Vlade Randal Interview

May 18th, 2018
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  1. Curt-Today at 08:12
  2. Can you give a bit of historical context on Kenshin and its current place in Darkness./GOTG?
  3. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:13
  4. Before DARK. we were in NC.
  5. We moved across to darkness for several reasons, one of which was to have stable sov, instead of nomadic style play
  6. We have moved many times with dark, as situations and political landscapes changed
  7. Till finally landing in Deklein, after WWB
  8. Since then things have been mostly stable
  9. Of late, we have been targeted for espionage, perhaps due to our strong presence in combat ops
  10. We are a multinational corp, however our strength is in our AUTZ
  11. We are loyal members of dark. and we like the alliance and being part of it
  12. Recent events have put some strain on the corp, however our alliance has been supportive
  13. Curt-Today at 08:23
  14. Do you stand by your decision to have the members of your corporation involved/associated with doxxing rejoin after two weeks?
  15. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:24
  16. I believe that everyone has the right to vent their frustrations in the safety of their corp discord.
  17. Having people re-join is a difficult topic
  18. On the one hand, I know they are friends... and I understand their frustration
  19. On the other hand, a small few went way over the line
  20. Curt-Today at 08:29
  21. What is your opinion of Sort Dragon's leadership?
  22. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:31
  23. He is a good leader. And is faced with lots of challenges often caused by me haha(edited)
  24. I think he is stern when he needs to be, and diplomatic when he needs to be
  25. I may not always see eye to eye with him, but that is irrelevant. At the end of the day we follow his lead because we have faith in him
  26. Curt-Today at 08:36
  27. Can you give a bit of insight on your decision to step down as CEO?
  28. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:36
  29. Sure
  30. I founded Kenshin. in 2012 with a set of goals I aspired to achieve
  31. I have spent the last 5 years working on achieving those goals with the help of my team mates
  32. We achieved and surpassed all goals over a year ago
  33. So from a personal perspective i did what i set out to do
  34. After the recent events of negative publicity, I felt it would be better for the corp if I stood down and let some of the other guys step up.
  35. Banglord and Dafarr Maul are more than capable of taking lead
  36. They have my full support
  37. I can now focus on PVP and having fun again. And maybe I will get less abusive hate mails and reddit threads
  38. Curt-Today at 08:46
  39. Okay, thanks for answering my questions. Just a couple more.
  40. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:46
  41. No worries
  42. Curt-Today at 08:48
  43. Earlier you said "I believe that everyone has the right to vent their frustrations in the safety of their corp discord."
  45. Is there a line here that can still be crossed? Do you think it's okay to dox so long as it stays in corp?
  46. Vlade Randal [DARK.]-Today at 08:50
  47. Yes, there is still a line
  48. Most of us are part of a facebook group and know each other and communicate on there also
  49. So it's no surprise that people know each others facebook pages
  50. It's what was done with this information that was not acceptable
  51. Also the seeking of IP addresses, and RL locations is not ok
  52. It's not something I condone
  53. Even if it is within corp
  54. The challenging part is judging what level of bad behavior occurred from each individual and determining what the suitable punishment and consequence should be
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