The Invaders In My Room - 22

Apr 6th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) [N/A] FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (FMC) Writer MC's Girlfriend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend

Chapter - 22 Thanks to Lumagon

MC's Apartment

FMC opens the door and sees Douche, in hurry she tries to close the door.

Douche blocks it with his foot and enters.

FMC: How.. Did you..?

Douche: Nowhere to run away? You'd better come with me!



MC walks with an envelope and looks at XGF business card.

FB in the bathroom after sex

XGF's getting dressed, MC looks at her

XGF: What? Do you've something to say?

MC: Why did you lie and leave me at that time?
I want to hear the real reason.

XGF: .. I already told you, didn't I?

MC: Not that trashy excuse, I want to know the real reason..
That's what I want to hear.

XGF: Haha ~~ Sure, then!

XGF hands him her business card.

XGF: If you want to hear that story, call me.
I didn't finish my work today... We've to wrap it up later, right?

Back to MC in the street

MC scratches his head

MC: Raaaaagh

MC: {You asshole! What're you worrying about? If I contact her again, she will throw me away!}

He thinks about the guy who was with XGF

MC: {I saw her at the Café before, she wants to date a rich man like that guy.}

He tries to tear the card..

MC: {Are you crazy? Yes you're!}
{Why did she lies to me, why did she leaves me? Why do I want to know that now?}

But he stops and walks away..

MC:{Arg! I hate it, I really hate it!}

MC's Apartment

MC enters in his house

MC: Hey ~ I'm back! Did you have any trouble today?..

He notices that the living room is empty.

MC: What? Where did you go without saying a word to me?

MC: {Her luggage is still there.}
{Where are you? I'm sure you've a contract for subcontracting today.} (Meh here)
{I received a payment today. I was going to get some good food for us..}
{Well. Why am I worried about her? When it's time to eat she'll come back}

Douche's Car

Douche drives his car with FMC at the back seat.

(Meh here, I dont know if FMC is the shadow writer of Mr Soy Thin or if it's her pseudonym, I will edit it later)

Douche: Let's not be tired of each others. Do you know how upset is Mr Soy because of you? "or" Do you know how upset we are because of Mr Soy?
Soy Thin is the signboard writer of our company!
He's our best-selling author with more than 8 million readers! What you're doing is not funny ~

FMC: But.. I don't believe I can write right now. I'm not a writing machine.

Douche: Haha ~ You don't think you can escape reality and run away?
Soy Thin is a pro writer right? Leaving is not professional, isn't it?
You know how much trouble the company is facing because of you right now?
When are you going to give me your new book?! It's been 3 months since the date of appointment. THREE MONTHS!
If you keep going like this, we might sue you, don't you know?
So far Mr.Lee Company have invested a lot of money on you.. Do you think it's fair?!
I bought someone and did some research. You seem to have a friend named Kang Woo Hyun..

FMC gets triggered and grabs Douche's seat.


Douche: If you'd done it long time ago, everyone would be happy ~
This artists... I'll take you to the studio now. Today you've to finish at least 50 chapters. Okay?

FMC: ..alright.

The car keeps moving away.

FMC: {Woo-Hyun...}

MC's home at night

MC is working, he takes is phone.

MC: {It's already this late. What is it? Why aren't you home yet?}
{I didn't eat dinner on purpose and I kept waiting for you...}


Someone knocks the door startling him

MC: Hey! You startled me!


MC: {You're finally here.}


MC: You know the entry code so why are you knocking on the door!

He reaches the door and opens it.

MC: Hey stop it!

MC takes a hit on his face.

MC: Ugh..

Someone: Oh.. Sorry~ ! Say it, if you're going to open the door. ~Fu ~ Fu ~ Fu ~

MC stares at the person and realizes that's Neighbor (RH) drunk asf

RH: I had a fight with a customer while I was working today. That's why i'm excited, am I crazy?
So comfort me! Let's drink together!

MC: {What is it?}

He's disappointed

MC: {Besides, are we not complete strangers?}

She jumps on his neck and embraces him.

RH: Why should I be treated like this? ~

They fall on the ground and BH is on top of MC.

RH: There is a lot of bastard! This son of a bitch! Why my life continues to be ruined.

MC: Stop! Wait!

RH: Oh ~ !

She turns back and grabs his dick.

MC: No, that's..

RH stares at him

RH: You're the same as the customer

He has cold sweats.

MC: That's not it, you fall on my thing.
It's a normal reaction if you touch me like that, FORCE MAJEURE!

RH: Oh ~ This is my fault. So I'm responsible, right?

She grabs a can and drinks it.

She takes MC's dick out and she licks her lips.

MC: What're you doing?!

RH: What am I doing? If I'm drinking, I might've a snack too.

MC: {Why isn't there any normal women around me?}


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