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Feb 27th, 2012
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  1. Bye everyone,
  3. Decided to make this public since there was some alleged under-handed plans of betrayal going on. Due to me being such a "popular" person who speaks their mind, there was some plans made on Team Speak involving Mooches, Sadario, Annihlitus and Tornikas/Arondor/Eidan to lure me into a worm hole and gank me (they started out joking around but became serious). Besides flying ship worth less than 50M so it will not matter, this is a very childish mentality. There in lies a lot of the problems.
  5. - Officers are a joke, they are chosen for long service and popularity, which is why operations seldom happen as it is not about their abilities
  6. - Tornikas is still young and full of grand ideas. He also has an odd belief in being right and wants no suggestions or constructive criticism
  7. - Torni is the main reason we got war dec'ed so much before the shield. (Notice how we have almost no allies? Think that works in null sec? Why is that?)
  8. - Constantly this alliance keeps going in too many directions with too few people, armour and shield tanks, two worm holes, now null sec and getting burned.
  9. - When I was new there were some really nice people but some of them have been warped, others are being influenced by people that were admitted just to increase numbers, while others have left or seldom are online.
  11. Basically I knew there were leadership newbs and I tried to warn Torni from my own experiences but most of the main people were worth putting up with that. No longer.
  13. Wish you all the best of luck and hope that null fails before high sec corps are crushed.
  15. - Jen
  17. Oh and I still don't dislike you guys. I could have left quietly, which would have been easier, especially as I was injured this week and playing / typing with one hand. Some illnesses require lancing.
  19. ----------------
  21. "Hey Jen,
  23. Dont worry yourself too much with it. Now im back again from work I've got a good few things im going to be trying out. Not jumping blindly. Will likely "test" them in your manner as i dont want cocky shits who dont learn in the corp.
  25. But onto another matter.
  27. Your my first choice as a Co-Director or Officer."
  29. Ha!
  31. ============================================================================================================
  32. ============================================================================================================
  34. As an alliance officer im writting to you to kick this up the ass before rumour and chatter starts.
  35. Going to clear a few things up and make clear what i think of the situation and Jenshae's mail to the corp.
  37. Lets start with the attached part at the bottom. That was a cutting from a mail isent her ages ago. Since then i had a long thought about what i had said and regreted it highly as i couldnt run a corp with a person 90% of the alliance disliked and in alot of cases had no trust in.
  39. Now thats over. Let me say a few things and give my honest opinion. My opiinions in no way reflect the beliefs of the rest of the leadership of United Homeworlds or Homeworld Republic.
  41. - Officers. (Not going to give you too many details as its not my place)
  42. We have had alot of unfortunate but rather unavoidable events happen with the leadership. Most of that being IRL issues for most of them. It is true that alot of the officers are chosen through long service and/or popularity within the corps or alliance. But lets be honest here, your not going to lead a corp or alliance by putting people you dont trust in positions of power. Im not saying all the selections in the past were perfect. But there were valid reasons for promoting them at the time and in most cases those reasons still stand.
  44. - Tornikas our exalted leader
  45. Yes, Tornikas is younger than some of you in this alliance. However his age dosnt speak for his ability to keep this alliance and corporation on its feet. The acusation that he dosnt take any advice or constructive criticism couldnt be any more wrong. he does take advice, criticism and does ask the others he trusts for idea's and suggestion. It is more correct to say he dosnt listen to people who havnt proven themselves. Jenshae was one of the last people he would ever listen to advise from. As alot of you may have seen alot of her "Advice" and "Suggestions" were a crock of shit that works on paper but would hold little to no hold in practice.
  47. Fittings would be a perfect example that everyone can see. Her Battleclinic account has mostly horrid fits and very rarely scattered through is something actually usefull. But enough of pointing fingers and throwing acusations of our own out there.
  49. - War Dec's
  50. The last few war's that were against us wernt solely Torn's fault. One of them for instance was "Because we can" and "You looked like a good fight".
  51. The Carthage Empires was what i would concider our rival's/competition. Tornikas has at no stage been the sole reason for a war dec against corp or alliance. However the same can not be said for jenshae. Though that was a good while ago and ended up getting resolved.
  53. - Allies
  54. We actually have a few allies. however majority of the people we are willing to work with end up inside the corp. Or are in person contact with either Tornikas or other members of the leadership. There has been no call for the identities to become public knowlage because we simply havnt needed them.
  56. - Direction
  57. The alliance hasnt actually changed it's direction in a long time. Would be more accurate to say it just hasnt been explained in detail to everyone. That would be our fault but them again we havnt gotetn in the way of everyones everyday EVE lives. Operations not being run have alot to do with the previously stated reasons under the Officers explaination.
  59. -Nul Sec
  60. Alot of planning is actually going into this. Majority of the effort being put into it isnt recognized by most of the alliance because it is mostly logistical preperations. Currently Tornikas has been working his arse off in a WH to pay for the move and start up. Moving to Nul Sec is no cheap adventure. It will go ahead and it will succeed provided we get the help of alliance members. It cant be done without you. Numbers is an important factor.
  62. -Jenshae's leadership experience.
  63. In terms of EVE she has none. Everything she says she tries to back up with experiences from a game she used to play. Anarchy Online or some crap. Eitherway it is no way anywhere near as complicated as the EVEonline Corporation and alliance system. Nor are majority of the people who play it like the people who play EVE. Jenshae and Tornikas have completely diffrernet idea's on how to run things. Just ask around the members of the corp and see how many actually would follow Jenshae over Tornikas or any of the other leadership members.
  65. Now for my turn to use something from her since she was so nice to do so herself from my mails.
  66. "especially as I was injured this week and playing / typing with one hand. Some illnesses require lancing."
  68. Every week it is something different. I think i speak for most when i say. I dont give a fuck if your injured or sick. Go tell someone who might actually care.
  70. Hopefully ive explained enough to you guys in this mail. Any questions please do feel free to mail me and i will attempt to answer them for you.
  72. Regards,
  73. Gearius
  74. Alliance Officer of United Homeworlds
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