Encyclopedia Dramatica Starts an Orphanage

Gaylod_Niqqer Jun 2nd, 2013 329 Never
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  1. <Morgan_Freeman> i was thinking
  2. <Morgan_Freeman> ED should start an orphanage
  3. <Tunaspirit> also morgan_freeman how are elitist autist boys supposed to run an orphanage
  4. <NegiSpringfield> rawr
  5. <NegiSpringfield> no we can't do it
  6. <NegiSpringfield> aspies suck at every level
  7. <Morgan_Freeman> nicotine can pretend to be the Nun who runs it
  8. <Morgan_Freeman> Mother Superior
  9. <Morgan_Freeman> MeepSheep can be Father Superior
  10. <Morgan_Freeman> cause wool is Godly
  11. <Morgan_Freeman> have mass on wednesday nights
  12. <Morgan_Freeman> take the holy communion extc
  13. <Morgan_Freeman> and the sacrificial  Franzia wine
  14. <Morgan_Freeman> and during the day all the chillens would be edumacated on all the e-subjects
  15. <Morgan_Freeman> haxin
  16. <Morgan_Freeman> doxin
  17. <Morgan_Freeman> trollin
  18. <Morgan_Freeman> the 3 N's
  19. <DeltaT> You've really thought this through...
  20. <Morgan_Freeman> it'll be funded by bitcoin donations
  21. <DeltaT> And you could have weekly child sales
  22. <DeltaT> For the one's that cause trouble
  23. <Tunaspirit> or we feed them to cwc, who is locked in the basement
  24. <Morgan_Freeman> the ones that cause trouble would get their very own articles on ED
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