The Part-time Momster Escort

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  1. >it's that time again
  2. >you're sitting in a small room wearing a baggy, wrinkled sweater
  3. >the room is stuffy and reeks of artificial aromatics
  4. >you're tense, unbelievably tense
  5. >you're about to stand up when she enters the room
  6. >it's time
  7. >she's a tall, slightly plump Holstaur
  8. >her hips must've been stuffed into her dress because it looks close to bursting at the seams
  9. >she sits in front of you and takes your hand into hers, looking at you with her flush and excited face
  10. >she wants to hear you say it
  11. >you gulp
  12. >"How are you... Mom?"
  13. >she prickles slightly, and you clear your throat
  14. >"I'm sorry... Mommy?"
  15. >She tries to contain a giddy squeal of excitement and covers her face with her hands
  16. >she doesn't rape you, or grab your junk, or do anything sexual at all really
  17. >Every time you call the holstaur "Mom" or "Mommy" she looks overwhelmed with joy
  18. >you tell her she looks beautiful, and she's aged like fine wine, and she's a real MILF
  19. >it's all technically true
  20. >each time she looks like she'll cry from happiness
  21. >you get ready to go after a while
  22. >she pays you $300 for the hour of attention
  23. >she bashfully offers you another $100 if you'll kiss her with tongue
  24. >you do it even though it makes you uncomfortable, and when you're close you can hear her heart thundering in her chest
  25. >you leave, and only then notice your erection
  26. >ohno.wav
  27. >you're starting to be into this roleplay, too
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