Gurdjieff's Insight - How to Live to 300

Feb 6th, 2021
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  1. The general psyche of every man on reaching maturity,
  2. which begins on an average in the male sex at twenty years
  3. and in the female sex at the beginning of the thirteenth
  4. year, consists of three totalities of functioning which have
  5. almost nothing in common with each other.
  6. The course of action of all three of these independent
  7. totalities of functioning in the common
  8. presence of a man who has attained maturity takes place
  9. simultaneously and incessantly.
  10. All the factors making up and producing these three
  11. totalities of functioning begin, and cease, to form in man at
  12. different periods of his life.
  13. The factors producing in man the first totality of
  14. functioning, unless special measures are employed, are
  15. formed, as has been established long ago, only in
  16. childhood—in boys on an average until the age of eleven
  17. years, and in girls until the age of seven.
  18. The factors producing the second totality of functioning
  19. begin to form in boys from the age of nine years, and in
  20. girls even from the age of four years, lasting in different
  21. cases a different length of time, approximately until the
  22. attainment of maturity.
  23. And factors producing the third totality begin to form
  24. from the attainment of maturity, continuing in the average
  25. man at present only until the age of sixty, and in woman
  26. only until the age of forty-five.
  27. But in the case of people who have consciously perfected
  28. themselves to the so-called "all-centers-awake state," that is,
  29. to the state of being able in their waking state to think and
  30. feel on their own initiative, these factors still continue to
  31. form in man until the age of three hundred years and in
  32. woman until the age of two hundred.
  33. The forming of all the factors for the function-ings of
  34. these three entirely separate totalities of functioning
  35. proceeds in people in accordance also with the universal
  36. law of "threefoldness."
  37. For the formation of factors of the first totality, there
  38. serve as the "anode beginning," on the one
  39. hand, all kinds of involuntarily perceived outer impressions
  40. and, on the other hand, impressions resulting from so-called
  41. "all-centered dozing"; and as the "cathode beginning" there
  42. serve the results of reflexes of the organism, chiefly of those
  43. organs having an hereditary particularity.
  44. For the formation of the factors of the second totality,
  45. there serve as the "anode beginning" outer impressions
  46. taken in under a certain pressure and having thereby the
  47. character of being intentionally implanted from outside, and
  48. as the "cathode beginning" the results of the functioning of
  49. factors formed from impressions of a similar kind previously perceived.
  50. The factors of the third totality of functionings are
  51. formed from the results of "contemplation," that is, from
  52. results received from the "voluntary contact" of the factors
  53. of the first two totalities, for which moreover the results of
  54. the second totality serve as the "anode beginning" and the
  55. results of the first totality serve as the "cathode."
  56. One of the properties of such an actualization of all three
  57. separate totalities of functionings producing the general
  58. psyche of man is that which, by combinations of the
  59. "voluntary contact" of the actions of these three independent
  60. totalities of functioning, causes to proceed in one of them
  61. the im-printation of those processes proceeding in the other
  62. totalities, as well as those proceeding outside of the given
  63. man which happen to fall into the sphere of the subjective
  64. action of his organs of perception.
  65. The pan of this property found in the common
  66. presence of man, ordinarily perceived by people, is that
  67. which is called "attention."
  68. The degree of sensitivity of the manifestation of this
  69. property or, as otherwise denned by ancient science, "the
  70. strength of embrace" of this "attention" depends entirely
  71. upon the so-called "gradation of the total state" of a given
  72. man.
  73. For the definition of this property in man, which is called
  74. "attention," there is, by the way, found also in ancient
  75. science the following verbal formulation:
  80. This above-mentioned "gradation of the total state" of
  81. man extends, as science formulates it, from the strongest
  82. subjective intensity of "self-sensation" to the greatest
  83. established "self-losing."
  84. That totality always becomes the initiating factor for the
  85. realization of a common function of the three separate
  86. totalities which represent the general psyche of man in
  87. which at the given moment this "gradation of the total state"
  88. has its center of gravity.
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