MagiReco Main Story 7.12

May 14th, 2018
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  1. Aiming to Destroy Paradise
  3. 7.12.1
  4. [we see a river overlook]
  5. -Daitou Ward-
  6. [at an apartment complex in Daitou Ward]
  7. Kanagi: "Yeah, this should be the correct direction."
  8. "Tell your teammates too."
  9. Iroha: "Okay."
  10. "Then, I'll be contacting Sana-chan."
  11. Yachiyo: "Okay, thanks."
  12. "But anyway, Kanagi, I'm so glad you're with us."
  13. "I haven't been to that Ferris wheel since I was a child."
  14. Kanagi: "Ah..."
  15. "But what a strange sensation..."
  16. Yachiyo: "Do you sense any magic?"
  17. Kanagi: "No, it's not that."
  18. "Even though you were in a tight spot because I was testing you..."
  19. "We're so friendly..."
  20. Yachiyo: "Well, I was surprised by that."
  21. Momoko: "Maybe because it was you, Kanagi-san."
  22. Kanagi: "I see, you can accept it because it was me."
  23. "So from now on, don't mind me."
  24. Momoko: "Well, I do want to mind..."
  25. Kanagi: "So adjusting is difficult..."
  26. [Iroha on the phone with Sana]
  27. Iroha: "Sana-chan, where are you now?"
  28. Sana: "Umm, we just passed Central Ward..."
  29. Iroha: "After this I'll send you the location of where to go, so can you confirm it?"
  30. Sana: "Yes, I understand!"
  31. "And, uhh, Iroha-san..."
  32. Iroha: "What is it?"
  33. Sana: "Umm, little by little, they seem to be moving..."
  34. Iroha: "What is?"
  35. Sana: "The people who heard the rumor are moving towards the amusement park..."
  36. Iroha: "Eh? Isn't this too early?"
  37. Sana: "Yeah, that's right..."
  38. "But I think we need to hurry..."
  39. Iroha: "Got it, I'll tell them!"
  40. [out of the phone call]
  41. Iroha: "Umm, the people who heard the rumor are apparently on the move already!"
  42. Momoko: "Wha!? This is too soon!"
  43. "...but..."
  44. [flashback to Mizuna Ward]
  45. girl A: "If we're going to the amusement park, we might as well try to get in first."
  46. [back]
  47. Momoko: "Dammit, they're planning on waiting overnight!? We have even less time than I thought!"
  48. Yachiyo: "Let's hurry up then!"
  49. Iroha: "Yes!"
  50. [battle]
  51. [behind an apartment building in Daitou Ward]
  52. Felicia: "WE CAUGHT UP!"
  53. Sana: "Thanks for waiting!"
  54. Iroha: "Felicia-chan! Sana-chan!"
  55. "Thanks for coming."
  56. Felicia: "Yeah, let's go save Tsuruno already! I'm all better now!"
  57. Sana: "I'm feeling better too!"
  58. Yachiyo: "Hehe, now everyone's here."
  59. "I'm glad you were able to come."
  60. "Just as the Amane sisters said, since the rumor is very important to them..."
  61. "I figured that the fight will be very difficult."
  62. Felicia: "Yeah, we'll rip and smash them!"
  63. Sana: "But... is it that dangerous?"
  64. Kanagi: "I think that they won't have predicted that I'm working together with Nanami..."
  65. "But I don't think it's impossible that the Magius leadership won't be there in full force."
  66. Sana: "That wouldn't be very good..."
  67. Kanagi: "If they focus all of their strength on one point, they won't have much trouble."
  68. "Even the black feathers, all together, add up to a mountain. Rather than breaking through, we'd be swallowed up."
  69. Yachiyo: "But right now, we might make it."
  70. Iroha: "Since according to Kanagi-san it'll take time for the black feathers to gather..."
  71. Yachiyo: "Yes, there shouldn't be too many of them there."
  72. Momoko: "Bring on the short fight!"
  73. "In any case, the time limit is dawn."
  74. Yachiyo: "Yeah, and so now we should divide up our roles."
  75. "Mifuyu, Touka, Alina, and the wings will take four people total."
  76. "I'd like to take on the Rumor of the Amusement Park with two."
  77. Momoko: "You mean, who's going to go into that rumor?"
  78. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san and I will go in."
  79. "Only, we don't know a way to save Tsuruno-chan..."
  80. Yachiyo: "For now, I can't think of any way but to erase the main rumor..."
  81. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  82. Felicia: "Anyway, what about me!?"
  83. Sana: "How about me?"
  84. Yachiyo: "Felicia and Futaba-san, you have a grudge against Alina?"
  85. Sana: "Yeah..."
  86. Felicia: "I'm not really good with her..."
  87. Kanagi: "That's why you should go all out. Good luck."
  88. Felicia: "Well of course I'll go all out! But, who are you?"
  89. Kanagi: "I see, I haven't introduced myself."
  90. "I'm Izumi Kanagi. I'm something like an old friend of Nanami's."
  91. "Nice to meet you."
  92. Felicia: "S-same here."
  93. [she senses something]
  94. Felicia: "Ah, I sense a magical girl..."
  95. Momoko: "Seems we're spot on."
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