Jun 7th, 2021
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  1. Item #: SCP-1856
  3. Object Class: Safe
  5. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1856 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell at Site-142, with no less than two (2) guards posted outside at all times. Stationed Guards are to refrain from using anything more than moderate force to restrain SCP-1856, given the fragility of SCP-1856. In light of recent disturbances, standard issue Tranquiliser Rifles loaded may be used to subdue SCP-1856. SCP-1856 may be removed from the cell for testing or recreational activities (at the overseeing researcher’s discretion) as long as a researcher accompanies it* at all times, and if Level (1) permission is granted.
  7. Description: SCP-1856 is a small Equine, roughly 3 feet tall. SCP-1856 is fully sapient and dislikes the SCP designation, although it is unable or unwilling to remember its true name. SCP-1856 has also confirmed his gender as male, which was confirmed during a standard medical check-up.
  9. Discovery: SCP-1856 insists that it was once human, and that it lived in the region of [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. According to SCP-1856, it stumbled across an unknown artefact █ years ago, which triggered the change in body structure and caused severe amnesia. Obviously the artefact, which has been designated SCP-1856-1 is a powerful bio-enhancer, causing a life-span longevity of ██%. A research term has been deployed to track down SCP-1856-1, but given the length of time which has transpired since first contact failure is a likely scenario. SCP-1856 was discovered during a raid on an animal-testing facility in [REDACTED], West Germany, where it was found badly beaten and malnourished. Trust between SCP-1856 and the foundation is slowly building up, despite the disturbances that have occurred.
  11. SCP-1856 is to be fed three times a day, with a diet standard of that of domestic equines. Luxury items may be given on good behaviour: suspension of said privileges is to be implemented if SCP-1856 becomes un-cooperative.
  13. SCP-1856’s mental state seems to be in a debatable condition: its initial (and understandable) distrust towards The Foundation has decreased dramatically since its retrieval. However, the subject has begun to feel increasingly insecure and distressed about his physical state, even going as far as to suggest suicide. Below is an attached log of the most recent interview, taken █ weeks ago.
  15. Interviewed: SCP-1856
  16. Interviewer: Dr Horace
  17. Foreword: This is a standard procedure to judge SCP-1856’s mental health, and to discern any new information.
  18. <Begin log, 0900 hours>
  19. Doctor Horace: Good morning, SCP-1856. I am Doctor Horace.
  20. <SCP-1856 shifts uncomfortably>
  21. SCP-1856: Uh, good morning.
  22. Doctor Horace: You don’t seem to like being SCP-1856, do you?
  23. SCP-1856: To be honest, no. I’m a human being, I shouldn’t be labelled like a… like a…
  24. Doctor Horace: Specimen?
  25. SCP-1856: Yeah, exactly. A specimen....
  26. <Several seconds of silence pass>
  27. Doctor Horace: Well, if you told us what your name was then we wouldn’t have to deal with this silly tag, would we?
  28. SCP-1856: I told you already, I can’t remember… [EXPLETIVE]!
  29. Doctor Horace: Calm down, 1856.
  30. <SCP-1856 stares at Doctor Horace, before nodding>
  31. SCP-1856: Sorry… I just can’t deal with it, Doc. What the [EXPLETIVE] am I meant to do with hooves, huh?
  32. Doctor Horace: Now now, no need for the long face. You know you don’t have to worry about that stuff.
  33. SCP-1856: Yeah, I got plenty of other stuff to worry about though. Is my whole life going to be x-rays, and testing, and treadmills, and whatever the [EXPLETIVE] you decide to put me under next? Will I ever get my old body back? Am I going to stay here for the rest of my life?
  34. Doctor Horace: I can’t answer those questions.
  35. SCP-1856: Yeah, of course you can’t… I’m just so goddamned tired of it all…
  36. <End log>
  37. Closing Statement: SCP-1856 is in a very distressed state both emotionally and mentally. I recommend some sot of psychiatric treatment, before it does something stupid. – Doctor Horace
  39. Addendum #1: Request for SCP-1856 to receive treatment by SCP-999 is pending approval.
  40. Addendum #2: Doctor Bright’s suggestion to rent SCP-1856 to children’s parties has been denied.
  42. “At The Foundation we’re cold as necessary, but we’re not assholes. Tell Dr Bright that if I catch him trying to ride SCP-1856 he’s in for a world of hurt.” – Doctor Horace
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