Walnut - The Bait

Apr 16th, 2014
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  1. >The bait was obvious...yet it was attractive.
  2. >Caramel waving the flashlight left & right in front of Hexferry tried her hardest to get Hexferry to jump on her in attempt to get the light away from her.
  3. >Frowning Hexferry turned away from Caramel which angered her a bit.
  4. >Reaching her hoof around with the light and shining it in her eyes Hexferry quickly closed her eyes.
  5. >Opening her mouth Caramel asked how Hexferry wasn't interested in her bait. Getting the response "Because it's shit!" Caramel started to flash the flashlight left and right in attempt to get the attention of any other moth in the vicinity, but instead heard the voice of Acteus yell from behind her "Pepperdust, Virgo light! Tackle now!".
  6. >Turning around Caramel then felt the full force of three moths dog piling trying to get to the light. Letting go of the flashlight after touching the ground, and letting it roll to Hexferry she picked it up saying "I got the bait now.".
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