No WW Double GIM

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  1. -Sword, rupees, shield, enter deku
  2. -GIM blue bottle, light arrows, deathwarp on gold skulltula on grate
  3. -Aqua escape. Red river rupee.
  4. -Field WESS past kak owl to castle. Chain rupees up to 80.
  5. -Castle before night
  6. -Hylian shield (shop clip if need be)
  7. -DoT skip, Master Sword
  8. -Blue bottle c-down, bombs c-right
  9. -Drink blue potion, catch bugs from kak rock
  10. -Get egg, equip to c-left and savewarp
  11. -Night cutscene from ganons castle
  12. -Need 20 rupees. Grass patch for RNG rupees
  13. -Bottle on B in field. Drop and catch to put bottle on bomb slot.
  14. -3 rupees from big tree outside kak if still need rupees.
  15. -Drop bugs and enter kak at morning.
  16. -Wake talon, get cojiro.
  17. -Cojiro c-right, then catch bugs from kak rock. If rock drops bombs, get them.
  18. -If bombs, megasidehop wess to kokiri. Otherwise poe wess or walk there. Farm brown leafed trees for bombs if you dont have any.
  19. -Enter kokiri, farm rock circle for bombs if you dont have any. Reload rocks by entering/leaving midos house if you need to.
  20. -Trade cojiro for odd mushroom
  21. -Goron city via lost woods. Blow up rocks. Exit top to DMT.
  22. -Get remaining rupees from rock circle right outside Goron City.
  23. -Enter kak, buy arrows from bazaar. Jump on top of opposite shop to get to old hag. Trade for odd potion.
  24. -WESS/HESS across field to kokiri.
  25. -If 3 bombs, megaflip/pressure jump over bridge in lost woods and climb ladder. Otherwise go around through kokiri.
  26. -Trade for Poacher's Saw.
  27. -Goron City via lost woods. ground clip into darunia's room. Get heart pot if 2 hearts or less.
  28. -Enter crater. Blow up grotto and get 20 bomb chest.
  29. -Leave crater and enter magic. RBA saw for ZL, and OI for magic.
  30. -Prelude to Temple of Time.
  31. -Ganon's Castle. Kokiri hovers across the gap. Uses 8 bombs optimally.
  32. -Trials skip.
  33. -Tower climb + dorf.
  34. -Void warp.
  35. -Ganon.
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