WarpedRealm release 1.6

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.6 Changes:
  2. - Adjusted some sellprices that were too high / too low
  3. - Adjusted some job earnings to balance it out more
  4. - Fixed tutorial holograms now fitting in with the new village
  5. - Fixed a bug with the coven witches spawning cauldrons and them not despawning (and being buggy overall)
  6. - Added new skill to coven witches summoning a new "mob" firing projectiles into the air
  7. - Fixed issue of spawner keys in the vote crate having +1% too high
  8. - Balanced out a few enchantments being too strong / too weak
  9. - Fixed repairing enchant repairing items back to 100% on proc
  10. - Changed respawnalgorithm order for respawntries
  11. - Increased broodmother region radius
  12. - Disallowed certain commands in broodmother arena
  13. - Restricted gaia spawning inside the broodmother arena
  14. - Restricted the withered lich spawning inside the Ignis arena
  15. - Fixed a rare bug where it would loop "not enough permission" when using the quest command
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