U.S Department of Defence Emails Dumped By Ag3nt47

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  1. Nona Hall       IT & IS Senior Health Advisor/Analyst   Arlington       VA
  2. Suellen Brittingham     IT & IS Project Manager Arlington       VA
  3. Alice Campbell  IT & IS Information Technology Task Manager      Fort Belvoir    VA
  4. Monica Balzano  IT & IS Military Analyst      Fort Belvoir    VA
  5. Bill Lowe       IT & IS Information Technology Manager   Fort Belvoir    VA
  6. Alan Thomas     IT & IS Information Technology Manager Fort Belvoir    VA
  7. Carl Hansen     IT & IS Dwarchitect Manager Analyst Business Fort BelvoirVA
  8. Cody Vest       IT & IS Director Public Information   Fort Belvoir    VA
  9. Gary Lawson     IT & IS Project Manager Fort Belvoir    VA
  10. Herman Hall     IT & IS Systems Manager Fort Belvoir    VA
  11. Jennifer Tate   IT & IS Information Manager       Fort Belvoir    VA
  12. Doug Caudill    IT & IS Information Technology Director        Fort BelvoirVA
  13. Carl Dominic    IT & IS Chief Information Officer        Fort BelvoirVA
  14. Napoleon Walker Other   Agency Telework Coordinator     Fort BelvoirVA
  15. John Hallmark   Other   TMA Acquisition Manager       Fort Belvoir    VA
  16. Heidi Mabatid   Other   Senior Consultant       Falls Church    VA
  17. Mark Rasins     Other   Deputy Commander Eglin Afb       FL
  18. Sandra Hull     Other   Trainer Fort Belvoir    VA
  19. Gordon Dove     Other   Enterprise Architecture Falls Church    VA
  20. Denny Brisley   Other   Chief of Staff       Falls Church    VA
  21. Anna Flossos    Other   Congressional Liaison        Fort Belvoir    VA
  22. Lenny Nosse     Other   Technical Contact Fort Belvoir    VA
  23. Joanne Sykes    Other   Plans and Resources Division Chief        Fort Belvoir    VA
  24. Heather Ward    Other   PM, Joint Requirements and Policy        Falls Church    VA
  25. Robert Foster   Other   Executive Officer       Falls Church    VA
  26. Adam Wurtz      Other   Team Leader  Fort Belvoir    VA
  27. Ralph Buck      Other   Senior Business Consultant  Fort Belvoir    VA
  28. Steve Bresson   Other   Senior EE       Ellicott City   MD
  29. Derico Higgs    Other   IA IDS        Fort Belvoir    VA
  30. Joe Carl        Other   IA IDS    Fort Belvoir    VA
  31. Douglas Cassidy Other   Alternate Government Task Leader     Norfolk VA
  32. Thomas William  Other   Trainer      Fort Belvoir    VA
  33. Jeffrey Whittall        Other   Contract Specialist    Aurora  CO
  34. Aaron Andrews   Other   Senior Military Official       Fort BelvoirVA
  35. Neal Ziring     Other   Tech Leader Fort George G Meade     MD
  36. John Simmons    Other   Consultant        Fort Belvoir    VA
  37. Rene Kinsey     Other   Government Official Falls Church    VA
  38. Bruce Mezei     Other   Technical Director Suffolk VA
  39. Gregory Timberlake      Other   Command Surgeon  Norfolk VA
  40. Kevin Kennedy   Other   Director Joint Capability       Norfolk VA
  41. David Edgington Other   Chief of Staff     Norfolk VA
  42. Elder Granger   Other   Deputy Director       Falls Church    VA
  43. Manuel Sarmina  Other   Senior Enlisted Advisor      Falls Church    VA
  44. William Gilchrist       Other   Principal Consultant OSDHA   Falls Church    VA
  45. Eric Moos       Other   Technical Director   Severn  MD
  46. Gail Tryon      Other   Senior Managing Consultant  Fairfax VA
  47. James Degaraff  Other   Pro0ject Manager      Yorktown        VA
  48. Roger Price     Other   Chief Ais Branch Fort Belvoir    VA
  49. Robert Yates    Other   Director-Military Officials        Fort BelvoirVA
  50. Sharon Cole     Other   Director of Outrch Services Fort Belvoir    VA
  51. Tommy Morris    Other   Director Deployment Technologies        Fort Belvoir    VA
  52. Wayne Jones     Other   Assistant Diversity Manager Fort Belvoir    VA
  53. Kevin Pelkey    Other   Technical Director        Fort Belvoir    VA
  54. David Richardson        Other   Director Reimbursement    Fort BelvoirVA
  55. Thomas Christie Other   Director of Operational Test and Evaluation     Fort Belvoir    VA
  56. Thomas Greig    Other   Director Clinical Informatics        Fort BelvoirVA
  57. Ed Baranoski    Other   Director-Smart Collection        Fort BelvoirVA
  58. Daniel Hutchinson       Other   Director Patnt Admn Services   Fort Belvoir    VA
  59. Jane Parsons    Other   Chief Admin Officer        Fort Belvoir    VA
  60. David Burleson  Other   Microchemistry Chief      Fort Belvoir    VA
  61. Stephanie Meyer Other   Director of Food Services     Fort BelvoirVA
  62. Pradeep Fache   Other   Regional Director Tricare Region-North       Fort Belvoir    VA
  63. James Conway    Other   Commandant, U S Marine Corps        Fort BelvoirVA
  64. Danny Allen     Other   Government Task Leader Norfolk VA
  65. Laura Ortman    Other   Team Lead        Aurora  CO
  66. Steve Borbash   Other   Alternate Task Monitor       Fort Belvoir    VA
  67. Raymond Caburian        Other   JACER Ctr    Falls Church    VA
  68. Phil Velthuis   Other   Process Improvement Coordinator       Fort BelvoirVA
  69. Ronald Shippee  Other   Drug Testing Manager      Falls Church    VA
  70. Kent Meeks      Other   Trainer  Fort Belvoir    VA
  71. Gerald Carpenter        Other   Trainer    Fort Belvoir    VA
  72. Gregory Bowling Other   Logistics Manager     Fort Belvoir    VA
  73. Michael Perry   Other   Chief Atic       Fort Belvoir    VA
  74. Hal Kohn        Other   Ph D    Falls Church    VA
  75. John Simbulan   Other   Special Agent       Arlington       VA
  76. Garry Duvall    Other   Deployment Manager        Fort Belvoir    VA
  77. Duane Webster   Other   Lt Col       Springfield     VA
  78. Judith Bellas   Other   Director Access to Care       Burke   VA
  79. Sultan Yousufzai        Other   Cissp/SSCP    Fort George G Meade     MD
  80. Vikram Jairath  Other   Solution Architect      Fort Belvoir    VA
  81. Michael Twedt   Other   Enterprise Architect       Fort Belvoir    VA
  82. Anthony Evans   Other   IA Officer       Norfolk VA
  83. Darrell Taylor  Other   Logistics      Washington      DC
  84. Robert Patterson        Other   Supply Officer    Norfolk VA
  85. Becky Sobel     Other   Major Fort Belvoir    VA
  86. Joseph Judge    Other   Director of Transformation Di        Norfolk VA
  87. Skip Sayers     Other   CWID Unit Manager Norfolk VA
  88. Clarke Schiffer Other   Lt Col     Fort Monroe     VA
  89. RodneyT Moore   Other   Sergeant Major       Fort Monroe     VA
  90. Charles Novell  Other   Chief, Acquisition Management      Fort BelvoirVA
  91. Barbara Collinson       Other   Nursing Informatics Specialist   Falls Church    VA
  92. Kathleen Ometer Other   Executive Consultant     Fort Belvoir    VA
  93. Julia Hughes    Other   Informaticist        Fort Belvoir    VA
  94. Dr.Ron Sanders  Other   Chief Human Capital Officer      Fort BelvoirVA
  95. Jeff Arsenault  Other   Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge      Saint Louis     MO
  96. Penny Rawles    Other   Penny Rawles        Norfolk VA
  97. Gene Jacobsen   Other   Senior Consultant       Clifton VA
  98. Thomas Bacon    Other   Director, Utilization Management        Fort Belvoir    VA
  99. Joseph Winbush  Other   Programs Analyst      Fort Belvoir    VA
  100. Rip Toren       Other   Infosec Specialist   Fort Belvoir    VA
  101. James Clearwood Other   Senior Policy a     Alexandria      VA
  102. Jason Hover     Other   Senior Consultant Aurora  CO
  103. Manuel Ongsing  Other   ETL Consultant      Aurora  CO
  104. Johnnie Hall    Other   Telecommunications and Networks        Fort BelvoirVA
  105. Brian Barrington        Other   Seabasing LNO    Fort Belvoir    VA
  106. James Matts     Other   USMC LNO Fort Belvoir    VA
  107. Todd Dombroski  Other   Jieddo Joint IED Defeat Organization      Fort Belvoir    VA
  108. Craig Anderson  Other   Direcotr      Falls Church    VA
  109. Scot Washburn   Other   Executive Officer       Fort Belvoir    VA
  110. Paul Lindsey    Other   Director Resource Management        Falls ChurchVA
  111. John Cooley     Other   Executive Officer Fort Belvoir    VA
  112. Jennifer Pereira        Other   Deputy Director    Fort Belvoir    VA
  113. Marilyn Rossignuolo     Other   Knowledge Management Team Lead Fort George G Meade     MD
  114. Glenna Meade    Other   Chief Metrics Implementation        Falls ChurchVA
  115. John Carman     Other   Deputy Director for Strategic Comminications Norfolk VA
  116. Roger McCrady   Other   Technologist       Beltsville      MD
  117. Michael Baumann Other   Supply Chain Strategist     Fort Belvoir    VA
  118. Ron Coleman     Other   Deputy Director Falls Church    VA
  119. Samidip Sarkar  Other   Technical Lead      Falls Church    VA
  120. Jane Parsons    Other   GCPR Chief Admin Officer        Washington      DC
  121. Kenny Greenwell Other   JTIC Representative-C2 CIIT Interoperability and IA     Norfolk VA
  122. Richard Gromadzki       Other   Technical Manager   Fort BelvoirVA
  123. Jim Sperry      Other   Dtr Management Activity  Fort Belvoir    VA
  124. Beverly Smythe  Other   Team Leader      Fort Belvoir    VA
  125. Joan Luke       Other   Tech Management Integration/Standard   Fort BelvoirVA
  126. Kristin Golias  Other   Workforce Plans and Resources      Fort BelvoirVA
  127. Chris Perreault Other   Consultant     Fort Belvoir    VA
  128. Angela Cross    Other   CACI        Fort Belvoir    VA
  129. David Parramore Other   Chief Warfighter Readiness     Falls ChurchVA
  130. John Hartigan   Other   Chief Business CAP Documentation Management       Falls Church    VA
  131. Gregory Gahm    Other   Director Telehealth and Tech        Fort BelvoirVA
  132. Andrew Stack    Other   Mathematican        Fort George G Meade     MD
  133. Joe Gmaz        Other   Director Personnal and Admin    Falls Church    VA
  134. Paul Frosell    Other   Principal Assistant Deputy Associate Director        Fort Belvoir    VA
  135. Bill Shapins    Other   Contractor        Norfolk VA
  136. Tiffany Scott   Other   HA/TMA Technical Trainer       Fort BelvoirVA
  137. Anthony Cucolo  Other   Director Joint Center for Operational Analysis      Norfolk VA
  138. Don Wunderlin   Other   Health Care Fraud Specialist       Aurora  CO
  139. Eric King       Other   Health Care Fraud Specialist   Aurora  CO
  140. Frank Hunt      Other   Director  Norfolk VA
  141. Bill Gustafson  Other   Usjfcom, JCLL      Fort Belvoir    VA
  142. Rebecca Englehart       Other   Manager   Falls Church    VA
  143. Bill Bill Orchard       Other   Manager Directives, Printing and Telecommunications     bbill       bill.bill   Aurora  CO
  144. Robert McGraw   Other   Technical Director       Fort George G Meade     MD
  145. Mike Carroll    Other   Small Business Liason Officer        Fort BelvoirVA
  146. Michael Montes  Other   Resident Agent-in-Charge      Syracuse        NY
  147. Todd Sikkink    Other   Special Agent        Sioux Falls     SD
  148. Michael Snyder  Other   Manager      Falls Church    VA
  149. Sarah Djuric    Other   Task Manager        Fort Belvoir    VA
  150. JudyKay Russell Other   Affiliate Faculty, Nursing     Denver  CO
  151. Susan Dessler   Other   Manager       Falls Church    VA
  152. Richard Zott    Other   Special Agent-in-Charge        Saint Louis     MO
  153. Fred Maultsby   Other   Task Lead       Clarksville     MD
  154. Bret Flinn      Other   Resident Agent-in-Charge  Dayton  OH
  155. Gary Stevens    Other   Manager        Falls Church    VA
  156. Fred Peters     Other   Manager Falls Church    VA
  157. Mike Barker     Other   Usjfcom Director, JCLL Fort Belvoir    VA
  158. Nick Brescia    Other   Business Consultant        Fort George G Meade     MD
  159. Charissa Robinson       Other   ISSE   Fort George G Meade     MD
  160. Basil Pruitt    Other   MD        Fort Belvoir    VA
  161. Gregory Sisson  Other   Captain, US Army      Suffolk VA
  162. Kaye Bentzen    Other   Manager        Aurora  CO
  163. Rodney Laster   Other   Director       Falls Church    VA
  164. Michele Busalacchi      Other   Resident Agent-in-Charge  Indianapolis    IN
  165. Joseph McMullin Other   Director, Resource Management Directorate     Falls Church    VA
  166. Yvonne Nguyen   Other   Pharmacist       Corona Del Mar  CA
  167. Jerome Saunders Other   Principal Consultant/PM     Falls Church    VA
  168. Carey Payne     Other   Deputy Centcom DESK Officer Suffolk VA
  169. Anthony Nobles  Other   Chief ISR and M and S Technologies Integration      Norfolk VA
  170. Robert Peterson Other   Senior Advisor     Falls Church    VA
  171. Phyllis Crosswhite      Other   Director Technical Solutions  Warrenton       VA
  172. Carlton Kent    Other   Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps        Fort Belvoir    VA
  173. James Ives      Other   Deputy Director and Assistant Inspector  Arlington       VA
  174. Joseph McDermott        Other   Special Deputy Inspector General  joseph.mcdermott@defense.govArlington   VA
  175. Rolando Merino  Other   Physician      Fort Belvoir    VA
  176. David Leapley   Other   Other Non-Manager       Stafford        VA
  177. Mike Hsieh      Other   Consultant from BAH  Fort Belvoir    VA
  178. Scott Peterson  Other   Asset Manager      Falls Church    VA
  179. Matthew Fischer Other   Deputy J6     Fort Belvoir    VA
  180. William Atkins  Other   Requirements Redesign Team      Fort George G Meade     MD
  181. Kenneth Macivor Other   KM Technical Leader     Fort George G Meade     MD
  182. Jim Scoggins    Other   Knowledge Strategist        Fort George G Meade     MD
  183. Charles Pelton  Other   ITD Division Chief      Fort Belvoir    VA
  184. Brian Smith     Other   Enrollment/TSC/TRS Specialist Arlington       VA
  185. Charles Epperson        Other   Health Affairs and TriCare Manager   charles.epperson@defense.govFalls Church        VA
  186. GL White        Other   Multinational Logistics    Norfolk VA
  187. Edward Borys    Other   Senior Business Technologist        Hanover MD
  188. Michael Nowlin  Other   Vice Director, Joint Integration      Fort Belvoir    VA
  189. Michael Jones   Other   Technical Director       Hampstead       MD
  190. Bobby Reagan    Other   JITC Officer        Arlington       VA
  191. Cindy Slessinger        Other   indiv    Fort Belvoir    VA
  192. Adam Roades     Other   Senior Instructional Technologist Fort BelvoirVA
  193. Richard Edwards Other   Director HRSD     Fort Belvoir    VA
  194. David Williams  Other   Chief eHealth Requirements      Falls ChurchVA
  195. Scott Lamond    Other   Contract Specialist        Fort Belvoir    VA
  196. R.Kris Britton  Other   Technical Advisor, NIAP      Gaithersburg    MD
  197. Chad Gossett    Other   Cable Installer        Fort Belvoir    VA
  198. Greg Grant      Other   Consultant  Fort Belvoir    VA
  199. Nancy Adams     Other   Principal Consultant Falls Church    VA
  200. ColT... Broyles Fache   Other   T2 Deputy Director NCR  cbroyles      colt....broyles       Silver Spring   MD
  201. Mar... Goldstein Fache  Other   VA Liaison TRO South    mgoldstein    mar....goldstein      San Antonio     TX
  202. Kevin Butler    Other   Strategic Planning and Performance Management        Norfolk VA
  203. Admiral Blair   Other   Director of National Intelligence       Fort Belvoir    VA
  204. Kenneth Blount  Other   Director of Integration and Requirements      Falls Church    VA
  205. Michelle Holmes Other   Sargent     Fort Belvoir    VA
  206. Daniel Judy     Other   Special Assistant to Deputy Commander Fort BelvoirVA
  207. Annemarie Felicio       Other   Public Affairs Specialist   Falls Church    VA
  208. Diana Parr      Other   Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions  Fort Belvoir    VA
  209. Tangier Bates   Other   MHS Learn Functional Lead       Falls ChurchVA
  210. Anthony Crutchfield     Other   Director-Military Officials Fort Belvoir    VA
  211. Walter Carter   Other   Commander, Joint Enabling Capabilites Command/Deputy Directo...       Fort Belvoir    VA
  212. Jacqueline Walsh        Other   Deputy Director, Intelligence Directorate J2-Military Offici...    Fort Belvoir    VA
  213. Bridie Timbers  Other   Standards and Modeler      Falls Church    VA
  214. Ben Oteyza      Other   Consultant  Fort George G Meade     MD
  215. David Stephenson        Other   Deputy Chief of Staff-Integration, Director J8 SO Integratio...    Norfolk VA
  216. Paula Lambert   Other   JITC Coordinator to JMIS       Indian Head     MD
  217. Hector Lorenzo  Other   DISA LNO to JSIC      Smithfield      VA
  218. Bruce Womack    Other   Records Manager        Fort Belvoir    VA
  219. Don Vasquez     Other   Special Agent Fort Belvoir    VA
  220. Mary Norris     Other   AdministrationandLogisticsServicesDirector Fort Belvoir    VA
  221. Michael Child   Other   AssistantInspectorGeneralforAdministrativeInvestigations       Fort Belvoir    VA
  222. Glinda Hodgkin  Other   Electronic Records Specialist      Aurora  CO
  223. Jennele Lunardi Other   SIIM     Chesapeake      VA
  224. Charles Robinson        Other   Chief Knowledge Officer    Fort BelvoirVA
  225. Tregg Hartley   Other   L-3 Comm       Fort Belvoir    VA
  226. Richard Russell Other   Director, Intelligence Community Enterprise S     Fairfax VA
  227. Shirley Williams        Other   Branch Chief    Fort Belvoir    VA
  228. Troy Mitchell   Other   Centech Group-CONTRACTOR       Colorado Springs        CO
  229. Tom Goldring    Other   Doctor        Fort Belvoir    VA
  230. Debra Hawkins   Other   Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer       Norfolk VA
  231. Bill Everheart  Other   Division Chief Manager      Fort George G Meade     MD
  232. Mike Nowlin     Other   Chief Knowledge Officer Fort Belvoir    VA
  233. Brian Jones     Other   Commander of Third Heavy Brigade Combat Team Suffolk VA
  234. Katherin... Planthaber  Other   Consultant      Falls ChurchVA
  235. Carol Randell   Other   Consultant       Falls Church    VA
  236. Thomas Rekus    Other   Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions        Fort Belvoir    VA
  237. Gary Berg-Cross Other   Health Informatics     Fort Belvoir    VA
  238. Gary McNeill    Other   Chief, Access Branch        San Antonio     TX
  239. Christine Perez Other   Asset Management     Aurora  CO
  240. David Tornberg  Other   Chief Medical Officer      Falls Church    VA
  241. Ray Cooper      Other   Division Chief  Fort Belvoir    VA
  242. Angela Clayton  Other   EEO Specialist      Fort Belvoir    VA
  243. Ken Darling     Other   Lieutenant Colonel Falls Church    VA
  244. Ralph Smith     Other   NSS Plus Fort Belvoir    VA
  245. Dennis Bardelli Other   Senior Tech Explorer     Fort Belvoir    VA
  246. Auror... Bushner-White  Other   Asset Manager      Falls Church    VA
  247. Carolyn Davis   Other   Deputy Assistant Inspector General       Fort Belvoir    VA
  248. Sharon Pacchiana        Other   C, Transition Opersations    Fort Belvoir    VA
  249. Bart Harmon     Other   Dep Director and Chief Medical Informatics Officer Falls Church    VA
  250. Robert Berger   Other   Director of Test and Evaluation       Falls ChurchVA
  251. Douglas Rowe    Other   Workgroup Admin        Fort Belvoir    VA
  252. Ken Williams    Other   Government Task Leader        Norfolk VA
  253. Michael Kassel  Other   JNTC Standards Tech Manager      Suffolk VA
  254. Rodonda Thompson        Other   Workgroup Manager    Fort BelvoirVA
  255. Ja... Kennedy-Sullivan  Other   Nurse      Fort BelvoirVA
  256. Mark Janczewski Other   Manager     Annandale       VA
  257. Edward Bradley  Other   Special Agent-in-Charge      Philadelphia    PA
  258. Steven Boslet   Other   Alternate Government Task Leader       Norfolk VA
  259. Dinah Cohen     Other   Impact CARD Holder Falls Church    VA
  260. Kristin Green   Other   Manager       Falls Church    VA
  261. Wanda Toodle    Other   Manager        Fort Belvoir    VA
  262. Dan Butler      Other   Assistant Deputy DNI for Open Source  Fort BelvoirVA
  263. James Scoggins  Other   Knowledge Strategist      Hanover MD
  264. Robert Schultz  Other   Consultant      Fort Belvoir    VA
  265. Annie Howard    Other   Contract Specialist        Philadelphia    PA
  266. Krystyna Kolesar        Other   Director Force and Infrastructure    krystyna.kolesar@defense.govFort Belvoir        VA
  267. Trina Lowe      Other   Contracting Specialist  Fort Belvoir    VA
  268. Shemille Flinta Other   Nurse Consultant     Fort Belvoir    VA
  269. Kathy Helmick   Other   Nurse Practitioner       Glenview        IL
  270. Larry Rice      Other   Director-Military Officials  Fort Belvoir    VA
  271. David Jones     Other   Commerical Cleaner Fort Belvoir    VA
  272. Chuck Sanders   Other   OSD Liason to JWFC       Suffolk VA
  273. Brenda Adkins   Other   Configuration Management Lead       Clarksburg      WV
  274. Davette Murray  Other   Colonel      Falls Church    VA
  275. Brian Bunting   Other   Lcdr       Norfolk VA
  276. Andrew Gale     Other   J632 Norfolk VA
  277. Walter Kraslawsky       Other   Configuration Management Branch Chief walter.kraslawsky@defense.govNorfolk    VA
  278. Stone Quillian  Other   Director External Partnerships      Aurora  CO
  279. Don Burke       Other   Intellipedia Doyen   Fort Belvoir    VA
  280. Edwin Mander    Other   Bioengineering Chief        Fort Belvoir    VA
  281. Alex Lambert    Other   Director of Orthpdc Srgry        Fort BelvoirVA
  282. Anita Right     Other   Director of Nursing Edctn Fort Belvoir    VA
  283. Thomas Bacon    Other   Director Utilization Management        Fort BelvoirVA
  284. Clarence Johnson        Other   Principal    Fort Belvoir    VA
  285. Charles Novell  Other   Chief Acquisition Management      Fort BelvoirVA
  286. Charles Pelton  Other   Itd Division Chief      Fort Belvoir    VA
  287. David Phung     Other   Chief of Radiology Fort Belvoir    VA
  288. Evelin Jackson  Other   Director of Social Servcs      Fort BelvoirVA
  289. Gary Masters    Other   Chief Human Capital Strategy        Fort BelvoirVA
  290. Joel Cassell    Other   Architecture Division Chief        Fort BelvoirVA
  291. Joseph McMullin Other   Director Resource Management Directorate     Fort Belvoir    VA
  292. Joseph Mettle   Other   Senior Technical Director       Fort BelvoirVA
  293. Jerry Stillwell Other   Csa Team Chief     Fort Belvoir    VA
  294. Randall Espinosa        Other   Director of Orthpdc Srgry    Fort Belvoir    VA
  295. Phyllis Hughes  Other   Director Humancapitaladvisoryservices      Fort Belvoir    VA
  296. Richard Edwards Other   Director Hrsd     Fort Belvoir    VA
  297. Steve McKinney  Other   Chief of Networks      Fort Belvoir    VA
  298. Randy Holmes    Other   Director of Pastoral Care        Fort BelvoirVA
  299. Eunice Steimke  Other   Director of Infectn Cntrl      Fort BelvoirVA
  300. Alexander Urrutia       Other   Director of Joint Capability Portfolio Management   Fort Belvoir    VA
  301. Gwendlyn Thompson       Other   Director of Pharmcy Services   Fort Belvoir    VA
  302. Robert Connors  Other   Director Senior Consultant      Fort BelvoirVA
  303. James Rogers    Other   Director of Enginrng Department        Fort BelvoirVA
  304. Craig Owens     Other   Database Professional Fort Belvoir    VA
  305. Leslie Winters  Other   G15/J6i      Fort Belvoir    VA
  306. CdrJoseph Lawrence      Other   Director DOD Pharmacoeconomic Center  Fort Belvoir    VA
  307. George Chambers Other   Director MHS Electronic Health Records Center     Falls Church    VA
  308. George Hurlburt Other   TECNET Manager     Patuxent River  MD
  309. Robert Lamontagne       Other   Branch Manager   Fort Belvoir    VA
  310. Pete Anderson   Other   Commander       Fort Belvoir    VA
  311. Mychal Aquino   Other   Intelligence Specialist       Fort Belvoir    VA
  312. Jenny Doan      Other   Senior Health Promotions Officer Consumer Safety Officer  Lorton  VA
  313. Cindy Dahlstrom Other   Contract Specialist     Fort Belvoir    VA
  314. Cynthia Dahlstrom       Other   Contract Specialist   Fort BelvoirVA
  315. Darlene Gonzales        Other   Contracting Officer    Fort BelvoirVA
  316. Kathy Hajek     Other   Technical Assistant Fort Belvoir    VA
  317. Rebecca Houkal  Other   Contracting Officer      Fort Belvoir    VA
  318. Doris Navarro   Other   Contracting Officer       Fort Belvoir    VA
  319. Collins Patricia        Other   Chief of Staff    Fort Belvoir    VA
  320. LcdrPegg... Cox Fache   Other   Chief Analysis and Evaluation   lcox  lcdrpegg....cox       Arlington       VA
  321. Cd... Trowbridge Fache  Other   Chief IPE and TM        ctrowbridge   cd....trowbridge      Aurora  CO
  322. John Felicio Fache      Other   Chief Optimization and Initiatives      jfelicio      john.felicio  San Antonio     TX
  323. Andrew White    Other   Technical Director        Fort George G Meade     MD
  324. Thomas Mihara   Other   Podiatrist       Falls Church    VA
  325. Guy Turner      Other   Chief of Staff  Fort Belvoir    VA
  326. Wade Taylor     Other   Management Plans and Policy Fort Belvoir    VA
  327. Michael Young   Other   Captec Manager       Falls Church    VA
  328. Sha... Terrell-Lindsay  Other   Dexterity Team Leader      Falls Church    VA
  329. Lynda Prioleau  Other   Exhibit Manager      Falls Church    VA
  330. Arthur Anthony  Other   Chief Tfmo      Annapolis       MD
  331. Patricia Marsh  Other   AssistantInspectorGeneralforDefenseBusinessOperations      Fort Belvoir    VA
  332. James Pavlik    Other   AssistantInspectorGeneralforPolicyandOversight        Fort Belvoir    VA
  333. Kenneth Moorefield      Other   AssistantInspectorGeneralforSpecialPlansandOperations  Fort Belvoir    VA
  334. John Crane      Other   AssistantInspectorGeneral  Fort Belvoir    VA
  335. Stephen Wilson  Other   AssistantInspectorGeneral      Fort BelvoirVA
  336. Janice Flores   Other   AssistantSpecialAgent-in-Charge       Fort BelvoirVA
  337. Robert Craig    Other   AssistantSpecialAgent-in-Charge        Fort BelvoirVA
  338. Stanley Newell  Other   AssistantSpecialAgent-in-Charge      Fort BelvoirVA
  339. Daniel Meyer    Other   CivilianReprisalInvestigationsDirector        Fort Belvoir    VA
  340. David Cather    Other   DeanofInstruction        Fort Belvoir    VA
  341. Sean Mitchell   Other   DeputyAssistantInspectorGeneralforIntelligenceAudits       Fort Belvoir    VA
  342. William Rainey  Other   DeputyAssistantInspectorGeneralforIntelligenceEvaluations      Fort Belvoir    VA
  343. Donald Bloomer  Other   Deputy Director JointandOverseasOperations      Fort Belvoir    VA
  344. Phyllis Hughes  Other   Director HumanCapitalAdvisoryServices      Fort Belvoir    VA
  345. Matthew Steiniger       Other   InformationSystemsDirector   Fort Belvoir    VA
  346. Gordon Heddell  Other   Legislative Member      Fort Belvoir    VA
  347. Robert Hoppa    Other   J2IntelligenceDirectorate-Director        Norfolk VA
  348. Daniel Blair    Other   PrincipalDeputyAssistantInspectorGeneralforDefenseBusinessOp...        Fort Belvoir    VA
  349. Amie Tanchak    Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge        Fort Belvoir    VA
  350. Brian Cusumano  Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge      Fort Belvoir    VA
  351. Christine Marrion       Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge   Fort BelvoirVA
  352. Douglas Wethington      Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge  Fort BelvoirVA
  353. Kenneth Siegler Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge     Fort Belvoir    VA
  354. Leigh-Alista... Barzey  Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge      Fort Belvoir    VA
  355. Louis Mitchell  Other   ResidentAgent-in-Charge      Fort Belvoir    VA
  356. David Brummell  Other   SecurityOfficeDirector      Fort Belvoir    VA
  357. Lindy Savelle   Other   SeniorResidentAgent       Fort Belvoir    VA
  358. Richard Gwin    Other   Special Agent-in-Charge        Fort Belvoir    VA
  359. Clarence Johnson        Other   Principal Director and Director, Civilian Equal Employment O...    Fort Belvoir    VA
  360. Alicia Apodaca  Other   Club Member      San Diego       CA
  361. Ronald Richmond Other   Communication Officer     Norfolk VA
  362. Pamela Ballard  Other   Contract Specialist      Fort Belvoir    VA
  363. Charles Brown   Other   Contract Specialist       Fort Belvoir    VA
  364. Thomas Griffin  Other   Contract Specialist      Fort Belvoir    VA
  365. Marty Martinez  Other   Contract Specialist      Fort Belvoir    VA
  366. Roger Price     Other   Chief, AIS Branch Falls Church    VA
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