DMC4:SE Nero/Dante NG Devil Hunter route (rough)

PvtCinnamonbun Jan 20th, 2016 (edited) 97 Never
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  1. Both:
  3. Assume No Damage Bonus increases your PS count by 50%. This needs testing but it's what I remember
  5. Nero:
  6. Charge Red Queen whenever you get the chance and if you're just waiting
  7. Rainbow whenever possible for swag. It's S T Y L I S H
  8. Streak 2 is slower than sprinting. Never use it to exit an area
  10. Dante:
  11. Just Straight is your best move (and you can Distort it!) but it's a bitch to land. On weaker enemies and lesser difficulties Stinger spam works just as well or better
  12. JCs make sense for some bosses and places
  13. JCs have a higher DPS than Star Raves but they're less versatile. Either way get decent at both
  14. Stinger 2 is almost the exact same movement speed as sprint but its ending lag makes it slower overall
  16. M1
  17. You don't even have to do the tutorial lol
  18. 350 PS, 550 no damage, probably more if you play right. Honestly just reset if you get hit by Dante to save yourself a headache about PS routing later on
  20. M2
  21. Speed, leaving 500 PS for whatever else. Split and Streak are what I'm going to go with but some variation with Charge Shot 1 and Combo C doesn't seem bad either, though I doubt CS1 is going to help in M2
  22. Buster 2x arm scarecrows, Buster 2x + slash 1x for leg scarecrows
  23. Orb crystals are about 3000-3500 each with Nero and take ~10 seconds to break. Might not be worth it unless you're just squeezing in one extra HW. I only go for 4 orb crystals as Nero
  24. Looks like 1400 PS normally, and 2100 (?) PS for no damage
  26. M3
  27. lol you can get CS3 even with a bad M2. That's pretty obviously going to be the strat but I'm not sure if resetting for bad M2s to get 700 PS for extra stuff like Split would be worth it. Only thing that might make sense is Roulette Spin for Torture Room skip
  28. You can stagger Frosts with a Snatch. Very handy for stopping them as they're about to attack
  29. CS3 eats Angelos alive
  30. 1600 PS, 2400 no damage. You should be sitting on around 19000 orbs if you have been playing well and getting the crystals and caches. This might be enough to justify 2x HW on Bael, though to be frank you can 1-cyle him without any HWs
  32. M4
  33. Going with Snatch 2 + Calibur purchase. I'm low on PS so other stuff might actually be better in a good run
  34. Air EX 2x is fastest way to fully charge Gyros; air Buster launches them marginally faster. Remember they go further than you think even with just one tap and pay attention to your EX use charge before you hit them
  35. Break the coffin in this mission
  36. Bael is easy as hell wtf. I 1-cycled him with almost zero effort. He's still a bit of a dick but Calibur and CS3 help massively
  37. 2300 PS, 3450 no damage
  39. M5
  40. I'm guessing Snatch 3 is what you want for Mephistos. You might want Split as well for this mission but whatever really. CS3 is going to be doing most of your work anyways
  41. Try to snipe the statue with a well-angled gyro shot to save walking distance
  42. 900 PS, 1350 no damage
  44. M6
  45. You should have enough orbs for 2x HW purchases (but you might want to hold on to them for Purple Orbs even though I only get two in the run). Window is looking like the obvious target for all that you have stocked (it is, but only use 3)
  46. I'm guessing upgrades don't matter too much for this mission as long as you have CS3 and Snatch to deal with Cutlasses and Split to fall faster
  47. CS3 destroys Cutlasses. Do whatever while it charges, though I tend to just use Combo A or Streak on them and cluster them
  48. You can melee the die and it acts like a Buster/Snatch. Remember, 1-4-2-6-3-5-REPEAT
  49. 3x HW on windshield looks pretty optimal. Test to see how much time a 4th would save
  50. DT adds some damage but it's not very much. I'm assuming it's mostly useless this mission because you only stock 3 runes
  51. Get both orb caches
  52. 1500 PS, 2250 no damage
  54. M7
  55. You can afford 2 Purple Orbs with the orb crystal route I'm using (M2Y, M3N, M5N)
  56. Obviously get Calibur and Air Hike. Even on a garbage run you can afford those two if you sell most of your other upgrades. Trigger Heart looks like the next logical purchase if you have the funds (which you probably won't)
  57. Remember, Nero has to ride the first platform section most of the way but only 1 spawn along the second
  58. Alucard Skip isn't that hard. Just practice it every once in a while
  59. Echidna is easy. Do go for the Devil Buster though
  60. 3100 PS, 4750 no damage
  62. M8
  63. Trigger Heart seems sound, as does Table Hopper if you can afford it
  64. I kinda forgot how to do Credo as Nero lol. Simplifying it, bait him into spears or slashes then Buster him as you buffer CS3s. When his shield breaks, Devil Buster him
  65. 1300 PS, 1950 no damage
  67. M9
  68. Get Showdown if you can afford it. If you can't it's no big deal
  69. Release CS3 right at the start of Aguns
  70. IF you have Showdown, lock Agnus in place with summoned swords while he's stunned as you wind it up. It's faster than a Devil Buster but riskier
  71. 4000 PS, 6000 no damage
  73. M10
  74. No upgrades of note to get here from what I've tested
  75. Use a HW on the Angelos before Dante
  76. Dante is EZPZ. Spam bullets and Buster. Devil Busters are preferred (especially air Devil Busters) but you can still do hella damage on with normal Busters
  77. idk how many PS you get from this mission because I died in my test run lol. Either way it doesn't matter that much
  79. M11
  80. For the skip, you need Air Hike, Roulette Spin, Calibur, and Exceed 3. I need to test how much time it saves but it does look like it's worth it (and most of these skills help on Sanctus anyway)
  81. I need to figure out an exact damage route but it looks like Devil Busters are the way to go on Sanctus (unless by some miracle you have Showdown and can land it). Even though the animation lasts 5ever it seems to be worth it because of how he plays keepaway and you can chain it at the very end of a damage combo
  82. Remember you can Buster the fist slam. The fight route is probably going to be centered around making sure that he dies in the cycle after you pop him out of the statue
  83. Also not sure how many PS you get from this mission (maybe 2000?). It's not that many so it shouldn't break the bank
  85. M12
  86. Dante Time
  87. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO STAR RAVES. Swordmaster, Style, Trickster, Style, Swordmaster, JC, Style. It's hard but it lets you play so aggressively it's not funny
  88. Even on an awful awful test run with a death I had 20000 PS and 30000 orbs (+12000 if you hit all the crystals but one as Nero) at this point. That's just under what you need for Stinger 2, Speed, Air Hike, Trigger Heart, and your choice of 2 full style upgrades/1 full style upgrade + a level 3 style + enemy step/all styles to at least level 3 with one at level 4. Gunslinger 2 is probably worth it just for Rainstorm
  89. I doubt Charge Shot for Coyote-A is worth the cost, especially when you could be dumping those proud souls into something like Enemy Step or a level 4 style, both of which would probably do much more for your DPS. Vash swears by it so I'll test more later but I don't think it'll change my mind
  90. My upgrades are Stinger 2, Speed, Air Hike, Trigger Heart, Enemy Step, Trickster 4, all other styles 2
  91. I'm not sure if you should HW the Mega Scarecrows tbh. They're killed relatively quickly but they still take a beating
  92. Dante gets 10000 orbs from crystals with Prop + Shredder. Million Stab Stinger loops are slightly better but harder. READ: Every time Dante walks past a crystal he should Prop + Shredder it
  93. Use Air Fireworks/Rainstorm on floating fucks, and Royal Releases on shield fucks
  94. Consider getting the S Devil Star if you're scared about running out of DT at a crucial moment
  95. PS kinda stop mattering at this point, but you get 2000 PS, 3000 no damage
  97. M13
  98. Chimera Assaults are ass. Disable their blades with a shotgun blast or two them lay on the DPS
  99. Jump Cancel Echidna. Star Rave if you can pull it off. She does not like it when you DT Prop + Shredder her
  100. 2000 PS, 3000 no damage
  102. M14
  103. Don't get eaten, use Just Straight as much as possible, stay mobile. HW might be faster on the first wave of the last area but I'd prefer to use it elsewhere
  104. 1600 PS, 2400 no damage
  106. M15*
  107. Swordmaster 4 at all costs. Also get 3 HW with your 60000 or so orbs
  108. HW the Blitzes. Distorted Real Impact the Angelos and Megas, Real Impact the Frosts, Just Straight/Stinger spam Scarecrows
  109. Dagon is a jerk. If you can get him to fall down the fight is as good as over. Use Trickster to approach his head and wail on him with DT Aerial Rave, then pop a DRI on his mouth when he falls
  111. M16
  112. Honestly I might just say fuck it and use a HW on the Cutlasses. Dante does have the tools to deal with them (Royal Releases, E&I into Stinger, Shock, Jealousy, Prop, etc.) but they can be dicks. This might just be a case of a place where you have to get good
  113. Shotgun the Gladii. They go down in like 3 shots and they don't get knocked back like with melee attacks, though consider a Just Straight on embedded swords. RI/DRI the Angelos like usual
  114. Dogs? Stinger spam is the most consistent strat I've come up with. They do die quickly so complicated fight setups usually aren't worth it
  115. Start Berial's fight with a charged Drive, then wail on his face. When he falls DRI him for a quick kill, but be aware that it sometimes leaves him with just a fraction of health left and he will retaliate against you hard
  117. M17
  118. Get HWs and upgrade Pandora and Lucifer. If you have the PS get Gunslinger 4
  119. HW might make the first fight faster when the Angelos appear, though I'd recommend just DRIing them
  120. Second fight try to group enemies. Air Fireworks is incredible in the narrow alleys
  121. Third fight kill 2 Scarecrows then use a HW. After that you can either use Omen or another HW or just Stinger spam
  122. Fourth fight kill one floating sandbag, then use a HW (you can squeeze by with DRIs if you're out of HWs though you should have a few left)
  123. Agnus doesn't actually take that much damage from DRIs because he recoils so easily. Pin Up spam might be your best option here if you miss the first DRI at the start of the fight
  124. JC Splash is insanely good against Agnus and you can even keep attacking when he Beyblades. Just keep the pressure on him and he dies very quickly
  126. M18
  127. DT Revenge 2x to knock the Big Guy down, then go around breaking his gems. You should squeak by with only the ones on his forehead and left shoulder left. Get on him after he karate chops you and you can break those last 2 with Pandora
  128. Run the hell away when he lasers. You can build up a release off of the attack but it's stupidly risky and it only slightly outclasses DRI for damage against the chest gems
  129. DRI his chin, then DRI his chest. He's history
  131. M19
  132. Nero can get a buttload of upgrades here. I usually roll with Split, Exceed 3, Calibur, Charge Shot 3, Snatch 3, Trigger Heart, Showdown, Table Hopper 1, Air Hike, and MAX-Act. Maximium Bet and Streak 2 are good purchases if you have the PS but they're not needed
  133. HW the Angelos. You can take them out quickly and you could pray for a ball of death to counter but neither are realistic
  134. Berial is MUCH more aggressive this time around. Practice landing a Showdown on him and getting a Devil Buster in the same phase. Otherwise, EX-Split him whenever you get a chance
  135. Bael is basically the same, though he does like to leap a bit more from what I've noticed. Aim for his ice hair and he crumples, leaving you ready for a Devil Buster (Showdown doesn't seem to be consistent on him)
  136. Echidna is hella easy this time around. Even at her worst she doesn't take more than 45 seconds
  137. Agnus can be hit with a Showdown but it's tricky. I usually don't risk it and go for a Devil Buster instead and lose a few seconds
  139. M20
  141. Break his shield with EX-Roulette Spin, tap him, get him to block with Sparda, Buster him, stagger him, tap him again and he goes down. Let him back up a bit then charge a Showdown, then immediately Snatch and Devil Buster (Air Devil Buster if you're really ballsy)
  142. If he starts being a jerk remember you have Table Hopper to dodge and Calibur to approach
  143. When he has 30% health left he'll start his desperation phase. He charges with Sparda and you have to either dodge or counter with a Buster or you'll take massive damage and probably die. If you can route out the fight so that he doesn't do this, even if you have to use a HW
  144. When Pope unleashes his Persona, you can speed up his death. First fist slam, EX-High Roller 3 into a Buster, same with the second, then jump and Buster his head
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