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May 7th, 2018
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  2. #unicorn
  4. *this is not financial advise. im simply sharing with you all a project that came on my radar back in january. its something in which ive dug deep into and have sat back and watched its chart for almost 4 months. just b/c i love it doesn't mean you will and im not advocating tht you should buy it. as always, please dyor and come to your own conclusions, they may be different than mine.
  6. my unicorn is chainLINK. i told you what it was in the post on day one and throughout the comments i left various little breadcrumbs. then i opened you guys up to my personal twitter account, and if you looked hard enough, you would see that smart contracts and sergey were all recent follows of mine.
  8. why did i do this? well mainly b/c if your whole modus operandi in a market is simply copying what someone else is doing, you wont last very long in this game. those that figured it out, and i know some of you did, congrats. you saw between the lines and had to make a decision based on what YOU KNEW....not what i told you. making a decision, whether right or wrong, and rolling with it is part of what market players do on a daily basis. those that have been a part of this group since the beginning you know that much of what i do/have done is try and get people to see the unseen, think for themselves and focus on what is important, not what is being said or told. a prime example of this was last years xlm call. everyone and their mother was talking xrp....NO ONE was talking xlm. in a market, the best trades are not telegraphed on cnbc daily. while xrp 10x'd or so in the fall post my xlm post...xlm 33x'd.
  10. ok so lets dive into why i like link. prolly the biggest reason is b/c it seems to be the most anti-shill project in the space. in a world filled with hype and literal shit.... that stands out to me in a big way. the team is literally incapable of hyping their give you an example, they rolled out there testnet a few days ago and not a single tweet about it from them or blogpost or medium article. absolute crickets. many people who participated in the ico have actually bailed b/c "the team doesn't communicate" blah blah blah. IT B/C THEIR FCKING BUSY BUILDING SOMETHING AMAZING imo....the majority of people in crypto think they are entitled to to get an update every few days. the world doesn't work like that
  12. So what is link? i dont think its just a normal beginning to feel that it may be one of the most important project's in the entire space and am beginning to believe it will be the backbone of the entire open banking api and enterprise smart contract ecosystem which is set to explode into 2020-2022 (hence why it is kept purposefully quite) eth as it stands right now basically is an ico platform. its true utility of utilizing smart contracts cant be realized until you find a way to connect offline data to the blockchain...and thats what chainLINK does.
  14. in 2016 chainLINK won SWIFTS prestigious start-up award and later built a POC for them. The president of the World Economic Forum released a book beginning of last year that specifically referenced in it(thts link). nick szabo's regularly retweets chainLINK's stuff. Swift has put out papers on their plans for open banking api initiative's that will be put into place between now and 2020. chainLINK's advisors include ari jules of cornell and IC3 and evan cheng whos lead engineer at FB. as of a few days ago, a new profile was made on sub-site of for the ex head engineer of Airbnb. The quality of talent tht is surrounding this project is in my eyes second to none and speak volumes to me.
  16. so to recap.....chainLINK is basically a blockchain agnostic decentralized oracle middle-wear solution tht connect's offline data to the blockchain so smart contracts can be executable. it works accross btc eth and hyperledger for now. its a project for enterprise, not consumer and i believe tht the project is purposefully flying under the radar and will in time become the backbone of the entire smart contract ecosystem. they just released their testnet, github is getting more active by the day and they will be unveiling their mainet sometime in the next few months. this isnt a short term play, its about as long term as you can get in years, not days or weeks or months. with that said im expecting more and more people to find out about this project as mainnet gets closer to release. as to my expectations on where it could possible go in time.... eos was 50c last year and now its 20 bucks. imo link is SIGNIFICANTLY more important of a project for the entire crypto ecosystem than eos but its timeline is years, not weeks or months...but thats just like my opinion, i could be wrong. only time will tell how the story plays out. all i know is the more i dug into it the more i personally liked what i saw. ive been wrong before, and ill be wrong many times moving forward.
  18. lastly, why did i wait this long to unveil it? b/c no matter how many times i tell people not to blindly jump into something and dyor before making a move...this group has gotten so big, and the reach spread so far that I, for my own comfort, wanted to wait until i its chart started talking to me....and the last few weeks, leading up to and now post testnet release, chainLINK has seen a constant bid underneath it. its held up much better than most projects the last few weeks.
  20. so thts about it in a nutshell. im sure i've missed some things. now id love to see everyone get the convo going. dig in on your own. see if you see what i see in it. pick it apart.
  22. cheers everyone
  24. *yes i know my gammer is awful and i type in all lowercase...sue me
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