Breakfast - The most cold light

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >You... are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Lucky you, the market was open, even in pouring rain.
  3. >... On your current return trip, however, you are facing powerful winds.
  4. >Your umbrella isn't faring well.
  5. >By the feel of it, it could break at any moment.
  6. >... You're surprised it hasn't broken already.
  7. >Besides the umbrella, you'd be protected by the same set you wore the day Hexferry warned you.
  8. >The rain, if it got past your umbrella, would easily soak through your layers.
  9. >Then you'd be wearing drenched clothes.
  10. >With howling winds.
  11. >... You wouldn't last a moment.
  12. >There are no moths on the streets.
  13. >No one would save you.
  14. >... Though, you don't want their help anyway.
  15. >You'd rather die.
  16. >... What a horrid way to go...
  17. >Hypothermia...
  18. >You can't feel the cold through your clothes, but you still feel the chill go down your spine at the thought of that dreaded word.
  19. >Your boots are difficult to pull out of the dirt when they sink too far.
  20. >The ground is like quicksand, but not in a boiling wonderland.
  21. >... You're having difficulty pushing forward.
  22. >The wind is getting worse.
  23. >You don't fear death itself. Death is just a part of life.
  24. >Even your life, perfect as it is.
  25. >You do, however, fear how you die.
  26. >The cold...
  27. >You can't die this way.
  28. >You are perfect, only imperfect beings die imperfect deaths.
  29. >In the most likely case, you'll become too perfect for the world and combust.
  30. >... Or maybe you'll combust from the heat.
  31. >This planet will burn, someday.
  32. >It's such a perfect way to go...
  33. >You have to push forward.
  34. >... Though, that's easier to say than to do.
  35. >Certainly, you're nearly home by now.
  36. >You hope.
  37. >... Truthfully, you don't know.
  38. >You can't see in any direction.
  39. >It was much easier when you were on your way to the market; your sight was hardly impeded.
  40. >Even your above-average sight does nothing to the assault of rain coming straight at you.
  41. >Around you, the rain is so thick, you can hardly see five meters.
  43. >... You're getting tired.
  44. >You can't go much farther.
  45. >Soon, you'll collapse.
  46. >After that, it'll only be a matter of time...
  47. >... You can see a faint glow.
  48. >That, however, could just be your mind trying to will your home into existence.
  49. >Unfortunately, you know that's not true.
  50. >You turned your lights off before leaving.
  51. >... Though, you may benefit from visiting the light.
  52. >It seems to far away...
  53. >You don't know if you can make it.
  54. >Just...
  55. >You hear a cracking sound.
  56. >... Your heart drops.
  57. >Quickly you look to your umbrella.
  58. >Pieces seem to be missing from the metal rod you're holding.
  59. >It'll break.
  60. >... You're finished.
  61. >You duck and you hear the snap of your once-great cover.
  62. >... Did you hear something else?
  63. >Something... distant...
  64. >The umbrella hits you as the wind pushes it.
  65. >Stunned, you recoil back.
  66. >You aren't sure if the rain is hitting you yet, but you know the umbrella is out of your control.
  67. >Your legs slide under you. The mud is too difficult to recover on.
  68. >... This is it.
  69. >You won't even know how close you made it.
  70. >...
  71. >Something catches your foreleg as you attempt to stabilize yourself.
  72. >You can feel it pulling you up.
  73. >... You plant your hooves.
  74. >What saved you?
  75. >No... who.
  76. >You don't have good enough luck to be left alone.
  77. >Even in death.
  78. >... You aren't getting wet.
  79. >You're still dry.
  80. >Your breathing is heavy and labored.
  81. >Cautiously, you look to the force keeping you up.
  82. >... No...
  83. >You should have known.
  84. >"Shimmer, I'm so glad I got to you!"
  85. >... Her.
  86. >Of course it's Hexferry.
  87. >"Are you okay?"
  88. >... She pities you.
  89. >Slowly, you continue your trek forward.
  90. >Hexferry shifts herself to be at your side.
  91. >Directly at your side.
  92. >You can feel her, even through all of your layers.
  93. >She has an umbrella, just like you did, but hers looks ghastly in comparison.
  94. >An ugly umbrella for an ugly moth.
  95. >She's pressing against you quite hard...
  96. >Is she directing your path?
  97. >You're going directly toward the light.
  99. >... One of them, at least.
  100. >There are three now. You're going toward the middle one.
  101. >It's the smallest.
  102. >... Upon closer inspection, it's a door.
  103. >An open door.
  104. >... Salvation.
  105. >You won't die.
  106. >... But at what cost?
  107. >Hexferry will hold this over you.
  108. >She won't let it go, you know it.
  109. >You'll lose.
  110. >... She'll win.
  111. >You can't allow this...
  112. >But...
  113. >You're now next to the entrance to the door.
  114. >... Or place.
  115. >... Or something...
  116. >You hear the same cracking sound.
  117. >Hexferry shoves you inside.
  118. >You stumble a few meters until you gain your balance.
  119. >Hexferry yells something and you hear a loud snap.
  120. >You turn around.
  121. >... You can see the road outside, the rain, the door...
  122. >No Hexferry.
  123. >... No, wait, there she is.
  124. >She rushes inside and slams the door shut.
  125. >... She's wearing nothing at all.
  126. >She's absolutely drenched.
  127. >Hexferry moves her mane out of her eyes then staggers forward a few paces so she's closer to you.
  128. >... Her eyes are filled with concern.
  129. >... You're looking directly into her eyes.
  130. >You're looking directly at her.
  131. >... You really should do something about that.
  132. >"You look exhausted..."
  133. >... No you didn't.
  134. >She's panting up a storm, and she says you're the tired one.
  135. >... She doesn't look like she's panting.
  136. >... Oh.
  137. >You're the one panting.
  138. >How long have you been doing that?
  139. >You look to the floor.
  140. >... It's quite nice.
  141. >It looks comfy enough to sleep on.
  142. >You just stare at it for a while...
  143. >...
  144. >"Shimmer?"
  145. >You slowly look over.
  146. >Hexferry is completely dry.
  147. >... How did she do that?
  148. >Wait, how long were you staring at the floor?
  149. >You need to get home.
  150. >Now.
  151. >You move your foreleg to walk, but your other loses its support.
  152. >Something catches you mid-fall.
  153. >Hexferry, again.
  154. >This time, however, she seems to be having a lot of trouble keeping you and herself up.
  155. >You both topple over.
  156. >She squeaks in surprise.
  157. >Did you land on one of her forelegs?
  158. >Your vision fades as you notice how comfy this floor really is.
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