Revan book arguement.

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  1. BeskamirLast Saturday at 9:27 PM
  2. hmm started reading the Revan novel by Drew and I've gotta say I've forgotten just how good star wars audiobooks are
  3. with the exception of visual stimuli they really try to make the story come to life
  4. NaielisLast Saturday at 9:49 PM
  5. has left to burn those books that ruined the story
  6. "Revan will have his Army when he returns"
  7. -Canderous
  8. Story gets ruined because of that stupid book.
  9. I would've preferred Revan gets rescued, then prepares the republic for a war with the sith Empire
  10. I wanted KOTOR 3 not a stupid book and SWTOR
  11. BeskamirLast Saturday at 10:38 PM
  12. yea agreed this was one of the reasons I've been putting off reading the book
  13. Revan should have been rescued
  14. In short I'm getting the feeling that the book's good except for the ending
  15. BeskamirLast Saturday at 11:47 PM
  16. Argh it's infuriating how Revan leaves everyone behind! Those allies were invaluable to getting out of dangerous situations (ie leviathan) and yet he's just leaving them all behind to go on a potentially very dangerous mission without much of a second thought.
  17. Him saying "oh Jolee and Juhani are jedi and can't be trusted" is so dumb. Both of them would have probably understood and followed Revan's lead so long as he wasn't turning to the dark side.
  18. Actually now that I think of it Juhani might have turned on revan cause she might still hate the mandalorians for destroying her home and leading to the eventual death of her family
  19. But jolee should have been reasonable
  20. and they could have used him
  21. and leaving HK behind is just insane! Sure he's a killing machine but that's usually very useful considering the kinds of trouble Revan could get into and he had managed to keep from killing everyone in the past even contributing to non violent solutions like with the tusken raiders.
  22. So clearly bringing HK along wouldn't instantly imply bloodshed and suffering
  23. The more revan's character is presented the less he seems like my revan
  24. MurdochYesterday at 2:32 AM
  25. I haven't read it so I can't make any judgement. But to shit-stir a little bit, I think your last sentence sums up the problem. It doesn't fit your Revan. It fits the authors
  26. BeskamirYesterday at 3:48 AM
  27. Yeah :frowning: I know, he's still got some level of familiar revan to him but it's obviously an expected issue when the character is based on an rpg with outcomes ranging from sith or pure jedi to obviously anywhere in between. The book revan is more grey/dark/independent revan than I'd have liked while when I played KotOR I was sad I couldn't bring bastila with me to fight malak and even more sad that there wasn't an option to redeem Alek.
  28. Anyway don't get me wrong, overall I'm enjoying the book
  29. And I've almost forgotten I was doing this to get a better understanding of how Revan's memory worked
  30. Thankfully I've been remembering to take notes on any scene that involves revan and his memories so hopefully reviewing them later will help me figure out just what kind of amnesia revan has and whether or not it's possible
  31. So far I've summarized that he's unable to recall anything from his memories but once enough pieces are put into place (ie location, items, cues, etc), the memory is basically completed and totally recalled. This actually kind of makes sense in the context of indexing theory :smiley:
  32. BeskamirYesterday at 4:00 AM
  33. Also it's really cool having seen the fanfilm first, I doubt some of these scenes would have as emotional of an impact if I hadn't seen them fully acted out. Even with the audiobook actually seeing someone killing their wife is a lot more impactful than just reading it
  34. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 4:17 AM
  35. Meetra going out like a chump is by far the biggest crime of those books
  36. I absolutely hated it
  37. BeskamirYesterday at 4:20 AM
  38. Yea
  39. The ending's absolute shit
  40. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 4:21 AM
  41. :sob:
  42. NaielisYesterday at 7:59 AM
  43. ^
  44. swordfishYesterday at 11:02 AM
  45. Um spolers
  46. someoneYesterday at 11:04 AM
  47. No spolers!
  48. BeskamirYesterday at 11:36 AM
  49. Wasn't this common knowledge by now like knowing who the pc in kotor 1 was.
  50. swordfishYesterday at 3:12 PM
  51. NO SPOL
  52. I actually had to look up who meetra was
  53. clearly it's been too long since I've played KOTOR2
  54. Shadow The HedgeHorgeYesterday at 4:06 PM
  55. Yeah honestly you have to pick and choose from EU and 'house-of-mouse-cannon'. Like according to Disney, Revan and Metra weren't part of the universe anyway. So it's not a big deal to pick and choose which stories you like or don't like. I mean in my mind Metra and Revan are still around and had a happy ending, I don't really accept their ending.
  56. BeskamirYesterday at 4:37 PM
  57. Indeed. I've been ignoring official canon since I've dived into this universe.
  58. NaielisYesterday at 5:20 PM
  59. ^
  60. I've been diving since 2004
  61. BeskamirYesterday at 6:40 PM
  62. ugh, meetra going after revan alone is even more annoying than revan going into the unknown regions alone. We know companions increase meetra's abilities so not bringing them along seems insane! And what's with their (meetra, revan, bastila, etc) extreme dislike of HK-47... that droid's fucking awesome and would have been very helpful in rescuing revan.
  63. Lord RanvirYesterday at 6:51 PM
  64. Heh... in an incredibly broken SW RPG I played once my Jedi character needed to break into this super secure place to find a list of force sensitives the empire was keeping so I could restart the Jedi Order... I’d recently found the Ebon Hawk with HK-47 and upon reactivating him, took him along and asked him to assault some imperial bases to lead to less resistance in my target... turns out I’d forgotten to specify only the soldiers who could attack him should be killed as the GM, without even rolling, revealed he’d slaughtered 4 or 5 bases, as well as killing a load of civilians... :flushed:
  65. Safe to say I think the GM REALLY liked KOTOR and HK-47 and decided to overstate his genocidal tendencies! :joy:
  66. BeskamirYesterday at 6:52 PM
  67. :joy:
  68. Lord RanvirYesterday at 6:52 PM
  69. But hey... at least it was super easy to break into the empire controlled Jedi temple?
  70. BeskamirYesterday at 6:54 PM
  71. Anyway back to the Revan novel. How the fuck does Revan and Alek find Dromund Kaas when it takes meetra days and the exceptional splicing abilities of T3-M4... sure they had an army but it still must have taken them a while and if they arrived at Dromund Kaas with their army then why hadn't they won? or at least caused enough damage to start a war?
  72. not to mention it's really stupid (somewhat expected villain stupidity) to have records of the super secret hyperspace route to the world you'll be fleeing to stored on the world you'll be fleeing from. It's totally not like someone might discover that world and the records will be able to lead them to your secret hiding place or anything :expressionless:
  73. And what's with both Revan and Meetra never telling anyone where they're going. Don't they realize how dangerous that is? when something happens to them nobody even has a clue as to where to search for them :frowning:
  74. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:15 PM
  75. The reason given for leaving people behind was that it was too dark a place to take anything one cared about
  76. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:15 PM
  77. “So I have a small army of badasses loyal to me, so I’m just gonna leave them behind and go by myself to an extremely hostile area of the galaxy with powerful Sith who want to kill me, and arguably the most powerful one ever” :wink:
  78. “I can take out the guy I failed to beat last time myself super easily! It’ll barely be an inconvenience!” :wink:
  79. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:15 PM
  80. That anything dear to that person would inevitably work against them and would outweigh any benefit
  81. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:16 PM
  82. after the fight “dammit! I lost! How did I lose?” :wink:
  83. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:16 PM
  84. Whether they translated that well into the books is another debate
  85. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:17 PM
  86. At the very least Revan’s excuse was the emperor made him and Alek into Sith
  87. So his reasoning could have easily been not wanting it to happen to his new friends
  88. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:17 PM
  89. It was an emphasis on personal weakness
  90. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:18 PM
  91. But I don’t think Meetra knew about it did she? So what’s her reason? :thinking:
  92. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:18 PM
  93. Not on weakness of the allies themselves
  94. Her reason was that she was called there by Revan and T3
  95. Kreia agreed that Revan would need someone like her to fight the true sith
  96. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:18 PM
  97. No, I mean her reason for leaving everyone
  98. Not her reason for going
  99. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:19 PM
  100. The same reasoning as Revan
  101. Taking anything you cared for was to spell certain doom
  102. If you're worried at all for your loved ones there it could cause any sort of trouble
  103. You could hesitate or be distracted
  104. Lord RanvirYesterday at 7:23 PM
  105. But surely having allies makes you stronger
  106. One man no matter how good, can take on an entire army. He’ll eventually get overwhelmed
  107. If he had allies who were his equals he’d stand a better chance
  108. Petty Princess of PosturingYesterday at 7:24 PM
  109. Depends on the plan
  110. What they were getting at is that in an abyss of pure evil, it'll use any attachments to get to you
  111. The less you bring the less can be used against you.
  112. Especially if you have no plans to return
  113. Honestly tho Revan was kind of a dipshit
  114. BeskamirYesterday at 7:41 PM
  115. yea, book/swtor revan sucks
  116. NaielisYesterday at 7:43 PM
  117. sIr i tHiNk tHe wOrD yoUre nEeDiNg IS tRasH
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