervous! Ooh!
  26. [It cuts to a wide shot of Mrs. Lotus.]
  27. Zora: Hi, Mrs. Lotus.
  28. [Mrs. Lotus screams.]
  29. Mrs. Lotus: Protect the objective, Zora! Grustrag Three! Extract! Extract!
  30. Zora: [She snaps her fingers.] Wait, Mrs. Lotus! We're not in a mission.
  31. Mrs. Lotus: Oh, I'm sorry, Zora. I didn't expect to see you here.
  32. Zora: I work here, Mrs. Lotus. Want to meet my boss?
  33. Mrs. Lotus: Well, I'm not...
  34. Zora: Don't move!
  35. [Zora runs back to Nef Anyo.]
  36. Mrs. Lotus: Oh!
  37. Zora: [While dragging Nef Anyo to the table] Mrs. Lotus, [The two stop.] I'd like to introduce you to Mr... [Nef Anyo falls forward onto the floor. Zora props him back up.] Mrs. Lotus, I'd like to introduce you to my boss, Nef Anyo.
  38. Mrs. Lotus: [Nervously] Uh, hello.
  39. [Nef Anyo quivers.]
  40. Zora: Psst! Mr. Anyo, say hello. [Nef Anyo nervously mutters.] No, no, Mr. Anyo. Just say hello.
  41. [Nef Anyo performs a strangled groan.]
  42. Mrs. Lotus: Hmm, perhaps another time would be...
  43. Nef Anyo: [As Mrs. Lotus is starting to leave, Nef Anyo yelling at Zora] No!
  44. Zora: Wait. [As Mrs. Lotus sits back down and shivering] He's trying to tell you something.
  45. Mrs. Lotus: [Shivering] Nef Anyo? [Nef Anyo jerks his eyes and moving his arms around weirdly, while speaking gibberish.] I don't understand.
  46. [Nef Anyo looks at Zora and speaks gibberish to him.]
  47. Zora: [While Nef Anyo is speaking gibberish] Oh! I think Mr. Anyo is saying that he'd like to... [Nef Anyo stops speaking gibberish and turns around.] ...hit you with a rake!
  48. Mrs. Lotus: [Scared] Goodness!
  49. Nef Anyo: No!
  50. [Nef Anyo lifts his tall eyes up and down, while Speaking gibberish.]
  51. Zora: Try to guess your weight.
  52. Mrs. Lotus: [Offended] Well!
  53. [Nef Anyo flails his arms, while speaking gibberish.]
  54. Zora: [While Nef Anyo is speaking gibberish] No, wait. He wants to take you... [thinks for a second] ...on a date!
  55. [Nef Anyo gasps happily and falls over]
  56. Mrs. Lotus: Is that true, Nef Anyo? Do you want to take me on a date?
  57. Nef Anyo: Aye. What do you say?
  58. Mrs. Lotus: What do I say? [starts laughing] I say, you have a way with words, Mr. Anyo.
  59. [Mrs. Lotus walks away.]
  60. Nef Anyo: I still got it. [chuckles]
  61. [The bubble transition goes to the exterior of the Anyo house at night.]
  62. Zora: [Off-screen] Ready for your date, Mr. Anyo?
  63. Nef Anyo: [Off-screen] I'm always ready when it comes to dating, lass!
  64. [The interior of the Anyo’s Anchor is shown.]
  65. Zora: [While he is holding a list, and Nef Anyo, who is wearing fancy clothes, walk down stairs] Breath spray?
  66. Nef Anyo: [sprays mouth with breath spray] Check.
  67. Zora: Lucky hanky?
  68. Nef Anyo: [He takes out his hanky.] Check.
  69. Zora: Giant rusty anchor?
  70. Nef Anyo: Uh, anchor. Anchor? I can't find my giant rusty anchor!
  71. [Zora throws the list away and laughs]
  72. Zora: Relax, Mr. Anyo. [While opening the door.] Just a little joke. [While making a circle in the air with her hands.] Good luck with you know who.
  73. [Zora moves her eyebrows up and down.]
  74. Nef Anyo: Who's that?
  75. Zora: Mrs. Lotus.
  76. Nef Anyo: Oh, yeah. Well, wish me luck, lad!
  77. [The bubble transition goes to the exterior of Fancy!]
  78. Mrs. Lotus: [Off-Screen] Oh, Nef! [Nef Anyo and Mrs. Lotus are shown at a table inside.] This dinner has been so wonderful. The maprico was cooked to perfection. [giggles. I don't think I could eat another bite.
  79. Nef Anyo: Oh, I doubt that, my little cash ship.
  80. [Mrs. Lotus giggles.]
  81. Mrs. Lotus: You're spoiling me, Nef. I mean, [The scene shows a vomvalyst rubbing Mrs. Lotus's feet.] foot rubs between courses. [While pulling out a caricature of herself.] Caricatures. Imported music. [The scene swift pans to a live-action registered loser plays the piano on the other side of the room. The scene shows Nef Anyo.]
  82. Nef Anyo: Nothing's too good for you, my prickly peach.
  83. Mrs. Lotus: Oh, what I'm trying to tell you, Nef, is...
  84. Waiter: Uh, sir, your fancy pantsy limousine is here.
  85. Nef Anyo: Wonderful! Lotusy-poo, your chariot awaits!
  86. Mrs. Lotus: Well...
  87. [Nef Anyo whistles and two men join the waiter in carrying a screaming Mrs. Lotus away.]
  88. Nef Anyo: You'll never have to walk again, my little grofit queen.
  89. [He sighs as the waiter approaches him again.]
  90. Waiter: Your bill, sir.
  91. [Nef Anyo takes the bill.]
  92. Nef Anyo: What? [it shows the bill] 100000 credits?! Well, this can't possibly be correct!
  93. Waiter: Oh, my mistake, sir. Thank you for pointing that out. [he hands Nef Anyo a different bill] This is your bill.
  94. [Nef Anyo takes the bill. Looks down and his eyes enlarge, oddly. The exterior of the restaurant is shown and the cork flies off. The scream shatters the glass bottle, which causes the sign to go flying and the valet fall over. The bubble transitions shows the Anyo’s anchor at night. It then cuts to the interior and Nef Anyo, who is back in his normal clothes, crying on the floor. Zora is also there.]
  95. Zora: I don't understand, Nef Anyo. How can you spend 10,000,000 credits in one night?
  96. [Nef Anyo gets up.]
  97. Nef Anyo: [Still crying] Oh, Zora! I couldn't help but spend every cent I had on her! I couldn't control myself!
  98. Zora: What are you gonna do?
  99. Nef Anyo: I don't know, girl! I've got another date tomorrow! I'm caught in the middle of my two great loves! Sweet Mrs. Lotus, and the rest of my money!
  100. Zora: [while Nef Anyo is crying] I wish there was some way I could help.
  101. [Nef Anyo stops crying.]
  102. Nef Anyo: Perhaps there is, girl! [hands Zora his wallet] I'm putting you in charge of my money.
  103. Zora: I don't get it, Mr. Anyo.
  104. Nef Anyo: You come with me on the date and don't let me spend any money. [The bubble transition shows Mrs. Lotus's house. Nef Anyo and Zora walk up to it.] Now remember, we keep it cheap by going to the park. And no matter how much I ask you, you don't give me any of my money. Now give me a dollar.
  105. Zora: Nope.
  106. Nef Anyo: Good girl! You'll do fine.
  107. [Nef Anyo knocks on the door.]
  108. Mrs. Lotus: [Off-screen; singingly] Who is it?
  109. Nef Anyo: It's me, [Nef Anyo' pupils turn into hearts.] my beautiful void angel!
  110. [Mrs. Lotus is heard giggling.]
  111. Mrs. Lotus: Just a minute!
  112. [Nef Anyo pupils turn back to normal.]
  113. Nef Anyo: Flowers! Flowers, girl! Go get flowers!
  114. Zora: But you said...
  115. Nef Anyo: Zora, you can't call on a classy lady like Mrs. Lotus empty-handed. We ain't talking about this... [He makes a square in the air.] ...or this... [He makes a triangle in the air.] ...we're talking about this!
  116. [Nef Anyo makes the circle in the air.]
  117. Mrs. Lotus: [Off-screen] Almost ready.
  118. Nef Anyo: Hurry, girl! Get the flowers!
  119. [Zora runs off as Mrs. Lotus opens her door.]
  120. Nef Anyo: Mrs. Lotus. You're as beautiful as ever.
  121. [Mrs. Lotus sighs.]
  122. Mrs. Lotus: That's funny. I thought I heard Zora's voice.
  123. Nef Anyo: Uh... you did. She'll be right back. She's our personal assistant for the day.
  124. Mrs. Lotus: Oh, e-excuse me. I have to call my insurance agent.
  125. [Mrs. Lotus hurries back inside]
  126. Nef Anyo: Of course, my beautiful Lotus.
  127. [Nef Anyo sighs and his pupils turn to hearts again.]
  128. Zora: [Off-screen; making the heart pupils go away] Mr. Anyo, [While walking to give Nef Anyo the flowers.] I got the flowers you wanted me to buy.
  129. Nef Anyo: [While turning around.] What's that?
  130. Zora: I got the flowers for Mrs. Lotus.
  131. Nef Anyo: We had an agreement, girl. You aren't supposed to spend any of my money!
  132. Zora: But you said...
  133. Mrs. Lotus: [As Nef Anyo' pupils turn to hearts again] Here I come!
  134. Nef Anyo: [while Mrs. Lotus opens the door and he grabs the flowers] For you, Mrs. Lotus!
  135. Mrs. Lotus: Oh, [as she is grabbing the flowers] flowers. Oh, how thoughtful!
  136. Nef Anyo: [While he holds out an empty hand] And here's a box of chocolates. [He turns back to Zora.] Zora, where's the chocolates?
  137. Zora: Mr. Anyo, the budget doesn't allow for...
  138. Nef Anyo: Zora, you can't go to Mrs. Lotus's house without chocolates. Hurry! Hurry!
  139. [Zora runs off. Zora comes back with the heart-shaped box of chocolates]
  140. Zora: [As Nef Anyo' pupil return to normal] I bought the biggest box they had!
  141. Nef Anyo: Buy, buy, buy! Spend, spend, spend! Is that all you can think about?!
  142. Mrs. Lotus: [As Nef Anyo' pupils turn back into hearts] Oh, Nef!
  143. Nef Anyo: [As he offer Mrs. Lotus the box of chocolates] Here's those chocolates I bought for you. What are we doing today, Mrs. Lotus? Dinner? Dancing? A trip to Lua?
  144. Zora: [while Nef Anyo' eyes turn back to normal] Psst, Mr. Anyo, we're just going for a walk in the park, remember?
  145. Mrs. Lotus: Actually, a walk in the park sounds perfect. It's a beautiful day. I'll just need to get a sun hat and...
  146. Nef Anyo: [While his pupils turn back into hearts] Mrs. Lotus needs a sun hat, Zora!
  147. Zora: Oh, I think she...
  148. Nef Anyo: The sun is beating down on poor Mrs. Lotus's head.
  149. Zora: As your financial advisor, I suggest...
  150. Nef Anyo: [his eyes are back to normal] There's no time for suggestions! Go buy a hat!
  151. [Zora starts to leave, but comes back.]
  152. Zora: But...
  153. Nef Anyo: Today! [Zora runs off and Mrs. Lotus puts her fins over her mouth.] Don't worry, Mrs. Lotus! I'll [He takes out a barrel.] shade ya! [He places the barrel on Mrs. Lotus's head.]
  154. Nef Anyo: Zora, hurry!
  155. Zora: [as she comes back from the store with a large straw hat] One shady hat.
  156. Nef Anyo: Good job, girl.
  157. [Nef Anyo puts the hat on Mrs. Lotus.]
  158. Mrs. Lotus: Oh, well, thank you, but you didn't need to buy one. I have a hat in the closet.
  159. Nef Anyo: Didn't need to buy one? [He turns his head around like an owl to face Zora, still grinning] You hear that, girl? [in high pitch] We didn't need to buy a hat. [angrily] Aren't you supposed to be saving my money?!
  160. Zora: I'm trying, Mr. Anyo! But you keep telling me to buy things for Mrs. Lotus! It's all really confusing.
  161. Nef Anyo: Zora, I'm sorry. This is my fault. I'm not thinking clearly. I'm making an investor's promise, girl. From this moment on, I won't ask you to buy anything for Mrs. Lotus!
  162. Anya: A few moments later...
  163. Nef Anyo: [happily as hearts float in the background] Zora! Mrs. Lotus needs a new fur coat! [After Zora buys one, Anyo is mad and flaming dollars float in the background]
  164. Nef Anyo: You're spending all my money! [happily] Lotus needs a new pair of shoes! [Zora gets the shoes]
  165. Nef Anyo: [angrily] You're breaking me, girl! [happily] She needs fine jewelry! [Zora gets the jewelry] Not that fine! [Zora runs back and forth, speeding up, carrying various items as Nef Anyo keeps yelling her name. She eventually becomes too tired to move] Zora! [Zora comes back with a pink umbrella] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back with a bicycle] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back with a purple surfboard] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back with a grandfather clock] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back with an anchor barbell] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back with a TV] Zora! Zora! [Zora comes back and forth with lots of presents] Zora! Zora! Zora! Zora! Zora!
  166. [his voice echoes, and Zora is seen sitting on the ground, her amalgam arm stretched, and she is panting]
  167. Nef Anyo: [runs up, his eyes are shaped like hearts] Zora! I'm glad I caught you. I want you to buy Mrs. Lotus...
  168. Zora: Wait! Don't tell me. You want me to run down to the store and buy Mrs. Lotus something she doesn't need! Then you want me to run back here so you can say, [stretches out her eyeballs, imitating Nef Anyo] "Arrgh, Zora! You're spending all me money!" And then I'll say, "But Mr. Anyo, I'm only doing what you said!" Then you'll say, "We're not talking about this..." [Makes the triangle] ..."Or this"... [Makes the square] ..."we're talking about this!" [She squiggles all over the screen. The screen fades out for a moment. Fades back in to see Zora panting with Nef Anyo.]
  169. Nef Anyo: But, lad, this time's different! Mrs. Lotus needs this! [Cut to Mrs. Lotus who has many unneeded, expensive items surrounding her]
  170. Mrs. Lotus: Are we going to the park soon?
  171. Nef Anyo: Please, lass, I'm begging you! I'm a lonely old Corpus who's found love! Don't let me lose her! [Starts to cry]
  172. Zora: Mr. Anyo, don't. Don't cry, Mr. Anyo! Come on. Okay, I, I'm going to get it, see? [Walks offscreen, and comes back with a washing machine] Cheer up, Mr. Anyo, Here's that washing machine you wanted.
  173. Nef Anyo: Cheer up? How can I cheer up... when you're spending all my hard-earned cash?!
  174. Zora: See?! You just did it again!
  175. Nef Anyo: Lad, I can't help it if you're loose with other people's money. [Zora gets a blank expression on her face] Do you think Mrs. Lotus will need a dryer to go along with that?
  176. Zora: Well, Nef Anyo. Do you want to know what I think? [screams] Arrgh! Regga flebba breeka brecka smullen-ellen Nef Anyo! Yegga hegga mergin wallet! Dimmy middy spend! Rivy flivy diva shiva Nef Anyo Wallet! [During Zora's rage, Mrs. Lotus looks up these words in the dictionary that Nef Anyo bought her, and gasps and blushes. Zora angrily walks past Mrs. Lotus while muttering, and Nef Anyo' mouth is agape]
  177. Mrs. Lotus: I didn't know Zora had such a colorful vocabulary. Actually, there's something I'd like to say, too, Nef Anyo. [Takes off her fur coat, shoes and hat] I'm afraid I just don't feel comfortable accepting all these gifts. I'd rather go Dutch, if you don't mind. [Hands him some money from her purse]
  178. Nef Anyo: Uh, okay.
  179. Mrs. Lotus: You're a very sweet man, Nef Anyo. [Mrs. Lotus kisses him and his eyes bend into the shape of a heart]
  180. Nef Anyo: [as his eyes make a heart] Aawww...
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