Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison, chapter 10

May 14th, 2017
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  1. <Previously, on ‘Anon in Saddle Arabia’s prison’!
  3. >”Go to the library, secure a book of prints,take out the witnesses, and blame the hueman for it.”
  4. >That voice on the radio… it was The Boss!
  6. “H-Hey! What gives?!”
  7. >Your whole body couldn’t move on its own! This is not hot! You mean… this is not good!
  8. >”Welcome to the family”
  10. “I plan to challenge those guards of the Saddle Arabian prison to a duel! 3 duels! The winner takes everything!”
  11. >”And if we lose?”
  12. “We can’t lose. But if, somehow, we do end up losing, we’ll do whatever they want.”
  14. Be Anonymous
  15. >You were going to your prison cell along with Silver Pie to help you figure out who wrote the letter, and find any valuable information.
  16. >As far as you know, you'll need a book of hoofprints to see what sort of creature wrote this.
  17. >Silver Pie has concluded that no pony wrote it, but it was another creature.
  18. >All you know is the hoof on the signature is in the shape of a heart.
  19. >Maybe there's another clue in your prison cell.
  20. >Still... it's hard to believe that there's one or more terrorist in this prison and a mastermind behind it.
  21. >Who could it be?
  22. >"Well, we're here." Silver Pie says, interrupting your thoughts. "Show me the mess and I'll see what I can find."
  23. >You open the door to your cell, the cell was still the same after you went searching for Silver, with Pancho scattered all over the room.
  24. "Here you go."
  25. >You two close the door, and Silver Pie pulls a magnifying glass out of his fedora, starting to investigate the scene.
  26. >"This shall take only a minute..."
  27. >You cross your arms while you wait for him.
  28. >You look around, eyeing the corners of the cell, feeling if the temperature of the room was different, but nothing felt off.
  29. >It's as if Blue and Red Candle disappeared.
  30. >...They could still be playing hide N seek.
  31. >Probably Blue hiding his dick inside's Red's transparent horse vagoo.
  32. >You keep wondering if that blowjob was a joke or the real thing.
  33. >"Well." Silver Pie stepped up with a bag that he was grabbing with his hoof. "This is all I could find."
  34. >In the bag were some crumbs... hmm, that's weird. You don't remember eating cookies today.
  35. >"These were all around the box. Whoever wrote the letter and destroyed the box, must really like to eat cookies before or after crushing boxes."
  36. >You scratch your chin and try to process all the information that you got.
  37. >The letter could have been written by someone working for this prison.
  38. >Or this prison's security system sucks so much, that even terrorists can enter and exit like nothing.
  39. >Then again... there was the kidnap of Nightly Veil from days ago.
  40. >You stare at Silver Pie who was staring at the ceiling with a deadpan expression. He must be thinking of possible suspects.
  41. "Since I trust you and you seem to be a more mature pony than the rest of the prison all together..." You cough on your fist. "Let me tell you so far what I think is happening in this prison."
  42. >Silver Pie raise an eyebrow, putting back his magnifying glass back in his fedora. He nods at you to continue.
  43. >"Go on."
  44. >You cross your arms once again and go in deep thought while talking, recollecting everything thus far.
  45. "Days ago, a colt was kidnapped and nobody knows how the terrorists entered the prison. And now, my disguised imaginary friend, Pancho, gets entirely destroyed for doing nothing, literally!"
  46. >You close your eyes while taking a deep breath, boy this was surely going to take long to explain.
  47. >But you know Silver Pie will get it all.
  48. "Question. Who let the terrorists, or whoever did the kidnap and this vandalism, in?"
  49. >Silver Pie only took five seconds to come up with an answer, not even returning the answer as a question.
  50. >"So." Silver Pie starts moving from side to side, thinking deeply as you were. "What you are saying is there are spies in the prison."
  51. >You shake your head.
  52. "Not just spies, I think there could be terrorists acting as prisoners, even guards for some reason. I don't like this, I don't like this at all."
  53. >Silver Pie was taken aback by your comment, maybe he didn't think of that entirely.
  54. >"So this puts everypony as suspects, even the warden..."
  55. >Hey, hey, wait up there!
  56. >Shorty is better than sliced bread! There is no way he was behind this too.
  57. >Although...
  58. >Okay no, don't jump to conclusions.
  59. >Pancho, the box, they wanted it for something.
  60. >Sombra or whoever was that guy, he's the main suspect in this one.
  61. >Cookies... there is a pony- no, a creature here that is involved with cookies. It's that, considering most ponies are silly enough to decide to eat while smashing the box.
  62. "I don't think the warden is a suspect. But there could be a guard or someone here pulling the strings."
  63. >As you were thinking for more information in your little human head, Silver Pie decided to once again investigate the box.
  64. >"Mhmm."
  65. >He gets up and stands to look at you.
  66. >"Well, let's update the information so far. Apparently, there were two creatures in your cell. Whoever was the vandalism, he or she hit and bit the box." Silver Pie pointed to a part with barely visible saliva. "Look, there are tiny teeth marks."
  67. >Lewd
  68. >You mean-
  69. >Someone bit Pancho? Now that's weird. What kind of animal would do that? Damn, I wish these prison cells had at least some cameras to see what happened.
  70. >"Well, we better move on to the library. The faster we get there, the sooner we'll know the creature that left the signature on the letter."
  71. "Sounds like a plan!"
  72. >"Let's move quickly and get in there before somepony gets in before us. If I were the mastermind behind this, well, first I would call myself dumb enough to be the mastermind and leave a darn letter with a signature that gives away who I am."
  73. >Yeah, silly ponies.
  74. >...Uh, now that you think... maybe this could be a trap.
  75. >Speaking of traps, wonder how Shorty is doing?
  76. >You open your door cell and nod at Silver Pie.
  77. "Right, let's move!"
  79. Be Short Fuse
  80. >You were doing alright at the moment.
  81. >Wish your night guard and friend was doing the same.
  82. >You are at the barracks of the night guard, where Lima was lying on a bed crying and crying as she had a picture of her and Nightly Veil.
  83. >There is nothing we can do to make her smile, not even the songs from his close friend Zakon work.
  84. >If you lost your brother, well, even when he was... a selfish son of a breezie, you would cry.
  85. >Well he wasn't the best of brothers... and he always got the cutest dresses... and he got a job as a movie star... and he is probably married by now... and he got his cutie mark first then yours... and he...
  86. >You knooow, maybe you should change the topic again.
  87. >Zakon never left Lima's side, the moment he heard the bad news.
  88. >And nights weren't the same, as the corridors echoed with a sad screeching.
  89. >You do remember saying that whoever was behind this, would get a lot of time in jail.
  90. >Maybe that isn't enough, they should do extra hours to Saddle Arabia and say sorry to every prisoner and guard.
  91. >Hopefully the backup you requested would be here soon. They told you a royal guard or captain would come as soon as he could from the Frozen North.
  92. >Wonder who it is? Maybe he's strong, brave and can handle every situation!
  93. >Hopefully he doesn't get affected by the change of weather, you heard that the Frozen North is so cold, only yaks can survive in that weather, thanks to all that fur they've got!
  94. >The door to the barracks opens and Nurse Redheart enters, holding a plate carefully with her back a bowl that had soap in it.
  95. >By Celestia, her balance is so perfect!
  96. >"I know you are still sad about your little... uhmm, "tiny mango", to be... temporarily gone. But you can't just stay in bed and cry! You need your vitamins and to be strong!"
  97. >But Lima would just whimper under her pillow.
  98. >Nurse Redheart left the bowl on a table near the bed of Lima, calling the attention of the bat guard, removing the wet pillow from her face
  99. >Nurse Redheart looked at Lima with determined eyes.
  100. >"You are a night guard... you need to be strong for him! I don't know what having a little brother is." She then whispered to herself. "I... wish I knew what even having a son would be like sometimes. "Then she spoke loudly so everypony in the room could hear her. "But listen! Whining and crying won't get you ANYWHERE! You need to be strong! You need to be brave!"
  101. >Nurse Redheart placed both her hooves on Lima's shoulders, startling her slightly.
  102. >"Is this what you want your tiny mango to see? Do you think crying will solve it? Pony up, Lima! Your little brother just had bad luck! We will find him and we will get you both together again!"
  103. >The words of inspiration coming from Nurse Redheart... filled you with awe. But not only you, but Lima too.
  104. >And your tail just stood up as you keep staring at Nurse Redheart. Was her flank always like-
  105. >O-Oh wait! You aren't just looking at her flank!
  106. >You are...
  107. >Y-You are just thinking how her clothes would look if you wore them!
  108. >...Not the ones he's wearing!
  109. >Oh Celestia your tail won't go down anytime soon...
  110. >Suddenly Lima started to tear up.
  111. >But it wasn't just the melancholic crying she had the past days... She was crying out of happiness.
  112. >Lima stood up and hugged tight on Nurse Redheart, thanking her for the words.
  113. >She really needed that kind of words and support.
  114. >And woo, hugs... lewd, heh...
  115. >Okay, that isn't lewd. That is just... friendship.
  116. >Yeah, friendship. A FRIENDSHIP HUG!
  117. >You bit your lower lip as you thought if you could get one or more friendship hugs from Nurse Redheart.
  118. >Aaand your tail just knows what you want as it stays up.
  119. >Good thing this warden uniform makes your dock invisible for everypony.
  120. >And just like that, the old Lima was back.
  121. >"You are right! I should look for my tiny mangobro out there! He needs me! He needs her sister! I won't cry, I will find him!" She raised her hoof and cheered on. "And I will have the kidnappers locked up for an entire month without dessert!"
  122. >Whoa
  123. >A bit too much there?
  124. >You are the warden still; you should see what the punishment for whoever did it is.
  125. >Or well, a judge would be a better option.
  126. >Hmm, wonder if your tail calm-
  127. >You sigh as you try to hide as best as you could your raised tail from the rest of the ponies in the room.
  128. >How awkward.
  129. >Suddenly, the door of the barracks open and behind it, an earth pony guard with the royal helmet of the guards of Celestia came inside floating with her winged boots.
  130. >It was Light Cloud in all her blonde maned beauty.
  131. >The lucky mare that got in the royal guard of Celestia and has a spirit of iron.
  132. >Oh, and she brought cookies with her! Yummy!
  133. >"Oh nice, you brought cookies!" Lima said while getting the last tears out of her eyes. "But before we eat..."
  134. >Lima walks right in front of her zebra friend and makes direct contact with him.
  135. >And she gave him a friendship hug in front of everypony.
  136. >"I want to thank you for sharing your time with me, Zakon." She started nuzzling with him and Zakon placed a hoof on her back. "Nurse Redheart may have raised my spirits... but your music and songs are what made me remember that I shouldn't give up either..."
  137. >D'aaw.
  138. >Zakon stopped the hug and with his right hoof on Lima's cheek, he stared at her for quite some seconds.
  139. >"I play lot's o' music, but yo Lima... yo mah fave song, bae."
  140. >...Wow.
  141. >Lima didn't last a second before she blushed. Hard.
  142. >Even Nurse Redheart was awestruck.
  143. >Her wings darted open and with a raspy and embarrassed voice, she stared at the ceiling.
  144. >Lima was obviously embarrassed and was trying to evade eye contact with Zakon.
  145. >"W-W-Well, would you look at the time?" She looked at her hoof as if there was a watch there. "It is really early! I should be sleeping for my night guard! Keke! Kek!"
  146. >Zakon just smirked as he went to pick some cookies from the jar that Light Cloud had in her possession.
  147. >At least this time she didn't screech out of embarrassment! Your ears just couldn’t take it.
  148. >"Whatevah, jus' remembah ta eat som food yo. I dun wanna see ma girl faintin' for lack of food." Zakon grabbed a cookie and ate it while looking back at Lima. "Unless ya want me ta carry ya all da way ta missy nurse’s room."
  149. >You could intervene in this since this was flirting in public.
  150. >Or well, in the barracks.
  151. >But... you'll let this pass.
  152. >Lima needs all the support she can get.
  153. >Flirting counts as support in… some way.
  154. >The shy pony bat grabbed a pillow and lied on the bed, placing her face under a pillow.
  155. >A soft "Eeeeeee" could be heard in the room.
  156. >How cute.
  157. >As Zakon passed a cookie to Lima, who was still down to scream her awkwardness out, Nurse Redheart went for a few cookies too.
  158. >She was happily eating one cookie; it probably was tasty as how she tastes it.
  159. >Y-You suddenly want a taste of that.
  160. >Wait, you are talking about the cookie! Not her mouth! Her… lips and… tongue.
  161. >S-Stop looking at her mouth that way, Short! Be a warden, not a perv! What would papa Igniter say?
  162. >’Go for her, champ!’
  163. >Daaaaad! Ugh, even in your thoughts he remains the same!
  164. >Noticing that you were looking at her, Nurse Redheart came closer to you and offered you a cookie which she was holding with her hoof.
  165. >How kind of her! You really appreciate that!
  166. "Oh, thank you Nu-"
  167. >But instead of letting you grab it with your magic and eat it by yourself, she brought the whole cookie right into your mouth. It surprised you a bit and made you blush a bit.
  168. >She giggled at your response.
  169. >”You’re welcome!”
  170. >As you munched the cookie, you couldn't help but let a moan of happiness.
  171. "Ohh!~ This cookie tastes so great!"
  172. >It needs some milk, though.
  173. >But nonetheless to say, it tastes good!
  174. >Light Cloud walked near the table of the bed of Lima and placed next to the bowl that had soup in it, a jar of cookies. How nice of her!
  175. "Shay, Lhight Chloud."
  176. [Munching and gulping cookies noises]
  177. >”Say, Light Cloud… did Jenny made these? These cookies taste better than ever! Is it a new recipe?"
  178. >She didn't reply, she was just staring at everypony in the room.
  179. "O-Oh, right! I guess you don't know Jenny yet. Or wait, you must do if you had those cookies!"
  180. >But the royal earth pony guard wouldn't reply at all.
  181. >Hmn.
  182. "Is something the matter, Light Cloud? You are between friends! Don't be so shy, please."
  183. >Light Cloud smiled a sly smile for one second and the next second, she went back to not smiling at all and started walking off the room.
  184. >Well... maybe she is feeling sick?
  185. >Maybe you should-
  186. >But before you could stop the royal guard pony, she used her winged boots and flew away of the barracks to Celestia knows where.
  187. >Well, you'll give Jenny your thanks later. These cookies are really, really a thing! It's like if something is telling you to eat more!
  188. >You take a look back at Nurse Redheart, Lima and Zakon. Everypony were with each other eating cookies and having a chat.
  189. >It seems Zakon was going to sing something.
  190. >Oooh! Maybe you can join in! You are good at singing!
  191. >Where is Nonny when all this is happening? You wish he was here so he could see the magical friendship that is happening right now.
  192. >Oh well, time for more cookies! And friendship! ...And probably friendship hugs! Yay!
  193. >As you approached the happy group, you couldn’t help but notice the bowl of soup was… shaking.
  194. “Hmm…”
  195. >It was slowly starting to shake… and soon the table was shaking too.
  196. >What could provoke such forced movement in a table?
  197. >Lima’s ears perked up and she made everypony hush in the whole room.
  198. >”Everypony… I sense something! My ears sense something… far away of here but coming near…”
  199. >It’s so interesting how sensitive, curved and so auditory bat pony ears can be!
  200. >But before she could deduce what the incoming threat was, the whole barracks started to shake.
  201. “Wha?”
  202. >You never felt a force like this before.
  204. Be Anonymous
  205. >Be on your way to the library alongside Silver Pie.
  206. >Hopefully you two find out a clue to get near the mystery of this prison and the terrorists.
  207. >There is still no clue or whereabouts of Red Candle or Blue Candle.
  208. >You are beginning to feel worried about them; then again, nobody can see them except for you.
  209. >Or is there a probability that someone can see those two?
  210. >...Now that you think of, maybe they are related to this situation.
  211. >If they disappeared after Pancho was destroyed, it was for some reason.
  212. >Ah, more questions that probably won't be answered soon.
  213. >"Anonymous, we're here." Silver Pie says coming to a stop.
  214. >In front of you was a single wooden door with a sign next to it, it saying 'Library, please be quiet'.
  215. "So we finally arrived..." You clenched your fist and remained calm. "Okay, let's get that book of hoofprints and search for the hoofprint of the signature in the letter."
  216. >Silver Pie nodded and without saying anything else, he opened the door to the library.
  217. >And so you two take some steps and enter the magical library from Saddle Arabia prison.
  218. >You took notice that the library wasn't that big compared to the rest of the rooms in the prison.
  219. >It was a medium room with a round table in the middle of the library; some ponies sitting there were reading some magazines.
  220. >You expected a fucking church as a library, but this looks more like your average school library. There weren't that many shelves and for some reason, you see more magazines and... comic books than actual books.
  221. >Silver Pie's eye twitched for some reason.
  222. >Maybe he found the library cringe looking.
  223. >"Let's just get that book and get out of here."
  224. >Yup, he didn't like the library that much.
  225. "Ya, let's start looking for that book then."
  226. >You followed Silver Pie by behind as he looked to the shelves, but only spotting comic books.
  227. >Seems like he never entered the library in his whole time in this prison.
  228. >It doesn’t help that you didn’t either.
  229. >You take a look at the comic books that you were noticing on the shelves.
  230. >Power ponies, X ponies, Wonderbolts adventures, Daring Do and the jungle of terror...
  231. >Damn this looks more like fanfiction made by ponies.
  232. >Heh, wonder what would happen if you made a book based on pure fanfiction. You could call it something like, let's say, the name of this prison with your name at the start of the title.
  233. >Except that, well, that doesn't count as fanfiction as you would be telling your story like a diary.
  234. >OR MAYBE, you could add some cool stuff so the ponies wouldn't stop reading your stuff! Like robots! And fighting! And robots fighting!
  235. >Or an interdimensional fight between yourself and someone else while wearing some badass gear, such as an armor for the control of some universe.
  236. >Yeah, maybe one day you’ll write that.
  237. >As you were in your world of thoughts, Silver Pie continued on searching for the book of hoofprints, but only finding the section of magazines and comic books.
  238. >Where are the books!?
  239. "For a library, this place is..."
  240. >"Not that well organized?" A young voice said behind you. "Having trouble finding something, guys? I can help!"
  241. >You turn around and find in front of you a young green scaled dragon. It was nobody else than Fray, the chef assistant, and inmate of the prison.
  242. >He was holding a book of hot cuisine, probably learning some tricks to help the chef.
  243. "Yo! Fray! What's uuuu-"
  244. >Silver Pie grabbed you by the shirt with his teeth and pulled you closer so he could whisper in your ear.
  245. >"Don't be friendly with other creatures that aren't ponies! Remember? That signature can be from ANYPONY and EVERYPONY is a suspect!"
  246. >Right... you forgot.
  247. "Uh... I get it, but don't you mean 'everyone'? Y'know cause, well..."
  248. >"Yes, yes, everypony... everyone... same thing, same meaning."
  249. >Wonder if that’s racist.
  250. >Silver Pie stopped whispering to you and moved in front of Fray.
  251. >With a deadpan expression and his usual attitude, Silver Pie started talking to Fray.
  252. >"I believe I heard you were also the librarian of this prison. I am correct?" Silver asked.
  253. >Fray? A librarian? Damn, that's two damn jobs in one place.
  254. >Although… a librarian that is also a dragon is kind of dangerous. What’s with breathing fire and burning the whole library.
  255. >"Yes I am the librarian here. That's why I asked you guys if you needed any help in finding a book! Or a comic book! Or magazines! Usually, ponies tend to read magazines rather than books."
  256. "Why's that?" You ask out of curiosity.
  257. >"Well..." Fray started to scratch his back. "Magazines got more pictures and fewer words... that's it."
  258. >Just like kids...
  259. >You could see how Silver Pie disapproved all of that.
  260. >"Okay, we get it. Ponies are lazy. Can you point us to the book we're looking for?"
  261. >"Sure!" Fray looked really happy to help you two. Why would he be the enemy or a suspect? "Just tell me the book and I'll get it for you two!"
  262. >But Silver Pie was against Fray's suggestion.
  263. >"No thanks, just point us to the direction of the book section and we'll get it ourselves. No need for extra help, thanks." He was direct to Fray.
  264. >"Are you sure you don’t want any help? Finding some books is tough."
  265. >Silver’s left eye twitched and letting out a sigh of defeat, he didn’t want to lose any more time with Fray.
  266. >"Just point us to where we can find a book of hoofprints, will ya?" Silver Pie said between whispers to Fray so no one else could hear.
  267. >"Oh well, what a coincidence! A guard and an inmate looked for a book of hoofprints too!"
  268. "What!?" Both you and Silver Pie exclaimed.
  269. >Fray nodded while pointing to the direction of the book section.
  270. >"Three shelves ahead and you'll find the book section. The book should be in the ‘H’! Those two ponies should be there too, they didn’t want to bring the book to the table for some odd reason."
  271. >Fuck! If we don't get in time, our only clue will be lost!
  272. "Hurry Silver, before it's too late!"
  273. >Silver Pie didn't think twice as he hurried like you directly to the book section.
  274. >"H-Hey! Don't run! Also, don't yell in the library!" Fray placed his claw on his mouth as he realized he was too, yelling in the library. "Whoops, I guess I forgot I'm under the library rules too... bad dragon, bad!"
  275. >Shrugging at you two going for the book, he went back to his business, as he picked up a cookie from the round table.
  276. "You think the guard and inmate are the spies? They're after the book too!"
  277. >"Let's not jump to conclusions, but first, shut up! They could hear us or be spies nearby."
  278. >He's right.
  279. >You don't know how technologic these ponies are, they can have from medieval stuff to modern stuff.
  280. >Who says that they don't have some kind of pony phones to communicate with each other?
  281. >Less thinking, more running.
  282. >Finally after running for a bit and thanks to the library not being that big, you two finally encountered the ponies that were having the book and were reading it.
  283. >Or rather, doing something to it.
  284. >You spot an earth pony guard with red long mane and a Pegasus inmate that had a blue mane. Both had similar cutie marks, as the guard had the Tragedy mask and the inmate the Comedy mask from a theater.
  285. >...Hey! You've seen this mare before! She is the exchange guard!
  286. >Hmm, what were the odds that these two had cutie marks so similar?
  287. >Both of them spotted and began staring at you two.
  288. >The inmate with blue mane started sweating.
  289. >You two just stared back and said nothing.
  290. >But it looks like the guard remained calm and with a sly smile; she was the first to break the ice.
  291. >"Oh, Anonymous! What a surprise finding you here!" She gave a light kick to the inmate who, with a forced smile, stared at you two. "Are you looking for something to read from the book section too?"
  292. >Okay, let's see how suspicious these two can get.
  293. "Yeah, I was looking for some books, in particular, the one that inmate is holding. Would you let us borrow it for a bit? You, eh… you..."
  294. >Oh shit you forgot her name.
  295. >"Gniw, my name is Gniw." She replied holding her smile and a tiny giggle.
  296. "Yeah, sorry. Not good remembering ponies names sometimes."
  297. >You could sense the tension in the book section.
  298. >Gniw and this inmate, they wanted something about that book.
  299. >They could be the spies, it’s a 50/50 chance.
  300. >You aren't letting your guard down.
  301. "So... can we borrow the book you two are reading? I just need to see something in particular and I'll be done with."
  302. >Sometimes, you gotta be direct with some stuff so you demonstrate how alpha you are to these ponies.
  303. >Gniw gulped and looked a bit nervous to the inmate to her right.
  304. >"Sure! It'll be no problem, right, Rock?" She stared at the pegasus inmate which name was Rock. "You are done reading the... book of hoofprints, aren't cha?"
  305. >The inmate Rock grabbed the book with one single wing while staring at Gniw, then at you and then back at her.
  306. >"Oh yes, the book. The book we were reading, the book that we choose especially to read today, this hour of the day. The book of hoofprints." Rock then looked with a nervous smug face to Gniw. "That book?"
  307. >Gniw facehoofed herself while staring at Rock and giving a slow nod.
  308. >"Oh, okay!"
  309. >Using his wing, Rock throws the book at you two. You easily caught it with your two hands.
  310. >You take a look at the book, it only said ‘Hoofprints book’ on the cover.
  311. >That was rather quick and easy to get than you expected, maybe those two aren’t spies and just wanted to read this book.
  312. “Well, thanks.” You say while looking at the ponies that- that… aren’t there anymore. “Huh?”
  313. >It seems in the meantime you were looking at the cover of the book… they escaped.
  314. >You turn your look to Silver Pie, who was looking as if nothing happened.
  315. “Dude!? They ran away?”
  316. >”Yup.”
  317. “And why you didn’t say a thing? That makes them suspicious! They could be the spies!”
  318. >Silver Pie nodded as he picked up the book from your hands.
  319. >”Exactly. If they ran away and this book isn’t the hoofprints book or they removed a page… it’s easy to be deducted that they are the spies of this prison.”
  320. >Damn, that’s a good thinking.
  321. “Guess… you’re right.”
  322. >You started walking behind him, going to the center of the library to take a sit and read calmly the book.
  323. >”I am, 95% of the times I am.”
  324. >You two take a sit and Silver Pie opens the book.
  325. >It was indeed a book of hoofprints.
  326. >”So far so good, now…” He placed the letter with the signature and started to look through pages, looking for a similar hoofprint.
  327. >You saw lots of hoofprints. Dragons, minotaurs, cows, zebras, a creature named ‘timberwolf’, and other mythological names you’re not mentioning.
  328. >Still, no clue for the hoofprint from the signature.
  329. >Silver Pie stopped looking through pages and stopped on a page.
  330. >Although it wasn’t a hoofprint that looked the same at the signature.
  331. >”Those two are spies.” He finally concluded.
  332. “Why? Is something the matter?”
  333. >He showed you the book and… you didn’t see anything wrong with it.
  334. >You take a closer look and…
  335. >Oh yes! A page is missing! It was ripped off the book.
  336. >Damnit!
  337. “A page is missing; uh… there goes our crucial clue! Now what? We follow those two?” You stand up from your seat. “They need to be the spies, especially with those cutie marks that are so similar…”
  338. >Silver Pie shakes his head.
  339. >”No, we need to catch them separately. Right now, we got enough clues.”
  340. >Silver Pie closed the book and saved the letter in his prisoner clothes.
  341. >”Those cutie marks could also be giveaways of their talents, which, being from theatre means they can disguise very well or act a different role.”
  342. >You never thought of those cutie marks like that, damn, you are going to borrow a book of cutie marks and give it a good read tonight.
  343. >…Or wonder if there is any lewd book here in this library. Would be pretty funny to read ‘The bees and the birds’ pony version.
  344. “Well, at least we got that those two are spies… so that’s a victory from our part. We can get more information later on. For the moment… let’s get to our cells and keep an open eye to any suspicious thing going on.”
  345. >But as Silver Pie stands up from his seat, the table starts to shake.
  346. >Soon, all shelves start to shake too violent and so the library and probably all of the prison started to shake.
  347. >What in the…
  348. >It’s this an…
  349. >”AN EARTHQUAKE! EVERYPONY GET UNDER THE TABLE! NOW!” Fray quickly ordered, being the first one to duck under the table.
  350. >The hell!? You never heard of an earthquake in a desert before! Can it happen? Isn’t that fucking dangerous since this is like, a desert and everything around is freaking sand?
  351. >Fuck it, less thinking and more ducking down the table.
  352. >The rest of the ponies, Fray and you did take no time in getting under the table for protection of the earthquake.
  353. >You never experimented an earthquake before… this one was rough, as if something was moving the whole earth!
  354. >…Well that’s how earthquakes work anyway.
  355. >Hopefully.
  356. >Various ponies started crying and others started talking with each other nervously.
  357. >”I’m scared!”
  358. >”Me too! What could be that strong to make an earthquake?”
  359. >”How do earthquakes even start!?”
  360. >”Umm, maybe earth is having a stomachache…”
  361. >So ponies don’t know how earthquakes are made? Great…
  362. >After a whole damn minute, the earthquake stopped.
  363. >Is it… safe to get out of under the table?
  364. >Damn, you look at how the rest of the ponies reactioned. They all were so afraid… even Silver Pie looked a bit scared, or well, more like confused.
  365. >”D-do you think is safe to come out?”
  366. >”I’m not going out! I’ll live here!” A pony said moments before grabbing a cookie from the ground. “I… have plenty of cookies to survive alone! And books! May Princess Twilight bless my soul!”
  367. >Now that you think of, this will be hard for everyone in the whole prison, damn, what about the city? You bet all the ponies and rest of creatures are damn scared and probably yelling for their mommies.
  368. >Silver and you were the first ones to come out under the table.
  369. >The whole library was a mess, every book, comic book and magazine were lying on the floor.
  370. “I hope Short and the others aren’t as afraid as these ponies…”
  371. >”Oh they will.” Silver started walking and started picking some books. “Better start collecting the books and place them all on the shelves… good thing we read the hoofprints book before this happened or else the book would be missing in this maze of disordered books.”
  372. >Damn he is right.
  373. >The other ponies eventually start coming out of the safe place that was under the table and, as they looked at Silver getting all the books he could get, they stopped crying and began helping too.
  374. >Except one pony who was praising the signed photography of a purple winged unicorn eating a burger under the table, what a freak.
  375. >But as for the rest of the ponies and Fray, how nice of them to leave the fear of the earthquake away and help.
  376. >You too, started picking books one by one.
  377. >But as you got near the window of the library, you saw some… movement outside the prison.
  378. >With movement you meant a damn sandstorm.
  379. >It wasn’t that strong… but what had your curiosity was something moving IN the sandstorm.
  380. >It was some long shadow moving around the place.
  381. >Oh shit fam, you better call an expert on this shit.
  382. “Silver Pie?”
  383. >You call him and notion your hand to him so he can come near you.
  384. >”In a moment, let me leave these books and I’ll be there for whatever thing you have to show me.”
  385. >The sandstorm started to clear.
  386. >You could see the figure that was moving around the desert clear now.
  387. >And… just by looking at the thing that was moving, you drop the books you were holding.
  388. >What. The. Fuck. Was. That.
  389. >Moving across the desert and going directly to the prison was a… massive, worm-like creature that holy shit, made your skin shiver. It was as yellow as the color of the desert, but FUCK THAT SHIT! What the fuck is that!?
  390. >Is a fucking Alaskan bull-worm or what the shit!?
  391. “S-S-Silver! Come here! Now!”
  392. >Silver Pie sighed and dropped the books over the table.
  393. >”Alright, what’s so import-“ As he stared at the creature that was approaching the prison, his fedora dropped from his head and he was paralyzed.
  394. >WAS IT THAT BAD?!
  395. >”A Talz… talz… talz…” He couldn’t complete the sentence.
  396. >Oh god it was that bad if he couldn’t fucking complete the sentence.
  397. >Oh my fucking god you’re all doom.
  398. >But a pony from the library did complete his sentence.
  399. >”A TALZLWURM!”
  400. >Everyone from the library stopped picking on the books and stared outside the window.
  401. >Soon… everyone started fainting instead of yelling.
  402. >And you’re not gonna lie, you kind of want to faint too. You’ve never seen something as scary as that thing in your whole life or time in Equestria. Was that thing the one that provoked the earthquake?
  403. >Jesus Christ… you better tell Short about this shit.
  404. “Okay, I don’t know where that is coming from or what is that to begin with, but I’m going to tell Short Fuse about that thing and hurry before he faints too. You coming, Silver?”
  405. >But Silver just stood there, staring at the Tatlzwurm that was coming near.
  406. “Silver? Hello?”
  407. >You pass your hand right in front of him. He doesn’t react… did he… did he faint standing? Jesus Christ this needs to be some serious shit if Silver Pie fainted too!
  408. >No time to lose, you need to hurry and warn the guards and Short!
  409. >You take one last look at the worm-like creature approaching the prison, having a bad feeling about it.
  410. >You could barely see something or someone riding that creature, you think.
  411. >Or maybe you’re just imagining it… it looked so tiny, like if a kid was riding that monstrosity… but it can’t be.
  412. >Fuck, stop wasting time and run before that thing arrives!
  413. >You waste no more time and exit the library, leaving behind the ponies that fainted by looking at the Tatlzwurm.
  415. Be Project Night
  416. >Be riding a Tatzlwurm.
  417. >A TATZLWURM!
  419. >You can’t believe Sand Storm was friends with a Tatzlwurm! Molgera or something was its name.
  420. >And Sand Storm let you ride it! And you’re riding it like a king! On top without the help of anything to support you!
  421. >The armor that Master Sombra gave you was enough to let you ride perfectly the Tatlzwurm.
  422. >As for the rest of the terrorists…
  423. >”THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!”
  426. >…What a bunch of crybabies you got for a team.
  427. >Well, except for Sand Storm who was near the… neck? Of the Tatlzwurm repeating the same words.
  428. >Was it… shika? Chika? Uh, you have no idea nor care about it.
  429. >But well, at least this Tatlzwurm can be useful as a transport across the desert.
  430. >You can’t wait to challenge the whole prison to a duel! You are so excited to give all your best and demonstrate The Boss that you are strong enough for knowing her secret, secret plan!
  431. >You will win no matter what!
  433. Be Short Fuse
  434. >Be hiding under one of the many beds of the barracks.
  435. >The Earth Goodness is mad at us! The whole room suddenly started shaking!
  436. >Everypony except for Lima who’s hiding under the lamp of the ceiling, are trying to wait for the earthquake to stop.
  437. >You’ve never been in a scenario like this one… well, except when Yarn Feather knocked over your magic closet by accident and the whole closet started to shake roughly and you had to reorder EVERY cloth in there.
  438. >Compared to that time, this one is sure a Tartarus of a time.
  439. >…Good thing nopony can hear or read your thoughts or you’ll earn thirty minutes in a cell.
  440. >After some seconds, the earthquake seemed to stop.
  441. >But everypony was too scared to even try to peek outside.
  442. >Short, you need to do something! You are the warden of this prison and everypony counts with you! They’re all probably scared! Just… like you.
  443. >Well you can’t help it! You are not Anon! Or the princesses!
  444. >You wish you were Anon… brave and strong like him.
  445. >Not that the princesses aren’t but…
  446. >But you can be! No! You are brave and strong!
  447. >Well, you aren’t as strong as him and… being a unicorn makes you more useful on your magic than strength but… but!
  448. >You will show everypony how brave you can be!
  449. >Yeah!
  450. >You get out of under the bed and with courage in your voice; you speak to everypony just to let them know the earthquake is no more!
  451. “Alright everypony! You can come out and-“
  452. >Just as the door smashes right in and a figure of a two feet creature appears, making you yelp and jump out of the scare.
  453. >You got scared sooooo bad; you were holding from the same lamp Lima was having a grip.
  454. >”G-G-Get your own lamp, Warden!”
  455. >Lima should know that sharing is caring.
  456. >Also whoa, you should request joining the Equestria Games next year if you are /this/ good at jumping.
  457. >”Is everyone alright?” A familiar voice speaks.
  458. >You recognize that voice!
  459. >Looking down with orange inmate clothes was Anon, looking around as he kneeled, probably knowing the rest of the ponies were hiding under the bed.
  460. >Well, he was mostly right. He just needed to look up and spot you two.
  461. >”Come out, come out. It’s safe now, well… I don’t know how to pronounce ‘safe’ this time… ehm…”
  462. >Probably it wasn’t doing effect on Zakon and Nurse Redheart who remained hidden under the bed.
  463. >Oh but you are showing Anon that you aren’t scared!
  464. >…His door opening all of the sudden doesn’t count!
  465. “Anon!” You say with satisfaction in your voice as you jump off to the floor.
  466. >Or well, more like, landing on the bed for more safety since he was kneeled down looking at Zakon and Redheart who were below the bed.
  467. >You bounce off the bed and land on the floor.
  468. >Everypony gets out under the bed and Lima gets down the ceiling’s lamp, flying slowly and looking around in case there was a replica of the earthquake.
  469. >Everypony is safe! And Anon too! Yay!
  470. >Aww, he looks so concerned! He must have thought we were in danger of the earthquake!
  471. >”Glad you guys are okay.”
  472. >You look at the others who are trying to regain sanity from the sudden earthquake.
  473. “We’re okay; it was just a silly earthquake!” You say while looking back at Anon, your hind legs shaking just a bit.
  474. >…It was the jump! Not that you are still scared or anything!
  475. >”A scary, big, not happy and loud earthquake…” Lima says while trying to remain calm at the side of Zakon.
  476. >Maybe you need to use the microphone thingy whatever was its name to ask everypony in the prison if they’re all okay.
  477. >”Well, speaking of scary… you guys ever heard of a, uh… Tatlzwurm?”
  478. “Ooooh, you mean those scary, long and big creatures from the Bad Lands that move across the earth and sense everything from sudden shake noises but are blind and are mostly a threat to everypony that they come across? They got tentacles in their jaws too, which allows them to grab anything near their distance! It is also known that their saliva provokes a really contagious but curable flu! The experts named it the Discordia flu! And did you know the Tatlzwurms probably but unconfirmed weakness is their heads? That or heavy noises is the only possibly thing to scare them off!”
  479. >From far away, you can sense the happy noises of a librarian alicorn as if she was proud of somepony around Equestria.
  480. >Everypony, even Anon looks at you with a confused expression from your sudden yet explanatory words.
  481. “What? Princess Twilight wrote a book about them! It’s just obvious I need to explain it the way she does!”
  482. >”Well…” Anon cough on his fist. “How do I explain this? Are… those friendly?”
  483. >Those creatures being friendly? Unless they can speak… uhh…
  484. >”Well, nopony really wanna get close to those things… they’re scary, loud and their breath smells bad.” Lima said while walking back to the soup and trying to eat some out of the bowl. “What? Don’t tell me that the earthquake was caused by one and the prison is in danger… kekeke.”
  485. >She started to drink some of the soup as Anon scratched behind his mask.
  486. >Or was that his face? You never asked him about that.
  487. *Sluuuuurp*
  488. >Lima got good manners in front of everypony, uh?
  489. >”Well… you would be right in that one, tiny bat. I saw this big worm when I was with Silver Pie in the library… he said it was a Tatlzwurm, or well, wanted to say… before fainting standing still.”
  490. >Lima instantly spits all the soup that was in her mouth to the closest pony in the room.
  491. >That one being Zakon.
  492. >”Z-Zakon! Sorry!”
  493. >The zebra shakes his head while giggling at Lima.
  494. >”No worries, dis not da firs’ time yo get me this wet. Or was it da other way ‘round?” He finished with a smug expression.
  495. >Lima instantly blushed and her wings started to rise a bit.
  496. >”W-W-W-W-WHA-“
  497. “Ooooookay! What about the Tatlzwurm you were talking about Anon? Also, what were you doing in the library? I thought you would wait for me to give you the tour!” You half-scold Anon as you try to get the attention of everypony to you instead of the couple back there.
  498. >Better get those two to stop flirting in front of the rest.
  499. >Maybe Zakon is taking advantage of Lima and her situation with her tiny brother and is flirting on purpose.
  500. >”Well… first of all, about the library is a long story that I will tell you eventually, it’s something… secret. And about the rest, there was this big sandstorm outside the prison and suddenly, that thing appeared out of nowhere. It looked as if it was carrying something or someone… I’m not sure; I was paralyzed by the size of that thing…”
  501. >See Short? Anon can get scared too! Everypony can! It’s okay to be afraid!
  502. >But in these moments… you need to figure out what’s a Tatlzwurm doing near YOUR prison!
  503. >Like it or not, you are going to protect this prison from anypony!
  504. >From the open door of the barracks, a guard stands as if there was an invisible door.
  505. >”Uh… pardon me, warden? I got important news!”
  506. >Near the door was Royal Spear with a mortified expression as if he saw a ghost.
  507. “What is it, Royal Spear? Something’s wrong besides… the thing Anon just told us about?”
  508. >Everypony stared at the guard as he tried to calm down, but he looked so scared he was taking heavy breaths.
  509. >You walk and pat his back a bit to let him know everything is okay.
  510. “There, there… take things calmly, the earthquake and what… caused it sure are scary, but everything /will/ be okay! I promise!”
  511. >Royal Spear looked commoved by your words; he was trying hard not to cry.
  512. >”Y-You are very kind, ma’am.”
  514. “I’M A STALLION! NOT A MARE!” You angrily yell at Royal Spear, who instantly ducked on the floor.
  515. >”Sorry! S-Sorry! Sir, sorry sir!”
  516. >Ugh! He better be!
  517. >Yes, yes, Anon is laughing. What’s new.
  518. >You take a breath and ignoring your anger, you talk to the guard that confused your gender.
  519. >Again.
  520. “So what were the news again, Royal Spear?”
  521. >”O-Oh!” The pony stands up from the floor. “The news! The bad news! I mean… I wish I had good news to tell but… I just can’t, warden!”
  522. “That’s okay… we will get good news one of these days. So, what’s the bad news?”
  523. >It was probably about the Tatlzwurm… was it close? You better hurry and- wait, what are you even going to do?
  524. >Oh Celestia, you didn’t think about it.
  525. >”The news is that the terrorists are here! And they want to challenge us, again! They want revenge for their previous game! And they brought a gigantic brown Tatlzwurm too!”
  526. >…
  527. >So that’s it.
  528. >Those… heartless coltnappers that kidnapped a foal in front of our security decided to appear!? Those little…!
  529. >You will waste no time.
  530. >Not even giving an answer to Royal Spear or turning around to speak to the rest in the Barracks, you decide it’s better to be a leader and run out of the room… in direction of the entrance of the prison.
  531. >”Short, wait!”
  532. >”Warden!”
  533. >They can catch up with you, you know that.
  534. >You are furious.
  535. >You are soooooo furious.
  536. >Forget getting confused as a female! How dare they!
  538. >They better prepare themselves! Because you will rain the punishments on their flanks!
  539. >Warden promise!
  541. Be The Boss
  542. >The preparations are almost done.
  543. “So close… yet so far.”
  544. >The crystal is charging.
  545. >Give it a day and it’ll be active again.
  546. >The terrorists have arrived and will distract those little brats of prison.
  547. >They won’t suspect a thing that is happening inside the prison.
  548. >You chuckle slightly at yourself and the whole situation.
  549. >That guard should be bringing cookies to everyone she can.
  550. >That’s fine. Soon everyone in the prison will be under your hoof; it’s just a matter of time.
  551. >Emperor Sombra soon will be upon this land…
  552. >…He will only require a vessel to take action in this world.
  553. >A unicorn vessel.
  554. >Well, better fed that warden with enough cookies as you can.
  555. >You chuckle again.
  556. >You can almost taste the power that Emperor Sombra will gift you for your success.
  557. >They will see you.
  558. >They will hear you.
  559. >They will understand you.
  560. >They will feel you!
  561. “Ah… I should go outside and see the games those terrorists think they’re going to win… I heard that kid got skills, but can he surpass the human, Anonymous?”
  562. >Speaking of Anonymous… he must have a clue that you are behind all this.
  563. >Afterall, you gave away your hoof signature.
  564. >Courtesy of Yarn Feather.
  565. >At this point you don’t care if he knows, you’ll win anyway.
  566. >Or will fate be on his side?
  567. >Who will win, Anonymous?
  568. >You open your prison door cell and take a step outside.
  569. >Once outside your cell, you close your door with your key.
  570. >”We’re living in Equestria~”
  571. >Isn’t wonderful?
  573. Chapter end.
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