Saizou + Belka C-S Support

Jul 27th, 2015
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  3. Saizou + Belka C-S Support
  6. Saizou: You’re…. The assassin from Nohr, Belka aren’t you.
  7. Belka: …..did you want something? Hoshido’s shinobi…..Saizou.
  8. S: Oh….? It seems that we already know one another’s names.
  9. B: Yes…. The name Saizou of Hoshido is widely known in Nohr. The next king’s faithful retainer…. As well as an assassin of high ability.
  10. S: Same here, from a young age to kill without hesitation, rumours of a little girl that was a ruthless murder weapon.
  11. B: …I see. How many…. Have you killed?
  12. S: What’s with that question….. you remember such things?
  13. B: As an assassin counting is a daily routine in my job. But after I was taken in by Camilla…. I stopped counting. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for me… only that that had changed.
  14. S: Is that so.
  15. B: ….I’ve answered. So how about you?
  16. S: I…. can never forget. Even if I don’t want to remember…. Even if I want to forget….. The faces and numbers of people that I’ve killed…. It’s been engraved clearly into my heart.
  17. B: ……I see.
  18. S: To have to join hands with an assassin from an enemy country like this must be fate. We both have Lords that we must protect….. Belka. Please take good care of me from here on out.
  19. B: Yes.
  23. S: When you were an assassin, did you take a lot of jobs on alone Belka?
  24. B: Yes of course. I didn’t need partners. But…. Ever since I was taken in by Camilla….as the head of special force units, killing large amounts of enemies has become frequent. …how about you?
  25. S: I have many cases where I act as a spy on my own.
  26. B: I see….. acting as a spy must be pretty tiring.
  27. S: Yes. I remember this one time, it was a few years ago but… I killed a duke in Nohr.
  28. B: ………………
  29. S: The mission that was placed upon me was the assassination of a noble in the East of Nohr’s capital city…. That was painstaking work…. the mission was going well, immediately he was deceived… the rest of the noble family themselves were targeted, their faces plastered with betrayal and madness…
  30. B: ……………
  31. S: …? Belka, what’s wrong?
  32. B: That noble family was ….Boldt.
  33. S: How did you know the name!?
  34. B: ….I see. The person who killed him…was you.
  35. S: What do you mean? Did you know that man?
  36. B: No… There’s no point bringing it up now. Please forget it….
  37. S: O-oi….wait! Belka!!................what on earth was that about….?
  41. S: Belka…. About the talk we had last time.
  42. B: I told you I wanted you to forget about that.
  43. S: そうはいかん。\n悪いが…調べさせてもらったぞ。
  44. I can’t. I feel bad…. But I’ve looked up on it.
  45. B: !!
  46. S: You were hired by the Boldt family….. and you took down Lord Suruga from Hoshido whom I was hired by to kill the Boldt’s
  47. B: …………..
  48. S: The Suruga family once again commissioned me to return to Nohr… and I…. did that to the Bodlt family…
  49. B: That’s enough… stop.
  50. S: The reason you turn a deaf ear…. Is it because you don’t want to know the meaningless of what you’ve done? To turn a blind eye?
  51. B: ……………..
  52. S: That’s the same as me. It’s honestly …. Unbearable. This is all a vicious cycle. The chain of revenge will continue like the depths of hell…
  53. TL: Vicious cycle* “Akujunkan” a phrase used to express that evil breeds more evil thus leading it in a vicious cycle of revenge etc.
  54. B: Yes…. That exactly.
  55. S: That’s why to end that…. We’re fighting this war right? To wash away the blood of our sins with more blood…. We have to stop this. You think so too, don’t you?
  56. B: Yes. For that reason we have joined forces.
  57. S: Exactly. I want to stop this cycle as soon as I can and return the world to peace. In order to do that I need your strength.
  58. B: Understood…. I’ll do my best.
  62. S: Belka, do you have a moment?
  63. B: What?
  64. S: Before, in order to bring peace back to the world, we made a pledge…. I want to make another pledge with you.
  65. B: Another?
  66. S: Yes. After all we are two people who have lived nothing but a life of unclean hands…. Even if we bring peace to the world, we will have a large gap left in our lives.
  67. B: That’s true…..
  68. S: However…. We both want peace of mind…. Don’t you agree?
  69. B: 安らぎの場所?\n…どういうこと?
  70. Peace of mind….what do you mean?
  71. S: Let’s live together, Belka….To live by your side, I want to make a place where only the both of us can feel at ease.
  72. B: S-Saizou!
  73. S: Even if people hold us in contempt for being assassins…. Even if the world turns its back on us…. I… I will be the only person that wont betray you. I promise to be by your side.
  74. B: ………………..I still, had some of this feeling left in me. I….want to feel at ease…..
  75. S: I’m sure we can make it, the both of us.
  76. B: Yes. I’ll be by your side.
  77. S: No matter who decides to deny us, we have accepted each other.
  78. B: …….yes.
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