Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. “Goldie this was a great idea!”
  2. >You smile and give Sepia a nod as she happily dances with the music
  3. >The two of you, with some of your friends, are at the local nightclub dancing and just having fun
  4. >Sepia was not sure about joining all of you but you and Caramel quickly talked her into joining the group
  5. >You keep dancing happily as does Sepia while the others are somewhere
  6. >Last time you heard Hexferry and Caramel were going to sit down for a while with a few drinks
  7. >You notice a few handsome stallions moving their way towards you and take a quick glance at Sepia
  8. >Sepia’s just dancing happily with no worry in sight
  9. >You return your focus on the stallions now and give them a flirty wink
  10. >The stallions join up and you dance with them for a while
  11. >That is, until one of them becomes a bit too touchy for your taste
  12. >You send the stallions off on their way and then turn back to look at Sepia
  13. >”Hey Sepia you w-“
  14. >But Sepia is nowhere to be seen
  15. >You take a few surprised glances here and there
  16. >You were not dancing with those stallions for that long were you?
  17. >Soon you see a familiar glimpse near the edge of the dance floor
  18. >You breathe a sign of relief as you notice Sepia in the company of a stallion
  19. >You smirk and sneakily make your way towards them, this is going to be fun, either another stallion will fall victim to Sepias impressive obliviousness or Sepia herself might have gotten to know a guy
  20. >You dodge a few dancing mothponies while making your way towards the two of them
  21. >Now it looks like the stallion is slightly pushing Sepia against the wall and blocking most of your view of her
  22. >Has... has Sepia actually put her moves on some stallion?
  23. >Then you see a glimpse of Sepias face and you suddenly pick up speed and rush to her
  24. >She looked troubled
  25. >As you arrive near the two you catch a bit of the conversation
  26. “...innocent all you like but you’re enjoying this aren’t y-“
  27. >”What’s going on here?”
  29. >The stallion turns to look at you angrily while Sepia seems relieved
  30. “Goldie!”
  31. >Sepia suddenly struggles away from the stallion and quickly zooms behind you
  32. >You look at her Sepia
  33. >She seems a bit disturbed, and her eyes seem wet
  34. “Hey! Mind your own business y-“
  35. >Before you can give the angry stallion a death glare one of the bouncers steps between the two of you
  36. “What’s going on here?”
  37. >The stallion that was harassing Sepia starts to throw angry insults at the bouncer
  38. >You glance at Sepia and see a small tear forming in the corner of her eye
  39. >The bouncer grabs a hold of the stallion and starts to walk him out of the pub as you turn to fully look at Sepia
  40. >Her mane’s a bit messy, and her dress has a small trip on it
  41. >”Let’s get you cleaned up alright?”
  42. >you give a big comforting smile to Sepia as she glances at you and then gives a meek nod
  43. >You drag Sepia with you to the bathroom
  44. >Making sure the two of you are the only ones there you rest yourself against the door to the bathroom so that nopony would interrupt the two of you
  45. >”Sepia, what happened? Did that stallion hurt you?”
  46. >Sepia lifts her gaze from the floor and looks at you
  47. “I was just dancing... and then that stallion wanted to dance with me”
  48. >Sepia gives you a sad little smile
  49. “We were actually having a good time, but then he...”
  50. >The smile disappears from Sepias face and she looks back at the floor
  51. >You can already guess the rest of it
  52. >You move form the door to her and put your hoof on Sepias back
  53. >”Don’t worry, I’m sure he just had a little bit too much to drink and nothing else”
  54. >Sepia shudders a bit and then lifts her gaze once again and looks at you
  55. >You feel a pang in your heart as you see a few fresh tears in her eyes
  56. “No, I know what he was going to do..”
  57. >You look at Sepia as she wipes her eyes with her hooves
  58. “I’m... I’m ok Goldie, I won’t ruin this evening for the others...”
  59. >Sepia lifts her head and gives you a smile
  61. >It is a very sad, fake smile
  62. >You grasp Sepia by her hoof and quickly drag her out of the toilet with you
  63. “G-goldie?”
  64. >you quickly make your way to the table where Hexferry and Caramel are sitting
  65. >”Hey, something came up and I’m going to take Sepia home”
  66. >Both Hexferry and Caramel wish you two goodbye as you already drag Sepia with you
  67. “Goldie what are you-“
  68. >”I’m taking you home, you’re clearly not ok. Sorry Sepia...”
  69. >It’s all you fault
  70. >Sepia does not protest and lets you drag her out of the nightclub and into the crisp night air
  71. >you let go of Sepias hoof and stop
  72. >”Sepia, I’m sorry, it’s my fault...”
  73. >Sepia gasps in surprise and then shakes her head quickly
  74. “No, it was not, I just don’t notice those sorts of things and... no need to worry, you can go and have more fun and I can go home on my own, I’m fine!”
  75. >You shake your head as Sepia gives you another fake smile
  76. >”No, you’re not, and I am not going to abandon a friend”
  77. >Sepia stays silent now and so do you, that is until the cold wind blows a bit and Sepia let’s out a small shiver
  78. “I-it’s pretty cold out here...”
  79. >”How about we go to my house, is closer anyway?”
  80. >Sepia gives a little smile, this time a genuine one, and nods
  81. “Yup”
  82. >The two of you take flight and the rest of the flight goes in silence
  83. >Soon enough you and Sepia arrive at your house and you invite her in
  84. >It got even chillier during your little flight and your antennae feel a bit numb at the cold
  85. >Sepia’s rubbing her hooves together and breathing some warm air onto them as you switch the lights on
  86. >”I’ll go get us something warm to drink”
  87. >You go to your kitchen as Sepia wonders into your living room
  88. >Rummaging through your fridge and some cupboards you find all the necessary ingredients and turn the microwave on
  89. >Soon enough you have two cups of warm hot cocoa, one in each hoof as you fly to Sepia
  91. >You find her on your sofa, looking pretty down until she notices you and puts on a happier face
  92. >You hand her one of the cups
  93. >”Here, some hot cocoa to warm you up”
  94. >Sepia thanks you and you settle down on the couch as well as Sepia takes a careful sip, and then a bigger gulp
  95. “This is really good”
  96. >You smile a bit before taking a sip yourself, and then you set the cup aside
  97. >”Sorry Sepia, I should have been there with you instead of letting that happen”
  98. >Sepia looks at you surprised, before shaking her head
  99. “N-no, it was not your fault, I just could not read the signs... You know how I am with this stuff... just a burden to everypony...”
  100. >Sepia looks down melancholically
  101. >You instantly scoot closer and wrap your hooves around Sepia and pull her into a tight hug
  102. >”No, nopony thinks that way of you...”
  103. >You hear Sepia mumble something so you let go a bit so she can speak up
  104. “You were having fun before I...”
  105. >You do not even let Sepia finish her sentence and hug her again
  106. >”No you silly, you did not do anything wrong, I’d pick helping you over any random stallion any day of the week”
  107. >You give a few pats on Sepias back and then let her go from your hug and pull away but still sit close to her
  108. >”How about you stay over for tonight? You’re still shaken up from what happened”
  109. >Sepia nods and gives you the first genuine smile in a while
  110. “A little, I just don’t understand it, at first he was friendly and nice, but then he started to dance closer and I just thought that we were doing nothing else than dancing and... I just thought the touching was part of the dancing...”
  111. >You can feel your hair stand up from rage
  112. >That scumbag was touching poor Sepia against her better knowledge
  113. >Now you feel angry at yourself for letting the stallion go for so easy, you can only hope the bouncer gave him a hard time
  114. >Sepias expression grows grimmer now
  116. “Then he started to touch me more, and then I asked him if this was some sort of a new dance, and then I realized what was going on and tried to get away, but he would not let me and... then you showed up and saved me”
  117. >Sepia gives you another smile, but some sadness still persists on her face
  118. “So um, thank you Goldie”
  119. >You give Sepia a big smile
  120. >”That’s what friends are for”
  121. >You scoot over and pull Sepia to rest against you, making her let out a small squeak
  122. >”Let’s have a good fun sleepover to forget all about this”
  123. >Sepia looks at you with surprise on her face, before she gives you a big smile
  124. “That would be fun”
  125. >You let go of Sepia and reach for a sip of your own cup of hot cocoa
  126. >”I’ll teach you a trick or two as well so you can get out of those situation”
  127. >You give a wink to Sepia and she nods
  128. >You are going to make sure she’ll have a good time and she can go to sleep feeling safe and sound
  129. >Kind of like a big sister would look after her little sister
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