Invasion, Part 21 - Catch a Ride!

Jul 26th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. *LAST TIME ON ZURPG - Bombs Away Edition*
  2. Upon entering Goron City, you aided in flushing out the dragons and Lizalfos. Hal coordinated with the Hylian Guard to seal off the Lava Baths, encountering a group of Lizalfos and their captain, as well as a Lava Aquamentus. Via the power of barriers, teamwork, and copious amounts of explosives, they were able to not only succeed in their mission, but also wipe out the Lizalfos encampment.
  4. Kirran meanwhile took a trip over to Medigoron's Armory to help get a stupid thing forged. After getting a Lizalfos to scram outta there, Medigoron was able to use the provided materials to build a Bombchucopter. He also took ahold of the Golden Gauntlets, in an attempt to chip out the Crystallization.
  6. In the meantime, Kirran aided Link the Goron & Baegba in protecting the Bombchu Gardens, first from a group of Wolfos, and then a Dinalfos named Gorash. Before he could do real damage though, Hal arrived, prompting a hasty retreat, but not without getting rooted into the ceiling and exploded by a Bombchu and a Bombchucopter. Although he escaped, you now have a scent tracker on him.
  8. While that was going on, Dodongos got their way into the city, and a pair of them exploded inside of the pathway to the Lost Woods, crippling some of your forces. Anotherr trio of Dodongos, influenced by Fierce Deity, tried to block off the only other escape, but with a Frozen Storm from Hal, some more impromptu Bombchu shenanigans from Kirran & Baegba, and Light Barriers from the Hylians, you were able to stop them from going nuclear and wiping the area out.
  10. Just when you thought you could catch a break though, an ominous drumming started hammering away from above...
  12. <DM> -=SESSION START=-
  13. <DM> *Rumble, rumble, rumble...
  14. <DM> *What started as a hammering sound turns into more of a rumble, from repeated impacts. Dust falls from the sturdy looking yet not-so-great-sounding ceiling.
  15. <DM> *There's a pause, and then all at once, the ceiling bursts open, revealing a great Biggoron to fall through! A floating, skeletal Gleeok head wreathed in flames pushes him downwards, till he strikes the bottom of Goron City, pretty much sealing off the lower floor.
  16. <Kirran> Well damn.
  17. <DM> *Followed by his impact, lava starts pouring in from above. With the Gleeok head pinning him down, he's unable to get up, and you can see he's fairly bruised and banged from trying to wrestle with this thing for the last who-knows-how-long.
  18. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Big brother!
  19. <DM> *He's about to Leap Attack onto the Gleeok ahead when Impa grabs him by the cuff of his tunic and pulls him back.
  20. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Grah, what're ye doin', Goro?!
  21. <DM> [Impa]: You won't kill a floating Gleeok skull that way! Plus your gear isn't lava proof.
  22. <Kirran> We need to find the body and kill that.
  23. <Hal> Perhaps we can get this head off.
  24. <DM> *You hear a great roar from overhead, and looking through the now-missing-ceiling, you see a 4-Headed Gleeok peering in. It looks at you, recognizing you as the one that killed one of its heads, and it backs off slightly.
  25. <Hal> (Do we get a full health and magic refill?)
  26. <DM> *Nearby, the lava begins filling up, and with Biggoron taking up most of the lower floor, it's rising quite quickly. The Hylians and Sheikah in particular try to back off from the rising lava.
  27. <DM> [Impa]: Everyone, to the top floor! Link, is there any other tunnel that leads out of Goron City?
  28. <DM> (A reminder Kirran, you recall a Gossip Stone in Medigoron's Armory)
  29. <Kirran> Hal, I think we better rescue ol' Medigoron while they handle the retreat.
  30. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Goro, Oi don't says I do. Those Lizzy tunnels are too small for most o' us.
  31. <Kirran> He's got a personal gossip stone in there we can use to warp in.
  32. <Hal> I think I might have a way, but it could take a while. The only other way out is to go through the top of the Volcano
  33. <DM> *Impa hears "gossip stone" + "warp in" and immediately turns her head, shocked at you.
  34. <DM> [Impa]: ... Gossip Stones can what?
  35. <Hal> Alright, Medigoron we shall rescue then.
  36. <DM> *Nearby, Biggoron's trying to struggle back to his feet, but between the Gleeok skull and the lava, he's having a hard time getting up, his body slowly submerging in the lava. Although you know Gorons bathe in lava, swimming is... not exactly their forte.
  37. <Hal> Alright, what can we do to get the Gleeok head off Biggorn?
  38. <DM> *She provides both of you with a Water shield, to help stave the heat off and give you both +5 Defense Dice.
  39. <DM> [Impa]: All I know about them is that once a Gleeok's head is detached from its body, its skull starts floating around, and swords are useless against it. I'd guess Magic will do the trick.
  40. <Hal> Alright. I guess it's time to put out it's fire!
  41. <DM> [Biggoron]: Goro....
  42. <DM> [Biggoron]: Grr... gerroff me, you darned skull!
  43. <DM> *He finally gets a hand free of the rising lava and smacks the Skull... but his hand passes right through it! Despite that, the skull is still biting into Biggoron's other shoulder, continuing to drive him into the ground.
  44. * Hal breathes in deeply and fires a Nullify at the floating Dragon head!
  45. <Hal> Wrap the target in a frozen bubble, nullifying the bonuses their attacks gain.
  46. <Hal> EFFECT: Ignores Bonus Attack Dice & Defense Dice on both attacker and defender.
  47. <Hal> Roll your Wisdom +7 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
  48. <Hal> Damage: Halved
  49. <Hal> EFFECT: If it hits, target gets Numbed:
  50. <Hal> Target’s Combat Actions have their Dice & Damage Modifiers removed.
  51. <Hal> DURATION: Two rounds.
  52. <DM> (lessee, Gleeok heads have decent defense di- NOPE NOT AGAINST THAT)
  53. <DM> *Roll it!
  54. <Hal> $38d10
  55. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 38 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 6, 7, 5, 9, 3, 7, 8, 8, 4, 8, 1, 2, 3, 10, 2, 8, 2, 7, 10, 6, 4, 5, 9, 8, 3, 1, 5, 7, 4, 5, 10, 9, 2, 4, 8, 5 and 1. Total: 209. Successes: 26.
  56. <DM> $10d10 Gleeok Skull
  57. <Navi> DM: You rolled 10 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 3, 5, 4, 4, 6, 6, 3, 8 and 3. Total: 48. Successes: 5.
  58. <DM> *Your Nullify strikes it! The magical flames covering it vanish as it's stricken by the frozen bubble and knocked away!
  59. <Hal> 21/2 = 10.5 = 11 Damage + Numbed
  60. <DM> *Biggoron then goes for another strike at it, and without the magical flames phasing it out, he's able to smack that skull away!
  61. <Hal> (Do I still keep my bonuses from last session?
  62. <DM> *You see the skull bounce off several walls before pinballing into one of the tunnels, way out of sight.
  63. <DM> (Uhh, seeing as the battle never really ended... Yes.)
  64. <DM> [Biggoron]: Goro, 'ppreciate it!
  65. <Hal> 21h 6m | Regen x6 | Armor +10
  66. <Hal> Alright Kirran, let's go!
  67. <DM> *Biggoron is finally able to stand up, slowing the rising decent of the lava! He climbs on up to the second floor, then stretches his arms the best he can to try and block the hole above. The Lavafall turns into more of a trickle
  68. <DM> [Biggoron]: Goro, get everyone outta here, I can only hold this for so long!
  69. <Kirran> Righto
  70. * Hal dashes off to Medigoron's Armory
  71. <DM> *As Impa evacuates everyone else up to the top floor, you two head straight for Medigoron's Armory.
  72. <Hal> 21h 6m | Regen x6 | Armor +10 | Defense +5
  73. <DM> *There, he's still chipping away at the Crystallization in the Golden Gauntlets. Next to him, you can see about 3 completed Bombchucopters.
  74. <DM> *He looks up from his work goggles at you two.
  75. <Kirran> Lava's rising brother. It's almost time to go.
  76. <DM> [Medigoron]: Goro?
  77. <DM> [Medigoron]: Oi kin take the lava. Dunno bout the scrawny little fellas though.
  78. <DM> [Medigoron]: Grr, just a bit longer, an' Oi kin get this last crystal out...
  79. <DM> *He tries to dig in deeper with one of his Giant's Knives, but the blade ends up grinding between the gauntlets and the crystal, snapping in half.
  80. * Hal attempts a Purify on the Gauntlets.
  81. <DM> [Medigoron]: Gorrah! Thought Oi made that one stronger!
  82. <Hal> Maybe this will help
  83. <DM> *You give your shot at a Purify, but that last stubborn crystal remains as vigilant as ever.
  84. <DM> [Medigoron]: Hmm... wonder if we can melt it...
  85. <Hal> Maybe a Lava Beam might do the trick.
  86. <Hal> Or maybe we could use some lava.
  87. <DM> [Medigoron]: Can you get me to the Volcano? The lava there is much hotter than here. If I can dunk your Golden Gauntlets in there, Oi think it'll finally come off.
  88. <Hal> Sounds like a plan
  89. <Hal> 21h 2m | Regen x6 | +10 Armor | +5 Defense
  90. <DM> *You hear the roars of more echoes. Impa suddenly comes rushing in, skipping past you all, then running straight over to the Gossip Stone, tapping it repeatedly.
  91. <Kirran> Boss?
  92. <DM> [Impa]: Come on, teleport me, you stupid thing!
  93. <DM> [Gossip Stone]: Ding ding ding! They say the time is 10:10 PM!
  94. <DM> *She nearly strikes the stone with her Giant's Knife, then remembers you two are there.
  95. <Kirran> Boss, the teleport thing is a Hal exclusive (TM)
  96. <DM> [Impa]: Say wha?!
  97. * Hal turned around to Impa and pulls out his Cane of Dekri and his remote control.
  98. <Hal> I'll have to use this to warp us out via Gossip Stones
  99. <DM> [Impa]: I've been the head of the Sheikah for over 60 years, and you're telling me all of a sudden, Hal's the one that can turn them into Warp Stones?!
  100. <DM> [Raine]: *whispers* Teehee, we should tell her they're not Gossip Stones sometime. Seeing her angry is fun.
  101. <DM> [Impa]: Whatever, just... hold on, where can that take us?
  102. <Hal> It can take us to any Gossip stone we wish.
  103. <DM> [Impa]: ... Any of them?
  104. <Hal> Yes. Any
  105. <Hal> Okay, except the ones in Hyrule City
  106. <DM> [Impa]: Oh good. Because if that was the case, I would've killed you and disowned you from the Sheikah right this instant for not bringing that up the instant you saw me.
  107. <DM> *She still gives you a somewhat nasty glare, Hal.
  108. <DM> [Medigoron]: Goro, how big can it transport something? Oi'm wonderin' if we can go straight to the one in the Volcano.
  109. <Kirran> >_>
  110. <DM> [Medigoron]: Oh, Sheikah boy, have some more of these Bombchucopters!
  111. <Hal> I don't really know. I think it can transport Gorons
  112. <Kirran> Sweet.
  113. <DM> *He hands you two the 3 Bombchucopters. Divide them among you two as you please.
  114. <DM> (uhh I'll throw description onto the discord)
  115. <DM> [Medigoron]: Well, let's give it a shot!
  116. <Hal> We also need to get the civilians out of here as well.
  117. <Hal> Only I have access to this power as of now.
  118. <DM> [Impa]: I'll gather them here.
  119. <Hal> Where shall we take the Civilians?
  120. <DM> [Impa]: Give me a moment, let me reach out to the other Sages...
  121. <DM> *She goes into a meditative state for a moment...
  122. <DM> [Impa]: Ruto says Zora's Domain is less than ideal at the moment. Saria says Kokiri Forest is lost, they're going to try a different method to escape.
  123. <Hal> What about Nabooru and Rauru?
  124. <Kirran> If she tries to talk to Rauru, we'll be here all day.
  125. <DM> [Impa]: I can't get in touch with Nabooru. Rauru... he says Hyrule City is barricaded. They can't risk lowering the barrier.
  126. <DM> [Impa]: Oh, I ended contact with him as soon as he said that.
  127. <Hal> So looks like we can't warp to any of the other sages.
  128. <DM> [Impa]: ... Lake Hylia.
  129. <DM> [Impa]: I don't know if it's safe, but there's at least room for us there, plus we can help the Moblins stave off their invasion.
  130. <Hal> The closest one that we could mount a retreat to would probably be Lake Hylia.
  131. <DM> [Impa]: Good. And if we can, we may be able to help Zora's Domain from the access point there.
  132. <DM> [Impa]: Alright, open one there, I'll send everyone through.
  133. <Hal> Alright
  134. <Hal> (Is the one in Lake Hylia above water?)
  135. <DM> (it is)
  136. <Hal> (Good)
  137. <DM> *She proceeds to gather everyone else here as you use the power of a TV remo- err Twili Remote to activate the Gossip Stone's warp powers.
  138. * Hal points at the Gossip Stone with his remote control and presses it. "All aboard! Lake Hylia!"
  139. <DM> *Geometric Twili glyphs glow from within the Gossip Stone, first shining gold, then switching to a Twilight teal. Suddenly, the Gossip Stone grows 10 times in size and uhh... opens its mouth, prompting a large entranceway. Through it, on the other side, you can see Lake Hylia, where you can see groups of Moblins trying to take down Lynels, Goriyas, and ChuChus.
  140. <DM> [Medigoron]: Huh, you can see what's on the other side that easily?
  141. <DM> [Gossip Stone]: LET ME EAT YOU.
  142. <DM> [Medigoron]: How easy would it be to check out other locations?
  143. <Hal> Simple, I presume.
  144. <DM> *Hal, would you like to try surfing the channels?
  145. <DM> *Or do you decide to keep the channel open to Lake Hylia?
  146. * Hal presses the button again, checking different locations; rotating between Desert Colossus, Hyrule Field, Kakariko Graveyard and Old Shadow Temple.
  147. <DM> *Each time you press the button, the Gossip Stone closes its mouth, then opens once more, changing the preview.
  148. <DM> *Desert Colossus: A perfectly serene desert landscape, untouched by the war.
  149. <DM> *Hyrule Field: The exact opposite as an Iron Knight turns your way, about to charge you when you promptly hit the button.
  150. <DM> *Kakariko Graveyard: Now overrun by Poes, and not only that, but you see them setting up soul shops. Seems they're running a business off this war.
  151. <DM> *Old Shadow Temple: Seems eerily quiet... like it always is here. Odds are, this is probably safe?
  152. <DM> *Impa returns in time to see you channel surf to the Old Shadow Temple.
  153. <DM> [Impa]: There's a Gossip Stone there?!
  155. <DM> *There's another great rumble, followed by the yells of Biggoron struggling.
  156. <DM> [Biggoron]: Goro, Oi can't stop it anymore!
  157. <DM> [Impa]: ... But that'll have to wait. Keep that open to the temple.
  158. <Hal> Alright, old Shadow Temple time?
  159. <DM> [Impa]: Yes.
  160. <Hal> Alright, change of course! Those into the Shadow Temple?
  161. <DM> *As you mis-speak, everyone gives you a grim look.
  162. <DM> [Impa]: Wait, no, it's safe there, it's uhh..
  163. <DM> *She gives them a rushed explanation of the location. More hands go into the air this time.
  164. <Hal> Old Shadow Temple I mean
  165. <DM> [Hylians]: We'll lock it down. Should be able to recover our wounded in the meantime.
  166. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Baegba, you go with 'em. Oi need to stay behind an' save Big Bro and Dad.
  167. <DM> *Baegba Yoda-floats on in, alongside the wounded Gorons, all the Hylians, and all the civilians.
  168. <DM> [Impa]: Are you two following or sticking around?
  169. <DM> *Kirran, you get another vision flash of Gustaf, surrounded by flames. All of a sudden, you smell something... sweet.
  170. <Hal> I and Kirran have unfinished business here
  171. <DM> *Looking up towards the ceiling, in the direction of the Death Mountain peak, you notice you can see the soul of Gorash from afar, and right next to him... Gustaf.
  172. <Kirran> Oh great, my two favorite people right now, right next to each other...
  173. <DM> [Medigoron]: Oi think Oi've got somethin' that'll keep you two safe. But only you two, I can't spare for you, Impa. Sorry, Goro.
  174. <DM> [Impa]: It's fine. I should be with my people, of which few remain. Besides, they need someone that knows that Temple.
  175. <DM> [Impa]: Kirran, Hal... It was brief, but I'm glad to see you two again. I ask that you two please return safely. Especially you Hal, since you're the one with the remote.
  176. <Hal> That I will do.
  177. * Kirran salutes.
  178. <DM> *She gives you another glare, wanting to criticize you for not bringing this up earlier, but... holds off for now.
  179. <DM> [Impa]: Thanks for finding a way to keep us safe. We'll be waiting!
  180. <DM> *She salutes you two back, then heads on into the Old Shadow Temple.
  181. <DM> *Raine briefly floats outside of the corridor, then back in.
  182. <DM> [Raine]: Uhh, you should proooooobably close that. Unless you want lava pouring into the Old Shadow Temple.
  183. <Hal> Alright.
  184. <DM> [Medigoron]: Ah, roight, lemme get this fer ya!
  185. <Hal> Everyone who's going! Go in!
  186. <DM> *Everyone except you two, the fairies, Medigoron, and Link the Goron, have all headed in.
  187. <DM> *Medigoron shuffles through some stuff, clattering some armors around, before finding... two pairs of boots!
  188. * Hal presses the button on the remote Gossip Stone to close it.
  189. <DM> [Gossip Stone]: Mmm... good meal.
  190. <DM> *The Gossip Stone promptly closes its mouth and shrinks back to its normal size, licking its stone lips.
  191. <DM> [Gossip Stone]: Ding ding ding! They say the Invasion army isn't free.
  192. <DM> [Medigoron]: Here you both go! Two patented Zora-Goron hybrid boots, guaranteed to let you walk on Lava with no harm!
  193. <DM> *He gives you a big ol' smile as he hands you the boots, following up with...
  194. <DM> [Medigoron]: Well, they're not tested, but Oi think they work!
  195. <Kirran> O_O
  196. * Hal nods and takes boots and fits himself into the boots.
  197. <DM> *You shuffle into the boots, and while they're a bit clunky, they're surprisingly light.
  198. <DM> [Medigoron]: I mean, we tested 'em, but Gorons are kinda heavy, so we kinda just sink...
  199. <DM> [Medigoron]: And we don't notice the heat, so Oi don't know if'n they're actually heat proof..
  200. * Kirran shrugs and puts them on.
  201. <DM> *With your boots fitted on, you feel like you can handle anything!
  202. <DM> *... In theory.
  203. <Hal> We have a Gossip stone that goes right into the Volcano
  204. <DM> *Medigoron is about to oblige, when you all hear more grunts from Biggoron outside.
  205. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Oi'll take the Gauntlets with you two then. Medi, you save Big Bro.
  206. <Hal> Alright.
  207. <DM> *The semi-big fella nods, then flips a wall over, revealing some uhhh... heavier equipment. Sized for him.
  208. <DM> [Medigoron]: Thank you, Goro. Good luck to all of ye. Big Bro an' me will be roight behind you!
  209. <DM> [Medigoron]: Oh, and don't touch the Gauntlets directly, Goro, till you melt that crystal!
  210. <DM> *He hands the bagged Golden Gauntlets to Link the Goron, then gets to arming himself.
  211. <DM> [Link the Goron]: I think I'm ready to go, Goro!
  212. <DM> *He snipes one of the Giant's Knives and straps it effortlessly onto his back.
  213. <Hal> To Volcano?
  215. <DM> [Raine]: I mean... To Volcano.
  216. * Hal fingers the button on the remote to go to the Volcano.
  217. <DM> *As you rev the Gossip Stone back up, floes of magma begin to pour in from the corridor.
  218. <DM> [Gossip Stone]: Ready to eat.
  219. <DM> *It opens its mouth, revealing the interior of the Volcano. You see something fly by, but you're not entirely sure what it was.
  220. * Hal waits for Kirran and Link to make their way into the Volcano
  221. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Oi, off we Goro!
  222. <DM> *He rolls on up.... no he doesn't, he's got a Giant's Knife strapped to his back, he can't do that currently.
  223. <DM> *He jumps on in!
  224. * Kirran heads in after him.
  225. <DM> *You three head on into the Volcano, presumably probably closing up the Gossip Stone behind you. Once in, you find yourselves right outside the Fire Temple, on an island surrounded by lava far below. Even though it's a good 50 foot drop from here, you can feel the intense heat.
  226. <DM> *Impa's Water Shields wear off, as do all the battle benefits, seeing as that was an extended break.
  227. <Hal> (And so full magic recovery)
  228. <DM> (Yep)
  229. <Hal> 21h 21m
  230. <DM> *You notice, due to the intense ambient red light, your Spirit Visions come back online!
  231. <DM> *Looking around, there's a handful of Lava Wisps floating around, but there's something more worrying than that. Something keeps weaving its way around the various islands in here...
  232. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Goro... Oi know that sound...
  233. <Hal> Don't tell me... it's a Fire Wizzrobe
  234. <DM> *He starts shivering instinctively, putting one hand on his other arm to try and stop it.
  235. <DM> [Link the Goron]: No, it's much bigger... And much hungrier...
  236. * Hal tries to lock onto the thing constantly moving around.
  237. <DM> *At once, a dark-skinned dragon with no arms but a long, snake-like body, appears! Its scales seem to be severely charred, as if they'd all been burned off once before, yet somehow reattached. You see an enraged soul flare from its head. It turns to see you, then rises higher into the air!
  238. <Kirran> Is that?
  239. <DM> [Link the Goron]: That's a Volvagia!
  240. <Hal> ... I thought Volvagia died>
  241. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Aww shucks, I didn't bring my Megaton Hammer!
  242. <Hal> Slain over Zora's Domain
  243. <Hal> Why is all of the big bosses that are getting killed returning to life?
  244. <DM> *Hal, looking at the thing, something seems to be keeping it intact.
  245. <DM> *The lava dragon rises all the way to the top of the Volcano, then descends downwards towards you!
  246. <DM> [Raine]: Huh, that guy can really fly...
  247. <DM> [Raine]: Wonder if we can hitch a ride...
  248. * Hal makes sure the stone is closed
  249. <DM> [Raine]: Or BBQ it...
  250. <DM> *The stone is indeed closed.
  251. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Nope, nope, nope, NOT DEALING WITH IT, GORO!
  252. <DM> *Link the Goron dives into the Fire Temple to get out of its way!
  253. <Hal> Looks like we need to find a way to kill it. Something's off about it, looks like it is held together by something.
  254. <DM> *Kirran and Hal, roll Courage to get out of the way!
  255. <Kirran> I don't even know what that means, but if we've got to fight it, then we've got to fight it.
  256. <Kirran> $1d3
  257. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  258. <Kirran> $58d10
  259. <Hal> $22d10
  260. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 22 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 3, 10, 7, 8, 9, 5, 10, 10, 9, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 5, 9, 10, 9, 9, 5 and 1. Total: 143. Successes: 20.
  261. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 351. Successes: 50.
  262. <DM> (let's see, profile says its roll is...)
  263. <DM> $60d10
  264. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 340. Successes: 40.
  265. <DM> *Kirran, you nimbly dodge out of the way, but you Hal, get scooped up in its jaws!
  266. <DM> *It pierces into your armor, though not enough to kill you. With you looking inside of it, you notice the inside does not match the outside.
  267. <Hal> (Damage?)
  268. <DM> (40 - 20 = 20 damage)
  269. <DM> *Outside, it's wearing a shambling skin; on the inside, though, it's entirely skeletal.
  270. * Hal takes 9 damage from that attack
  271. <DM> *It starts flying upwards, taking you out of the Volcano.
  272. <Kirran> Why am I suddenly feeling nostalgia for Belmonts?
  273. <DM> [Raine]: What is a dragon, but a shambling pile of secrets?
  274. <Hal> (Are there any weak points within the Skeleton?)
  275. <DM> *You see that it appears connected by multiple joints, though whatever is holding together the joints isn't particularly stable.
  276. <Hal> 12h 21h | +2 Armor
  277. <DM> *Its teeth are still clenched into your chest, though your arms are already aimed inside of it.
  278. <DM> *Volvagia rises to the top of the Volcano, and up there, Hal, you can see a vast view of Death Mountain. Nearby, Biggoron and Medigoron have wrestled their way out of Goron City, wrestling the Gleeok over a river of lava.
  279. <Hal> (So no fire?)
  280. <DM> (Nope!)
  281. <DM> *And further down the mountainside, past Dodongo's Cavern, you see the great machine construct steadily hammering its way towards Hyrule City.
  282. <Hal> (So I take it won't absorb Fire attacks)
  283. <DM> (Seeing as this thing emerged from lava, I don't think fire is a good idea against it, no.)
  284. <DM> *Kirran, with the Volvagia risen to the top of the Volcano, would you like to try anything?
  285. <Hal> (How far am I above the ground?)
  286. <Kirran> (I guess I can try fixing my gauntlets so I have a viable melee attack again.)
  287. <DM> (At this point.... probably 150 Feet. Unless you decide to try and leap off onto the side of Volcano, which is no more than a 20 foot drop.)
  288. <DM> *Kirran, you look around for Link the Goron, who has your gauntlets, but he's off shivering in a corner just inside the Fire Temple.
  289. <Kirran> Dammit...
  290. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Goro, Volvagia is a munchy one, goro...
  291. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Oi need to 'ave the Courage to save Dad, but it's Volvagia, Goro!
  292. <Hal> (It's used it's actions right?)
  293. <DM> (oh right)
  294. <DM> *NEXT ROUND!
  295. <Hal> (I have not)
  296. <DM> *NOT NEXT ROUND!
  297. * Kirran uses shadow speed on Link.
  298. * Hal gets his Ocarina out and starts playing the Song of Soaring before focusing on a joint and firing an Overwhelm at it!
  299. <DM> (... what's the description on Overwhelm again?)
  300. * Hal does it in the opposite order
  301. <Hal> DESCRIPTION: Overrun a target with a whiplashing vines from every direction!
  302. <Hal> Roll your Wisdom +15 dice vs. targets' Power dice
  303. <Hal> Damage: +0
  304. <Hal> (Or is that not going to work?)
  305. <DM> (... Huh. Interesting. Okay.)
  306. <DM> *Roll it!
  307. <Hal> $46d10
  308. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 46 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 3, 8, 5, 2, 2, 9, 10, 10, 5, 5, 1, 5, 5, 4, 10, 3, 10, 10, 2, 10, 4, 9, 4, 10, 1, 2, 3, 2, 9, 10, 10, 1, 7, 5, 3, 9, 3, 2, 9, 8, 7, 9, 2, 1 and 3. Total: 260. Successes: 35.
  309. <DM> $15d10 Volvagia
  310. <Navi> DM: You rolled 15 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 4, 3, 2, 5, 3, 5, 3, 6, 4, 4, 8, 6, 5 and 6. Total: 66. Successes: 7.
  311. <DM> *Using its bones as a base, you turn its insides to dirt, allowing you to summon vines from within Volvagia!
  312. <DM> *The magic holding its joints together fails, and at once, it detaches from joint to joint, falling apart from the inside out as it's turned into a flaming tree!
  313. * Hal THEN plays the Song of Soaring as he is let free
  314. <DM> *As you fly away, its pieces fall back into the volcano, striking the islands as tree stumps before bouncing down into the lava, burning away.
  315. <DM> *Link the Goron, thanks to a Courage boost, is able to break free from his mental shackles to face Volvagia!
  316. <Kirran> Wow, problem solved.
  317. <DM> *... only to see Hal already took it out.
  318. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Goro, it's already dead! But Oi needs to dunk the Gauntlets!
  319. <Hal> 12h 11m | +4 Armor | Song of Soaring (+5 Attack Dice & Defense Dice)
  320. <DM> [Link the Goron]: YIPPEE KAYAAYYY!
  321. * Hal flies back into the Volcano to reuinite with Kirran and Link
  322. <DM> *Link the Goron proceeds to uhh... jump into the lava below. However, he fires a Hookshot at a nearby Hookshot Point (why is one of those in here?), allowing him to slowly descend down below.
  323. <DM> [Link the Goron]: One lava-dunked set of Gauntlets, comin' roight up!
  324. <DM> *He throws the Golden Gauntlets into the lava, bag and all! You see the magma near it bubble and bubble, and then... nothing. The Gauntlets just... sink entirely.
  325. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Uhh... wuh-oh.
  326. <Kirran> Uh, Link...
  327. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Uhh, Kirran bud, I don't think we're getting your Gauntlets back-
  328. <DM> *Suddenly, the whole Volcano rumbles, and from the spot he dropped your Gauntlets, something bursts up from within it!
  329. <Kirran> Link...I have a psychotic fairy and I'm not afraid to...
  330. <DM> [Raine]: Lemme at him, I wanna eat him! Err, do Gorons taste good?
  331. <DM> *Hal, you see the fallen joints you dissected suddenly reattached themselves, snapping back one joint at a time.
  332. <DM> *They wrangle around before falling into the lava below.
  333. <Kirran> This is just the worst day.
  334. <DM> [Link the Goron]: .... Okay now I'm done.
  335. <DM> *He promptly activates the Hookshot, reeling back ASAP.
  336. <DM> [Link the Goron]: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  337. <DM> *He escapes just in time as a reinvigorated Volvagia rises back up from the lava! Kirran, hanging atop the horns on its head, you can see the Golden Gauntlets! ... And somehow, they're grasped onto its head and not falling off.
  338. <DM> *On the plus side, the Crystallization seems to have melted off!
  339. * Hal yells down. "We've got bigger problems now. That construct seems to be headed to Hyrule City"
  340. <DM> [Raine]: Hal, any chance you'd like to get eaten again and shatter it from the inside out?
  341. <DM> *Link the Goron looks at the Volvagia, then up at Hal.
  342. <Kirran> Link, I need you to do me a huge favor. Take this gravity slingshot, and fire me at that thing.
  343. <DM> *His eyes go wiiiiide open, nearly encompassing his face.
  344. <Kirran> I want my damn punchy gloves back.
  345. <DM> [Link the Goron]: W-w-whaaaaa?!
  346. <DM> [Link the Goron]: B-b-but, if I do that, y-you could get eaten, Goro!
  347. <Hal> I think I can manage that. Having a built in Delay Damage should let me survive the next hit regardless of what happens.
  348. <Kirran> I think it'll find me more unpalatable than ol' Hal there. Just load me up Brother. I can handle this.
  349. * Kirran readies Sir-No-Longer-in-this-Game's Lance.
  350. <DM> *He sucks in the Courage you gave him before, literally eating the Shadow Speed (what?), then takes your offer. Loading you onto the Gravity Slingshot, he takes aim at the Volvagia.
  351. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Huh, this thing's pretty cool, I wonder how this-
  352. <Kirran> It'
  353. <DM> *Annnnd Link the Goron launches you up at the flying dragon!
  355. <DM> $45d10 Link the Goron
  356. <Navi> DM: You rolled 45 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 5, 7, 2, 9, 9, 1, 2, 1, 9, 10, 7, 8, 1, 8, 1, 3, 1, 3, 4, 6, 6, 8, 9, 2, 2, 2, 9, 8, 7, 5, 3, 1, 1, 5, 10, 10, 5, 2, 1, 4, 1, 7, 1 and 2. Total: 214. Successes: 26.
  357. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Hold on, I think I can give it a bit more juice...
  358. <DM> *He slams a reroll into the thing.
  359. <DM> $45d10
  360. <Navi> DM: You rolled 45 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 1, 4, 4, 4, 7, 9, 9, 5, 8, 10, 6, 9, 9, 3, 5, 3, 5, 6, 4, 9, 6, 4, 4, 7, 4, 7, 8, 1, 8, 9, 4, 9, 2, 8, 2, 9, 7, 1, 3, 4, 1, 8, 3 and 10. Total: 253. Successes: 27.
  361. <Kirran> A bit, being the operative word here.
  362. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Just a bit.
  363. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Don't want you crashin' on into the thing, Goro!
  364. <DM> *You fly on up to the newly re-revived Volvagia, and with just a bit more of a push, you land on its head! Success!
  365. <DM> *It tries to shake you off, but given you're on its head, that ain't happening. Instead...
  366. <DM> *It tries to go down and dive into the lava below!
  367. <Kirran> Gimme my gloves you overgrown garter snake.
  368. <DM> *You find the Gauntlets are gripping its horns already. Would you like to put them back on?
  369. <Kirran> Indeed I would.
  370. <DM> *You put them back on, and in your attempt to get your darn gloves back...
  371. <DM> *Roll Power + the Golden Gauntlet bonus!
  372. <Hal> (brb)
  373. * DM pokes the Kirran for a roll.
  374. <Kirran> $55d10
  375. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 55 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 269. Successes: 29.
  376. <DM> (speaking of low rolls today)
  377. <Kirran> (Navi, this is my moment...Navi...Please.)
  378. <DM> $50d10 Volvagia lava dive
  379. <Navi> DM: You rolled 50 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 4, 10, 9, 6, 8, 1, 8, 4, 6, 5, 3, 6, 5, 10, 6, 3, 3, 9, 4, 8, 6, 7, 3, 1, 9, 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 8, 6, 4, 7, 1, 2, 8, 8, 5, 3, 3, 8, 8, 7, 7, 3, 9, 10 and 2. Total: 272. Successes: 32.
  380. * Kirran throws a reroll at himself.
  381. <Kirran> $55d10
  382. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 55 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 293. Successes: 35.
  383. <DM> *With your strength renewed, you grab life by the horns, and you pry the Volvagia upwards, preventing it from bubbling you into the lava!
  384. <Kirran> (Cue up the Neverending Story music)
  385. <DM> *Although you could remove the Gauntlets back, you find you're getting a fairly solid grip on the dragon. After a bit, you find you can steer the beast yourself.
  386. <DM> [Raine]: Oh my Goddesses, NEVER LET GO OF THIS MOUNT, KIRRAN.
  387. <Kirran> Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh
  389. <DM> *Hal, whenever you return, you look down from your angelic flying position to see that Kirran has just scored himself an epic mount.
  390. * Kirran swings Deadvagia around to pick up Hal and Link.
  391. * Hal lands on the skeletal Volvagia... this time not in it's jaws.
  392. <DM> *Link the Goron just looks upwards, completely in shock. You use the Deadvagia's tail to kindly pick him up, and Hal just floats down into its teeth- I mean onto its back.
  393. <Kirran> We're going for a ride gentlemen!
  394. <DM> [Raine]: Where we're going, we don't need roads!
  395. <DM> [Raine]: Actually, where are we going?
  396. <Kirran> To that giant construct. Spider vs. Dragon.
  397. <Hal> Where? That giant construct is headed towards Hyrule City. We might need to stop it
  398. <DM> [Raine]: Whaaaaa? Hold on, we got ourselves a flying mount! We can go anywhere! Heck, we can probably find the Twilight Realm with this baby, map it out in real time and space!
  399. <Hal> This dragon should be mostly safe from fire. Those Fire Wisps are probably not going to be too much trouble.
  400. <DM> *In your bottles, the Great Fairy switches from one bottle to the other, slaps Raine upside the head, then returns to her bottle.
  401. <Kirran> Alright Zombcor, let's go!
  402. <DM> [Raine]: Hey, that hurt!
  403. <Hal> Our plan of attack should be focused on immobolizing the spider thing. Legs are typically the weakest part of a construct like this.
  404. <DM> *You take the Zombcor around for a little ride inside the Volcano, then fly it on up out of the Volcano!
  405. <DM> *Upon emerging, you see Biggoron and Medigoron working on wrapping the Gleeok's heads around its body, though it's still giving them a bit of trouble. Looking down past that, with lava pretty much covering the whole area around Goron City and half the path below, you see the spider hammer machine marching towards Hyrule City.
  406. <Kirran> Let's see if we can give the Gorons a little help while we're at it.
  407. <DM> *It's still got some mountains to overcome, but you see the Lava Spirits already beginning to focus around its Lava Cannon, charging up to fire at the barrier surrounding the city.
  408. <Kirran> Link, you think you can do a plunge attack (TM) on that thing?
  409. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Aye-aye, Cap'n!
  410. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Wait, why'd I call you Cap'n? Wotever, FLY ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT IT WITH MY SWORD!
  411. <DM> *He puts the one-handers away and switches over the Giant's Knife, readying for one heck of a Down Thrust!
  412. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Ready!
  413. <Hal> Will they need my help too?
  414. * Kirran shrugs.
  415. <DM> [Link the Goron]: Goro, you two should go to the spider. We'll catch up soon!
  416. <Kirran> I'm just the pilot.
  417. <Hal> Alright
  418. <DM> [Link the Goron]: FOR NARNIAAAAA- wait
  419. <DM> [Link the Goron]: GORRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
  420. <DM> *He takes the leap and aims the Giant's Knife downwards, and at once, with a plunge, he drops!
  421. <DM> *Like a rock, he drops, and some moments later, you see him impale the Gleeok's body, the sheer weight of his falling impact sliding the Gleeok further downslope into the side of a cliff-face. As he and the other two great Gorons pummel the Gleeok to death, you two meanwhile approach the giant spider construct.
  422. <Hal> We disarm it's flamethrower, it still can probably hammer the barrier
  423. <DM> *Its hammers beat away at the mountaintops, piercing it with each strike and giving it new ground to move on up.
  424. <DM> *Having moved further away from Death Mountain, your Spirit Vision stays intact. Looking inside the machine, you can tell there's more Lava Wisps, some Lizalfos, that Gorash guy, and... the combined souls of Gustaf and Fierce Deity.
  425. <Hal> We should try and focus on the flamethrower first, then take out the hammers
  426. <DM> *With the machine now in position, it plants its hammers around it, bracing the construct. You see the Lava Cannon begin charging up to fire...
  427. <Kirran> Time to eat some wisps.
  428. <DM> *You're now close enough to dive the Volvagia at the machine! Which part would you like to chomp on today?
  429. <Hal> Alright! Time to blow it up!
  430. <DM> [Raine]: Aww, we're not turning it into another mount?
  431. <Kirran> Oh, maybe that will give us Options.
  432. <DM> *An Options menu appears before you! Your options are the Lava Cannon, one of the Legs, or its Central Command Center.
  433. <Hal> On second thought, chomping the Flamethrower might put it out of commission while we focus on the legs
  434. <Kirran> Let's go after those lava spirits first.
  435. <Hal> Alright
  436. <Kirran> Try to get that lava cannon out of commission, since that seems to be it's power attack.
  437. <Hal> (How many Lava Spirits are there?)
  438. <DM> *There's about 15 Lava Spirits surrounding it. 5 of them are circling around its Lava Cannon at an increasing velocity.
  439. <Kirran> (Options as in shmup-style power-ups)
  440. <DM> *One of the Lava Spirits turns your way, and Kirran, for the first time in forever, you find yourself no longer afraid of Wisps! At least, with a big ol' chompy mount about to devour them up.
  441. <Kirran> Let's Pac-man these SOBs!
  442. <DM> *You veer the mount towards the Lava Spirits surrounding the cannon! Roll Power + 5!
  443. <Kirran> WOOOOOO!
  444. <Kirran> $60d10
  445. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 309. Successes: 38.
  446. <DM> (okay, 5 Lava Spirits, that gives em about 50 total...)
  447. <DM> $50d10
  448. <Navi> DM: You rolled 50 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 4, 4, 3, 1, 5, 7, 4, 10, 10, 4, 10, 8, 10, 6, 1, 3, 6, 8, 6, 1, 7, 7, 8, 7, 2, 2, 1, 2, 9, 2, 8, 2, 5, 10, 2, 9, 6, 6, 9, 6, 9, 9, 4, 9, 5, 4, 2, 10 and 1. Total: 280. Successes: 36.
  449. * Hal grips his Negation Scepter, ready to toss a Frozen Storm at the group of Wisps circling around the Lava Cannon with increasing velocity!
  450. <DM> *With your flying flaming choo choo train of a mount, you honk the horns and give your new pet an all-you-can-eat shrimpfest buffet!
  451. <DM> *It easily devours 5 of the Wisps, whirling around the Spider Construct, chomping up one after another!
  452. <DM> *Its Lava Cannon is about to fire. Hal, would you do the honors of a Frozen Storm roll?
  453. * Hal augments his Robe
  454. * Hal 's eyes light up in a light blue and holds his Negation Scepter upwards. "Frozen Storm time!"
  455. <Hal> DESCRIPTION: Once charged, cause a random lightning bolt to strike your weapon and swing it down to unleash a storm of ice and thunder on all enemies.
  456. <Hal> EFFECT: This bypasses Cover.
  457. <Hal> Roll your Wisdom +10 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
  458. <Hal> Damage: Halved
  459. <Hal> EFFECT 1: Target(s) hit lose 5 Attack Dice & Power.
  460. <Hal> EFFECT 2: If there is only one target, it deals +0 Damage instead of Halved Damage and the target instead loses 8 Attack Dice & Power
  461. <Hal> $49d10
  462. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 49 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 1, 8, 4, 9, 4, 5, 1, 5, 6, 9, 6, 3, 10, 10, 3, 2, 9, 9, 7, 7, 5, 6, 6, 8, 4, 10, 2, 6, 10, 3, 2, 10, 10, 5, 8, 4, 10, 8, 8, 5, 7, 3, 8, 6, 3, 1, 7 and 2. Total: 292. Successes: 40.
  463. <DM> $50d10 Moar Lava Spirits!
  464. <Navi> DM: You rolled 50 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 4, 9, 4, 9, 4, 2, 3, 3, 3, 8, 2, 5, 10, 2, 4, 5, 9, 8, 4, 7, 5, 9, 3, 8, 7, 9, 1, 7, 6, 2, 6, 9, 10, 10, 8, 3, 1, 1, 6, 4, 8, 7, 8, 8, 9, 2, 3, 8 and 10. Total: 293. Successes: 35.
  465. <DM> *The ones whirling around the Lava Cannon cease to function at once, as a Frozen Storm of hail shocks them out of the sky, causing them to promptly drop into the lava gooping below the construct.
  466. <DM> *Although the Lava Cannon didn't charge all the way, it does end up aiming upwards... at you guys.
  467. <Hal> 12h 2m | +4 Armor | Augmented Protection (+8 Wisdom)
  468. <DM> *You smell a sweet scent as your mount whirls around the construct, and from the tail end, you sense an approaching Gorash!
  469. * Hal turns around to face the approaching Gorash
  470. <DM> *From the tail end of Volvagia, the Dinalfos uses a chain to wrap around the joints, jumping himself closer and closer towards you two!
  471. <Hal> (Has Kirran spent any actions?)
  472. <DM> *He at last lands a few meters away from you, Hal.
  473. <DM> (Kirran did some steering, but he does have a Support Action.
  474. <DM> [Gorash]: Interesting beast you've brought along!
  475. <DM> [Gorash]: Allow me to return the favor... for bombing me!
  476. <DM> *He's about to act when he gets stopped by a lack of actions, for spending them to get onto the dragon in the first place.
  477. <DM> (Kirran, got anything you wanna do before next round begins? You got one Support Action free.)
  478. * Kirran casts mirage on Hal
  479. <DM> *NEXT ROUND, GO!
  480. * Hal feels a bit enlightened as he stares off against Gorash, having several mirror images of himself orbiting around
  481. <DM> *Gorash takes his knife and immediately plunges it into one of the joints holding the dragon together!
  482. <Hal> Why why. You're seeing double? Triple? Quadruple?
  483. <DM> [Gorash]: No, I only see one, fool!
  484. <DM> $58d10 Gorash
  485. <Navi> DM: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 303. Successes: 38.
  486. * Hal switches to his Cane of Dekri and casts Nullify on the Lizalfols before he has time to plunge the knife in!
  487. <DM> *Beat the 38 on your roll!
  488. <Hal> COSTS: 3 Magic
  489. <Hal> DESCRIPTION: Wrap the target in a frozen bubble, nullifying the bonuses their attacks gain.
  490. <Hal> EFFECT: Ignores Bonus Attack Dice & Defense Dice on both attacker and defender.
  491. <Hal> Roll your Wisdom +7 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
  492. <Hal> Damage: Halved
  493. <Hal> EFFECT: If it hits, target gets Numbed:
  494. <Hal> Target’s Combat Actions have their Dice & Damage Modifiers removed.
  495. <Hal> DURATION: Two rounds.
  496. <Hal> $38d10
  497. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 38 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 7, 7, 3, 7, 2, 4, 1, 4, 6, 7, 2, 10, 10, 9, 7, 8, 4, 6, 8, 6, 10, 3, 3, 3, 6, 4, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 3, 4, 2, 9, 6 and 5. Total: 213. Successes: 25.
  498. <DM> *He opts not to defend against your Nullify, striking first with his dagger hit!
  499. <DM> *Although your frozen bubble does indeed strike him, it doesn't quite outrun him.
  500. <DM> *The knife melts straight through Volvagia's scales and pierces into the joint! Kirran, your Zombcor screeches out from beneath you, threatening to shake you off!
  501. <DM> *Everyone on the Zombcor, roll Power to stay on it!
  502. <DM> $50d10 Zombcor
  503. <Navi> DM: You rolled 50 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 10, 10, 6, 1, 10, 6, 9, 6, 3, 3, 2, 1, 8, 1, 4, 1, 4, 9, 4, 7, 2, 1, 4, 1, 3, 7, 2, 2, 2, 6, 1, 1, 6, 7, 1, 6, 3, 10, 1, 5, 2, 3, 6, 9, 4, 9, 10, 8 and 7. Total: 244. Successes: 30.
  504. <Hal> $28d10
  505. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 28 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 4, 9, 4, 7, 9, 6, 4, 1, 8, 6, 7, 8, 7, 2, 5, 8, 7, 7, 7, 8, 2, 8, 1, 7, 7, 4 and 5. Total: 161. Successes: 19.
  506. <DM> $27d10 Gorash
  507. <Navi> DM: You rolled 27 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 1, 2, 9, 4, 10, 2, 1, 9, 8, 4, 9, 5, 10, 5, 3, 6, 7, 7, 3, 4, 3, 9, 2, 4, 7 and 2. Total: 142. Successes: 16.
  508. <Hal> (Kirran?)
  509. <Kirran> $55d10
  510. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 55 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 319. Successes: 41.
  511. <DM> *Hal and Gorash are knocked off, causing you two to fall and land on the top of the Lava Cannon!
  512. <DM> *Kirran meanwhile continues to grab life by the horns and maintain on his mount! You have the dragon do a barrel roll in the process, whirling back into the air.
  513. <Kirran> (Get to the high ground Hal, you'll be invincible.)
  514. <Hal> Alright
  515. <Hal> (Am I able to clawshot back up to it with my remaining action?)
  516. <DM> (You can try, though you'll have to beat that 30 Successes, unless Kirran steers back in.)
  517. <Hal> (I... kinda don't have magic to play Song of Soaring)
  518. <DM> *Gorash pounds on the outside of the machine.
  519. <DM> [Gorash]: FIRE THE CANNON NOW!
  520. <DM> *The Spider Construct aims the cannon back down towards Hyrule City, about to fire. Several more Lava Wisps whirl in from the sides, trying to finish powering it.
  521. <DM> *Kirran, got anything you wanna try with your Zombcor?
  522. * Kirran steers in for another snack attack.
  523. <Hal> 12h 1m | Armor +6
  524. * Hal then attempts to jump back onto the cannon during the snack attack as the dragon approaches him, using Clawshot to get on if necessary.
  525. <DM> *As you veer down this time, out from the Command Center, Gustaf appears! You see the Crystalline Armor has completely wrapped around him, fusing to his body entirely. There's a teal electricity running through his eyes, and you see him look back at you from down there, readying his lance to be launched at you.
  526. <DM> [Gustaf]: Try it. I dare you.
  527. <Hal> *jump onto the dragon
  528. <DM> *Hal, roll the Clawshot roll!
  529. <Kirran> Prepare for evasive maneuvers.
  530. <Hal> (The dragon is steering in, so it should be a lower success rate I need)
  531. <DM> (Okay. Beat a... 20.)
  532. <DM> [Gustaf]: So be it.
  533. <Hal> (Do I get my Technically Adept bonus?)
  534. <DM> (uhh sure)
  535. <Hal> $31d10
  536. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 31 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 1, 8, 4, 7, 3, 5, 4, 1, 1, 6, 9, 3, 4, 4, 5, 8, 8, 7, 8, 10, 4, 10, 3, 3, 1, 10, 1, 7, 7 and 9. Total: 165. Successes: 19.
  537. * Hal rerolls himself
  538. <Hal> $31d10
  539. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 31 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 8, 6, 4, 4, 9, 8, 8, 9, 9, 3, 8, 1, 6, 1, 6, 4, 9, 3, 1, 8, 6, 1, 10, 9, 2, 9, 9, 8, 6 and 8. Total: 193. Successes: 23.
  540. <DM> *Hal, with Kirran veering the dragon closer, you succeed!
  541. <DM> *An intense glow surrounds Gustaf, similar to when Dark Blue empowered himself with the Biggoron's Warhammer. He takes aim at Kirran... then lowers it towards the dragon.
  542. * Hal latches back onto the zombified Dragon whirling around the cannon that is snacking on wisps
  543. <DM> *He then launches the lance with an incredible powered throw!
  544. * Kirran casts mirage on Zombcor
  545. <Kirran> $1d3
  546. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 3.
  547. <Kirran> As always, it was worth a try.
  548. <DM> $71d10 Gustaf
  549. <Navi> DM: You rolled 71 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 385. Successes: 48.
  550. * Hal rerolls the Mirage roll
  551. <DM> (give it another roll on the mirage)
  552. <Hal> $1d3
  553. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  554. <Kirran> $1d3
  555. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  556. <Hal> (nope.avi)
  557. <DM> *Both of you try rerolling the Mirage, but Navi decides not to give you the epic dodge today.
  558. <Hal> (even if she did Gustaf or Gorash would have tossed rerolls)
  559. <DM> *Gustaf's lance strikes directly into the Zombcor's head, shattering its teeth from the sheer force of the throw. The lance imparts itself several joints in, when there's an explosion of amber and ruby gems from within!
  560. <DM> *Between Gorash's slash from earlier and the explosion, the magical energy holding the Zombcor together falters...
  561. <DM> [Gustaf]: You should've blocked the cannon. Idiots.
  562. * Kirran flings himself from the dragon and aims a punch at the cannon.
  563. <DM> *Roll in the hole!
  564. <Kirran> (Do I get any bonuses for momentum?)
  565. <DM> (Uhh add +10 Dice)
  566. <Kirran> $65d10
  567. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 65 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 343. Successes: 41.
  568. <DM> *As the dragon crumbles to pieces behind you, you descend onto the Lava Cannon, punching it downwards right as it fires!
  569. <Hal> (What about me?)
  570. <DM> *Hal, you're back to being flung into the air! However, from Kirran's bottle, the Great Fairy flies on up to you, slowing your descent into a slow float.
  571. <Kirran> (Shadow jump?)
  572. <DM> (Shadow Jump doesn't work from mid-air)
  573. <Hal> (I have no actions left)
  574. <DM> *The sheer force of the Golden Gauntlets ends up tipping the whole construct, causing it fire downwards!
  575. <DM> $500d10 Lava Cannon
  576. <Navi> DM: You rolled 500 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 2,720. Successes: 348.
  577. <DM> *It unleashes an immense stream of lava, melting the ground below it, causing it to fall! Kirran, you end up falling with it.
  578. <Kirran> $1d3
  579. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  580. <Kirran> (Just not on my game today)
  581. * Hal rerolls that autododge
  582. <Kirran> $1d3
  583. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  584. <Kirran> Heh.
  585. <DM> *Hal, as you float down from above, you see the lava stream roll down the moutainside, eventually impacting the lower barrier surrounding Hyrule City's east side. Thanks to the mountainside slowing its force, it kinda just lingers there for a moment before cooling off and spilling to the river on the sides, forming an explosive force of steam.
  586. <DM> *The Spider Construct falls bit by bit for some time before the lava below stops melting through the ground. Now stuck inside the mountain , it's not so easily getting out.
  587. <DM> *Kirran, you fall with it, about to slam into the lava when you dodge the fall itself, instead just safely landing on the lava. Thanks to your new boots, you find you're walking on it just fine!
  588. <Hal> I think we just totaled their ride
  589. <Kirran> I have no need for physics today.
  590. <Kirran> Poor Zombcor though. Thanks for your service pal.
  591. <DM> *Around you, the Lava Wisps that Hal froze arise from the lava, reinvigorated! However, before they can do anything, the Zombcor's falling pieces finally catch up with the Spider Construct, pulverizing the Lava Wisps into a grindy goop.
  592. * Kirran salutes the beautiful bastard's final play
  593. <Kirran> You were just too good to last.
  594. <DM> *Your mount gives you one last thumbs up from the lava before sinking and melting into its final grave.
  595. <DM> *All of a sudden, the spider construct reactivates, re-energized by the lava that it's fallen into! It raises one of its hammers to strike at you, Kirran!
  596. <Kirran> $1d3
  597. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  598. * Hal rerolls that autododge
  599. <Kirran> $1d3
  600. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  601. <DM> (Hal, how many RPs do you have?)
  602. <Kirran> (Eh)
  603. <DM> (just curious)
  604. <Hal> (I brought 10 from the Global shop)
  605. <DM> (I see)
  606. <Hal> (Between sessions)
  607. <DM> *Roll Courage to dodge!
  608. <Kirran> $58d10
  609. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 318. Successes: 41.
  610. <DM> $65d10 Hammer
  611. <Navi> DM: You rolled 65 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 342. Successes: 40.
  612. <Kirran> (Out of curiousity, though, how big is this thing?)
  613. <DM> *You just barely dodge to the side as a great hammer slams down on the area you were just standing in!
  614. <Kirran> Apparently we need to cool this thing off.
  615. <DM> *Well, one hammerleg is the size of Medigoron, there's 8 of em, and the Command Center you'd reckon is a little larger than Biggoron.
  616. <DM> *You notice that the hatch to the thing is open.
  617. <DM> *From the hatch, Gorash looks down at you.
  618. <DM> [Gorash]: Krar, we missed! Give it another shot!
  619. * Kirran makes a rude gesture.
  620. <Hal> (This should be the start of the next round)
  621. <DM> *NEXT ROUND, GO!
  622. <Hal> 12h 3m | +6 Armor | Mirage (I remembered this time)
  623. <DM> *It raises another nearby hammer to try and fall on you! Wanna dodge it, or take advantage of the hookshot target taunting you from the hatch?
  624. <DM> *Hal, you notice you're starting to fall a bit faster.
  625. <Kirran> (Is it more than 50 feet away?)
  626. <DM> [Great Fairy]: I can't keep you up forever. Where should I drop you?
  627. <DM> *Kirran, you're within about 20 feet of the hatch, from your position.
  628. * Kirran just teleports up there instead.
  629. <Hal> (How far am I from the hatch?)
  630. <DM> *Hal, you're dropping and dropping... About 30 feet now.)
  631. <DM> *Kirran, you decide to show Gorash a little magic trick called Teleportation!
  632. <DM> *You appear right behind him!
  633. <Hal> Get me closer to the hatch
  634. <DM> [Great Fairy]: On it!
  635. * Hal downs a Full Rejuvination Potion
  636. <DM> *She descends you towards the hatch, where you a confused Gorash looking for Kirran, who's right behind him!
  637. <DM> [Gorash]: Wha?! Where'd he go?!
  638. * Kirran gives him a greeting punch.
  639. <Hal> 21h 21m | +6 Armor | Mirage
  640. <DM> *Punch away!
  641. <Kirran> $55d10
  642. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 55 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 307. Successes: 39.
  643. <DM> (lessee, buckler ain't helping, and he's caught off guard, so another -5...)
  644. <Hal> (how close am I now?)
  645. <DM> $14d10
  646. <Navi> DM: You rolled 14 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 2, 5, 3, 10, 9, 1, 4, 10, 1, 8, 7, 1 and 2. Total: 67. Successes: 8.
  647. <DM> *Gorash turns around just in time to get punched directly in the face!
  648. <Kirran> Hey there!
  649. <DM> *Hal, you descend on the hatch just in time to see Gorash get flung out! He ends up impacting the ground below, rolling over several times over down the lava-sloped hill, promptly knocked out from the punch.
  650. * Hal then takes out his Hookshot and hookshots over to Kirran, holding his shield out
  651. <DM> *However, before you consider finishing him off, the hatch suddenly closes on you!
  652. <DM> *Hal, you hookshot in on time to shield bounce off the closing hatch, landing alongside Kirran!
  653. <DM> [Raine]: Hooray, time to take over the next mount, just as planned!
  654. <Hal> In the nick of time!
  655. <DM> *Now inside the Spider Construct, you see a number of large pedals, handled by various Lizalfos. They look towards you, about to attack...
  656. <DM> [Gustaf]: No need. I'll take care of them. Get this thing back up there.
  657. <DM> *The grizzled Hylian commander stands before you, fully possessed by Fierce Deity, with the armor fused to him entirely.
  658. <DM> *He holds his hand out, and the lance he threw earlier suddenly materializes into his hand. He gives you a devilish grin.
  659. <DM> [Gustaf]: Now that we've reunited...
  660. <DM> *He aims the lance, not at you two... but at the spirit of the Great Fairy.
  661. <DM> [Gustaf]: You have something that belongs to me.
  662. <DM> *The Great Fairy's spirit floats back into Kirran's bottle, out of eyesight.
  663. <Hal> No great fairy belongs to the Fierce Deity!
  664. <DM> [Raine]: Hah, unfortunately for you, bozo, we have the two guys that brought down Dark Link!
  665. <DM> [Gustaf]: Oh really? Well then, why don't I just call him over...
  666. <DM> [Gustaf]: And you can try again!
  667. <DM> *Gustaf opens a portal to darkness, and out from it emerges...
  668. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  669. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  670. <DM> -=SESSION END=-
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