Jan 10th, 2018
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  1. C - the money and soul of possibility Control and Soul Jump v1.2.
  2. scenario:Everybody Wants to Rule the World remember all those weird combat powers? Yeah I am stronger faster and have better attacks than any seven assets
  3. scenario:What Money Can’t Buy I will give them the option of selling out to me or bankruptcy,
  4. scenario:The One Who Sold the World pretty much what I was doing anyway
  5. rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:2,+0 Total:2 = Shanghai
  6. drop-in
  7. Numismatics (Free) nice trick
  8. Golden Parachute (Free) handy
  9. What is Good in Life free for drop-in very handy
  10. The Long View -300 discount for drop in even more so.
  11. Seed Money free for drop-in going to go with the hole in the wall store and just do "bespoke engineering" a few examples of the wonders I create scattered about on display and active
  12. Black Class-400 No one man should have all that power, Luckily I am several gods.
  13. Direct (Free)
  14. Field (Free)
  15. convert 300 MP into 1500 AP
  16. =Assets=
  17. Precious
  18. Beast
  19. Tell : a horn mandatory
  20. Stock free
  21. Thematic Affinity: metal Free
  22. Thematic Affinity: blades -50
  23. Thematic Affinity: sharks -50
  24. Unusual Size: office building X2 -100AP
  25. Alternate Economy:lifespan-100
  26. Monstrous Strength -100AP
  27. Extrasensory Ability: perceiving through solid matter as if it was seawater-100 AP and Flourishing Stock -100 AP yeah he's tough
  28. Transportation Factor: "swimming" harmlessly through solid matter as if it was water.-100AP
  29. inhuman grace -50 discount for beast
  32. Appearance: a Great white shark made entirely of gold With Large diamonds for eyes and Platinum teeth
  33. Likes:Seafood,Hunting, killing
  34. Dislikes:,Vegetables,
  35. Properties:Burrowing Ability: quantum entanglement,Unusual Size (Large) ,Flourishing Stocks
  37. Microflation:Tangible
  38. :Fires off a few of its Extremely sharp Platinum teeth :Assured Redirection:Extreme Range-250
  40. Mezzoflation:Stock Shrinkage:Attacks cause a bleed effect that Deals damage over time,Does not stack, the more money you spend the more damage over time and the longer it lasts.:Assured Redirection:Extreme Range: Resounding Effect-350
  42. Macroflation:Growth Market:Boosts size and speed In proportion to the amount of money spent as well as creating several smaller versions of himself to attack from different angles, smaller versions do not have access to his flations additionally creates a sense of helplessness in the opponent. Physical Enhancer:Mental Affliction:Hidden Numbers:Spawning:Resounding Effect-350
  44. limit:PREDATORY:You know how sharks have a lot of spare teeth that pop back in whenever They wear out? With this All of his teeth pop out at once again retaining their configuration as they chase down and Savagely Maul The opponent Independently ,Effectively doubling biting power and providing new angles for attack, the
  45. more money spent The more sets of teeth are fired Assured
  46. Redirection:Spawning:Resounding Effect:Extreme Range-550
  48. Limitless:MARKET CRASH
  49. Precious begins feeling healing rapidly as he drains the life for me, simultaneously I literally vomit forth a colossal torrent of sharks and sharp metal at my opponents, the numerous projectiles homing in on my opponents panicking them, the various cuts leaving bleeding wounds that damage their bank accounts as well as their health.
  50. Assured Redirection:Spawning:Resounding Effect:Extreme Range:Mental Affliction:Hidden Numbers:Reparations:Overtime:Flation EfficiencyX38
  51. personality: big friendly sea mammal/protective dog
  53. the plan: use my, improved driver belt And Omega beams to actually do the fighting alongside precious which should make short work of my deals, "offer" to purchase shares from my defeated opponents to force them into serving me, do the as quickly as possible
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