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  1. command /menu:
  2.    aliases: /m:
  3.    trigger:
  4.       wait 1 tick
  5.       open chest with 3 rows named "menu" to player
  6.       wait 1 tick
  8.       format slot 0 of player with shiny diamond named "&bSpawn" with lore "&7hi" and "&7hello there" to
  9. close then run [execute console command "/gold %player%"]
  11. command /gold <player>:
  12.     permission: op
  13.     trigger:
  14.        give 2 gold ingot to arg-1
  15.        execute console command "/spawn %arg-1%"
  17.  on join:
  18.        wipe player's sidebar
  19.        set name of sidebar of player to "OUR SCOREBOARD"
  20.        set score "Hey, %player%." in sidebar of player to 3
  21.        set score "Welcome to our server!." in sidebar of player to 2
  22.        set score "I hope you enjoy!." in sidebar of player to 1
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