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  1. Example with my stand:
  3. **Stand name: (Can you) Understand Me? Requiem**
  4. > Backstory: Kagirinai braces themselves, gripping the requiem arrow with one arm, hold their
  5. > gun with the other. They're injured, practically on the verge of death, but they knew this was  
  6. > their fate when they joined the gang. With a single motion, they thrust the arrow into their
  7. > stand, the distorted figure shattering as Kagiri falls to the ground. This was the beginning of
  8. > their requiem, no one will reach them now.
  10. **Stand Stats:**
  11. Destructive Power: S
  12. Durability: A
  13. Range: A
  14. Speed: B
  15. Precision: A  
  16. Developmental Potential: S
  18. **Abilities**
  20. [Passive]: True Understanding - All abilities copied by Kagiri are now immediately understood by Kagiri, and the copied versions will be stronger than the original. They can also replicate abilities by simply thinking about them, and (CY)UM:R will provide a stronger version of said ability. All abilities copied are now permanent, and can only be removed if Kagiri wills it.
  22. Wanderer -
  23. (CY)UM:R wanders faster, returns to Kagiri instantly, and can now grab individuals to apply their memory erasure. Kagiri now is able to control not only the area they will wander, but their position as well. While wandering, the stand will automatically protect itself from all forms including abilities such as timestop, it will use your own ability against you, and if needed, the reverse.
  25. The Ultimate Creation -
  26. Abilities (CY)UM:R copies simply act as a base if Kagiri so chooses, and can be combined with any other compatible ability she has seen or thought about previously.
  28. There shall only be I -
  29. Kagiri can consciously send a target to a moment in time where they have no understanding or conclusions about Kagiri. This occurs due to extreme memory manipulation where they can have you believe that you are someone else, or even that you do not exist. They can have you forget your stand, and your thoughts can be placed in this loop for eternity, or as long as Kagiri exists. This ability can affect multiple targets at once, and when activated, (CY)UM:R have a small orb form behind them, and the orb will shatter, shortly returning to it's original form afterward.
  31. Appearance:
  32. Instead of rapidly shifting between the forms of stand abilities it has copied, (CY)UM? now has a constant appearance. It appears to be a dark void, accented by bright white lights with a small orb from behind it that continuously pulses white light softly. The void appears to be heavily distorted, and not even light can cross it.
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