Jan 26th, 2017
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  1. >Ok right atop of this hill you should be able to see it
  2. >You work your way through the clumps of shrubs
  3. >the soil is moist from the rain, which makes getting further a difficult task
  4. >you slip a few times but you manage to climb the the hill to finally see it...
  5. >...nothing but forest anywhere in sight
  7. >your yelling echoes through the valley
  8. "How can a species with the innate ability to fly be SO FUCKING INCOMPETENT AT CARTOGRAPHY!?"
  9. >you sight and sit down on the nearest fallen tree
  10. >you set down your backpack and take out the flask some bread and the map
  11. "Great im in the middle of fucking nowhere and my supplys are running low", you rant to yourself
  12. >3 days back to the city
  13. >or further north and hope there is a city, village or atleast an isolatet farm
  14. >since the start of your journey you traveled the countrys that long vanished
  15. >countrys that werent where they were supposed to be, unknown countrys and a whole lot of nothingness
  16. >for what must have been close to two years
  17. >I wonder how they are doing...
  18. >Do they still think of me sometimes?
  19. >Your friends on earth
  20. >You didnt have many but those you had were really close
  21. >Must be your german blood
  22. "A friend hard to get, hard to lose, huh?"
  23. >The soiltude always makes you think about your home
  24. >maybe thats part of the reason you are on this journey
  26. >one would think arriving in a different world would be a bit more... flashy
  27. >but you just woke up in the everfree forest with a headache and foggy memories
  28. >clouding your memories for at least a month before you got there
  29. >like you slowly vanished from Earth
  30. >after the "elements of harmony" found you, you were bombarded with a myriad of questions from twillight
  31. >right after your panic attack...
  32. >and rainbow's physical attack...
  33. >it took you a while to get accustomed to ponyville and its inhabitants
  34. >the no-personal-space-pink-pone made it difficult at fist but it was her and fluttershy which made you feel welcome and safe the most
  35. >but in the end ponyville was no place for you
  36. >it has always been hard to establish a friendship with a person
  37. >let alone a complete clique of happy wonderland ponys
  38. >you just didnt fit in there, nor anyplace you visited since.
  39. >so you started exploring this strange world
  40. >you learned alot on your journey
  41. >guess the most important things were the worth of a sharp blade, sturdy clothes and pyrotechnics
  42. >munching your dry bread you reminisce about your life in equestria until you hear some rustling noise from the woods
  43. >you pull the knife out of the sheath from your belt and slowly turn towards the sound
  44. >could be just a squirrel but you never know
  45. >there's no sound or movement anymore, until...
  46. >"LOS!"
  47. >you hear a shout from a completely different direction!
  48. >yanking your head around you try to pinpoint the sound
  49. >suddenly you are slammed into the ground
  52. >intense pain rushes through your back and you spit out some dirt
  53. >Yout try to push yourself up again but fail
  54. >something is holding you down
  55. >there are some shouts and ponys in strange green/greyish outfits rush towards you
  56. "What the fu..."
  57. >a blade is placed infront of your eyes and is moved down towards your neck
  58. >"Keine Bewegung!"
  59. "What?"
  60. >You feel a punch to the back of your head, which is pressed even harder against the ground afterwards
  61. >You have fought of chimeras and manticores with fire and pyrotechnics
  62. >diamond dogs and timberwolfs with your dagger or a club
  63. >but these ponys are on a complete different level
  64. >soon your movement is completely restrictet
  65. >"Was zur Hölle ist das?"
  66. >>"Keine Ahnung, aber Franziska wird das sicher sehen wollen."
  67. >>>"Sollen wir das nicht einfach hier und jetzt beenden?"
  68. >The blade pushes into your neck and you feel drops running down the skin of your neck
  69. >You have no idea what they are talking about but it cant be anything good
  70. >there mumbo jumbo sounds familiar but pain and adrenalin keep you from having any clear thought other than
  71. >What the fuck should i do?
  72. >you start to panick
  73. >>"Es wird unruhig. Zieh den Kopf hoch. Du, knips ihn aus!"
  74. >you hear a sigh
  75. >>>"Verstanden."
  76. >you head is pulled up and you see a mare positioned with her back towards you
  77. >"Gute Nacht!"
  78. >The last thing you see is a pair of hooves dashing in your direction
  79. >everything fades to black
  80. >>>"Der hat gesessen!"
  81. >>"Genug, einpacken und weiter!"
  82. "Dafuq...."
  85. >you wake up
  86. >its dark
  87. >a few rays of sunlight meet your eyes
  88. >the ground is shaking
  89. >you fall asleep again
  90. >you wake up again
  91. >your head hurts and you cant move
  92. >the ground isnt shaking
  93. >you feel a pinch
  94. >"...weiter..."
  95. >everything turns dark and ground starts to shake again
  96. >You see her
  97. >who is she?
  98. >a soft voice
  99. >"...ove y..."
  100. >the figure starts to float away
  101. >you try to scream
  102. "No! Don't go!"
  103. >but there is no sound
  104. >you reach for your neck
  105. >there is blood
  106. >the ground disappears
  107. >you start to fall
  108. >you try to reach for something
  109. >anything
  113. >you try to jump
  114. >your wrists and neck hurt
  115. >everything is white
  116. >a split second latter your head is slammed onto the hard metal again
  117. >you blink a few times
  118. "Fuck! Just a dream."
  119. >it takes your eyes a few moments to adapt to the brightness
  120. >and your mind a few moments to grasp to situation
  121. >you are restrained on a metal surface and your head hurts
  122. >there are lights above
  123. >seems like some operation room or something
  124. >atleast they didnt kill you
  125. >There is the sound of hoofsteps coming towards you
  126. >"Guten Morgen, Sonnenschein!"
  127. "Wha... where the hell am I?"
  128. >You can barely turn your head
  129. >"Hmm, das wird schwierig werden."
  130. "What have you done to me? Where am I? Whats going on?"
  131. >you hear a deep sigh
  132. >and few moments later a beep
  133. >"Oh, das muss der weiße Tod[white death] sein. Lauf bloß nicht weg."
  134. >the voice giggles
  135. >sounds like german or something
  136. "Fuck you! Whatever you said!"
  137. >the giggle and the hoofsteps subside
  139. >a few moments later you hear hoofsteps approaching you
  140. >but there a hoofsteps multiple pones
  141. >>"Also, warum bin ich hier?"
  142. >"Wir haben etwas entdeckt. Etwas erstaunliches!"
  143. >>"Ist es das?"
  144. >"Ja, zuerst dachten wir es wär ein degenerierter Diamond-Dog, aber es hatte mehr Ähnlichkeit mit einem Greif[Griffon]."
  145. >>"Warum habt ihr es dann nicht entsorgt?"
  146. >"Hier kommt das Interessante, es ist ein Affe!"
  147. >>"Ja und?"
  148. >"Es ist hochentwickelt! Es benutzt Werkzeug, Kleidung und eine komplexe Sprache! Ausserdem scheint es eine gewisse Resistenz gegen Magie zu besitzen."
  149. >It sounds like someone reporting to her boss
  150. >>"Es ist gigantisch!"
  151. >"Ja und scheint sehr stark zu sein, es könnte mehrere Ponys tragen. Außerdem sind seine Genitalien..."
  152. >>"Franziska!!"
  153. >you hate Franziska
  154. >a moment of silence
  155. >Should you try to say something? These pones dont fuck around, and they are much more advanced then the other places you visited.
  156. >"Jedenfalls konnten wir noch nicht mit ihm kommunizieren."
  157. >You feel something touching your leg
  158. >"Sprich, Kreatur!"
  159. "Release me you maniacs!"
  160. >One of them takes a deep breath
  161. >>"Franziska."
  162. >"Was ist Aryanne?"
  163. >You start to laugh
  164. >Aryanne? Like in Aryan Brootherhood. You missheared but its still funny.
  165. >>"Genau das ist der Grund warum wir keine Wissenschaftler in die Regierung lassen..."
  166. >"Was meinst du?"
  167. >>"Das ist kein liguistisches Forschungsprojekt, das ist ein west-equestrischer Dialekt!"
  169. >>"Richte den Tisch auf ich will mit ihm sprechen."
  170. >"Von mir aus..."
  171. >The table you are strapped to moves into an upright position
  172. >There are two ponies infront of you
  173. >both with a coat white like snow, blue eyes and a blode mane
  174. >one of them is Franziska...
  175. >>"What iz your name?"
  176. >okay the unicorn with the slighty darker mane and eyes is Franziska
  177. >you hate Franziska
  178. "Oh thank god! You speak my language! Please, release me!"
  179. >The white pone turns to the other one
  180. >>"Was habt ihr mit ihm gemacht?" [What did you do to him?]
  181. >"Schwere Gehirnerschütterung und Betäubungsmittel" [severe concussion and narcotics]
  182. >This Aryanne repeats herself this time in a slower pace
  183. >>"What iz your name?"
  184. "I got it the first time. I'm Anon."
  185. >Aryanne starts to stride up and down
  186. >Her cutie mark looks..
  187. >You burst out in laughter
  188. >Both look pretty pissed but you cant help yourself
  189. "A- wahahah Arya hehe Aryanne with a"
  190. >you loose it again
  191. >this is hilarious
  192. >you gasp for breath
  193. "a...a...a swastika and b"
  194. >this is just too much
  195. >>"Gehirnerschütterung? Ihr habt Mus aus ihm gemacht. Das reicht fürs Erste. Einzelhaft und keine Experimente mehr!" [Concussion? You messed him up! I've seen enough, solidar confinement and no more experiments.]
  196. >"Schade." [What a pity.]
  197. >Franziska walks towards you until she is out of vision
  198. "Spe... ahahaha speaking ger..."
  199. >you feel a pinch again
  200. >everything turns dark again
  204. >you wake up to the sound of a screeching metal door and friendly greeting
  205. >"Aufwachen, Schweinehund!"
  206. >followed by a friendly punch in the face
  208. >"Aryanne will dich sehen, mitkommen!"
  209. >you start to giggle as your hear that name
  210. >The guard points towards to door with a quick tilt of his head and leaves your cell
  211. >The commanding tone and the movement make it pretty obvious what you are supposed to do
  212. >Even though you dont understand shit
  213. >You follow the guard through a corridor with other armed guars
  214. >he stops infront of a bright room
  215. >"Geh rein, Affe!" [get in there, monkey]
  216. >one of your few tallents is being able tell if you are insultet, even in different languages
  217. >you'd like to rebell
  218. >but these pones dont fuck around
  219. >they are in the majority, they know what they are doing, and they're armed
  220. >since you're not suicidal you comply, to what you believe is a demand to enter the room
  221. >this seems to be a room used for official buiseness
  222. >its bright, with marble floor and a massive wooden table, with Aryanne sitting behind it
  223. >she has some paper and a quill laying infront of her
  224. >the door closes behind you and the two of you are alone in this room
  225. >she seems to be unarmed
  226. >maybe you could...
  227. >you shake of the thoughts and approach her
  228. >you sit down at a bench
  229. >most places you visited didnt have chairs in your size but atleast here they provided something you could sit on
  230. >"Zo you are Anon, right?"
  231. >suppress the urge to laugh!
  232. >a german speaking pony with a swastika cutie mark and the name Aryanne, and the fitting appearance
  233. >this is like the Life of Brian
  234. >DONT LAUGH!
  235. "Y-Yes."
  236. "Im Aryanne Hoofler, SS-Oberführer of the Maremacht of Germaneigh."
  237. >OVERLOAD
  238. >you just lost your shit and burst out in laughter
  239. >She looks so pissed but you cant help yourself, infact it makes it even worse
  240. >you have seen so much in Equestria but this is just to much
  241. >her pissed look and your efforts to try to stop it make it worse
  243. >until she jumps over the table to tackle you
  244. >she's fast, to fast to protect yourself
  245. >the impact of her head on your chest knocks you off the small bench
  246. >your head hits the hard ground
  247. >you are in severe pain
  248. >you gasp for air to no effect
  249. >her hoof is pressing on your throat and her face in inches away from yours
  250. >she stares directly into your eyes
  251. >"Stop laughing."
  252. >here voice is calm with just a hint of anger
  253. >you try to nod as good as you can with her hoof on your neck
  254. >she keeps pressing for a few seconds, not breaking the stare
  255. >As if she was making sure you got the message
  256. >finally she stops and makes her way back to her side of the table
  257. >while you pant and sit up, and cover your neck with your right hand
  258. >she puts the paper and and the quil to their original position and points to the bench
  259. >"Please, sit down."
  260. >you obey
  261. >"Im Aryanne Hoofler, SS-Oberführer of the Maremach of Germaneigh."
  262. >suddenly this has lost all of its comedic value
  263. "I'm Anonymous, i prefer Anon."
  264. >"It's a pleasure to meet you. Where do you come from and vat brought you to germaneigh?"
  267. "Im a traveler, i didnt know i was entering you country."
  268. >she looks like she doesnt believe you
  269. >"So were do you come from?"
  270. >Shit here we go again
  271. "Well i startet my journey in a place called ponyville, about two years ago"
  272. >She is taking notes
  273. >Telling people about your true origin always led to trouble
  274. >in this case it could be be a LOT of trouble...
  275. >"So do you have any affiliation with the Griffons or the Bolshevik?"
  276. >Dafuq? Come on, Bolshevik?
  277. "No, i dont."
  278. >"I zee..."
  279. >She looks down on her notes and something that looks like a report
  280. >"Hmm zis ponyville, vat kind of a place is it?"
  281. >you sigh
  282. "Well its basically a small village near the everfree forest, and its south of canterlot."
  283. >She is focusing your eyes, only stopping in between to write something down
  284. "Its ruled by princess Celestia and princess Luna"
  285. >"So are there more of your... kind?"
  286. "No, im the only Human, as far as i know."
  287. >"Human? Hmm zis is very interesting. So why do you travel?"
  288. "This question is a little to personal."
  289. >She gives you a mean stare
  290. >"Im sorry, but i have to insist, please answer."
  291. >youd rather not answer the question
  292. >A little groan escapes your lips
  293. >but you are at her mercy
  294. >and these pones are on a different level then all the others you encountered
  295. >head on collision, always serious, and they absolutely dont like being laughed at
  296. >also this one seems to be on a short fuse
  297. "Well im the only one of my kind..."
  298. >"You already told me zis, but go on..."
  299. >straight to the point i guess
  300. "...and i didnt fit in, in any of the places i visited. So i guess im searching for others of my kind, or atleast a place where i belong."
  301. >her expression gets a little more relaxed, almost a bit... relieved?
  303. >She takes a look at another report
  304. >"okay, do you have any special talents, knowledge or abilitys? Your claws seem to be...useful."
  305. "Do i have any talents?", you murmur to yourself
  306. >Well you come from a world that is much more advanced, 75 years of technological improvements and you have the benefit of hindsight
  307. >and you had a faible for technology and engeneering, although you sucked at math you thought about going into that direction, before you got here
  308. >other than that, nothing comes to mind
  309. >wait she is still looking at you
  310. >oh fuck! if you hesistate to much she will be going into it
  311. "Well, umm, not really, i learned a few things along my travels."
  312. >nice save!
  313. >wait she is just looking at you
  314. >"Lügner..." [liar]
  315. "I beg you pardon?
  316. >"Oh nothing, well zis is all i need for now, please return to your cell."
  317. >you fucked up
  318. "Wait! I..."
  319. >"Wachen!" [Guards!]
  320. >The door behind you is smacked open and three armed pones rush into the room
  321. >"Eskortiert dieses *Wesen* in seine Zelle." [Escort this *thing* to its cell.]
  322. >>"Jawohl!", he gives a sieg heil
  323. >You don't know if you wanna laugh or cry, all you know is that you got a very bad feeling
  324. >"Auf wiedersehen, Anonymous." [Until we meet again, Anonymous]
  325. >She takes her stuff and leaves
  326. >you try to reach for her
  327. "Wait! Please..."
  328. >but you are knocked down
  329. >>"Mach uns keine Schwierigkeiten, Affe!" [Dont cause us any trouble, monkey!]
  330. >Aryanne leaves, she doesnt deign to look at you
  331. >you could try to put up a fight, but you already screwed up
  332. >so all you can do is get to your cell and hope for the best
  333. "Fuck."
  334. >you cease your resistance and shut up
  335. >>"Geht doch! Jetzt komm mit!" [Good, now follow us!]
  336. >His voice sounds less aggressive but still dead serious
  337. >They dont attack you, which could mean you are supposed to get up and follow them
  338. >You carefully stand up and look at them
  339. >the one who seems in charge turns around and walks towards the door
  341. >the other two are in a defensive stance and seem to wait for you
  342. >you follow the first one and hear the other two follow you just a moment later
  344. >you are now back in your cell, and the heavy metal door closes behind you with a loud screech
  345. "Thats it, i going to get killed. Fuck"
  346. >you sit down on your bed
  347. "Okay calm down, you are still alive."
  348. >you take a deep breath
  349. >so you are stuck in a happy horse land version of the third reich
  350. >you are seen as an aggressor
  351. >you lied, and acted up
  352. >you are some strange monstrosity to them
  353. >you are so kill
  354. >you lie down on the bed which is not large enough for you
  355. >maybe you are going to get gassed
  356. >you start to chuckle
  357. >a german american half-caste is going to get gassed in the pony third reich
  358. "Germany..."
  359. >you have never really researched stuff related to germany
  360. >but whenever you saw or heard anything germany-related it sparked some curiosity
  361. >your mom was german, and she died when you were 2 years old, you cant remember her
  362. >your dad met her when he was stationed at Rammstein
  363. >he never talked about her...
  364. >but sometimes, when he got home from from his partys with his military buds
  365. >and he was really drunk
  366. >you could get a few informations out of him
  367. "You shouldnt be proud to be a german, but you should be proud to be her son..."
  368. >he must have loved her with all his heart
  369. >but it is a strange place
  370. >bombed to ruins and a few decades later it became an economic superpower
  371. >many great minds and inventions, but also a place where horrible crimes happened
  372. >and there were all those rumors
  373. >that America got it position because of them... some paperclip and patent stuff...
  374. >balfour and holocaust and all that shit, whatever...
  375. >you never intended to go there and yet in a strange way you got exactly there
  376. >is this the place you will die?
  378. >the cell is dark
  379. >only a few rays of light fall through slits of the door to your cell
  380. "How long have I been here?"
  381. >It could be day. It could be night. Maybe you slept. Maybe you didn't.
  382. >The only thing gave you a feel for time were the occasional steps outside.
  383. >You are hungry.
  384. >Your joints ache because of this pony-sized prisoner bed.
  385. "Fucking ponies."
  386. >you sigh
  387. "Atleast I'm not dead."
  388. >Maybe you should have stayed in Ponyville.
  389. >Or atleast you shouldn't have laughed at Aryanne.
  390. >A smile creeps its way onto your face.
  391. "That name... this place..."
  392. >Maybe you are dead
  393. >This is surreal even for this world.
  394. >Or you wake up in a few moments and you are back in your own bed. In your house.
  395. >Dad would be cooking fried eggs with bacon and cheese.
  396. >Maybe one of your few friends would come over.
  397. >You would head to the city, have some fun...
  398. >you put your hands on your face and groan
  399. "Two fucking years."
  400. >How long does it take you to give up the hope that someone will return?
  401. >Did they have a symbolic funeral?
  402. >How is Dad doing now that I'm gone too...
  403. >Steps.
  404. >Wait...
  405. >Steps! These are steps of multiple ponies!
  406. >You stand up and grope your way towards the door. And place your ear at it.
  407. >"Wa..."
  408. >>"Un..."
  409. >"Dn..."
  410. >Silence.
  413. >>"Aufmachen." [spoiler]Open the door![/spoiler]
  414. >You almost forgot... german...
  415. >>>"Wach auf du BESTIE!" [spoiler]Wake up you beast.[/spoiler]
  416. >BAM!
  417. >A loud hit at the metal door almost throws you off your feet.
  418. "AAAAH FUCK!!!"
  419. >You reach for ear. IT HURTS.
  420. >>>"Scheint als ob es wach ist." [spoiler]Seems like it's awake.[/spoiler]
  421. >With a loud screech the heavy metal door opens.
  422. >The screeching is muffled on your right ear.
  423. "If you want me dead fucking do it already!"
  424. >Light floods your cell.
  425. >You cover your eyes, which have trouble to adjust to the sudden brightness.
  426. >Well maybe you shouldn't have...
  427. >>"Hello Anonymous."
  428. >Aryannes voice.
  429. >"Guten Morgen, Sonnenschein!" [spoiler]Good morning. sunshine[/spoiler]
  430. >You hate Franziska, hate, hate, hate her. Why must she be so damn happy?
  431. >Your hand stretches out to cover the lightource and betwen you fingers you can make out the face of both of them.
  432. >Aryanne shows no emotion, just stares at you, and Franziska has this creepy smile.
  433. >"Ich kann's kaum erwarten." [spoiler]I can hardly wait[/spoiler]
  434. >>"You vill follow us. Now!"
  435. >It's the first time you have been stared down by somebody half your size...
  436. "Alright!"
  437. >Getting up your feet you get out of your cell.
  438. >Three armed guards and these two white pones.
  439. >Those two lead the way and the other three walk behind you, through the corridor.
  440. >"Das ist so aufregend!" [spoiler]This is so exciting[/spoiler]
  442. >>"Ich will erst mehr über ihn erfahren, wer weiß?" [spoiler]First I want to know more about him. You never know.[/spoiler]
  443. >"Vertraust du ihm?" [spoiler]Do you trúst him?[/spoiler]
  444. >Aryanne looks over to Franziska for a moment, still walking the the hallways.
  445. >>"Natürlich nicht. Aber vieleicht kann er nützlich sein." [spoiler]Of course not. But he may be useful.[/spoiler]
  446. >You pass door, guards at each side.
  447. >"Das ist er auf jeden fall.", Franziska says with a chuckle. [spoiler]That's for sure.[/spoiler]
  448. >Whatever it is this can't be good. Stupid horse bitch cunt...
  449. >with a sigh Aryanne replies
  450. >>"Wenn er es versaut, gehört er ganz dir." [spoiler]If he blows it, he's yours.[/spoiler]
  451. >Franziska looks over her shoulder whith a smile
  452. >And a shiver runs down your spine
  453. >After you pass the next door the walls change from grey concrete to white paint.
  454. >It looks like some hostital corridor.
  455. >You stop.
  456. "You are not going to strap me onto some medical table again are you?"
  457. >The mares stop.
  458. >"Was hat er gesagt?" [spoiler]Tell me, what did he say?[/spoiler]
  459. >Aryanne turns around.
  460. >>"I said you vill follow me."
  461. >You don't really have a choice but still you hesitate.
  462. >Whatever this is this is not going well.
  463. "If you are going to kill me, why don't you do it right now!? I'm tired of this shit!"
  464. >"Was ist denn Aryanne?", Franziska says with a worried look on her face. [spoiler]What's wrong?[/spoiler]
  465. >Aryanne gives Franziska a mean stare
  466. >>"Ihm scheint die Behandlung bisher nicht besonders gefallen zu haben..." [spoiler]Seems like he isn't pleased with our hospitality.[/spoiler]
  467. >"Hehe..."
  468. >Fuck your hehe
  469. >Now Aryanne slowly walks towards you
  470. >And for split second you see something that could be a faint smile
  471. >>"You are hungry right?"
  473. >"You are hungry, right?"
  474. >A dull sensation in your stomach area makes you feel unwell.
  475. >It must have been days since you ate something.
  476. >You take a look around. Three armed guards in your back and those two infront of you.
  477. >No chance of winning a fight.
  478. >Even if you would, they are not the only ones here.
  479. >And you have no idea how to escape this place.
  480. >From what you have seen so far it must be huge.
  481. >You sigh.
  482. >And slowly walk forward.
  483. >"Zis iz the right choice, Anon," Aryanne says with a nod.
  484. >She turns around and starts to lead the way again.
  485. >>"Hast du das gesehen?", Franziska asks Aryanne with exitement, "beeindruckend!" [spoiler]Did you see that? Impressive![/spoiler]
  486. >"Scheint als ob sein Verstand doch noch intakt ist." [spoiler]Seems like his mind is still intakt.[/spoiler]
  487. >>"Das macht ihn umso interessanter!" [spoiler]That makes him even more interesting.[/spoiler]
  488. >"Und umso gefährlicher." [spoiler]And even more dangerious.[/spoiler]
  489. >>"Die Frage ist nur für wen." [spoiler]For whom?[/spoiler]
  490. >You can hear Aryanne chuckle as she continues to lead your group through the corridors of this place.
  491. >Now they are making fun of you.
  492. >The food better be good.
  493. >But Aryanne seems happy, for the first time. This gives you a spark of hope.
  494. >The problem is that Franziska is happy too, and that means something bad, judging from your past experiences.
  498. >Not that Aryanne was much kinder towards you, but you laughed at her, and that has proven to be a bad idea.
  499. >You coninue your walk through the corridors of this place until you reach a large and solid wooden door.
  500. >Aryanne opens it and the three of you walk in.
  501. >A large room with a tiled floor and walls. The windows are high and cross-barred.
  502. >A mix between an examination room and a prison. A long table with two benches, drawers, tools, papers.
  503. >There is a drainage in the floor next to what seems to be a shower.
  504. >Aryannes voice gives commands in the back, "Ihr beide steht wache. Du, hol den Wagen." [spoiler]You both stand guard. You, get the cart.[/spoiler]
  505. >>>"Jawohl!" thee voices shout in unison.
  506. >And the door closes behind you.
  507. >"Would you like to take a shower vile we wait for ze food?"
  508. >Oh yes!
  509. >But this room is still odd and the combination of the words "shower" and "german" make you uneasy.
  510. "I..."
  511. >You turn around to search Aryannes face for hints. Impatience is the only one you find.
  512. >Franziska is grinning like a madman.
  513. >Your gaze wanders back to the shower. It's open with a curtain.
  514. "... ehh, yes, I guess so."
  515. >"There iz clothing for you on ze rack, next to ze shower."
  516. >And with this she trots over to the table and sits down.
  517. >You walk over there and pull the curtain before you undress.
  518. >The shower head is barely on head level.
  519. >You fiddle with the knobs, designed for ponys, and on pony level until warm water hits you skin.
  520. "ooohhhh."
  521. >The first warm shower in weeks.
  522. >You wait for a while, letting the warm water run down your body, before you start to clean yourself.
  523. >You have to bend and turn around to-
  524. "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
  525. >Franziska!
  526. >You cover yourself.
  527. >Shes staring at you.
  528. "Get out you creep!"
  529. >>"Oh, warum denn so schüchtern?" [spoiler]Why so shy?[/spoiler]
  530. >Not knowing what to do, you wave her away.
  531. "Go away!" you say as clear as possible.
  532. >>Fraziska hangs her head and retracts it from unter the curtain, "Schon gut, Prinzessin..." [spoiler]Alright, princess...[/spoiler]
  533. "Is some fucking privacy to much to ask?"
  534. >You finish quickly and towel yourself, take the cloth from the rack and dress.
  535. >They fit quite good.
  536. >When did they...
  537. >The scent!
  538. >You walk past the curtain and see the two mares sitting at the table, on the other side of the table there is FOOD!
  539. >You haste there and sit down.
  540. >Potatoes, friend eggs and kohlrabies.
  541. >You give a questioning look to Aryanne.
  542. >"Go ahead."
  543. >Taking the fork you pick up the first potato and bring to your mouth.
  544. >Even they taste great.
  545. >"Hunger ist ein guter Koch." [spoiler]Hunger is a first-rate cook.[/spoiler]
  546. "I beg your pardon?"
  547. >Aryanne shakes her head, and looks at your plate.
  548. >"Franziska zaid you might be a carnivore. We don't serve meat but I hope zis is good enough."
  549. >You can't stop yourself from giving Franziska a glare.
  550. "This is perfect, thank you."
  551. >Aryanne chuckles.
  552. >"You hav to excuse her, her curiosity sometimes gets ze better of her."
  553. >Between bites you reply with a grumbled, "Ah ha."
  554. >Aryanne leans forward a bit.
  555. >"Now, do you have any idea vy we treated you as we did?"
  556. >While you swallow the food you place the fork on the table.
  557. "Well, I'm a strange creature that crossed your border."
  558. >Franziska just watches you, Aryanne doesn't look like she is happy with your answer.
  559. >"And?"
  560. "I, eh, might be a spy, or agressor or something."
  561. >"Yes."
  562. >She leans back.
  563. >"We checked your story, most if it seems to be true."
  564. >She pauses for a moment.
  565. >"But some zings don't make any sense."
  566. >Here we go again...
  567. >They can't let you go as long as they don't trust you.
  568. >Aryanne sniffed out your lie the last time you spoke.
  569. >But the truth is more unrealistic than any lie.
  570. >And sharing your knowledge with these ponies does not seem like a very good idea.
  573. >Aryanne face gets more serious.
  574. >"You are hiding somezing, and we can't let you go until you tell us everything."
  575. >>"Hast du ihn schon gefragt?", Franziska asks slighty bored by a conversation she doesn't understand.
  576. >Aryanne takes a deep breath, "Noch nicht."
  578. >You are still eating.
  579. >Aryanne is busy with Franziska.
  580. >Talking about something you can't understand.
  581. >A pleasurable occasion.
  582. >Just you, the meal, and a high risk of getting killed if you don't think of a good explanation.
  583. >Thoughts of run through your mind.
  584. >Should you tell them of your world, of your version of Germany in WW2?
  585. >The knowledge you have from your world.
  586. >They would use it.
  587. >They don't know about all this.
  588. >You are just a potential thread.
  589. >But why don't they just get rid of you?
  590. >They already put a blade to your neck, drugged you and locked you away.
  591. >It's not like they wouldn't dare to kill you.
  592. >Could it be that they have sympathy for you?
  593. >You chuckle.
  594. >"Vat is so funny, Anon?", Aryanne asks with a serious tone.
  595. >Oh no. Nononono.
  596. "I'm sorry, I wasn't laughing at you!"
  597. >She doesn't look angry, maybe a bit confused.
  598. >Then she turns back to Franziska.
  599. >Okay you laughed and didn't get tackled, this is going great so far.
  600. >Still, the question remains, why do they treat you that *nice* now.
  601. >Food, a shower, a actual conversation.
  602. >Your dad always said that the more serious the situation the more calm you have to be.
  603. >Panicking won't solve any problems.
  604. >So you finish your meal. It might be the last.
  605. >You close your eyes.
  606. >You take a deep breath.
  607. >And you exhale slowly.
  608. >She said she wanted the truth.
  609. "Aryanne."
  610. >The two ponies in front of you stop their conversation.
  611. >"Vat iz it Anonymous?", Aryanne asks with a serious tone.
  612. >Franziska looks at you with wide eyes.
  613. >She won't understand anyway...
  614. >You scratch your chin and look down at the empty plate before you.
  615. >Why is she even here?
  616. >A table, a drainage and tools.
  617. >You shudder at the thought of what she could be up to.
  618. "Here we go...," you whisper to yourself.
  619. >"I didn't understand zat."
  620. >Slightly shaking your head your reply, "You want the truth, right?"
  621. >You raise your head to look into her eyes.
  622. >The mare gives a little nod.
  623. "I have secrets, and I won't tell them."
  624. >Aryanne looks a bit disappointed and turns to Franziska, giving her a simple nod.
  625. >You stand up and smash your hands on the table.
  626. "Hear me out!"
  627. >Franziska almost jumps up and her smile turns into a worried frown.
  628. >Aryanne just stares at you.
  629. "I won't tell you because I don't trust you!"
  630. "I was kicked, cut, drugged, beaten, and locked away!"
  631. >"Yes."
  632. >Baffled you sit down again.
  633. >You rest your head on your left hand. With the right you gesture over to her.
  634. "I can see why you did that, I guess I understand your reasoning."
  635. >Moving your hand back to your chest you continue.
  636. "But you should also be able to understand me too."
  637. "I can tell you one thing though and it IS the truth."
  638. >You bow forward and look directly into her big blue eyes.
  639. "I have no ties to anyone and I am no danger to you or your country! I am just a traveler, nothing more."
  640. >Franziska gets closer to Aryanne, still watching you.
  641. >>"Aryanne, was ist?" she whispers. [spoiler]What gives?[/spoiler]
  642. >Aryanne just raises a hoof, not breaking eye contact.
  643. >Franziska leans back again and Aryanne lower the hoof again.
  644. >There is silence.
  645. >The time seems to have stopped as you look at each other.
  646. >You stare at her into her eyes.
  647. >She stares at you not moving a muscle.
  648. >"Vere do you intend to go?"
  649. >After throwing your head back you take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  650. >Hand pressing at your forehead and eyes.
  651. "I have no absolutely no idea. I'm alone and there is no place I belong so I just keep traveling."
  652. >"Vat are you searching for?"
  653. >You raise yourself up and look back at her.
  654. >The stern expression faded.
  655. "I don't know," you say as your view wanders down the empty plate in front of you.
  656. >Nothing happens for a moment as you await your final judgment.
  657. >That wasn't a very good performance.
  658. >At least you had your last supper.
  659. >And you down with a clean conscience.
  660. >Almost.
  661. >You should have asked for meat.
  662. >And you should have spend more time with your dad.
  663. >It must have been rough for him too.
  664. >A sigh escapes your lips.
  665. "We can't let you go."
  666. >You are not even looking up as you speak, "could you make it painless at-"
  667. "We vill move you to a different accommodation, where you vill be put under observation."
  668. >Yanking your head up you eyeball her in disbelief.
  669. "You vill follow our orders and we vill zee what to do with you."
  670. >Does she look sad?
  671. >You compress your eyes for a second.
  672. >Must have been your imagination.
  673. >>"Aryanne? Was hat das zu bedeuten?", Franziska asks puzzled. [spoiler]What is the meaning of this?[/spoiler]
  674. >You don't need to know german to get that.
  675. >For the first time you and Franziska think alike.
  676. >"Your new quarter will be ready in a few days. Until zen you will remain in your cell."
  677. "I, uhm" unable to find the right words you just add, "okay."
  678. >Aryanne turns to Franziska.
  679. "Er kriegt eine weitere chance." [spoiler]He gets another chance.[/spoiler]
  680. >>"Was machen wir mit ihm?" [spoiler]What are we going to do with him?[/spoiler]
  681. >Unable to comprehend their talk or the situation you just listen.
  682. >"Er kommt ins Herrenhaus." [spoiler]We will put him into the mansion[/spoiler]
  683. >Franziska eyes go wide.
  684. >"WAS!?" [spoiler]WHAT!?[/spoiler]
  685. >You try hide your grin.
  686. >Take that bitch!
  687. >Aryanne gives you a withering glance.
  688. >And as fast as the it appeared it leaves your face again.
  689. >Fuck.
  690. >"Beruhige dich Franziska, wir haben Zeit." [spoiler]Calm down Franziska, we have time.[/spoiler]
  691. >>"Ja, aber warum dorthin!?" [spoiler]Yes, but why there?[/spoiler]
  692. >"Ganz einfach, ich kann ihn dort beobachten, ihn testen, und vieleicht..." [spoiler]That's easy I want to watch him, test him and maybe...[/spoiler]
  693. >Franziska huffs.
  694. >>"Na gut, vieleicht krieg' ich ja noch was aus ihm raus." [spoiler]Alright, maybe I can get something out of him.[/spoiler]
  695. >Aryanne gives her a smile.
  696. >"Vieleicht kann er dir ja sogar helfen." [spoiler]Maybe he help you.[/spoiler]
  697. >>"Der? Das bezweifel ich." [spoiler]Him? I doubt that.[/spoiler]
  698. >"Wir werden sehen." [spoiler]We'll see.[/spoiler]
  699. >She turns towards the door.
  700. >"Wachen!" [spoiler]Guards![/spoiler]
  701. >The door opens and the three guards step in.
  702. >"Eskortiert ihn zu seiner Zelle." [spoiler]Eskort him to his cell.[/spoiler]
  703. >>>"Jawohl!" Three voices shout in unison.
  704. >She turns back towards you.
  705. >"Go."
  706. >You oblige.
  707. >"Aufwiedersehen, Anon." [spoiler]Until we meet again, Anon.[/spoiler]
  708. >Turning around you look at her and nod before you step into the corridor.
  709. >The door closes behind you and one of the guards leads the way while the other two walk behind you.
  710. >It takes a few moments for you to reach the cell block again.
  711. >When you arrive the door to your cell is still open.
  712. >The guard who lead the way moves to the door.
  713. >With a quick move of his head he point towards the cell.
  714. >You sigh.
  715. >Was this the right decision?
  716. >Slowly you step forward into the darkness of the cell.
  717. >And the door closes behind you.
  719. >The door opens with a loud screech and light floods the cell.
  720. >You already had your walk today.
  721. >Five armed guards stare at you.
  722. "It's time, huh?"
  723. >For three days you have been locked away.
  724. >You can tell because your stay was interrupted by daily meals and short walks on the compound.
  725. >Always guarded, pushed around and watched.
  726. >Still a not insignificant improvement.
  727. >"Steh auf, Affe, du wirst verlegt!" [spoiler]Get up, Monkey! You are going to be relocated.[/spoiler]
  728. >Their tone though stayed the same.
  729. >Slowly you get up and stretch.
  730. >Moving around really helped with the pain in your joints.
  731. >As you step towards to the open door one unicorn, a big white stallion with gray hair, raises a hoof.
  732. >You stop.
  733. >With an devilish grin he levitates a knife before him.
  734. >"Wenn du *irgendetwas* versuchst wirst du sterben." [spoiler]Any funny buisness and you are going to die.[/spoiler]
  735. "Yeah, yeah, I'm happy to see you too."
  736. >Sheathing his weapon he turns around.
  737. >With the big white leading the way, two guards in front of you and two behind you, you start to walk.
  738. >Towards your new...
  739. >Whatever.
  740. >You walk for minutes, the only sound being the clip-clop of hooves on concrete floor.
  741. >When you reach what seems to be the main entrance you can see ponies in groups jogging.
  742. >Large carts with materials being moved around.
  743. >Ponies shouting.
  744. >As you group moves by everyone seems to be staring at you.
  745. >Once your ground stop at the main gate there is some discussion between the leader of your group and the watchman.
  746. >You take the time to turn around and watch facility.
  747. >Fucking huge.
  748. >Warehouses, offices, barracks...
  749. Spotting at least fifty pegasy in the air a "Holy shit!" escapes your lips.
  750. >You get pushed.
  751. "Beweg dich!" [spoiler]Move it![/spoiler]
  753. >The harsh pressure against your leg ends your observation abruptly, almost throwing you off your feet.
  754. "Alright, goddammit!"
  755. Turning around you add, "Asshole."
  756. >Speaking a different language has it perks.
  757. >Pain spread through your leg as you are shoved forward, falling on your knees.
  758. >"Halt's Maul und beweg dich! Hier wird nicht geredet!" [spoiler]Shut up and move! No talking![/spoiler]
  759. "Fu-"
  760. >You inhale deeply before getting up to your feet again.
  761. >Fucking ponies!
  762. >As the bar is raised in front of you, you get up onto your feed again.
  763. >And your groups starts to move.
  764. >Following a road and then the next and an other...
  765. >None of your *companions* talk as you walk past fields.
  766. >Your are getting thirsty when you cross a bridge crossing a small stream.
  767. >Your your feet start to hurt as you walk through a forest.
  768. >If these assholes would at least talk among themselves on this trip...
  769. >You start to groan but stop midway.
  770. >These assholes might beat you up for this shit...
  771. >Following the the road you let your gaze wonder.
  772. >Trees. Trees as far as you can see.
  773. >Maybe you could run?
  774. >You shake your head as if you had to convince yourself that it would be a bad idea.
  775. >You are going to die soon enough.
  776. >Being stabbed in the forest doesn't sound a like a solid plan.
  777. >So you continue your walk for what seems to be hours.
  778. >Until the forest thins down.
  779. >Something red catches your eye between the leaves, branches and trunks.
  780. >There is a large brick house... more a mansion than a house.
  781. >Two guards standing in front.
  782. >Oh yes! An opportunity to sit!
  783. >As you come closer you see. It *is* a mansion. Bright red brick stones, large windows and the wooden parts painted white.
  784. "Holy-"
  785. >You stop yourself from continuing.
  786. >Baffled, your eyes follow the route of the road.
  787. >Nope nothing else in sight.
  788. >Can't be...
  790. >Your group moves to the entrance.
  791. >This can't be your "accommodation".
  792. >Walking towards the front door your group stops.
  793. >The big white unicorn salutes, shouting "Überstelle den Gefangenen!" [spoiler]Commiting the prisoner.[/spoiler]
  794. >The two guards return the salute.
  795. >One moves to the door and opens it.
  796. >>He looks into your eyes and says "Geh rein, Bestie..." [spoiler]Get inside, Beast[/spoiler]
  797. >>Then he turns towards your group, "Gute Arbeit! Wegtreten." [spoiler]Good job! Dismissed.[/spoiler]
  798. >The soldiers that brought you here give a salute before they turn around and walk back into the direction you came from.
  799. "Uhm..."
  800. >>"Muss ich dir Beine machen?" he asks, glaring at you. [spoiler]Do I need to make you get a move on?[/spoiler]
  801. >You step forward and get inside.
  802. >A large room, with stairs in front of you. Red carpet on parquet, chandeliers, and large windows.
  803. >You hear the large wooden door close behind you.
  804. >The soldier walks in front of you.
  805. >He points his hoof to a spot right in front of the carpet. Only a few feet away from you.
  806. >>"Du wirst hier warten, verstanden?" [spoiler]You are going to wait here. Do you understand?[/spoiler]
  807. "Yeah I guess I'll just wait right here."
  808. >He takes 2 steps forward, closer to you.
  809. >And smashes his hoof on the ground.
  810. >>"Du wartest *genau* hier!" [spoiler]You going to wait exactly here![/spoiler]
  811. >You can't help but flinch at his outburst.
  812. >He stares at you, not moving his hoof.
  813. "Alright," you move 2 steps forward, standing directly in front of him, "are you happy now?"
  814. >Not impressed by your height he keeps eye contact.
  815. >He waits a moment before he turns away, as if to be sure you understood.
  816. >Then he climbs the stairs and disappear in the hallways of the second floor.
  817. >Waiting again...
  818. "Fuck."
  819. >The urge to snoop around rises with every minute you wait.
  820. >Your feet still hurt.
  821. >Maybe you could sit down right here...
  822. >Or maybe you'd like an afternoon without being punched.
  823. >You have made it all the way to this place with only being kicked in the back one time.
  824. You sigh and mumble a "Fucking ponies..." under your breath.
  825. >Shifting you weight from one leg to the other you turn around on spot.
  826. >A glass vase with red flowers on small table next to the door.
  827. >No pictures on the walls.
  828. >Occasional tables of solid wood, clean and empty on the walls.
  829. >Hallways, doors and windows.
  830. >You shift your eight to the other leg again and slouch you shoulders.
  831. >If there was something you could do...
  832. >Something you could think about...
  833. >Or even hum a fucking melody...
  834. >But your mind is blank.
  835. >You start to stretch a bit.
  836. "Hnnnnnn."
  837. >But then you hear steps.
  838. >You turn around and your eyes dart along the handrails of the second flor.
  839. >A white mare walks towards the stairs and then down a few steppings.
  840. >"I zee you have arrived."
  841. >Aryanne.
  843. "Yeah I just got here some twenty-" you shake you head slightly "-uhh a few moments ago."
  844. >"Huh," Aryanne looks away for a second before returning her gaze to you, "come wiz me."
  845. >She turns around and climbs back up.
  846. >Reaching the second floor again she stops for a moment to look back at you.
  847. >Oh right...
  848. >Your feet, still aching a bit, carry you up to the second floor where Aryanne turns left.
  849. >You follow her into the dimly lit hallway.
  850. >There are no guards to be seen and she doesn't even wear her uniform.
  851. >There are questions lingering in your mind but past experiences taught you to wait for orders.
  852. >After all you are still a prisoner.
  853. >And the white little pony that walks in front of you is far more dangerous than she looks.
  854. >The both of you head down the corridor until it crosses an other one.
  855. >Fuck this place is huge.
  856. >Aryanne turns right.
  857. >You can see bright light at the end of it.
  858. >Following the path you arrive at a broad hallway that leads to your left.
  859. >Light floods the hallway through large window facade.
  860. >Looking through it you can see the garden on the backside of the mansion along with a large court.
  861. >On the other side there are are doors to 4 rooms.
  862. >An occasional table marks the end of the hallway.
  863. >"Anon," the distinct sound of a being pushed down, "zis is your room."
  864. "I-I beg your pardon?"
  865. >"Get over here."
  866. >A little anxious you walk up to her. It the third door on the left.
  867. >Looking through the opened door you see a rather large room.
  868. >Pieces of the furniture looks new, out of place next to the older ones, partly because of their size.
  869. >"After you."
  870. "What?"
  871. >"Go in Anon," the little mare looks up to you, a hint or irritation oh her face, "into zis room."
  872. "Ohh, yes..."
  873. >You get inside the room.
  874. >The door to the bathroom is open. It looks like there have been alterations made to it recently.
  875. >The bed in the room is your size.
  880. "Uhm..."
  881. >"Vat iz it?"
  882. "So this is *my* room?"
  883. >"Yes."
  884. "I'm a little bit confused," you say while you look around the room, "this is is quite the upgrade."
  885. >"Maybe, but Anon..."
  886. >You turn around to face her. She is looking at you with a stern expression.
  887. >"You know vat happens if you try somezing funny, right?"
  888. "...yes..."
  889. >"Okay eat somezing and get some strength, you will need it."
  890. >Is that a warning or consideration?
  891. >"Bis morgen, Anon."
  892. >What?
  893. "Yeah, uh, see you around I guess, maybe..."
  894. >Aryanne turns around and leaves the room, which leaves you dumbfounded in your new "accommodation."
  895. >You wait a moment before you get back to the door. It's unlocked!
  896. "Ooooohkay..."
  897. >Technically you could leave the room, maybe even the mansion...
  898. >The window is not cross-bared. You could sneak out at night.
  899. >But you got shot down at the border and now you are somewhere in their territory.
  900. >You said you'd play along and this is *WAY* better than the cell or Franziskas lab.
  901. >You take a apple out of the bowl that is resting on the table.
  902. >Munching it you open the various cupboards, cabinets and the wardrobe.
  903. >It is full of clothes, human clothes.
  904. "Guess they must have taken my measurements when I was unconscious..."
  905. >Still a lot of trouble for a prisoner.
  906. "Guess I'll go with the flow for now."
  907. >You take a shower in the bathroom and lay down on the bed.
  908. >Giving a yawn you make yourself comfortable.
  909. "Fucking ponies..."
  911. >You wake up to banging on the door.
  912. >The room is still dark. It must be the middle of the night.
  913. Squeezing you eyes shut you grumble a "Come in."
  914. >Aryanee comes through the door.
  915. >"Good Morning. I expect you in the main hall in twenty minutes."
  916. >And she is gone.
  917. >Your rub your face with both hands.
  918. "Fuck."
  919. >You do your morning business and fix your bed before you make your way to the main hall.
  920. >Aryanne is already waiting.
  921. Resisting the urge to say something snarky you just say "Good Morning."
  922. >"Come wiz me we got a lot to do."
  923. "Aryanne, wait, what are we going to do?"
  924. >"We vill test you."
  925. >Fuck it is to early for this shit.
  926. "Test?"
  927. >"Yes," she says while heading of into one of the corridors.
  928. "What kind of test?"
  929. >"There vill be various ones strength, endurance, adaptation..." she says, still leading the way in this maze of a mansion.
  930. >Holy shit you actually got an answer you can work with!
  931. >After a short while you reach the basement.
  932. >When you reach a heavy metal door she stops for a moment and looks at your face before she opens it.
  933. >Light floods the dark basement hallway.
  934. "Oh hell no!"
  935. >>"Guten Morgen, Sonnenschein!" [spoiler]Good morning, Sunshine[/spoiler]
  941. >Not averting your gaze from the white horror in front of you, you ask.
  942. "Are you kidding me?"
  943. >"No."
  944. "But-"
  945. >"Anon."
  946. >The tone of her voices forces your focus to shift to her.
  947. >"You will stay here," staring you down while walking closer she adds, "and you will do *exactly* as she says."
  948. >"If I get any complaint from Franziska..."
  949. >You take a step back as she draws closer.
  950. "Alright!"
  951. >"Good. I will pick you up in a few hours."
  952. >Hours?!
  953. >"Now get in."
  954. >And thus you enter the room.
  956. >"Hast du gut geschlafen? Wir haben eine Menge zu tun! Am besten wir fangen gleich an!" [spoiler]Did you sleep well? We have got a lot to do. We should get right to it.[/spoiler]
  957. "What?"
  958. >With a inviting move of her front leg she adds, "komm schon!" [spoiler]Come on![/spoiler]
  959. >You get on your knees to get on eye level with her.
  960. "You might not have noticed but I don't speak your language you crazy bitch."
  961. >She starts to grin from ear to ear and closes the distance.
  962. >"Wir werden viel spass miteinander haben," she says with her face so close you almost touch. [spoiler]We'll have a lot of fun together[/spoiler]
  963. >Then she turns around.
  964. >Her magic grip dragging you by the sleeve to the back of the room.
  965. >"Das wirst du nicht brauchen." [spoiler]You won't need that[/spoiler]
  966. >With a chuckle she takes your shirt off of you.
  967. "HEY!"
  968. >"Beschwer dich nicht, ich will muss dich genau beobachten." [spoiler]Stop complaining, I need to watch you.[/spoiler]
  969. "God, I hate you Franziska!"
  970. >She drags you to a cable machine.
  971. >"Fangen wir mit Stärke an..." [spoiler]Lets start with strength[/spoiler]
  972. >After that Franziska drags you through the laboratory for hours.
  973. >Tests of strength and endurance, math tests, dexterity...
  974. >Throwing balls at you to see if you can catch or parry them.
  975. >Exposing you to heat and cold.
  976. >She is almost ecstatic as you have to use your fine motor skills.
  977. >Always taking notes.
  978. >Her eyes resting on you all the time, like she wouldn't want to miss even one of your movements.
  979. >Always making some "Ahhh" or "ooohh" noises.
  980. >The creepy grin not leaving her face once.
  981. >You throw insult at her from time to time, which she quite frankly ignores, but somehow it makes you feel a bit better.
  982. >"Sooo kommen wir zum letzen Test," she says, dragging you behind with her eyes fixed on her clipboard. [spoiler]Lets get to the last test.[/spoiler]
  983. >When you are forced to sit at a table with medical tools a cold chill runs down your spine.
  984. "Oh hell no!"
  985. >Moving your head she looks at the wound you received when they first caught you.
  986. >Stretching and compressing your skin her eyes wander between the spot and your eyes.
  987. >Franziska looks deep into your eyes.
  988. >"Das könnte ein wenig unangenehm werden." [spoiler]This might be a little bit unpleasant[/spoiler]
  989. >You can feel your hand being pulled forward and your fingers being spread.
  990. "AAAARRGH".
  991. >Searing pain rushes through your fingers as she penetrates you finger tips with a sharp needle.
  992. "Fuck!"
  993. >You try try to pull your hand away but her magic grip keeps it locked on the table.
  994. "Let go you fucking cunt!"
  995. >Inserting the needle into various spots on your hand she takes notes while you write in pain.
  996. >With a loud bang the door flies open.
  997. >>"FRANZISKA!!"
  998. >"Ohh Aryanne, du bist ein bischen früh." [spoiler]Oh, Aryanne, you are a bit early[/spoiler]
  999. >Still in panic you try to pull your hand from her magic grip while the need pierces your skin at multiple locations.
  1000. >>"Stop! Hör auf damit!" [spoiler]Stop it![/spoiler]
  1001. >With an annoyed look on her face she replies, "naaaa gut..." [spoiler]ooookay[/spoiler]
  1002. >As her grip vanishes you are send flying backwards by your own pull.
  1003. >Glass shatters behind you as your back slams into table.
  1004. >Aryanne storms towards Franziska and starts to bark at her.
  1005. >>"Ich hab dir gesagt du sollst Rücksicht auf ihn nehmen!" [spoiler]I told you to be considerate![/spoiler]
  1006. >"Das hab ich!" [spoiler]I was![/spoiler]
  1007. >With a groan Aryanne turns to you.
  1008. >>"Are you okay Anon?", she asks with a worried look on her face.
  1009. >You stretch you bleeding hand towards her. Blood dripping on the floor.
  1010. "Does this look okay to you!?"
  1011. >>"Franziska!"
  1012. >"Du wirst es nicht glauben, es ist einfach erstaunlich! Er wär ein perfekter Soldat!" [spoiler]You won't believe it, he would be a perfect soldier![/spoiler]
  1013. >>"Ein Soldat der gegen UNS kämpft wenn du so weiter machst!" [spoiler]A soldier who fights US if you continue that way![/spoiler]
  1014. >Franziskas eyes start to shine as she replies, "dann könnte ich seine Kampffähigkeiten beobachten!" [spoiler]Then I could observe his combat abbilitys![/spoiler]
  1015. >Aryanne groans.
  1016. >>"Das hatte ich sowieso vor!" [spoiler]I wanted to do that anyway![/spoiler]
  1017. >"Fantastisch!"
  1018. >You stand and move towards that psycho.
  1019. "I'm going to kill that crazy bitch!"
  1020. >>"ANON!" Aryannes voice echos through the lab.
  1021. >>"Let it go!"
  1022. Exhaling a sharp breath through your teeth you shout "FINE!" and turn around.
  1023. >"Warte ich brauch sein Blut!" [spoiler][/spoiler]
  1024. >>You hear Aryanne sigh behind your back, "Anon."
  1025. pissed you turn around, "What!?"
  1026. >Aryanne hesitates a moment before she says "We need blood samples", a little remorse in her voice.
  1027. >You walk towards the table grab a few vials and squeeze your hand.
  1028. >Blood drips into them before you smash them onto the table.
  1029. "Here you go!"
  1030. >You rush out of the room.
  1031. >You don't know where you are going.
  1032. >Just away from here.
  1044. >You sit under the stairs.
  1045. >Sobbing.
  1046. >Why on earth did you have to be sent here?
  1047. >What have you done that justifies this?
  1048. >Haven't you helped enough elderly people?
  1049. >Have you been unfriendly to some strangers?
  1050. "Fuck these ponies..."
  1051. >You are covering you hand, blood dripping down on the floor along some tears.
  1052. "Dad..."
  1053. >All you want is to go home...
  1054. >It's been two years and all you wanted is to go home.
  1055. >You didn't ask for this.
  1056. >Why the hell have you been sent here?
  1057. >"Anon"
  1058. >Aryanne's voice.
  1059. >You don't answer.
  1060. >Go away you stupid horse...
  1061. >"I know you are here."
  1062. >The clip clop of hooves on concrete come closer.
  1063. >You don't want to talk to her.
  1064. >All you want is to go home...
  1065. >"There you are."
  1066. >You inhale deeply through your nostrils.
  1067. "How did you find me?"
  1068. >"The blood."
  1069. "Huh."
  1070. >"And the smell."
  1071. >You shake your head.
  1072. "Why don't you leave me alone?"
  1073. >"Franziska may have gone a little overboard."
  1074. >You look at her, her figure covered in the shadow of the basement.
  1075. "A little?"
  1076. >"Let me zee your hand," she says while closing in on you.
  1077. >She takes a bandage out of the front pocket of her uniform and starts to bandage your hand.
  1078. >"You know, Franziska isn't *that* bad once you get to know her."
  1079. >You chuckle.
  1080. "Yeah... of course..."
  1081. >Softly she starts to wrap the bandage around your hand.
  1082. "I didn't know you could be so gentle."
  1083. >Aryanne raises her eyes from your hand.
  1084. >"I don't know what you think about us but you may have not seen all there is to our people."
  1088. >You are Aryanne.
  1089. >Your hooves careful apply the bandages to his claw.
  1090. >But your mind is wanders, reflects on what happened from the moment a strange being was sighted at the southern border.
  1091. >You gave him time to cool off after he stormed out of the lab, but rather than angry he seems sad.
  1092. >She has gone to far.
  1093. >A dangerous fiend, but he behaves himself around you.
  1094. >Is this worth all the trouble?
  1095. >You have had the execution order on your table multiple times, but you hesitated, you didn't sign it.
  1096. >Why?
  1097. >If he is dead there is no harm he can do and no trouble for you.
  1098. >You have enough to worry about.
  1099. >She will come soon. And war might follow in her path.
  1100. >You have to protect your people from-
  1101. >"Hey, you are hurting me!"
  1102. "Entschuldigung."
  1103. >"Err what?"
  1104. "I said I'm..."
  1105. >You shake your head.
  1106. "Hold still."
  1107. >You look at his eyes for a split second before you glance at his shoulder.
  1108. >He hasn't even realized the cuts Franzi gave him there.
  1109. >When he is in the combat mode his pain resistance rises.
  1110. >The way she does things isn't right but she delivers result.
  1111. >If she could see past the science just a little bit.
  1112. >A small sigh escapes your lips.
  1113. >This strange creature, it just doesn't make sense.
  1114. >How can he be the only one of his kind when his reproductive organs work similar to the ones of ponies?
  1115. >He knows something, and he lied.
  1116. >How can he recognize things when he has never been here before?
  1117. >But he told the truth about the place he comes from.
  1118. >You begin to wrap the final layers around his hand.
  1119. "Anon, are you here to harm us?"
  1120. >Puzzled he looks at you.
  1121. >"Who has done harm to whom here?"
  1122. >Not satisfied with the answer you don't break eye contact.
  1123. >He moves his head away a little and says "I am here to harm Franziska, thats for sure..."
  1124. >You keep staring.
  1125. >A little nervous he looks away before he says "No."
  1126. >You know it is the truth.
  1127. "For the next tests-"
  1128. >"You are kidding me right!?"
  1129. >You shoot him a glare.
  1130. "I think ve can postpone them until tommorrow...”
  1134. >The warmth of the first sunlight gently wakes you up.
  1135. >A little sleepy you tumble inside the bathroom.
  1136. >After taking off the bandage Aryanne has put on your right hand and careful wash your hands and face.
  1137. >You have always been an early bird but it is odd that you haven't been woken by knocks on the door.
  1138. >The rest of the last day you spend your time cursing Mengele-pony and licking your wounds in your room.
  1139. >You grumble as you look at all the fresh cuts on your hand.
  1140. >Fucking ponies...
  1141. >After finishing your morning routine you make your bed and sit down at the table.
  1142. >There is no knocking.
  1143. >After grabbing an apple from the bowl and eating it there is still no knocking.
  1144. >You walk up and down your room.
  1145. "Fuck it."
  1146. >You leave your room and take a look through the large window facade.
  1147. >The first ponies are tending the garden, carrys boxes or walking on patrol.
  1148. >"Hey, du!" [spoiler]Hey, you![/spoiler]
  1149. >You look around, searching for the source of the unfamiliar voice.
  1150. >"Boaahhh bist du riesig!" [spoiler]You are huge![/spoiler]
  1151. >As you look down you see a little filly jump around your feet.
  1152. >A pegasus. Her coat as white as snow and a short blonde mane.
  1153. >She looks at you with a bright smile.
  1154. >"Ich bin Luftkrieg, wie heißt du?" [spoiler]I am Luftkrieg, what is your name?[/spoiler]
  1155. >Her radiant smile forces you to smile as well.
  1156. >You bow down to pet her.
  1157. "Hey there little one."
  1158. >Suddenly she jumps back.
  1159. >Her front lowered and wings spread in a aggressive posture.
  1160. >"Bist du ein bolshevik?" [spoiler]Are you a bolshevik?[/spoiler]
  1161. A little dumbstruck you reply "easy there..."
  1162. >And slowly raise your hands in the air
  1163. "I'm not going to hurt you."
  1164. >She watches you for a moment, her tails moving from left to right before she slowly creeps closer and sniffs at your leg.
  1165. >She pokes your leg a few times with her leg.
  1166. >"Du stinkst garnicht wie ein bolshevik!" [spoiler]You dont stink like one of them![/spoiler]
  1167. >The radiant smile returning to her little face she asks, "Wollen wir Freunde sein?" [spoiler]Do you want to be friends?[/spoiler]
  1168. >You can't help yourself but to chuckle.
  1169. "Whatever, little one."
  1170. >"Du redest aber komisch!" [spoiler]You are talking strange![/spoiler]
  1171. >She jumps around you poking your legs a few sides?
  1172. >"Wo kommst du her? Wie heist du?" [spoiler]Where are you from? What's your name?[/spoiler]
  1173. >Her eyes go wide in sudden realization.
  1174. >"Wollen wir fangen spielen?" [spoiler]Do you want to play catch?[/spoiler]
  1175. >She quickly taps your leg before jumping back.
  1176. "Du bist 's!" [spoiler]You're it![/spoiler]
  1178. >The little pegasi does a few little jumps from left to right, her wings flapping in between.
  1179. >"Komm schon! Du musst mich fangen!" [spoiler]Come one! You've got to catch me![/spoiler]
  1180. "Oh boy!"
  1181. >"Fang mich du Riese!" [spoiler]Catch me you giant![/spoiler]
  1182. >She keeps poking your legs with her hoof.
  1183. >While you look down at her, a little annoyed but you can't help to feel sympathy for the child.
  1184. >The game is on.
  1185. >When she tries to poke you again you drop to your knees and try to catch her.
  1186. >You don't go very fast to give the little girl a chance.
  1187. >With a jump back she escapes your hands and starts to scrunch immediately.
  1188. >"Hey! Das war unfair!" [spoiler]Hey! That's unfair![/spoiler]
  1189. >You stand up and give her a teasing smile while bowing forward.
  1190. "Your turn!"
  1191. >With a quick turn you start to distance yourself.
  1192. >A look over your shoulder reveals her angry little expression.
  1193. >"NA WARTE!" [spoiler]Just you wait![/spoiler]
  1194. >She chases you to the end of the corridor.
  1195. >Now "trapped" you raise your hands.
  1196. "Oh nooooo," you shout histrionic, "what am I going to do now?"
  1197. >The little filly prowls up to you.
  1198. >She jumps forward.
  1199. >Jumping from one leg to the other you escape her hoof.
  1200. >You sidestep a bit barely escaping her onslaught.
  1201. >When you almost make it past her she leaps forward, her little wings giving her the edge.
  1202. >"Hab dich!" [spoiler]Got'cha![/spoiler]
  1203. >Looking down at the little one, that reaches just a little over your knees you sign, you give her a smile.
  1204. >Then you raise your hands and claw your fingers.
  1205. >With excessive steps you close in on her while faking a crazy grin.
  1206. >"I am coming for you!"
  1207. >The Luftkrieg starts to flee screeching and laughing as you follow her with large steps.
  1208. >"Du kriegst mich nie," she shouts over her shoulder while she runs. [spoiler]You're never going to get me![/spoiler]
  1209. >You keep close to the right wall to make sure she won't run into th corridor that leads to the main hall.
  1210. >After chasing her around for a while and a few not very serious attempts to grab her you corner her at the end of the hallway.
  1211. >You have to admit she is agile for her size.
  1212. "I am coming for yoooouuuuu!"
  1213. >With a quick leap forward you catch the girl, landing roughly on the ground yourself.
  1214. >"Ahahahha h-hör auf," she squells. [spoiler]S-Stop[/spoiler]
  1215. "Ohhh no! Tickle attack!!!"
  1216. >The small thing is lying on her back as you tickle her, tears in her eyes from laughter.
  1217. "Thats what you get for messing with a human!"
  1218. >"S-Stop-" she says, disrupted by laughs, "du h-hast gewonnen!" [spoiler]You w-won[/spoiler]
  1219. >A harrumph behind you makes you freeze in your tracks.
  1222. >You slowly look over your shoulder while the little ponies laughter subsides.
  1223. >Aryanne stands there in her full uniform.
  1224. >Her expression is serious, yet there is no distinct emotion.
  1225. >She looks... distant
  1226. >Luftkrieg, lying on her back gives you a confused look.
  1227. >"Was ist?" [spoiler]What's up?[/spoiler]
  1228. >Her eyes wander to the Pony behind you.
  1229. >"Tante Aryanne!!" [spoiler]Auntie Aryanne[/spoiler]
  1230. >She gets back up to run up to the mare and gives her a hug.
  1231. >>"Ist alles, okay," she ask with a worried tone, "hat er dir irgendwas getan?" [spoiler]Is everything alright? Did he hurt you?[/spoiler]
  1232. >You stand up to face her and nervously scratch your neck.
  1233. >"Neeeeeeeiiin, der is mein neuer Freund! Wir haben fangen gespiel!" [spoiler]Naaaaah, he a new friend! We played catch![/spoiler]
  1234. >Aryanne hugs her tight.
  1235. >>"Okay, aber das muss ein Geheimnis zwischen uns sein, verstanden?" [spoiler]Okay, but we've got to keep this a secret, understood?[/spoiler]
  1236. >The little filly is baffled.
  1237. >"A-aber?" [spoiler]B-but?[/spoiler]
  1238. >>"Mein Liebling," she softly shakes her head, "wenn du das deiner Mama sagst kriegt er vielleicht Ärger." [spoiler]My dear, if you tell it to your mom he might get into trouble.[/spoiler]
  1239. >Luftkriegs jaw drops to the floor.
  1240. >Her view switches between you and Aryanne before she pushes out her chest and replies with a confident "Jawohl!"
  1241. >This draws a laugh from Aryanne.
  1242. >>"Braves Mädchen," she says nuzzling the filly, "nun geh zu deiner Mama, sieh müsste gleich wieder da sein." [spoiler]Good girl, now go to your mom, she should be here soon[/spoiler]
  1243. >And thus Luftkrieg storms off.
  1246. >Aryanne gives a relieved sigh before she returns to her stoic self.
  1247. >She locks eyes with you.
  1248. >"If you hurt her..."
  1249. "I am Not a monster."
  1250. >She examines you for a moment, her eyes sticking to the wounds on hand an shoulder.
  1251. >"You are lucky her mother didn't catch you."
  1252. A little confused, you can help yourself but to ask, "why? I did't do anything to her."
  1253. >Sighing, she replies, "Kyrie can be a little bit... overprotective."
  1254. "Huh."
  1255. >Her gaze wanders down.
  1256. >"And she not good wiz other *kinds*."
  1257. >You don't really like to think about the possible meaning of that so you shift the conversation to tasks at hand.
  1258. >"Ohhkay, What are you going to do to me today?"
  1259. >Shit.
  1260. >Shit shit shit!
  1261. >That might have been a little too offensive.
  1262. >She however just regained her typical posture.
  1263. >Step after step she comes closer, and a grin is starting to show on her face.
  1264. >The kind of grin you don't like.
  1265. >"Combat testing."
  1267. >A couple of moments later you fiend yourself on the big yard you have seen earlier from the window facade.
  1268. >It is solid ground, trodden in by countless hoof steps and not a single blade of grass is seen.
  1269. >The chalk lines dividing it into smaller areas and the numbers drawn on the ground make it resemble a football field.
  1270. >The benches, tables, gazebos and tents reinforce that impression.
  1271. >Pegasi are hoovering above the dry soil.
  1272. >A group of ponies of all races is doing laps accompanied by what seems to an officer or drill sergeant.
  1273. >On the side there are uniformed ponies, discussing at tables filled with documents.
  1274. >Their words sound harsh and angry.
  1275. >Most of them just glance at you before returning to their busiseness.
  1276. >Some whisper to each other. In some faces there is spite.
  1277. >When Aryanne walks up to you all the ponies stop to give a salute.
  1278. >Oh shit.
  1279. >She sure is a big shot.
  1280. >It almost seems like an other person in front of the crowd.
  1281. >An aura of authority surrounds her. Something you knew from your dad and his friends.
  1282. >She looks up at you and even though her expression doesn't visibly change, you know you are in for it if you embarrass her.
  1283. >You follow her as she makes her way over to the gazebo.
  1284. >>>As she reaches it one of the the Ponies start to shout, "Achtung!" [spoiler]Attention![/spoiler]
  1285. >Salutes are given.
  1286. >"Rühren!" [spoiler]Stand at ease![/spoiler]
  1287. >And all of the the ponies return to their previous work.
  1288. >Except for the large unicorn with a scar from his jaw to the neck under his coat.
  1289. >>>"Oberführer Aryanne, sollen wir beginnen?" [spoiler]Shall we beginn?[/spoiler]
  1290. >"Wir warten auf Franziska-" upon hearing the name you try to suppress any signs of your contempt, "sie müsste jeden Moment da sein, Standartenführer." [spoiler]We are waiting for Franziska, she should be here any minute.[/spoiler]
  1291. >>>"Verstanden." [spoiler]Understood.[/spoiler]
  1292. >She turns away to the map and the letters on the.
  1293. >"Gibt es irgendetwas neues?" [spoiler]Any news?[/spoiler]
  1294. >>>Sighing the unicorn stallion points to a few points on the map, "unsere Späher berichten von Truppenansammlungen hier, hier und hier." [spoiler]Our scouts report troops here, here and here[/spoiler]
  1295. >Aryanne gaze drops to the ground for just a moment.
  1296. >"Verstehe." [spoiler]I see.[/spoiler]
  1297. >The mood speaks a very clear language, even thought you can't understand their words.
  1298. >>>"Wird es Krieg geben?" [spoiler]Will there be war?[/spoiler]
  1299. >Aryanne hesitates a moment.
  1300. >"Ja." [spoiler]Yes.[/spoiler]
  1303. >The gray stallion lets his head sink.
  1304. >>>"Darf ich frei sprechen, Oberführer?" [spoiler]May I speak freely?[/spoiler]
  1305. >Aryanne inhales deeply before she replies with a clam voice, "Erlaubnis erteilt." [spoiler]Yes.[/spoiler]
  1306. >>>"Allesamt wegtreten!" [spoiler]Everyone, Fall out![/spoiler]
  1307. >His exclamation draws your attention from the oddly familiar map to him and the ponies rushing off.
  1308. >You take a look around to find yourself alone with Aryanne and him.
  1309. >Whatever is going on, it's serious business.
  1310. >Krieg. Krieg as in Blitzkrieg.
  1311. >You look over the documents, after all they didn't mind so far.
  1312. >Plus this is not something where you should be eavesdropping. At least you should try to look you weren't following their discussion.
  1313. >The stallion collects himself.
  1314. >>>"Wenn es so finster aussieht, warum kümmern wir uns um DAS da?" [spoiler]If that is how it's going to be, why do we spend time on IT?[/spoiler]
  1315. >He doesn't point at you but it is obvious what he means and what his opinion he has when it comes to you.
  1316. >>>"Die Rekruten sind nicht bereit und gerade SIE müssten doch wichtigeres zu tun haben?" [spoiler]The recruits are not ready and especially YOU should have more important business to attend to[/spoiler]
  1317. >Aryanne doesn't answer, she just stares at him.
  1318. >The stallion seems to shrink in front of her.
  1319. >>>Lowering his head he speaks with a defeated tone, "Verzeihung, ich... ich verstehe einfach nicht warum dieses Ding wichtiger ist als die Kriegsvorbereitungen." [spoiler]I'm sorry I just don't understand why he is so important[/spoiler]
  1320. >Aryanne steps closer and rests a hoof on his shoulder.
  1321. >"Weil dieses *Ding* unsere letzte Hoffnung auf Frieden ist." [spoiler]Because he is our last chance for peace[/spoiler]
  1322. >He raises his head looking at Aryanne in disbelief, confusion even.
  1323. >>>"Aber wie? Das ist bloß eine Kreatur, eine Bestie die nichteinmal unsere Sprache spricht..." [spoiler]But how? it is just a beast.[/spoiler]
  1325. >"Anon, so heißt er, kann ein Ass im Ärmel für uns sein. Durch Ihn werden die Karten neu gemischt," she says reassuring. [spoiler]He is the wild card.[/spoiler]
  1326. >>>"Wollen sie wirklich alles auf eine Karte setzen?" [spoiler]Do you really want to stake everything on one card?[/spoiler]
  1327. >"Frankziska ist überzeugt und ich glaube er hat potential..." [spoiler]Franziska is sure and I think he has potential[/spoiler]
  1328. >>>"Wird er kooperieren?" [spoiler]Will he cooperate?[/spoiler]
  1329. >You freeze as both of them start to look at you.
  1330. >"Davon gehen wir aus." [spoiler]We think so[/spoiler]
  1331. >>>"Sicher? Irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit ihm." [spoiler]Are you sure? There is somthing wrong with him[/spoiler]
  1332. >"Ich vertraue ihm, und das ist der letzte Test, dann wissen wir mehr." [spoiler]I trust him and this is the last test[/spoiler]
  1333. >The stallion averts his gaze and sighs.
  1334. >>>"Das gefällt mir nicht aber wenn sie es sagen, dann füge ich mich." [spoiler]I don't like this but if you think this is the way to go, I will comply[/spoiler]
  1335. >"Sollen wir?" [spoiler]Shall we?[/spoiler]
  1336. >He nods and Aryanne turns around, leaving the gazebo.
  1337. >As you look after her you feel a pull on the document currently in your hand.
  1338. >The tip is engulfed in a green glow.
  1339. >You let go and it levitates a just in front of you but doesn't move.
  1340. >Confused, you look at the unicorn.
  1341. >His dark green eyes narrow and he steps closer, focusing on you.
  1342. >>>"Versau das nicht." [spoiler]Don't mess this up.[/spoiler]
  1343. >His deadpan face and the seriousness of his voice are the same as before but there is less spite.
  1344. >He walks past you and doesn't look at you or the table while the paper slowly decends to the exact place you picked it up from.
  1345. >A little dumbfounded you follow.
  1347. >A crowd of what seem to be higher ranking soldiers has gathered behind Aryanne and the Standartenführer which stand at edge of the field.
  1348. >Some have clipboard, others just whispering to each other.
  1349. >Franziska is among them.
  1350. >You clench your fist.
  1351. >>>"Antreten!" [spoiler]Fall in![/spoiler]
  1352. >The group that did laps rushes over and gets into formation in front of of those two.
  1353. >>>"Oberführer Aryanne braucht zwei Freiwillige für eine Kampfübung! Einen Erdpony und ein Einhorn! Freiwillige vortreten." [spoiler]Aryanne need two volunteers! An earthpony and a unicorn![/spoiler]
  1354. >Nothing happens as you take your position next to Aryanne.
  1355. >After a few seconds a young stallion steps forward. Earthpony, orange coat, and short yellow mane.
  1356. >A little hesistant a blue unicorn with a purple mane takes position next to him.
  1357. >The Standartenführer takes a look at Aryanne.
  1358. >She nods.
  1359. >>>"Alle anderen, wegtreten!!" [spoiler]Everyone ese, Fall out![/spoiler]
  1360. >>>"Du, Einhorn, hierher. Erdpony stell dich an die Markierung 20." [spoiler]Earthpony to position 20[/spoiler]
  1361. >"Jawohl," both shout in unison. Then they get into their designated positions.
  1362. >"Anon, go over there."
  1363. >You tense up. The feeling of the eyes of all the others on your back.
  1364. >There is a lump in your throat.
  1365. >Come on you have been through worse!
  1366. >You close your eyes and inhale deeply.
  1367. >Your steps are heavy as you walk over to the stallion, who watches your every step.
  1368. >Stopping 15 feet away from him you make yourself ready.
  1369. "Can't believe I'm actually doing this... fucking ponies..."
  1374. >Aryannes voice echoes over the field, "Beginnt!"
  1375. >The stallion charges at you, digging is front hooves into the ground and turning his body to buck at you.
  1376. >His quick moves catch you off guard.
  1377. >You try to jump back but his hooves scratch your arm and throw it back.
  1378. "FUCK!"
  1379. >It almost throws you off your feet.
  1380. >You catch yourself and distance yourself from the stallion.
  1381. >He looks at you, his front lowered.
  1382. >You touch your hurting arm.
  1383. >The kick could have shattered your collarbone if it was closer.
  1384. >This is no sparring match.
  1385. >You focus back on the stallion and try to circle him.
  1386. >He tries to buck at you but you are too far away.
  1387. >With a quick move you try to get to his side but he lunges to snap at you.
  1388. >His hind legs are whats most dangerous!
  1389. >You rush forward another time but he raises his body to kick with his front legs.
  1390. >Shielding yourself with your arms, you feel the kicks.
  1391. >You scream in pain under his assault.
  1392. >Gravity drags his torso down and you lunge at him.
  1393. >You do a step to the right and hit your fist into his neck in a swing.
  1394. >The stallions eyes go wide as he tumbles to your left.
  1395. >You pursue him and pummel his ribs as he lands on the floor with a loud thud.
  1396. >He wriggles on the floor, trying to get away from you but you set your knee on his neck.
  1397. >You can see the panic in his eyes as tries to get on his feet, to get away from you.
  1398. >You reach back-
  1399. >"STOP!"
  1400. >Both of you are panting for air while you slowly lower your arm.
  1401. >You lift your knee from his neck and slowly step back.
  1402. >He closes his eyes for a moment while he tries to catch his breath.
  1404. >You slowly walk backwards and raise sleeve of you shirt to have a look at your arm.
  1405. >It is swollen and red.
  1406. >Carefully you bend and stratch your arm.
  1407. >It hurts but less than you anticipated.
  1408. Pressing a finger on the spot you let out a "aaaawww SHIT!"
  1409. >Bad idea.
  1410. >Aryanne has come over to look at the stallion.
  1411. >She says something to him but the only word you catch is "Vaterland."
  1412. >You are busy examining your wounds.
  1413. >The stallion gives a nod and stands up straight.
  1414. >Aryanne walk up to you, asking "are you alright?"
  1415. >She looks sincere in her question.
  1416. >Dumbfounded you look at her.
  1417. "I..." you take a deep breath, "I am okay."
  1418. >"Ready for ze next round?"
  1419. >You'd like to shout at her.
  1420. >But you know that wouldn't end well.
  1421. >Especially with so many of her subordinates nearby.
  1422. "There is no escaping it?"
  1423. >She shakes her head.
  1424. >"We haf to do zis."
  1425. >Maybe it is something in her voice.
  1426. >But somehow you are not as mad as you could be.
  1427. Shaking your head you say "let's get over this."
  1428. >She points to a spot in front of the stallion you just fought.
  1429. >Knowing this won't end well you get there.
  1430. >"Look zat way and raise your arms."
  1431. >You rest your head in in palms for a second before complying.
  1432. >"Feuer!"
  1434. >Your eyes go wide as two flashes appear on your side.
  1435. >Before you can even react one of the beams hit you.
  1436. "Argh!"
  1437. >The air sizzles.
  1438. >Behind you there is a muffled scream and a loud thud.
  1439. >Instinct leads your hand to the wound.
  1440. >You cover the your throbbing chest and go down on your knees.
  1441. "What the flying fuck?"
  1442. >The pain is sharp at first but becomes a dull burning only seconds later.
  1443. >You can hear steps of ponies hurrying over the field.
  1444. >They don't come towards you though.
  1445. >When you let go of your ribcage and stand up you see some of the ponies on the sideline gaping at you.
  1446. >You slowly turn around.
  1447. >The stallion you fought lies in the dirt.
  1448. >He is writhing in pain.
  1449. >The fur on his ribcage, where the beam hit him is charred.
  1450. >Unicorns and earth ponies swarm him to tend to his wound.
  1451. >Aryanne carefully lays a hoof on his shoulder.
  1452. >"Gut gemacht." [spoiler]well done[/spoiler]
  1453. >Despite the pain he gives a nod.
  1454. >This is fucking insane!
  1455. >"Schafft ihn ins Lazarett!" [spoiler]Get him to the sickbay![/spoiler]
  1456. >Looking around you see Franziska taking notes with a wide grin.
  1457. >You want to scream at her, at Aryanne but everything you do is clench your fist grind your teeth.
  1458. >When the stallion is carried away Aryanne turns to you.
  1459. >"Can we go on," she asks with her stoic face.
  1460. >Baffled you stare at her.
  1461. "Why did you do that to him?"
  1462. >It takes all of your control to keep your voice quite.
  1463. "It won't leave marks and zere is no permanent damage."
  1464. >You shake your head.
  1465. >"He knew what would happen."
  1466. "You know what? I've had it! This is sick. Why? Why do you do this? Why the hell was he okay with that?"
  1467. >Aryanne looks away from you with a sigh.
  1468. "I'm done," you bark at her over your shoulder while you turn to leave.
  1470. >"Anon," she says not loud enough for a shout but louder than necessary.
  1471. >"Please stay."
  1472. >Her voice is not commanding. Almost pleading.
  1473. >You stop to face her.
  1474. >One hoof raised as if to reach for you she stays there.
  1475. >Behind her, maybe 20 yards away, the audience is whispering to each other or taking notes at the edge of the field.
  1476. >"I will answer to all your questions once zis is done."
  1477. >She steps closer.
  1478. >"Please, this is important. Only a little bit and were done."
  1479. >Thoughts of the prison cell and Franziskas lab cross your mind.
  1480. >There is only one way you can go, right?
  1481. >Moments pass.
  1482. >At the sidelines, between all the uniformed soldiers there is Luftkrieg.
  1483. >She runs towards a pegasus to hug her.
  1484. >You look back at Aryanne who hasn't moved.
  1485. "Promise me."
  1486. >She flinches back a little.
  1487. >"W-what?"
  1488. Stepping closer to her you repeat, "Promise me. I want an answers."
  1489. >Aryanne brings her hoof to her face and her view wanders to the floor.
  1490. "Okay."
  1491. >Stretching out a leg she looks at you.
  1492. >It is odd but somehow you trust her.
  1493. >Despite her not telling you shit...
  1494. >Blowing air through your pursed lips you bow down to shake her hoof.
  1495. >There is a hint of a smile on her face.
  1496. "Zis will be over soon."
  1497. >She turns around to trot in the directions of the others but freezes.
  1498. >"Oh, Blades can't," she says barely looking at you over her shoulder.
  1499. >You furrow your brows.
  1500. "What?"
  1501. >"Soldat auf das Feld! Trainingswaffen bereitstellen!" [spoiler]Soldiers on the field. Bring the training weapons![/spoiler]
  1502. >The blue unicorn from earlier steps on the field, a confident look on her face.
  1503. >Her purple mane wobbling as she does.
  1504. >She takes her stance quite far away from you.
  1505. >Two wooden weapons float over from the crowd and land on the ground before either of you.
  1506. >Shorter than a sword but longer and thicker than a dagger.
  1507. >You pick yours up and blue magic engulfs the one lying in front of her.
  1508. "Ohh come on..."
  1509. >"Beginnt!" [spoiler]Beginn![/spoiler]
  1510. >Her weapon darts towards you but stops abrupt.
  1511. >The mare starts to grin.
  1512. >Then it comes swinging at you.
  1513. >You raise yours to block.
  1514. >The sound over wood smashing against wood echoes over the field.
  1515. >With each clash she seems to increase her speed and the force of her swings.
  1516. >After a few times you smash against the flowing weapon with yours.
  1517. >Your thrust knocks it back a little but it just keeps coming back at you.
  1518. >You try to hit it when it swing at you and between her strikes.
  1519. >By now you're pretty much out of breath and the injuries from earlier fights still hurt like crazy.
  1520. >Blades can't...
  1521. >You gaze wanders past the weapon to the unicorn.
  1522. >Oooooooh.
  1523. >Blocking the strikes you slowly step towards the unicorn.
  1524. >After two steps the swings stop.
  1525. >The blade darts to a new position between you.
  1526. "Fuck!"
  1527. >Every try to closer sideways is countered by positioning of the blade.
  1528. >Desperate to end the barrage of blows you jump towards the pony.
  1529. >The blows continue but the are less accurate.
  1530. >Almost clumsy.
  1531. >Suddenly it is easy to block them.
  1532. >After knocking a swing back you catch a glimpse over your shoulder.
  1533. "Fuckers..."
  1534. >You position yourself between her blade and her.
  1535. >Every time she tries to correct this you gain on her.
  1536. >Every time the confident looks changes more to worry.
  1537. >Just a few yards away are left now.
  1538. >Your swing bashes her weapon away.
  1539. >You jump.
  1540. >"STOP!"
  1541. >The pony in front of you covers her face with one hoof, afraid of the impact.
  1542. >You feel a light pull on the weapon.
  1543. >Letting go both weapons levitate away, while the mare carefully opens her eyes.
  1544. >A shadow moves over you and the is the flapping of wings behind you.
  1545. >>"Es ist vorbei, wegtreten Rekrut." [spoiler]It is over. Step back, recrut.[/spoiler]
  1546. >The voice.
  1547. >>>>"Jawohl, Kyrie." [spoiler]Yessir.[/spoiler]
  1548. >The blue unicorn in front of you hurries back of the field.
  1549. >You know the voice.
  1550. >You slowly touch the scar on your neck.
  1551. >>"So sehen wir uns wieder, Monster," the voice says with spite. [spoiler]So we meet again, monster.[/spoiler]
  1552. >When you turn around you see a pegasus mare with a coat as white as Aryannes, green eyes and blode hair.
  1553. >Her mane is tied with a red ribbon.
  1554. >There is hate in her eyes.
  1555. >>"Ich hätte dich an der Grenze erledigen sollen." [spoiler]I should have killed you at the border.[/spoiler]
  1556. >"You!"
  1557. >This little fuck...
  1558. >>"Ich verstehe nicht warum Aryanne ihre Hoffnung in dich setzt aber zumindest hatte Franziska Spaß mit dir wie ich höre." [spoiler]I don't get why Aryanne set her hope on you but I heard atleast Franziska had her fun with you.[/spoiler]
  1559. >Her grin is malicious and venom drips of every word."
  1560. >It was her that kicked you into the ground.
  1561. >>"Die Anfänger haben dich ordentlich zugerichtet. Erbärmlich."
  1562. >She pushed the blade into your throat and pulled your head up so that you were bashed unconscious.
  1563. "You piece of shit."
  1564. >>"Seh ich aus als ob ich affisch sprech," she asks and spits in front of your feet. [spoiler]Do I look like I speak monkey?[/spoiler]
  1565. >"Beginnt!" [spoiler]Beginn.[/spoiler]
  1566. >Her wings slowly carry her into the sky.
  1567. >>"Monster wie du müssen getilgt werden." [spoiler]Monsters like you need to be obliberated.[/spoiler]
  1568. >The white pegasus circles you out of you reach.
  1569. >She darts down at you.
  1570. >You try to grab.
  1571. >She stops just out of arms reach only to ascend again.
  1572. >>"Auch wenn du sprechen kannst, du bist nicht mehr als eine Bestie." [spoiler]Even if you can talk you are nothing more than a wild beast.[/spoiler]
  1573. >Flying past you she gains speed and change direction.
  1574. >Kyrie dashes past you.
  1575. >A kick to chest.
  1576. >The wind knocked out of you, you stumble.
  1577. >She zooms past you from different direction always just kicking you light.
  1578. >But with her speed, her kicks might as well be bullets.
  1579. >She is too fast for you.
  1580. "Fuck you!" you shout out in pain.
  1581. >She rises again towards the sun.
  1582. >She's nothing but a black form.
  1583. >You can't look at her.
  1584. >You can't look away.
  1585. >It rushes at you.
  1586. >You scream.
  1587. >Everything goes dark.
  1590. >The warmth of the sun rays gently wake you.
  1591. >Hesitantly you open your eyes.
  1592. >There is the faint chirping of birds, outside of the window.
  1593. >On the other side there is quite rustling.
  1594. >You slowly turn your head to see a mare with a caramel colored coat.
  1595. >Short golden curls under a nurses's cap.
  1596. >She peels an apple.
  1597. >You close your eyes for a moment.
  1598. >Your whole body feels a little sore.
  1599. >Water...
  1600. >As you try to sit up it feels like someone smashed your head with a hammer.
  1601. "Hey, bleib liegen!", she says while putting down the knife and the apple. [spoiler]Hey, stay down.[/spoiler]
  1602. >You rest on your right elbow.
  1603. >Your left covering your forehead as if it could ease the throbbing pain.
  1604. >There is fabric.
  1605. "Water..."
  1606. >One of her legs points towards the bed, the other gesturing down.
  1607. >"Leg dich wieder hin, du bist verletzt," she says with a strict yet worried tone. [spoiler]Lay back, you are injured[/spoiler]
  1608. "What happened?"
  1609. >"Hinlegen!" [spoiler]Lie down![/spoiler]
  1610. >Her hoove against your chest presses you down.
  1611. >Slowly you lie back.
  1612. >"Meine Güte..." [spoiler]My goodness[/spoiler]
  1613. >She sighs, "warum immer ich?" [spoiler]Why does it always happen to me?[/spoiler]
  1614. >You can hear hear her picking up her things again.
  1615. >"Kyrie hat dich ganz schön zugerichtet." [spoiler]Kyrie messed you up real good.[/spoiler]
  1616. "wha..."
  1617. >"Weißt du für so eine gefürchtete Bestie wirkst du gerade ganz schön erbärmlich." [spoiler]For a dreaded best you look pretty pathetic at the moment.[/spoiler]
  1618. >A chink.
  1619. >She brings a cup towards your face.
  1620. "Trink etwas." [spoiler]Drink something.[/spoiler]
  1621. >Careful you bend your head forward to drink.
  1622. >"Brave Bestie." [spoiler]good beast[/spoiler]
  1623. >Cold porcelain touches your wrist.
  1624. >"Das hier sind Apfelscheiben. Versuch etwas zu essen. Ich hole in der Zwischenzeit Aryanne." [spoiler]Here are some slices of apples, I am going to get Aryanne[/spoiler]
  1625. >You can hear the clip-clop of her hooves on the wooden floor.
  1626. >"Ach und keine Dummheiten, bleib einfach liegen," she says from across the room."
  1627. >Your hands finds the apple slices and you carefully move them towards your mouth.
  1628. >Fucking ponies...
  1629. >Alone in the room you try eat with moving too much.
  1630. >You'd reach for the water but getting up was a mistake.
  1631. >Sounded like the mare was going to get Aryanne.
  1632. >Time to get beat, kicked down, shot at...
  1633. >But she said it was the last test.
  1634. >She didn't talk much to you so far but what she said was honest.
  1635. >She promised you would get your answers.
  1636. >Despite all the shit that happened you did your part.
  1637. >And she didn't seem to like what was happening to you.
  1638. >When she spoke to the grey stallion...
  1639. >You better get some damn answers.
  1640. >Maybe after cooperating all this time they will let you go.
  1641. >You could continue your travels.
  1642. >Turning your head around you look out of the window.
  1643. >Keep traveling, keep searching for something.
  1646. >When the door to your room opens again you hear a happy Luftkrieg chirping.
  1647. >>"...suuuuuuuuuppper stark! Niemand kann Mama besiegen!" [spoiler]...super strong! Nobody can defeat my mom![/spoiler]
  1648. >Laughter.
  1649. >"Deine Mama ist wirklich die aller stärkste, und wenn du immer schön artig bist wirst du auch mal so stark." [spoiler]She sure is and if you always behave well you will be equally strong[/spoiler]
  1650. >Turning your head slightly you see Aryanne smiling down at Luftkrieg.
  1651. >She almost seems like a different person from her stoic self.
  1652. >A little like your father.
  1653. >"So, ich muss jetzt aber mit Anonymous reden, geh du zu deiner Mama." [spoiler]I have to talk to Anon, go to your mother.[/spoiler]
  1654. >Luftkrieg looks over to you.
  1655. >Her happy demeanor instantly changes.
  1656. >>With a long "aww" she moves over to you.
  1657. >She puts her forelegs on the edge the bed, her head head reaching only slightly higher.
  1658. >>"Hey, wie geht es dir? Tut es sehr weh?"
  1659. >You give her a warm smile.
  1660. "How are you, little one?"
  1661. >>Scrunching her little face she says,"du hättest dich nicht mit meiner Mami anlegen sollen." [spoiler]You shouldnt have tried to mess with my mom[/spoiler]
  1662. >"Das hat er nicht Luftkrieg," Aryanne says and nuzzles the filly. [spoiler]He didn't[/spoiler]
  1663. >"Er sollte uns zeigen ob er kämpfen kann und er war sehr mutig." [spoiler]We wanted him to show us if he is a strong fighter and he was very brave[/spoiler]
  1664. >>"Ooooohh"
  1665. >"Nun aber ab zu deiner Mama, ich muss mit ihm reden." [spoiler]Now you go, I have to talk to him[/spoiler]
  1666. >Luftkrieg gives a nod with a new found smile.
  1667. >>She turns to you, "lass uns mal wieder fangen spielen," before she pushes herself away from the bed. [spoiler]lets play catch sometime again[/spoiler]
  1668. >Her little wings are spreading out for a second to easy her fall.
  1669. >>"Gute Besserung!" [spoiler]get well soon[/spoiler]
  1670. >Luftkrieg waves goodbye with one of her wings, and you return the wave.
  1671. >"Braves Mädchen." [spoiler]good girl[/spoiler]
  1672. >The both of you remain in silence.
  1673. >"So how are you?"
  1674. "Really?"
  1675. "Take a wild guess."
  1676. >Aryanne gives a soft nod.
  1677. >Odd.
  1678. "How long have I been here," you ask as you look out of the window.
  1679. >"Just one day."
  1680. "And what happens next? More experiments and testing?"
  1681. >"No, ve are done wiz that."
  1682. >When you hear her chuckle you turn your head around to face her.
  1683. >"You could use zome combat training though..." she says hiding her smile behind hoof.
  1684. >You give her a deadpan look.
  1685. >"How much combat experience do you actually have?"
  1686. Taking a deep breath you reply "I've fought of beasts in the wild."
  1687. >"You did pretty good zen."
  1688. "Thanks..."
  1689. >There is a moment of awkward silence.
  1690. "So what happens next?"
  1691. >Aryanne looks out of the window, giving a sigh.
  1692. >"Just rest for now. You are free to move around the mansion and the garden."
  1693. "And then what?"
  1694. >"We will discuss zat if you feel better."
  1695. "You promised me answers," you say as you sit up.
  1696. >Aryanne looks directly into your eyes.
  1697. >"You will get them. But what happens next is not yet decided."
  1698. >"Lie down and rest-" she gently pushes you back "-tomorrow we everything vill be clear."
  1699. "I always her later..."
  1700. >"Zings take time Anon. Rest."
  1701. >She turns away to head for the exit.
  1702. >"Oh and you should probably learn a bit german."
  1703. >What the...
  1706. >You spend the rest of the day and most part of the second day with your new friend 'Krankenschwester Melissa'.
  1707. >Apparently it means nurse but 'Krankenschwester" sounds like title given to someone who bludgeons people to death with rocks.
  1708. >You communicate more through gestures than through words.
  1709. >How can two languages that are so alike be so different?
  1710. >Most of the time you lie in bed or take strolls through the garden, always eyed suspiciously by the soldiers.
  1711. >Some show curiosity, some hatred. Some ponies seem to get nervous around you.
  1712. >There are spiteful comments whispered sometimes but nobody tries to harm or directly insult you.
  1713. >In the late afternoon Melissa takes of your bandages and leads you to your bathroom.
  1714. >There are clothes tailored after you original set, but less sturdy and better looking.
  1715. >"Ich warte draußen."
  1716. >Taking a look in the mirror after undressing you see bruises, black and blue marks all over your body.
  1717. >You look like you were hit by a truck.
  1718. >The wound on your head is stitched and the imprint of a hoof is over a swelling.
  1719. >When you are done Mellissa awaits you in your room.
  1720. >Eying you she says "Garnicht schlecht, Zeit für deine Verabredung," with a smile on her face.
  1721. >Confused you look at her.
  1722. >She tilts her her towards the door.
  1723. >"Komm, gehen wir."
  1724. >The both of you head through the hallways, down to the ground floor and into a dining room.
  1725. >White wallpaper and a red carpet on parquet.
  1726. >The crackling of fire in the chimney and the orange light of the candles give the whole room a warm touch.
  1727. >In the middle there is solid table of dark brown wood.
  1728. >And at the table there is Aryanne.
  1729. >"Welcome, please take a seat."
  1730. >You take the seat on the different side of the table.
  1731. >Fine silverware lies in front of you.
  1732. >"Are you feeling better?"
  1735. >You chuckle.
  1736. "Way better! I am just in pain after the pegasus almost killed me..."
  1737. >Aryanne looks at you for second, "I am sorry, Anon," she says before her eyes wander to the chimney.
  1738. >"I told her to go easy on you but her emotions sometimes get ze better of her, after what happened..."
  1739. >Come on...
  1740. "Why am I here? Another test of yours?"
  1741. >This carries her attention back to you.
  1742. >"No ve are done wiz that."
  1743. "Ohh really," you ask as you fake a smile.
  1744. >"Yes, now ve talk about your future."
  1745. "My future?"
  1746. >"Yes."
  1747. Giving a eye-roll your reply, "what has my future in store for me?"
  1748. >"Zat is up to yuou. Ve will let you go, under two conditions."
  1749. >What?
  1750. "I..."
  1751. >She raises her hoof, "One: you will not go to the east."
  1752. >Baffled you give a slight nod.
  1753. >"And second you vill not talk to anyone about what happened here, vat you saw."
  1754. >Wait this can't be so easy.
  1755. "What's the catch?"
  1757. >"I vill be frank wiz you, ve need your help, Anon."
  1758. >Baffled you stare at her.
  1759. "What? Why should I?"
  1760. >Aryanne pushes a bottle of wine over before she takes a sip out of her cup.
  1761. >"Ve are at ze brink of war Anon, and you can help to prevent it," she says as she looks into her cup.
  1762. "...prevent?"
  1763. >After taking a swig, her eyes focus you again.
  1764. >"All these recruits you saw, half of zem won't make it. You may be our last hope to save thousands and thousands of lives."
  1765. >She's kidding right?
  1766. >Resting against the chair you let it sink in for a moment.
  1767. >You look directly into her eyes as you lean forward.
  1768. "Have you lost your MIND?"
  1769. >This must be another fucking test.
  1770. >She must think you are retarded.
  1771. "How am I going to prevent two nations from going to war? I am just a human!"
  1772. Raising up your voice rises, "I have ZERO influence on anyone and maybe you didn't know this but I am a PRISONER!"
  1773. >"Exactly."
  1774. >Fucking ponies!!
  1775. >You just stare at her before she goes on.
  1776. >"Nobody knows you, or your kind and zat is our advantage."
  1777. >Defeated you grab the bottle and let yourself fall into the seat.
  1778. >She's gone insane.
  1779. >That's it. Once the others find out your going to become a plaything for Franziska.
  1780. >Bringing the bottle to your lips you look at her.
  1781. >She doesn't look pleased but her serious attitude hasn't changed.
  1782. >What is it with this one?
  1783. >You sigh and grab the cup instead of drinking from the bottle.
  1784. >After filling it to the brink you put the bottle back on the table.
  1785. >Now it is your time to take a gulp.
  1786. >The wine is sweet and dry, and it is the best you have ever tasted.
  1787. >Not that you have much experience with it.
  1788. "Honestly, I think you have gone crazy but go on. It's not like I've got somewhere to be anyways..."
  1789. >Her eyes wander down for a split second before she speaks again.
  1790. >"You are right, zis is crazy but it's our chance to prevent a war."
  1791. >"What do you zink would have happened when you first stepped into their territory and not in ours?"
  1792. >You lean back and reply the first thing that comes to mind.
  1793. "More or less the same I guess."
  1794. >"Zat's what I zink too."
  1795. "So?"
  1796. >"We are going to send you there-" your eyes go wide "-but under our protection."
  1797. "You can't mean it!"
  1798. >Aryannes stoic look forms to a smile.
  1799. >"You are a wildcard, an unknown variable and zat can be the turning point."
  1800. >Unable to believe what she says you just listen.
  1801. >"When I will meet their delegation you will be there and after zat, you are free. Interested?"
  1802. >You just nod.
  1803. >"Good. I vill tell you the details but first let us eat."
  1804. >The food tastes marvelous as does the wine but you can't focus on that as Aryanne explains her plan.
  1805. >This mare is completely insane.
  1806. >You have seen the ponies, you have seen the maps. It makes sense.
  1807. >As insane as it sounds it might even work and you will be free.
  1808. >You can trust her.
  1809. >Right?
  1813. >Weird sounds wake you from sleep.
  1814. >Sirens, hoof steps and other noises.
  1815. >You are quick to dress yourself and walk out of your room.
  1816. >The sun has barely risen over the horizon but when you look through the large windows to inner yard you see Aryanne in front of dozen ofr ponies yelling orders.
  1817. >Pegasi dart of in various directions and earth ponies dash to unknown location.
  1818. >The whole area looks busy like a bee hive.
  1819. >You watch the spectacle unfolding before your eyes until the sound of galloping hooves snap you out of it.
  1820. >Four soldiers with rifles stand before you.
  1821. >Giving a salute one of them beginns to to speak, "Fürst Anonymous! Bitte folgt uns zur Besprechung!" [spoiler]Lord Anonymous, Please follow us to the meating.[/spoiler]
  1822. >In a wide gesture he points his arm down the hallway.
  1823. "Got it."
  1824. >Escorted by the group you make your way through the mansion to a small room with a window to the east.
  1825. >After you are led inside the stallion says "Bitte warten Sie hier auf die Ankunft der Oberführerin." [spoiler]Please wait here for Aryanne[/spoiler]
  1826. >You sit down on the chair positioned in the middle of the room.
  1827. >This is not your world.
  1828. >Despite the similiaritys, they are doing it to prevent a major conflict, not to beginn it you ensure yourself.
  1829. >You are left to your alone to your doubts for half an hour before Aryanne opens the door.
  1830. >In her company is Franziska.
  1831. >Both of them have saddlebags that look like they are stuffed to their limits and they wear uniforms.
  1832. >There is a barrel sticking out of Franziskas bag.
  1833. >>Yawning she tells Aryanne: "Ich hoffe das ist wichtiger als meine Studien." [spoiler]I hope this is more important than my studies.[/spoiler]
  1834. >"Wenn das nicht klappt gibt es keine Studien mehr, dann geht es an die Front," she replies dead serious as they walk in. [spoiler]If this doesn't work there are no more studies but war[/spoiler]
  1835. >Franziska stops for a moment and looks at the floor before she shakes her head and the sleepy face turns into one that is as serious as Aryannes.
  1836. >>"Fangen wir an." [spoiler]Let's start.[/spoiler]
  1837. >"Guten Morgen, Anon," Aryanne says eyeing you for a moment.
  1838. "Morning," you reply, "what was all that about?"
  1839. >Aryanne circles you for a moment.
  1840. >"Preparations, zis has to be perfect!"
  1841. >Almost in perfect sync Franziska levitates the bags of both ponies into the air and onto the table that is next to the wall.
  1842. >They spend some time speaking german as they look at you.
  1843. >Suddenly the door is pushed open and Kyrie enters the room, followed by two Unicorns in civilian gettup.
  1844. >She aswell wears saddle bags filled to the brim.
  1845. >It isn't easy to suppress your anger when you are in the room with Kyrie and Franziska but you manage.
  1846. >Kyries face shows that she feels the same way about you as you feel about her.
  1847. >You promised, Anon. You promised.
  1848. >"What does your kind wear for very important occasions?"
  1849. "Usually a nice suit, white shirt, a tie and jacket," you reply to the pony circling you.
  1850. >"Hmmmmmmm."
  1851. >She moves to Kyries side to take out rolls black and white fabric with her mouth.
  1852. >She jumps up and rest her fore-hoofs on your legs and throws the fabric over your shoulders, arranges it and looks back at the other ponies behind her.
  1853. >Kyrie stares with wide eyes and an open mouth.
  1854. >"Was sagt ihr?" [spoiler]What do you think?[/spoiler]
  1855. >Franziska raises her hoof to her chin and just looks while Kyrie shakes her head.
  1856. >>>"Nicht mit den Wunden..." Kyrie says [spoiler]Not with these kinds of wounds[/spoiler]
  1857. >Aryanne gives her a scowl after looking at the wounds the last fight has left on your forehead.
  1858. >"Wichtig, unbekannt und stark." [spoiler]Important, unbeknownst and strong [/spoiler]
  1859. >Her tuft almost presses at your face as she fiddles around with the cloth.
  1860. >>"Ary, warte mal, lass mich," Franziska says as she levitates Kyries bags and multiple scrolls through the air. [spoiler]Ary, let me try[/spoiler]
  1861. >Aryanne jumps off your knees and the rolls start levitating around you.
  1862. >White fabric is held over your shoulders and arms yellow over your chest.
  1863. >The brown one floats to your face.
  1864. >Wary you look at the crowd as it covers your neck like a scarf and winds around your skull like a hood.
  1865. >>"Was sagt ihr?" [spoiler]Your thoughts?[/spoiler]
  1866. >>>"Verdammt," the pegasus exclaims.
  1867. >"Das könnte funktionieren." [spoiler]This could work[/spoiler]
  1868. >Through the slit left you see the civilian unicorns taking notes.
  1869. >"Dazu noch eine pupur Schärpe, Auszeichnungen und Waffen," she says with a confident smile. [spoiler]Then a violet sash medalls abd weapons[/spoiler]
  1870. >"Die Kleidung muss verhüllen aber die Form eranhnen lassen." [spoiler]The cloth has to shround but also hint the strenghts[/spoiler]
  1871. >Now it is Franziskas turn to circle you.
  1872. >>"Ich könnte die Selbstlader anpassen..." [spoiler]I could modify a self-loading...[/spoiler]
  1873. >Aryanne shakes her head as you watch the ponies taking notes and discussing infront of you through the slit in the fabric.
  1874. >"Modern und funktional, keine experiemente." [spoiler]modern, functional and no experiments[/spoiler]
  1875. >A shudder runs through your spine as your hand is risen and moved by magic.
  1876. >Out of reflex you yank it away.
  1877. >Franziska has that damn creepy smile again.
  1878. >>"Was ist mit einem modifizierten Revolver, großkalibrig?" [spoiler]a modified revolver?[/spoiler]
  1879. >Your gaze wanders back to Aryanne who now shares a similiar smlie.
  1880. >"Das gefällt mir." [spoiler]I like it [/spoiler]
  1881. >She looks back at the crowd.
  1882. >"Dazu ein zeremonieller Dolch, verziert." [spoiler]And a special dagger[/spoiler]
  1883. >"Ohh, und ein Schwert. Es muss massiv und schwer sein!" [spoiler]ohh, and a massive sword[/spoiler]
  1884. >Looking back into your eyes she asks you, "do you have any symbol or crest you want engraved?"
  1885. "An nngle."
  1886. >You move your hand to move the fabric out of your face.
  1887. "An eagle."
  1888. >"An eagle?"
  1889. "Yes, it is a symbol of freedom."
  1890. >"Eine Gravur eines Adleers." [spoiler]engrave an eagle on the butt[/spoiler]
  1891. >Franziska levitates some material into your hand.
  1892. >It feels sticky, like resin and or is form able like play-doh.
  1893. >The next few hours you are measured and Franziska asks you to do diverse actions with different tools.
  1894. >She also gives you weapons to swing and rifles to aim with as well as weights.
  1895. >The whole action is uncomfortable but you let it happen.
  1896. >"Ihr wisst was zu tun ist, an die Arbeit wir haben drei Tage bis zur Abreise!" [spoiler]you know what to do! we have three days left[/spoiler]
  1897. >And all the ponies except Aryanne leave the room with haste.
  1898. >The next few hours Aryanne explains to some geography and politics as well as recent incidents.
  1899. >When it is finally noon you are pretty beat despite the fact that you mostly sat around and let the ponies work their magic.
  1900. >You spend lunch with Aryanne in the same room had dinner yesterday.
  1901. >She is explaining some german phrase to you.
  1902. >Hallo. [spoiler]Hello[/spoiler]
  1903. >Tschüß. [spoiler]Bye[/spoiler]
  1904. >Sehr ehrfreut. [spoiler]a pleasure to meet you[/spoiler]
  1905. >Auf wiedersehen. [spoiler]goodbye [/spoiler]
  1906. >Wie geht es? [spoiler]how are you?[/spoiler]
  1907. ...
  1908. >After all that jazz you are free to roam the estate. Always guarded by the same four soldier that brought you to the room in the morning.
  1909. >Every pony you move past salutes you but wary eyes last on your every step.
  1910. >But more than on you, they seem to be concerned with the soldiers.
  1911. >Everyone seems to be on high alert, ponies barking at their men. Everyone is in a rush.
  1912. >Like a bee hive alarmed by intruders.
  1914. >The next two days you are mostly on your own aside from your guard.
  1915. >Aryanne told you to rest.
  1916. >She left you some papers to study and damn her hand-
  1917. >mouth- writing is awful.
  1919. >On the morning of the third day you feel nervous.
  1920. >After Melissa gives you an examination Aryanne joins your room.
  1921. >She has a confident smile as she walks in.
  1922. >Behind her there are soldiers carrying boxes and cartons in.
  1923. >"Look at zem," Aryanne says as she points to the table, loaded with boxes in various sizes and with different weights.
  1924. >Your nervousness increases as you look through the stuff.
  1925. >Holy fuck.
  1926. >These ponies sure are something different.
  1927. >Seeing your face Aryanne says, "I will come back in thirty minutes."
  1928. >You can hear her smile in her voice.
  1929. >After taking a shower you start to get into your new getup.
  1930. >Black leather shoes with black trousers.
  1931. >A white shirt with a beige vest.
  1932. >A fine belt with two sheathes and a holster, fit for a large eight-round revolver.
  1933. >The butt is engraved with an eagle.
  1934. >There is a sword, a violet sash, a hood...
  1935. >Holy fuck.
  1936. >The dagger, very much like your old is finely worked.
  1937. >When you are done dressing you look at yourself.
  1938. >It looks like a mixture of a royal suit and a desert tribes clothes.
  1939. >Like a prince of arabian tales or something.
  1940. >All this stuff must have cost a fortune.
  1941. >After knocking Aryanne enters but stops in the door frame.
  1942. >"Unglaublich..." [spoiler]unbelievable[/spoiler]
  1943. >Your smile hidden behind the lower half of the hood you face her.
  1944. "How do I look?"
  1945. >"D-das Schwert?"
  1946. >Not shifting her view from you she points to the table.
  1947. >"The sword..."
  1948. >You move over to the table and pick up the large weapon and heavy weapon.
  1949. >Almost five feet from the ground.
  1950. >You swing the sheath over your back.
  1951. >Aryanne starts to grin.
  1952. >"Das ist perfekt!" [spoiler]It's perfect![/spoiler]
  1955. >An hour later you find yourself in front of the mansion, next to Aryanne, as soldiers pull a carriage in front of you.
  1956. >You can't help but chuckle.
  1957. >The big white stallion with the grey hair, the pony that pushed you around is not the one pulling your carriage.
  1958. >Aryanne clears her throat, "let's go, it is a long way to Marelin."
  1959. >This washes away any amusement.
  1960. >The carriage you will ride could be the same you can be thrown under anytime.
  1961. >Will she keep her word?
  1962. >Aryanne climbs up and sits down, looking at you.
  1963. >Shortly after you follow.
  1964. >While Aryanne sets down her saddlebags you place yourself on the opposing side, facing away from the ponies that pull the cart.
  1965. >It is not hard to get comfortable on the red upholstery despite that the seats are low.
  1966. >The polished wood makes it look like this actually is for royalty.
  1967. >"Vorwärts!"
  1968. >The cart starts moving and you recognize the way. It leads to the barracks.
  1969. >Aryanne doesn't talk so you just look around during the drive.
  1970. >After you leave the forest that you passed on your way to the mansion you can see the vast sky.
  1971. >Military presence is doubled on the ground while the clear skies are almost devoid of any pegasi.
  1972. "Aryanne, what is going on with the troops?"
  1973. >She just shakes her head.
  1974. >The ride goes past the barracks further and further into the territory unbeknownst to you.
  1975. >She just looks lost in thoughts while you try to spot anything in the distance.
  1976. >After a while you can see a town.
  1977. >As you get closer you can make out a railway.
  1978. >Aryanne is silent and you just follow her example.
  1979. >Despite being happy to see something else than prison cells and the mansion the ride gets boring soon.
  1980. >You take out the gun of the holster.
  1981. >The large revolver with the eagle looks like it is of top notch quality.
  1982. >You can smell the oil.
  1983. >As you open it you can see that it is .357 or bigger.
  1984. >Maybe .40
  1985. >Facing away you aim at a tree with the iron sight.
  1986. >The gun is heavy but it feels really good.
  1987. >You could get used to it.
  1988. >The barrel is quite long so you like to test the gun on a shooting range.
  1989. >"You know how to work wiz that?"
  1990. "Of course! My dad taught me all about guns! I've spend so much time on the shooting ran-"
  1991. >The look on her face freezes you in your tracks.
  1992. >She scowls at you with her mouth hanging open, her big blue eyes focusing you.
  1993. >Slowly you lower the gun and put it back into it's holster.
  1994. >You can see her eyes slowly following it and wandering to the floor.
  1995. "Everything okay?"
  1996. >"Hä? Ah, ja es ist nur…" [spoiler]uh, its just...[/spoiler]
  1997. "Aryanne..."
  1998. >Shaking her head she replies, "oh, yes I was just-" she takes a breath "- it's nothing."
  1999. >Then she forces a smile at you.
  2000. >You return a wary smile.
  2001. >A few minutes later you are at the train staition.
  2002. >Half of it is closed of by soldiers, the other half is filled with what seem to be regular civilians.
  2003. >They are clearly confused by you and the soldiers but not as much as you would have thought.
  2004. >After mere minutes they just ignore you.
  2005. >You are just sitting down on a bench while Aryanne just stands there.
  2006. >The minutes seem to stretch to infinity until the arrival of the train.
  2007. >You follow Aryanne into the last railroad car, followed by 4 soldiers.
  2008. >Two of them guard the entrance to the car and the other two rest close to the door while Aryanne and you sit down in a compartment, facing each other.
  2009. >The silence is wearing you out.
  2011. >You take off the sword and hood and try to hide pulling out the gun out of the holster while doing so.
  2012. "What was with all the military standing by?"
  2013. >"Everyzing is on lock-down, we can't have any information leaked."
  2014. >Makes sense.
  2015. Bowing over slightly you ask, "What now? How long are we going to ride this train?"
  2016. >Aryanne puts down her saddlebags and pulls out some documents which she puts next to her on the vacant seat.
  2017. >"We will travel for three days, and now I will brief you."
  2018. >Your reply is a frown.
  2019. >"Zis must be perfect Anon!"
  2020. >And so she begins.
  2021. >She tells you of the borders and the bolsheviks troops.
  2022. >Of the enclaves.
  2023. >Of them being cut off.
  2024. >Of their aggression.
  2025. >Of murder and siege.
  2026. >Of the history of relations with the neighboring countries.
  2027. >She tells you what their government wants.
  2028. >Access to their territories and peace for their people.
  2029. >Their are pictures, taken of burned down villages and dead ponies.
  2030. >You can't help it. Somehow it makes sense.
  2031. >But what happened in your world prior world war two is so damn similar.
  2032. >Can this be an elaborate hoax?
  2033. >All this to trick you?
  2034. >You take bathroom breaks in between just to clear your head and splash some water in your face.
  2035. >If she is lying she is an amazing liar.
  2036. >She tells you signals.
  2037. >Ways to act.
  2038. >The more she talks the more you start to feel weird.
  2039. >The fate of a whole country resting on you...
  2040. >Why would she even trust a person she barely even knows with such an important task?
  2041. >Is she that desperate?
  2042. >"Anon, are you listening?"
  2043. >You shake your head and try to focus.
  2044. >Trees pass in the distance, outside of the window.
  2045. >Fresh air fills your lungs as you take a deep breath.
  2046. "Sorry, it's just..."
  2047. >You take another deep breath.
  2048. "This is all a bit much."
  2049. >Aryanne puts down the books and papers.
  2050. >"You are right, I am sorry."
  2051. >You can't help but notice that she loses her strictness with you.
  2052. "So I will be free after this is done?"
  2053. >"Yes."
  2054. "And I am free to go where ever I please?"
  2055. >"Yes you are, as long as you are not going west," she says with a smile.
  2056. >You lean back and push your head against the headrest and close you eyes.
  2057. >"Where will you go?"
  2058. "I have no idea."
  2059. >"I zee."
  2060. >
  2061. >"Will you go back to Ponyville?"
  2062. >You open your eyes.
  2063. >You feel heavy. Like your own weight presses you down into the padding.
  2064. >"I... I don't know to be honest."
  2065. >There is a small nod.
  2066. >"So your dad taught you how to handle guns?"
  2067. >You falter for a second before replying.
  2068. "Yes, it was important to him..."
  2069. >She looks out of the window. Her expression is soft and blue.
  2070. >"My father taught me too."
  2071. >The sounds of the wheels on the tracks and the wind are only interrupted by the distant laughter of the soldier that sit next to the door.
  2072. >"How good are you at shooting?"
  2075. "I can hit a bottle cap over 20 yards away."
  2076. >That raises her eyebrows.
  2077. >"Zat is good, you vill have to show me."
  2078. >Hmm.
  2080. >Between "lessons" Aryanne loosens up a bit.
  2081. >A world of difference to when she is your enemy.
  2082. >You 3 days riding different trains and spend the nights in hotels.
  2083. >She really seems to trust you.
  2084. >Or knows that you know what could happen if you were to try to escape.
  2085. >On the third day your arrive in Marelin.
  2086. "Holy..."
  2087. >"Impressed?"
  2088. >Aryanne gives you a smug smile as the train comes into the station.
  2089. >A giant hall, two hundred yards.
  2090. >Iron arched truss with large windows.
  2091. >It wouldn't be sooooo special in your world, but in equestria...
  2092. >There are so many ponies.
  2093. >There is so much commotion.
  2094. >"Anon," she says to get your attention and points the your stuff, "the hood."
  2095. >You make haste to put on.
  2096. >When you exit the cart you are stunned.
  2097. >There is a red carpet and a small chapel!
  2098. "Holy fucking shit."
  2099. >A well dressed representative approaches you while all the ponies in the station seem to focus their attention to you.
  2100. >Between the cameras, soldiers, bands and rubberneckers you see ponies getting out of a train on the last platform.
  2101. >Mares, stallions, fillies and colts, even foals.
  2102. >Their clothes are mostly tattered, holding their few belongings for dear life.
  2103. >Some faces show relief, others the horrors they went through and most worry or sadness.
  2104. >"Lord Anonymous," the familiar pony next to you says in a voice you haven't yet heard or her.
  2105. >"Lord Anonymous, you are awaited in your suite," she says gesturing in a wide to motion towards the exit.
  2106. >Their are so many yells in german.
  2107. >>"Platzmachen!"
  2108. >>"Achtung!"
  2109. >Their are so many yells in german. You are simply overwhelmed by all that is going on, that you are the center of.
  2110. >This is so surreal.
  2111. >Focus Anon! This is important, YOU are important.
  2112. >So you walk towards the exit and your carriage as if you own the place.
  2115. >The carriage starts to move at the word of the finely dressed representative.
  2116. >You watch the busy city moving past you.
  2117. >In the bright sunlight the city seems to shine.
  2118. >The rendering of the buildings looks new and the shop windows are filled all kinds of different goods. You haven’t seen such variety anywhere in this world.
  2119. >The main roads are wide and red flags are hanging from flagpoles and houses.
  2120. >Seeing those flags with swastikas...
  2121. >Yet you have to admit that all this decoration has a certain appeal...
  2122. >Carts with all kinds of wares are pulled through the streets.
  2123. >The ponies stop you look at you and some wave while others eye you suspiciously.
  2124. "Is this a country on the edge of war," you ask yourself in a whisper.
  2125. >None of you talk as the ride leads you through the different parts of the city until you reach a hotel next to a large park.
  2126. >You are led inside by the two and the elevator takes you up towards the highest story.
  2127. >When the door is opens you take a step inside.
  2128. >Are large bed, even large enough for you with a chandelier hanging over it.
  2129. >The french window leads to a wide balcony.
  2130. >There are chairs and a minibar.
  2131. >The bathroom has a large bathtub.
  2132. >Fresh flower arrangements are everywhere.
  2133. >Drawings decorate the walls.
  2134. >There is even silk bedding.
  2135. >Spare clothes lie neatly folded on top of it.
  2136. >A newspaper lies next to a radio.
  2137. >"Is everything to your liking?"
  2138. "Yes it is," you say as you walk towards the balcony, "I am baffled."
  2139. >Aryanne gives some orders behind you and the door gets shut.
  2140. >"So, here we are..."
  2141. "I am impressed."
  2142. >"I vill leave you alone now, I need to do preparations."
  2143. >You look at the worried pony beside you.
  2144. "When are you coming back?"
  2145. >"The day after tomorrow."
  2146. "Oh.."
  2147. >"You are free to walk around the city. There will be guards escorting you all the time."
  2148. >"If you want to go back just tell them 'zum Hotel' and they will lead you back here."
  2149. >She takes a something out of her saddlebags and holds it out for you to take.
  2150. >It is a small bag.
  2151. >As you take it, you are surprised by it's weight.
  2152. >"What's this?"
  2153. >"Zat is some money for you to spend. Remember you are lord, a ambassador."
  2154. With a smile you reply, "You really have gone the extra mile."
  2155. >"It is a small price to pay for peace."
  2156. >There is worry in her voice and you can't help to feel it to.
  2157. >"I have to do preparations. Goodbye Anon."
  2158. >She turns around and heads for the door.
  2159. "Goodbye."
  2161. >You spend the two days enjoying the luxury of the place.
  2162. >Hell, even Celestia would be jealous.
  2163. >Room service has pictures of menus so you manage with pointing and gestures.
  2164. >It works less well when you take walks through the city.
  2165. >You would stand out even if you weren't hooded and had your own guards following your every step.
  2166. >It is a lovely city though.
  2167. >The park is beautiful, the markets are busy.
  2168. >When you buy a whole bag of peaches and don't know how much money to give you guards have to step in.
  2169. >As you sit down and offer your guards some the look at each other in confusion.
  2170. >Reluctant they take them after a while.
  2171. >They refuse to sit next to you and half hide when they eat.
  2172. >As if they were afraid their superiors could see.
  2173. >On the second day you find a small shop that sells toys.
  2174. >The old shopkeeper almost dies of an heart attack as you and your soldier enter.
  2175. >"W-was kann ich für Sie tun?"
  2176. >You shake your head in reply and move your hand to your eyes and then point towards his wares.
  2177. >He nods and you take a look around.
  2178. >There is a set of miniatures.
  2179. >Pony soldiers.
  2180. >Point to them and nod.
  2181. >The old stallion almost trips as he gets them and wraps them up.
  2182. >You your soldiers handle the money but when the shopkeeper returns the change you only take half of it.
  2183. >Poor guy almost died because of your visit.
  2185. >On the third day you are up before the sun rises.
  2186. >You take a cold shower and take a good look at yourself.
  2187. >You look better but you can see why they thought of the hood.
  2188. >Most of your wounds have healed good but there are still black and blue marks.
  2189. >You dress up and put the dagger in the sheath, the revolver in the holster and the sword on your back and sit down on the bed.
  2190. >Just this day and you are free.
  2191. >Acting when Aryanne gives the signals.
  2192. >Easy.
  2193. >And yet the fate of the whole damn country weights on your performance.
  2194. >Resting your face in your hands you sigh.
  2195. >Just gotta push this trough.
  2196. >Just this day.
  2197. >Aryanne promised you.
  2198. >Everything is planned out.
  2199. >Everything is ready.
  2200. >So you wait.
  2201. >The morning sun dyes the whole room orange when you hear knocking.
  2202. "Come in!"
  2203. >It is Aryanne.
  2204. >But she doesn't wear her usual simply uniform.
  2205. >She wears a decorated officers uniform.
  2206. >Rather than the usual grayish one this one is black and this one has a barracks cover.
  2207. >The face that showed expression is gone, now it is just stoic.
  2208. >"Guten Morgen."
  2209. "Guten Morgen," you reply.
  2210. >For a second you think about your accent.
  2211. >"Are you ready?"
  2212. >You take inhale deeply before you stand up.
  2213. "Let's go."
  2217. >Shortly afterwards you arrive at the building where the meeting takes place in company of Aryanne and your guards.
  2218. >Security is tight and there are soldiers everywhere.
  2219. >Each of your steps on the marble floor echoes through the wide corridors.
  2220. >"Lord Anonymous-" Aryanne points to an old brown stallion with glasses and a beard and mane that went gray "-this is Bernhart, your translator."
  2221. >>"It is a pleasure to meet you," he says with a smile and bows his head.
  2222. >You give a nod.
  2223. >His accent is far not as bad as Aryannes.
  2224. >After raising his head he fixes his slipped glasses.
  2225. >>"It has been a while since I have used this language but I will do my very best."
  2226. "I know you will."
  2227. >You give a slight bow since your face is covered by the hood.
  2228. >Aryanne takes her place in the main corridor looking to the entrance and remaining you as still as the soldiers that stand guard.
  2229. >You on the other hand walk the corridors up and down.
  2230. >Just this day!
  2231. >After a just moments Aryanne leaves her post and walks towards you.
  2232. >"Lord Anonymous, may I have a second?"
  2233. "Of course."
  2234. >The two of you walk down a corridor, just a few steps out of hearing distance.
  2235. >"What are you doing!?"
  2236. >She tries to keep her voice down but the stress and anger makes you take a step back.
  2237. "I..."
  2238. >"Don't look nervous! Stand still, sit down, anything but don't show weakness!"
  2239. >She is pissed. Really pissed.
  2240. "Hey, I... this is new to-"
  2241. >She shakes her head, "Anon you are going to take a deep breath now, and then you will talk to Bernhart until the delegation is here."
  2242. >You inhale deeply and can't help but notice she does the same.
  2243. >Aryanne fixes her black baracks cover and the blue orbs that are her eyes stare at you with worry when she asks, "you ready?"
  2244. "Yes."
  2245. >The two of you head back and Aryanne takes her position while you chat with Bernhart.
  2246. >He is not part of the military but serves as translator now and then.
  2247. >Bernhart taught Aryanne her five siblings when they were children.
  2248. >Aryanne is the only one that got a career in the military.
  2249. >His story is cut short by the echoing of hoof steps on the marble floor.
  2250. >A lot of them.
  2251. >You raise from the bench you are sitting on and both Bernharts and your attention is focused on the arrivals.
  2252. >There is a mare, gray coat and dark red mane, in full uniform walking up face to face with Aryanne.
  2253. >>>"Aryanne," she says forcing a smile.
  2254. >Aryanne returns is in the same manner.
  2255. >"Veronica, es freut mich dich zu sehen."
  2256. >>>"Wollen wir gleich anfangen?"
  2257. >Her accent sounds russian.
  2258. >"Natürlich."
  2259. >She turns around and heads for the dark wood tables that are set on each side of the door.
  2260. >"Die Waffen bitte auf diesen Tisch."
  2261. >>>"Natürlich."
  2262. >Veronica and the red earth pony stallion which stands next to her put there weapons on the table.
  2263. >Your heart is beating fast as you approach them.
  2264. >"Lord Anonymous, würded ihr eure Waffen bitte auf diesen Tisch legen?"
  2265. >>"Lord Anonymous, would you please lay your weapon on this table," your new companion says.
  2266. "Of course."
  2267. >>"Selbstverständlich."
  2268. >She table on the other side of the large doors to the conference room.
  2269. >Veronicas eyes follow Aryanne to the table and then to you.
  2270. >When Veronicas eyes meet yours you can see the shock on her face.
  2271. >It lasts barely seconds before she catches herself and you notice a small smile flashing over Aryanne face.
  2272. >>>"Was hat das zu bedeuten?"
  2273. >You can hear the anger in her voice that she is trying to hide.
  2274. >"Das ist Lord Anonymous, er wird heute beisitzen. Das ist doch kein Problem?"
  2275. >>>"Natürlich nicht."
  2276. >You take the sheath of your back and demonstratively stand it on the ground.
  2277. >From the peak to the hilt is stand almost as tall as these ponies.
  2278. >Draw inspect the blade before you put it on the table.
  2279. >You can almost feel how much this puts her of.
  2280. >The procedure is almost the same with the dagger and the revolver but a little quicker.
  2281. >Then walk towards Veronica, so close she has to raise her head far back to see your eyes, the only part of your body, aside from your hands that is not covered by clothes.
  2282. Leaning forward a little to look down on her you say, "I am Lord Anonymous of America. It is a pleasure to meet you."
  2283. >>"Lord Anonymous von Amerika ist sehr ehrfreut eure Bekannstschaft zu machen," you translator repeats after you.
  2284. >You put you hand forward to shake her hoof.
  2285. >Veronica gapes into your eyes and at your hand.
  2286. >Then she carefully raises her hoof to shake your hand.
  2287. >Aryanne opens the door.
  2288. >"Sind wir so weit?"
  2289. >>"Are you ready?"
  2290. "Yes."
  2291. >And after a while Veronica nods too.
  2292. >Then all of you walk in and the doors are closed behind you.
  2295. >The meeting is long and boring.
  2296. >You mostly listen and try to look intimidating.
  2297. >Aryanne and you prepared a few questions and statements you are supposed give.
  2298. >When you mention the free passages to the enclaves and trade, Veronica asks for a break and storms out of the rooms towards the bathrooms.
  2299. >You take a walk in the halls and when you are on your way back to the conference room you can hear Veronica arguing loudly with her companion.
  2300. >You don't even look at them when you pass them and get to your place next to Aryanne at the large table.
  2301. >She gives you a smug smile.
  2302. >And even though she can't see it, you return it.
  2303. >The both of you go over the maps when Veronica returns.
  2304. >This cicle seems to continue for hours.
  2305. >Veronica is stressed and the longer the meeting goes the more she relies on her the earth pony stallion to keep her on track.
  2306. >During your questions she loses it for a moment and barks at the three of you.
  2307. >When it is way past noon, the meeting is about to wrap up.
  2308. >You wish Veronica a safe trip when you before you get inside your carriage.
  2309. >>>The poor mare gives an exhausted "auf Wiedersehen."
  2310. >Aryanne gives you a nod and you are brought back to the suite.
  2311. >When you set foot inside the room all the tension seems to fade and you collapse on the bed.
  2312. "Fucking..."
  2314. >The knocking on the door wakes you up.
  2315. >The room is dark, and you are lying face first in the silk bedding.
  2316. >You push yourself upright.
  2317. "I am here," you half-shout, half-say in the direction of the door.
  2318. >"Anon?" Aryanne asks as she enters the room.
  2319. "Yes, I just fell a sleep."
  2320. >The light goes on and Aryanne stands there in her SS-uniform, with black saddlebags.
  2321. >"Are you alright?"
  2322. >You rub your temples through the hood.
  2323. "Yeah just give me a moment."
  2324. >You head for the bath to wash your face and realize you haven't even taken of your stuff.
  2325. >Setting the weapons and the hood on the ground next to the sink you wash.
  2326. >You rest your weight on the sink you take a long stare in the mirror.
  2327. >You stay the way for a moment before you splash some water in your face again and dry yourself off.
  2328. >The curtains are gently moved by the wind that flows through the french window from the balcony.
  2329. >Aryanne sits there, resting at the balcony railing.
  2330. >Your steps carry you out into the cool night air.
  2331. >The lights of the cities under you look like thousands of candles in the dark.
  2332. >"Come sit down wiz me."
  2333. >Her white coat looks even whither in the pale moonlight.
  2334. >In front of her there are two glasses filled with wine.
  2335. >You take a place next to her.
  2336. "Did it go the way you wanted?"
  2337. >With a smile she gives a relieved sigh.
  2338. >"Yes."
  2339. >Taking the wineglass between her hooves she says, "Anon, take a glass."
  2340. >You take the other glass. And she raises hers towards you.
  2341. >"To peace, Anon."
  2342. >You hesitate a moment and just look at her.
  2343. >She too looks exhausted.
  2344. "So, I am free?"
  2345. >"Yes you are."
  2346. Reaching your glass towards her you say, "to peace and freedom."
  2347. >"Cheers."
  2348. >A clink disrupts the silence and the both of you drink.
  2349. >The wine is sweet.
  2350. >You are free to go.
  2351. >But somehow your heart sinks.
  2352. >Aryanne looks into the distance, the lights of the city shining bright.
  2353. "Aryanne, may I ask you something?"
  2354. >She doesn't look at you when so says "sure."
  2355. "Why are you doing this?"
  2356. >That gets her to face you.
  2357. >"What do you mean?"
  2358. "Bernhart told me you are the only one of you six that is in the military. There are so many paths but you chose this one, why?"
  2359. >"Das Volk. I do it to protect my people."
  2360. "I guess I understand that."
  2361. >Aryanne shakes her head.
  2362. >"No. You don't."
  2363. >Aryanne empties her glass and pour another one into her glass.
  2364. >"Zis city was in ruins when I was a child."
  2365. >"People lived in poverty. No work, no community, zey were desperate."
  2366. >"But my grandfather, he said zat everything we need is here, we can make it work, if we work for the people and not for the ponies that brought the misery on to us."
  2367. >"After a couple of years everything improved. The ponies had families, had jobs and had ambitions."
  2368. >"But the ones that tried to put us in chains conspired. Zere were revolutions and many ponies died."
  2369. >She sighs as she takes another sip.
  2370. >"Those who were responsible did not care. They could take what they wanted and leave."
  2371. >"But the people can't leave. They are chained to the ground."
  2372. >"Now the new threat are the bolshevik. They are the same people that wanted us in chains for so long..."
  2373. >"They push for war Anon..."
  2374. >Now it is your turn to take a big gulp.
  2375. >"The ponies that on the train station, zey escaped the assault on villages, zey lost their families, zeir loved ones."
  2376. >"I fight for them."
  2377. >You set your empty glass down and watch the city in silence next to her.
  2378. "There is a present for Luftkrieg I want you to give her."
  2379. >"Sure."
  2380. >Aryanne refills both of your glasses and turns towards you.
  2381. >"You can keep the weapons, cloth and money. As an apollgy for what happened to you."
  2382. >You look into her eyes.
  2383. "Thank you, Aryanne."
  2384. >Is that sadness?
  2385. >"Where vill you go next?"
  2386. >The wine reflects the moonlight in your glass when you set it on the railing.
  2387. "I don't know."
  2388. >"Will you go back to ponyville?"
  2389. >You sit down and rest your head in your hands.
  2390. "I don't know."
  2391. >"Will you travel another two years, looking for something, anything?"
  2392. "I don't know! I don't know okay!?"
  2393. >Aryanne doesn't flinch at your outburst.
  2394. >"You are alone Anon. A person alone just wanders zis world until he dies. No family, no home, no purpose."
  2395. >Tears fall down onto ground.
  2396. "What do you know! Do you know how it feels the be the only one of your kind!? To be trapped in this world!? To be alone!? To be alien and feared wherever you go!?"
  2397. >She hesitates for a moment.
  2398. >"Tell me."
  2399. >You do.
  2400. >Even though it is a bad idea.
  2401. >You tell her of your mom.
  2402. >How your dad raised you alone.
  2403. >Of your world.
  2404. >Of the history of your world.
  2405. >How you got here.
  2406. >What happened since.
  2407. >And with every passing minute her eyes go wider.
  2409. >You wake up with a headache to an empty room.
  2410. >The few rays of light that make it through the clouds of the morning sky dye the room in gray.
  2411. >Aryanne is gone, the empty wine bottle is resting on the table next to the to the french windows.
  2412. >One of the empty glasses stands next to it.
  2413. >You feel weak and your body heavy.
  2414. >You rest for a moment and stare at the celing.
  2415. >It takes some effort to drag yourself up and into the shower.
  2416. >As the warm water runs down your body you rest your head against the cold tiles and close your eyes.
  2417. >What the hell happened?
  2418. >What were you thinking?
  2419. >What happens next?
  2420. >Where are you go now?
  2421. >Maybe these ponies will have an acurate map.
  2422. >Maybe...
  2423. >The the pelting water can only soothe you for solong before you get out.
  2424. >When you return to the now lit room there is a tray with breakfast on the table and the remnants of yesterday are gone.
  2425. >Different kinds of bread, cold cuts, butter, milk, fish...
  2426. >Despite being not really hungry the bread rolls and sausage force your hand.
  2427. >It's been far too long.
  2428. >You are about to shove the third breakroll down your throat when you hear some voices just outside of the door.
  2429. >There is knocking before the door opens.
  2430. >"Good morning Anonymous, may I come in?"
  2431. "Hey Bernhart, you had breakfast yet?"
  2432. >The brown poni nods, his grey mane and beard following his movements with a barely noticable delay.
  2433. >Yes he had breakfast, or yes he wants some?
  2434. >He adjusts his big round glasses with his hoof.
  2435. "Come on, join me."
  2436. >"Sure," he says as he moves to the open chair.
  2437. >He takes a half a roll and puts a slice of cheese on it.
  2438. "Where is Aryanne?"
  2439. >"She left, she is back at the barracks in the south."
  2440. "She doesn't waste much time, does she?"
  2441. >Bernhart gives you a smile.
  2442. >"No she doesn't."
  2443. "So why are you here?"
  2444. >Bernhart takes a bite, chews slowly and swallows.
  2445. >"She asked me to deliver a message."
  2446. >That makes you raise an eyebrow.
  2447. >"You are free to go," he puts a envelope on the table, "here is a card that ensures free passage everywhere but east and some money."
  2448. "But?"
  2449. >"But," this simple world usually means something bad but somehow you are not worried.
  2450. >"But Aryanne has a wish before you leave."
  2451. "What does she want?"
  2452. >"That you stay here for a week, that you show presence to make it more believeable. Me and some guards will be by your side for this week and then you should leave at night."
  2453. >You rest your chin on the back of your hands and exhale slowly, while staring at the half-eaten breadroll on your table.
  2454. "Sure."
  2455. >"Anything you wanna do?"
  2456. >Your eyes wander up to him.
  2457. "Be my guide."
  2458. >"Good, I have a lot I want to show you," he says with a smile.
  2460. >The following week didn't exactly pass in a flash but it was no drag either.
  2461. >You learned about the history of this place from museums and Bernhart, what happened after the war, the revolution, the dead, the turmoil.
  2462. >You met representatives.
  2463. >It was weird how much the ponies here were focussed on what mattered to them.
  2464. >No detours, straight to the point.
  2465. >You even held a small speech about how your two nations would be strive together.
  2466. >It was written by Bernhart of course.
  2467. >It was weird to see your covered face on the front page of the newspapers.
  2468. >It seemed that with every passing day there were less and less refugees arriving with the train.
  2469. >Could it be that you really changed something just by being there?
  2470. >Bernhart was a nice compannion.
  2471. >Maybe you just liked him because he was the only one you could converse with.
  2473. >It is 11 o'clock.
  2474. >You are standing empty station platform between to trains.
  2475. >The hood on top of your gettup, that you wore the past few days, hides your apparel even more.
  2476. >A bag on your back and one in your hand.
  2477. >"So which cardinal direction?"
  2478. >Bernhart's voice is low, lower than usual.
  2479. >You sigh and look around.
  2480. "How about west?"
  2481. >Bernhart scratches his chin.
  2482. >"Are you sure? That brings you back closer to where your journey started."
  2483. >There is lump in your throat so you just nod.
  2484. >"It is that one then," he says as he points to the trains to your left.
  2485. "Better be going then, goodbye Bernhart."
  2486. >"Goodbye Anon, take care of yourself."
  2487. >As you step into the train you hear a "farewell" behind you.
  2488. >You are going to miss this guy.
  2489. "Auf Wiedersehen," you say in your thick accent.
  2490. >The door closes and you pick a seat in the empty carriage.
  2492. >The carriage rocks heavily as the train starts moving.
  2493. >You rest your head into the cushion and take a deep breath.
  2494. >West.
  2495. >The direction of where you started.
  2496. >Maybe you really should go back to Ponyville.
  2497. >Pinkie would surely throw you a party.
  2498. >Did Rainbow Dash get into the wonderbolts?
  2499. >Has the princess of friendship found her place?
  2500. >What would Rarity think about your new getup?
  2501. >Maybe you could help on the farm again?
  2502. >Fluttershy would be intrigued by all the different kinds of animals that you saw and that you had to fight off.
  2503. >Still...
  2504. >Somehow it feels...
  2505. >Dreary.
  2506. >You didn't manage to get closer to your goal in theses past two years.
  2507. >There is still no way home.
  2508. >Trees pass in the darkness behind the windows.
  2509. >They are stuck in place, their roots connecting them to this world.
  2510. >There is a thought that is in the back of your mind.
  2511. >A feeling you can't shake off.
  2512. >Maybe it's just you getting sick or something.
  2513. >Still...
  2514. >The door that separates carriages slides open and a stallion in an uniform walks in.
  2515. >When he sees you he freezes for a moment.
  2516. >Then he catches himself, fixes his uniform and checks every cabin for passengers before he gets to you.
  2517. >"Kann ich ihre Fahrkarte sehen Lord Anonymous," he asks with a low voice as he scratches his head. [spoiler]Can I see your ticket?[/spoiler]
  2518. >You take out your papers and show them to him.
  2519. >"Alles in Ordnung. Ich wünsche ihnen eine gute Reise." [spoiler]Everthing allright. Have a nice journey.[/spoiler]
  2520. >He turns around and says "Danke" with a hushed voice and a warm smile. [spoiler]Thanks[/spoiler]
  2521. >You rest your arms on your legs and your face in your hands and take a deep breath.
  2522. "Wait."
  2523. >The stallion freezes.
  2524. >"Stimmt etwas nicht eure Hoheit," he asks nervously. [spoiler]Is something wrong your highness?[/spoiler]
  2525. >You can pretty much guess what that means.
  2526. "If I want to go south, where do I have to get off this train?"
  2527. >You gesticulate wildly.
  2528. >"Ich, ähm, wie kann ich ihnen behilflich sein?" [spoiler]How can I be of service?[/spoiler]
  2529. >You take out the map that Bernhart gave you and point to the base that is circled in red.
  2530. >"Lassen Sie mich mal sehen." [spoiler]Let me see.[/spoiler]
  2531. >He cerefully takes the map out of your hands to study it.
  2532. "I want to go there."
  2533. >He just stares at you with a blank face and an open mouth.
  2534. "Ich," you point with a finger at your chest.
  2535. "Want to to go," you mimic a walking figure with two finger.
  2536. "There," you point towards the red circle."
  2537. >"Oooooh!"
  2538. >He scratches his chin.
  2539. >"Mal schauen." [spoiler]Lets see[/spoiler]
  2540. >The stallion buries his head in the map.
  2541. "Also Sie müssen in drei Stationen die Linie wechseln, dann kreuzen Sie direkt die entsprechende Verbindung..." [spoiler]You have to switch lines in three station and then you are on the right track[/spoiler]
  2542. >Raising your arms you make the universal sign for I-don't-understand-anything-you-say.
  2543. >The stallions eyes wander up right for a second before he replies "Ich schreib ihnen das auf und sag ihnen bescheid." [spoiler]I'll write it down and tell you when it's time[/spoiler]
  2544. >Then he takes out some papers and writes down some instructions.
  2545. >"Wenn sie jemanden sehen der so aussieht wie ich," he points to his eyes and then to his uniform. [spoiler]If you see someone dressed like me[/spoiler]
  2546. >"Zeigen Sie ihm diesen zettel and Ihren Schein," he points at the papers. [spoiler]show him the papers[/spoiler]
  2547. >"Dann wird man Ihnen helfen." [spoiler]and they'll help you[/spoiler]
  2548. "Got it."
  2550. >One day and a lot of confusion later you get out of the 8th train in the middle of fucking nowhere.
  2551. >Knowing the language better would have left you able to not miss the stations 4 times but hey.
  2552. >A familiar station but this time there is no carriage.
  2553. >In fact there is absolutely no one.
  2554. >With your bags you walk down the roads, through the forest and towards the mansion.
  2555. >The two armed guards stop you when you try to climb the stairs.
  2556. >"Halt!" [spoiler]Stop![/spoiler]
  2557. >One shouts some commands and the other runs off inside.
  2558. >A minute later Aryanne comes running through the door with a big smile on her face.
  2559. >"Anon!"
  2560. >She stops abrupt and fixes her barracks cover with an harrumph.
  2561. >"Lord Anonymous, I did not expect you to see here."
  2562. >She comes closer and salutes.
  2563. >You get to your knees and say.
  2564. "Hallo."
  2565. >She starts to hug you.
  2566. >Ponies.
  2567. >"Ich dachte ich würde dich nie wieder sehen! Du hast es dir also überlegt? Ich bin so froh! Wir können dich hier gebrauchen außerdem wolltest du mir zegen wie gut du schießen kannst und Luftkrieg hat immer wieder nach dir gefragt und..." [spoiler]Thought never going to see you again/Changed your mind/you said/also Luftkrieg[/spoiler]
  2568. "I don't understand a single word."
  2569. >She hugs you closer.
  2570. >"Thank you, Anon."
  2571. >You notice the muffled chuckles from the soldiers behind her and let go.
  2572. >"Ohh."
  2573. >Aryanne fixes her barracks cover again with yet another harumph.
  2574. >"Du-" she turns around to one of the guards. [spoiler]You[/spoiler]
  2575. >Both of them go wide-eyed.
  2576. "-sag bescheid das man Lord Anonymous' Zimmer vorbereitet!" [spoiler]Get Anons room prepared[/spoiler]
  2577. >He salutes and rushes off.
  2578. >She turns to you again.
  2579. >"Wenn ihr mir bitte folgen würdet Lord Anonymous." [spoiler]Would you please follow me, Lord Anonymous[/spoiler]
  2580. >The both of you climb the stairs but Aryanne stops next to the remaining soldier.
  2581. >Her eyes narrow and the stallion breaks into sweat.
  2582. >"Fünfzig Runden nach Dienst," she whispers. [spoiler]50 laps after duty[/spoiler]
  2583. >"Jawohl, Frau Oberführer!"
  2584. >You both pass into the main hall through the doors.
  2585. >Behind you there is a sigh.
  2586. >"I am very glad you came back."
  2587. "Did you miss me?"
  2588. >"You are very important in ze war efforts."
  2589. >Somehow you missed her accent.
  2590. >The both of you walk the now familiar way towards you quarters.
  2591. "I missed you."
  2592. >You can't see her eyes under her cap but she lowers her head, a little away from you.
  2593. >"All of us are happy zat an important ally has returned to our side."
  2594. "No prison and experiments this time okay?"
  2595. >"We would never dream of doing zis to one of our honored guests."
  2596. >Now it's your time to harrumph.
  2597. "Franziska."
  2598. >"As I said we would never do zat to our honored guest!"
  2599. >She has kept her word before you muse.
  2600. "It is strange but I am glad to be ba-"
  2601. >Something white tackles you and throws you down to the ground.
  2602. >>"ANOOOOOOONN!! Wo warst du?" [spoiler]where have you been?[/spoiler]
  2603. >"Zere is someone who is really glad you are back."
  2604. >Tiny hooves hit your chest.
  2605. >>"Wo warst du? Du hast nicht auf wiedersehen gesagt!" [spoiler]you didnt say goodbye![/spoiler]
  2606. "Luftkrieg."
  2607. >The little filly with the scrunched muzzle looks at you while she hits your chest.
  2608. >>"Mama sagt man muss immer höflich sein!" [spoiler]mom says you always need to be polite[/spoiler]
  2609. >You cough and place your palm on her head.
  2610. "Hey there little one."
  2611. >Then she bear-hugs you.
  2612. >>"Danke für die Geschenke Onkel Anon!" [spoiler]Thanks for the presents uncle![/spoiler]
  2613. >The little filly has some tears in her eyes.
  2614. "You got better at flying," you smile at her.
  2615. >The filly looks at you, then Aryanne, then you again."
  2616. >"Anon fragt ob du schon besser fliegen kannst." [spoiler]Anon wants to know if you can fly.[/spoiler]
  2617. >Luftkrieg mouth opens and she jumps off of you.
  2618. >>"Ich kann schon fast fliegen!" [spoiler]I can almost do it .[/spoiler]
  2619. >She runs around and jumps, flapping her tiny wings as hard as she can.
  2620. >She stays ariborne for a second before she lands on unsteady hooves.
  2621. >>"Ich werd mal die beste Fliegerin!" [spoiler]I am going to become the best flyer![/spoiler]
  2622. >She puffs out her chest.
  2623. >You get up again and give her ears a little scratch.
  2624. "Sure."
  2625. >She leans into your touch like a little kitten.
  2626. >Is it possible to die of too much cute?
  2627. >Aryanne nudges the filly.
  2628. >"Luftkrieg, kleines, lass Anon erstmal ankommen, ja?" [spoiler]let him arrive[/spoiler]
  2629. >>"Aaawwwwwwww."
  2630. >"Anon, komm mit." [spoiler]come with me[/spoiler]
  2631. >You follow her to your old room while Luftkrieg rushes off.
  2632. >To spread the news you suspect.
  2633. >You are not a prisoner anymore but you are by no means eager to meat Franziska or Kyrie again.
  2634. >Your room is the exact same you left it.
  2635. >"You must be exhausted from your travel. Rest and I'll pick you up for lunch."
  2637. >Lunch is not as fancy as the last you ate with Aryanne.
  2638. >A wooden table for the officers on the yard.
  2639. >The white trio, the big grey unicorn with the scar on his yaw and neck and you.
  2640. >One glares at you, one gleams at you and two just eat their food.
  2641. >You feel out of place.
  2642. >But the sun is shining and the food is good by military standards.
  2643. >Pasta and some greens.
  2644. >Not fancy but the taste is far better then what was served at your dad's base.
  2645. >"Anon, kommst du später im Labor vorbei? Ich könnte noch ein paar /Proben/ gebrauchen," Franziska says with that fucking creepy smile. [spoiler]Are you gonna stop by the lab? I could use some /samples/[/spoiler]
  2646. >A shudder runs down your throat.
  2647. >Aryanne gives her a little jab with her elbow.
  2648. >>"Er ist jetzt ein Gast," Aryanne says. [spoiler]He's a guest now.[/spoiler]
  2649. >"Awwwwwww...."
  2650. >>"Ausserdem machen wir Schießübungen." [spoiler]besides we'Re doing target practice[/spoiler]
  2651. >Franziskas eyes go wide.
  2652. >"Ich kann kaum abwarten herauszufinden was er alles mit seinen Klauen anstellen kann." [spoiler]I can barely wait to see what he is able to do with these claws[/spoiler]
  2653. >>>"Hoffentlich schießt er besser als er kämpft," Kyrie says, not looking up from her meal. [spoiler]hope he shoots better than he fights[/spoiler]
  2654. >>"Er ist okay." [spoiler]He's okay[/spoiler]
  2655. >>>"Für einen Rekruten vielleicht." [spoiler]For a recruit maybe[/spoiler]
  2656. >>>>"Ich kann mir kaum vorstellen das er in ein normales Regiment passt," the grey stallion says. [spoiler]I can't imagine him with regular troops.[/spoiler]
  2657. >"Wir finden was für ihn." [spoiler]We'll find something[/spoiler]
  2658. >Kyrie scoffs at that.
  2660. >An hour later you are at the shooting range.
  2661. >Paper targets or stapled to wooden posts.
  2662. >You take out the crested revolver and place it on a small table.
  2663. >The red wooden box with the brass hinges reveals catridges.
  2664. >Taking one out you examine it.
  2665. >Must be a .38 but the they are longer than the usual.
  2666. >You pull the pin below the barrew and the cylinder swing out.
  2667. >Carefully you place the bullets in the the seven chambers.
  2668. >With a slight swing of your wrist the cylinder slides back in.
  2669. >"Bereit?" [spoiler]Ready?[/spoiler]
  2670. "What?"
  2671. >"I asked if you are ready."
  2672. "Sure."
  2673. >You turn around and give Aryanne a smile.
  2674. >A couple of weeks ago you were a prisoner and about to be executed or used as vivisection but now she trusts you with this gun.
  2675. >A few step on the gravel and you're at the range.
  2676. "Can I?"
  2677. >The white mare gives you a nod.
  2678. >You widen your stance and aim.
  2679. >As you look over the ironsight you turn the safety of and cock back the hammer.
  2680. >80 feet.
  2681. >Then you hold your breath and tense your muscles.
  2682. >You pull the trigger.
  2683. >Bang.
  2684. >The recoil knocks the gun up.
  2685. "WOOOHOOOO!"
  2686. >Splinters of wood shoot out of the post.
  2687. "HOLY FUCK! Did you see that!?"
  2688. >"Wir brauchen wohl einen neuen Pfahl. Franziska wie hat er geschossen?" [spoiler]Guess we'll need a new post. How did he shot, Franziska?[/spoiler]
  2689. "What the hell is this? .45 ACP plus?"
  2690. >Yellow glow engulfs the paper that lies next to the ruined post and levitate it over.
  2691. >>"Volltreffer." [spoiler]Bullseye[/spoiler]
  2692. >"Hey Anon, well done. I taught you to shoot like that?"
  2693. "My dad but holy shit what kind of bullets are these?"
  2694. >Aryanne grins at you.
  2695. >"Franziskas newest development. Powder enriched with mana-crystals."
  2696. >Your view shifts to creepy pony.
  2697. >Creepy pony gives you a creepy smile.
  2698. >She might be insane but holy fuck.
  2699. >This gun feels like an anti-tank rifle.
  2700. >You take aim again.
  2703. >The rest of the day you spend playing with Luftkriegs.
  2704. >Chasing her around trees.
  2705. >Playing hide and seek.
  2706. >A tiny white butt sticks out of the shrubs.
  2707. >You walk past her.
  2708. >In a theathralic manner you sigh and rub your head.
  2709. "Ooooooh, I can't find her! Where is the little filly? Did she disappear?"
  2710. >You place your hand over your eyes, pretending to shield it from the sun.
  2711. >Turning around in a wide motion you sigh.
  2712. "Where could she be."
  2713. >The pony tries as hard as she can not to burst out in laughter.
  2714. >You can see her shaking a little.
  2715. >You take a few steps away from her and the laughing increases.
  2716. >Then you turn around and walk back to her.
  2717. >The laughter becomes more muffled.
  2718. >You walk past her and the whole bush seems to rustle with her.
  2719. >You turn around to grab the little ball of fur.
  2720. "Got you!"
  2721. >The tiny pegasus gives a quick "eeep" before bursting out in laughter.
  2722. >She tries to wriggle away but you already got her.
  2723. >You raise the filly up.
  2724. >Time for the punishment.
  2725. >Inhaling deeply you put your head on her tummy.
  2726. "Punishment!"
  2727. >You blow a raspberry on her the child bellybutton causing her to laugh so hard she gets the hickups.
  2728. >Between burtsts of laughs she shouts, "Hilfe", "das Monster hat mich!" [spoiler]help! the monster got me![/spoiler]
  2729. >Suddenly gush of wind hits your bag as something rams into the ground behind you.
  2730. >>"Lass Sie los!" [spoiler]let her go[/spoiler]
  2731. >The voice is so full of venom and cold fury that it makes you freeze in place.
  2732. >Slowly turning around you see Kyrie .
  2733. >Her wings are spread out and she is breathing heavily through her nostrils with bared teeth.
  2734. >>"Langsam." [spoiler]slowly[/spoiler]
  2735. >The filly in your arms looks at her mother then at you and back at her mother again.
  2736. >"Mami wir spielen doch nur," she says. [spoiler]we're just playing mom[/spoiler]
  2737. >>"Keine Sorge ,kleines," her mother sayes not averting her gaze from your face. [spoiler]don't worry dear[/spoiler]
  2738. >There are hoofsteps in the distance.
  2739. >"Mama,"
  2740. >>"Lass Sie langsam runter." [spoiler]put her down[/spoiler]
  2741. >Kyrie gestures a lowering motion with her right.
  2742. >You comply.
  2743. >The tiny pony runs towards her mother just after hitting the ground.
  2744. >"Mama, du machst mir Angst!" [spoiler]mom, you're scaring me[/spoiler]
  2745. >The mare presses her daughter to her chest and shoots you daggers.
  2746. >>>"Was ist hier los!?" [spoiler]whats going on?[/spoiler]
  2747. >Aryanne.
  2748. >>"Anon hatte meine Tochter." [spoiler]Anon had my daughter[/spoiler]
  2749. >>>"Er würde ihr nie was tun," Aryanne protests. [spoiler]he would never harm her[/spoiler]
  2750. >"Genau, Mama!" [spoiler]exactly mom[/spoiler]
  2751. >>"Luftkrieg, wir gehen!" [spoiler]we're going[/spoiler]
  2752. >Kyrie drags her daughther way.
  2753. "What the hell is her problem?"
  2754. >Aryanne lets her head sink.
  2755. >>>"Kyrie has lost her husband to diamond dogs. Ever since she has nothing but contempt for any other species."
  2756. "Ohh."
  2757. "Shit."
  2759. >The following weeks you spend training.
  2760. >Fitness, shooting, spar fights with the ponies.
  2761. >You have a decent change against most earth ponies and unicorns but pegasus are damn hard to fight against.
  2762. >The only time you can even fight back is when they attack.
  2763. >Aryanne on the other hand.
  2764. >There is a reason she is called white death.
  2765. >In twenty sparring matches you have not managed to get one hit on her.
  2766. >The rest of the time you try to learn from the ponies.
  2767. >And while you still hate her and can't understand jack shit she says you even managed to help Franziska in your spare time.
  2768. >Whenever you're playing with Luftkrieg her mom watches you like a hawk.
  2769. >Literally.
  2771. >You sit in your room and stare out of the window.
  2772. >The training field is covered in the darkness of the night but you can still see ponies doing laps.
  2773. >Your muscles are a little sore.
  2774. >But these ponies really know how to make beer.
  2775. >You take a gulp of the beverage.
  2776. >There is a sound.
  2777. >Then another.
  2778. >Something bangs.
  2779. >There is a scream.
  2780. >You put on your shirt and rush out of the door.
  2781. >Something shatters.
  2782. >You hurry towards the source.
  2783. >Things are tossed.
  2784. >You grab the handle.
  2785. >It is Aryanne's room.
  2786. >Twisting the knob you pull open the door.
  2787. >Books and furniture lie on the floor.
  2788. >"Diese verdammter Nutte!" [spoiler]this damn whore[/spoiler]
  2789. >Aryanne is in her night gown.
  2790. >She throws a vase against the wall.
  2791. >"Ich bringe sie um!" [spoiler]I'm going to kill her[/spoiler]
  2792. "Aryanne! What is going on?"
  2793. >When she turns around you can see tears of anger in her eyes.
  2794. >"Sieh dir das an!" [spoiler]look at this[/spoiler]
  2795. >She tosses you a greeting card.
  2796. >Ein Rendezvous im Schnee - Veronica
  2797. >There is lipstick on the card.
  2798. "Calm down! What is going on?"
  2799. >"Krieg," she barks,
  2800. >"They just declared war!"
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