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Warrior's Letter To His Aunt II

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Jan 18th, 2014
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  1. Most humble greetings to my most honorable and gracious Aunt-sama, from your humble nephew Takao:
  3. Aunt-sama. I must once again confess I am a bit disheartened that I have not heard from you yet. I am sure that my letter must have reached you by now, as the imperial post network is the only institution in this corner of the Scorpion lands not under the control of Bayushi-sama. I also must again humbly reiterate my request to be transferred away from the service of Bayushi Masami-sama. She and her household continue to treat me in a most degrading manner , and it seems to be growing worse by the day. I feel a constant sense of shame and embarrassment in myself that is only worsening. It brings me no joy, in fact it only amplifies my shame in relaying these accounts to you, but I believe I must do so in order that you truly understand how I am being treated here.
  5. My duty is to oversee the male servants in Bayushi-sama's household. All of them are young men, ranging in age from slightly younger than I to around twenty or so. They are all dressed constantly in very short kimonos, many without sleeves, that are too small to close properly around the chest. There are a total of sixteen of them, and they are physically disciplined at the slightest provocation, usually by the female servants, but sometimes by the household retainers who for the most part find the act rather amusing. The male servants seemed to have been selected based on their age, relatively large sizes, and attractive physical features. The criteria for picking the female servants seems to only be a blind and fanatical loyalty to Bayushi-sama and a generally cruel disposition. They enjoy tormenting the male servants and only begrudgingly show me the most minimal required respect. My charges for the most part seem to constantly be in a state of fear, shame, and hopelessness about their lot in life. A few of the younger ones who have not been completely broken down, have whispered to me about some of the cruel ways that Bayushi-sama and her court "punish" them. I was particularly disturbed when my youngest charge complained to me that Bayushi-sama and her court will occasional force them to engage in lewd and demeaning acts with each other for their amusement.
  7. Sadly though, I must confess to my eternal shame, that I am treated not much better than the male servants. A few days after I was stripped bare in front of Bayushi-sama's entire court I was once again summoned to her grand hall. I was wearing my embarrassing higher quality version of the outfit that all men in her service seem to wear, and was forced to bow before all the assembled women in turn. As before, when gathered together the predatory glint that they all have in their eyes seems to magnify and appear more menacing. They stared at me with those looks, whispering to themselves and laughing, before Bayushi-sama gently told them to be silent and stared down at me with her cold emerald eyes from her dais. She was wearing another expensive kimono, a black one with red floral print, that seemed to hang lazily off of her frame. This time however her jet black hair flowed freely down over her shoulders. She told me in her smooth but chilling voice that she wished to see a test of my skills in hand to hand combat. For a brief moment I was uplifted by the thought that maybe I was going to be given a chance to prove myself to her and that my treatment would improve. However, that hope was quickly dashed when after a pause she gave me a slight smile and coldly told me that I was going to be handicapped during this test.
  9. I was going to participate in a hand to hand spar against two opponents at the same time. She then dismissively informed me that I was not allowed to strike with a closed fist, I was not allowed to kick, I was not allowed to strike my opponents in the head, and this was of course in addition to all of the other standard restriction of a competitive spar. She then smiled a bit more widely and told me that my opponents would be under no such restrictions. I almost said something to protest, but I held my tongue and watched as two of the ji-samurai women, who I originally thought to be ronin, walked towards me. One of them was a tall woman with a very slender build and very short hair for a woman. She appeared to be young but her grimace and her cruel gaze were still very menacing. As she got closer to me I could tell that despite her slim frame that she had defined and compact muscles. The other woman that approached me seemed to be her opposite in all things but ages. This young woman was short with long dark brown hair and a full figure, any definition she had was buried under her soft and swaying flesh. She walked with confidence however, and her eyes gave me a look that was half hunger and half madness. She had a smirk on her face and couldn't seem to help but chuckle as she walked towards me.
  11. When the sparing began the two women both kicked me and made it very apparent that they were not held by the same restrictions I was. They seemed to work well in unison and both were rather talented in hand to hand combat. Whenever I attempted to grapple with one trying to throw her, the other would start to strike and kick me until I lost my grip. If I didn't try and grapple with them, they would circle me and stay just out of the range of my arms and kick me. This went on for a while, with them content to wear me down and me unable to do anything because of the restrictions. To make matters worse, both women were attempting to kick me in the groin whenever they got a chance, forcing me to take a more defensive stance. Eventually, a few glancing blows hit me and each time I let a small noise of pain escape me the entire room, which had been mostly silent, would erupt into laughter. As this spar dragged on and on like this, my legs became bruised and tired and I started to feel fatigue from all of the strikes they were landing. Finally, I lucked out and was able to grab the taller woman and throw her back into the shorter woman before she could reach me to strike, and both woman tumbled to the ground when they collided.
  13. I was still completely stunned when Bayushi-sama, still lazily lounging on the couch on her dais, declared me to be the winner. She then told me to stay where I was and the two women I had throw got up and took their place with the assembled women. She then informed me that the test was not yet over and that I must now spare with Utaku-san. The scorpion mistress smiled cruelly again and even let a small laugh escape when she said that I would have the same restrictions as before. Utaku-san then made her way from Bayushi-sama's side and I took the chance to note that the tall and broad woman with streaks of grey in her wild hair also had well defined muscles that she flexed slightly as she walked towards me with her predatory gaze, her wild grin, and her constant laughter. We began to spar and it quickly became apparent that she was very strong and very skilled. This, combined with the fact that my legs were dead and tired from my two on one match, made defending myself very difficult. I was actually able to hold her off for a while, and fended off several of her grappling attempts, but eventually when we locked arms she dropped me to the ground by kicking my feet out from under me. I started to get back up when Bayushi-sama in a loud voice declared Utaku-san the winner and told me to stay on the ground.
  15. Utaku-san then asked Bayushi-sama for permission to go ahead with some sort of plan that they must have talked about earlier, and from the floor I saw Bayushi-sama nod before she coolly told me to stay where I was and to listen to Utaku-san. Utaku-san then slowly undid my sash and opened my kimono to the jeers of the other women, I tried to say something to get her to stop, but she told me to be silent and obey. I had found a loincloth earlier after not being given one, but when Utaku-san saw it she roughly ripped it off of me as she had done so before, and cast it aside. She then pulled the kimono off of me, leaving me completely naked and prone on the floor and the other women cheered her on. I felt increasingly embarrassed as I could feel the assembled women watching me and talking excitedly among themselves, occasionally giggling. Utaku-san then slapped me a few times on the stomach and then a few time on my manhood. She then proceeded to open up her kimono and rip off her underwrappings and stand over me staring down laughing. Next she turned and faced the direction of my feet and with some force, sat her womanhood down over my mouth and rested her buttock on my face. Much to my horror her other more foul hole was pressed against my nose, it was perhaps a small blessing I was having trouble breathing. In a rough and loud voice she commanded me to bring her pleasure with my mouth. I began to move my tongue into her pungent and wet womanhood while she sat on me. I then felt her lift my legs into the air exposing my buttock directly to the other women. She said something I could not hear, but I soon felt a multitude of hands on me. Some slapping my buttocks, some fondling my orbs and others stroking my manhood. Some of them pulled on my short hairs which brought me some pain. I also felt a few fingers scratch me in my most tender of places. Though the most embarrassing moment was when I felt a finger circling my anus, whoever it was continued to circle and scratch me a while before slow forcing her finger into me. I struggled at this but all I could hear was muffled laughter. In response to my struggling, Utaku-san pulled my legs painfully farther apart and pressed herself harder against my face. This continued for some time before I finally felt Utaka-san shiver with a loud moan as her juices flowed onto my face. She then stood up slightly, giving me some air, and roughly grabbed my manhood, tugging it up and down with force until, much to my shame, I spilled my seed directly onto her chest and my stomach. She then slapped my orbs as she got up laughing as she walked back to Bayushi-sama's side.
  17. Bayushi-sama then order me in her always calm voice to bow before her court all the while scolding me for losing. I reluctantly bowed, my cheeks burning in shame as I stood naked before all of these smirking woman, dripping in fluids and completely nude, who had all had their hands about and most horribly in, my private places not moments before. They seemed to notice my embarrassment and most of them laughed loudly at me and made derisive comments about my masculinity to each other. This continued for a moment before Bayushi-sama then ordered them gently out of the room and called me over to her. The women left in high spirits as I approached Bayushi-sama's dais. She told me then to bow deeply before her as she sat up opening her kimono exposing her womanhood to me and told me that I was to once again to pleasure her. I knelt down, defeated in spirit, and to my shame buried myself into her already moist neither region. She warped her legs around me lazily and at the same time idly grabbed the back of my head pulling me further into her. It was then I noticed that she seemed to have on metal nail coverings. They slowly dug into my scalp as she pulled me deeper against her.
  19. As I was shamefully burying myself into her, she began to go on in her seductive but empty voice about my role in her court. I was to not only to oversee her male servants but I was to bring her pleasure in this way or any way that she saw fit. It was, as she said, the duty of a samurai to serve. No peasant was worthy of touching her in this manner, though she said that she didn't not mind too much if her courtiers had different views on that, so it would be my duty to do so for her whenever she wished. This continued on for a while with my tongue and nose buried into her wet and musky womanhood until I felt her shiver. She then pushed me away from her and ran her sharp metal nail coverings over the side of my cheeks and told me I was a quick learner but still not good enough. I was then informed in a bored voice that I was to please all of the women in her court with my mouth, she said that this would further my education so I could better fulfill my duty to her and allow her courtiers to get to know me better.
  21. It was at that point she dismissed me for the night and told me that I should bath. I as went to get dressed she told me to stop and gather up my clothes. Covered in the juices of two women and my own seed, I was not to soil my clothing and thus must walk to the bath as I was. She then instructed me to bow to her again which I did. Much to my shame I walked to the bath in my disgusting state to the barely contained laughs of her female servants who had seemingly all gathered to watch me walk past. As I approached the bath I averted my eyes as I came upon one of the older scorpion courtiers who cackled at me loudly as I approached her. She then swatted my backside and called out in a mockingly false sweet voice, "Better luck next time Hida-kun". I am only thankful that she was behind me and could not see my reddened face.
  23. Aunt-sama. I much beseech you again. Please recall me. I am treated with no respect and no dignity but I am compelled by my honor to obey. I dearly hope that your recall notice is already on the way and that I do not have to comply with her orders to please all the women in her court. I much beseech you and appeal to the blood in our veins to allow me to leave this place. I would accept any other posting, from leading raids into the shadowlands to supervising the collection of firewood.
  25. It is with great hope and anticipation that I await your response.
  27. Humbly Submitted,
  29. Your most gracious nephew, Hida Takao
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