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Jul 26th, 2019
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  1. 1. install the Greasemonkey addon, not sure if others work.
  2. 2. with is installed, install this script:
  3. 3. congrats! you can now export your entire favorites list. Navigate to the E-hentai site. All the way on the top right, on the bar with favorites, front page, etc. there will be a new tab called "load all favorites" Click on it, and start the bitch. ( Once it's finished, there should be a button above "status" that lets you remove the titles, leaving only the URLs. click it.
  4. 4. Copy all of the URLs into your text editor of choice, and replace all instances of "e-" with "ex". Then copy all of your prepared URLs
  5. 5. Pate all of these into the url bar on Hitomi downloader (, and press the download button. It will register all of the files and begin to download them 3 at a time. Congratulations, you helped the restoration effort! Don't forget about, as well as spreading them where possible. Godspeed, anons.
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