Broken Princess

Apr 26th, 2016
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  1. Original paste with ~2500 views ish: pastebin.com/NLP6dcMr
  4. >Be anon
  5. >You're an average joe with an average apartment and job
  6. >Its only been several months since the arrival of these sentient ponies
  7. >Some portal that a bunch of scientists built to their world
  8. >It didn't take very long until mankind enslaved them, since there isn't any laws restricting enslavement of another sentient race other than humans
  9. >It didn't really surprise you since within only 200 years ago humans enslaved their own kind
  10. >Now nearly everyone has their own pony slave or pet, but mostly as slaves
  11. >Perhaps about 1 out of 3 owned a pony now and of which 1 out of 7 of pony owners treated their ponies as pets
  12. >You were pretty interested in having your own for mainly light chores around the house, nothing too serious
  13. >However, you didn't really know where exactly you may find these auctions
  14. >Even with no laws against it, many didn't like the concept of enslaving another sentient race, so there was a movement founded against it
  15. >They would try to interrupt and stop these auctions, which led to violence and gunfights
  16. >So the auction had to be a little more hidden and secret since the violence attracted police attention, something which the auction didn't want to do business with
  17. >Yesterday at work you overheard from one of your co-workers at the office of the auction, which is taking place on a Saturday
  18. >You managed to write down the co-ordinates of the auction
  19. >Today is Saturday
  20. >Its dark out, around 11 ish
  21. >You drive along the road towards the co-ordinates
  22. >Hopefully you didn't get it wrong, since you just barely managed to catch on the location
  23. >You arrive near the storage hangars near the docks and park your car near the hangar with the number 7 on it
  24. >There's a decent amount of cars here, looks like many are looking for their own slave
  25. >notbigsurprise.jpg
  26. >You get out of your car and head to the side of the hangar where there's a door with a very tall man
  27. >Looks like a bouncer
  28. >He's pretty fucking tall and muscular
  29. >He towers at least over a foot from you
  30. >You noticed however, that he's armed with an AK-47
  31. >Man, this must be some pretty serious business
  32. >As you get closer, he steps forwards and begins to talk
  33. >"Hold up there pal, I can't just let anyone come in"
  34. >You're taken somewhat by surprise
  35. >Not by the fact that he's stopping you but the fact that he looks even more menacing than before, especially his deep voice
  36. >You definitely don't wanna mess with him
  37. >That is unless you want to end up in a body bag
  38. "Um, hi. This is the location of the pony auction right?"
  39. >He chuckles lightly
  40. >"Why else do think I'm standing here for?"
  41. >You're thinking of something to say but just before you manage to reply he starts to speak again
  42. >"I haven't seen you before, is this your first time here?"
  43. "Yes"
  44. >"Well I can't just let anyone in since we've had incidents before, so I'm going to ask you a few questions"
  45. >You nod
  46. >"How did you find out about the location of the auction?"
  47. "I overheard a co-worker from work talking to someone else about it"
  48. >He doesn't look too pleased
  49. >"Do you know his name? People aren't supposed to discuss about it in a public setting"
  50. >You don't want to endanger your co-worker but at the same time this bouncer could probably tell if you lie to him
  51. "His name is Jim"
  52. >He frowns a little
  53. >"I know Jim, he frequently comes to the auctions. I'm going to have a talk about it with him"
  54. >Shit
  55. >Hopefully Jim doesn't get beaten by a pulp
  56. >"I'm going to have to inspect you for any weapons. Like I said earlier, there's been accidents before"
  57. >Not a problem, you've got nothing to hide
  58. >Once he's done inspecting you, he tells you you're all good to go inside
  59. >As he's giving a signal to however is behind the door to unlock it, he turns to you and says
  60. >"Hope you find what you're looking for"
  61. >He smirks
  62. >You don't really have much to say so you just give him a light nod
  63. >As you enter, you immediately notice a stadium and about 70 or so people standing around, doing usual stuff one would do at an auction
  64. >Looks like the auction already started, oh well
  65. >You stand around, observing the various ponies that walk up to the stage
  66. >None of them really interest you
  67. >Once that batch of ponies end up being sold, the auctioneer gathers everyone's attention
  68. >"And to conclude the night, I present to you 5 of our finest ponies!"
  69. >Shit, looks like you arrived near the end
  70. >5 ponies walk up to the stage
  71. >They all don't look very happy and you can tell they seem to be very close friends
  72. >One by one, they get sold off to people in the auction
  73. >You weren't really interested in much of them
  74. >Only one you were somewhat interested in was the rainbow maned one with wings but sadly it got sold to some fat neckbeard wearing fedora
  75. >Oh well
  76. >The last 5 ponies have been sold
  77. >You can tell they were upset being split off from each other
  78. >They didn't even say anything to each other, just glances between each other and watery eyes
  79. >It felt kinda heart breaking
  80. >Oh well, you don't really have close friends
  81. >Looks like you're going home empty handed
  82. >Just as things seems like they're going to wrap up, the auctioneer grabs what remains of the crowds attention
  83. >"Thank you for stopping by ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow at 10pm we will be auctioning our best ponies!"
  84. >This may be your chance to get something really good
  85. >"Have a good evening!"
  86. >And with that, the auction is over
  87. >You head out of the hangar and hop into your car
  88. >Destination: Home
  89. >Once you reach home, you get comfortable and head to bed
  90. >Its about 1 in the morning and you didn't want to make going to bed late a habit
  91. >Once you hit the pillow you fell asleep
  93. >It is now 10 in the morning
  94. >You get up and do your regular morning routine
  95. >It occurred to you while eating your breakfast that you haven't even prepared an area for your "slave" to sleep
  96. >Nor did you think of food for it
  97. >You could just not get it a bed or even appropriate food
  98. >But you're not a dick, you don't even intend of mistreating it
  99. >Ponies probably don't eat meat too, so you're going to have to get some vegetables and fruits
  100. >You write down a small list of stuff you can you can buy before the auction tonight
  101. >You finish up breakfast and head out to the grocery store
  102. >Once you've purchased what you needed, you head home
  103. >It occurred to you that if these ponies at tonight's auction are their "best ponies" you'd better check how much money you can cash out since they probably aren't going to be too cheap
  104. >If only you arrived earlier last night or perhaps bet on the rainbow pony
  105. >thatswhatyouget.jpg
  106. >You've got 50 grand in your savings but you probably won't be going over 20
  107. >Hopefully they're cheaper than you think
  108. >Only 2pm, still 8 hours until the auction
  109. >You've got nothing else to do of importance
  110. >Guess it wouldn't hurt to continue playing Fallout 4
  111. >run Fallout4.exe
  112. >Time flies by pretty fast
  113. >You nearly forgot about the auction
  114. >Good thing you set a reminder on your phone
  115. >You heat up some frozen mac n cheese, eat it up and head out to the auction
  117. >You arrive back at the same location as the previous evening, hangar 7
  118. >The bouncer inspects you once again for weapons and lets you in
  119. >This time however, you arrived 10 minutes before the auction, just in-case you don't miss anything
  120. >While you wait for it to start, you flip threw your phone and take a look around every now and then
  121. >Seems like there is less people this time, probably because many left before the announcement or simply because these ponies will them cost too much
  122. >Good, better chances for you to bring something home
  123. >The auctioneer appears on stage and addresses the rather small crow compared to last night
  124. >"Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, I would like to present to you... The princesses of Equestria!"
  125. >He then whispers into the mic "Or what's left of it"
  126. >There's a slight chuckle from the crowd
  127. >The curtains open up revealing 4 ponies
  128. >They each have different colours
  129. >Purple, pink, darkblue and white
  130. >Interestingly, they each have both wings and a horn
  131. >Guess they're like a pegasi-unicorn hybrid?
  132. >Fuck
  133. >You start to worry they will be way out of your price range
  134. >The auctioneer continues "These so called *alicorns* have very powerful magic and can be a serious threat, so keep in mind it is strongly recommended to keep them on the anti-magic medication and to keep these on them at all times!"
  135. >He holds an electronic collar in one hand and some little ring on in the other
  136. >"These here are to keep them in check. This little ring here is an extra measure to prevent them from using magic and the shock collar is to keep them obedient!"
  137. >That seems rather unnecessary since we were able to enslave them but whatever
  138. >"Let me show you a demonstration"
  139. >The auctioneer clicks a button on a little device and activates the shock collars on the necks of the alicorns
  140. >Damn, that looked like it hurt
  141. >Out of the four, you have high interest with the darkblue one with a moon on its butt
  142. >Probably because blue is your favourite colour and anything with the shade of blue you like
  143. >The bidding commences with the purple pony
  144. >She's the smallest of the 4
  145. >She ends up getting sold to some decent looking fella but you have no clue what he'll do to her
  146. >As she gets handed to him, you notice a particularly sad from her
  147. >She's looking at the white pony, to which she doesn't show much expression on her face
  148. >Maybe she was some kind of mentor
  149. >You can tell that deep inside the white pony is crying
  150. >The auction proceeds with the pink pony
  151. >She gets sold off pretty quickly to some guy that looks like he's going to sexually abuse the living hell out of her
  152. >ripindip.wav
  153. >The moment that you've been waiting for is finally here
  154. >Its the darkblue pony's turn
  155. >The auctioneer grabs the crowds attention for a few moment
  156. >"Ladies and gentlemen, I must advise you that before you purchase this specific pony that she is mostly unwilling to do anything but the basic commands, even when we shock her at the highest setting"
  157. >Well that's good news but bad at the same time
  158. >This means that she probably won't go for much but if she's unwilling to do anything but basics, it may be hard to order her around
  159. >Oh well, fuck it
  160. >"So the starting bid will be 5 grand!"
  161. >Perfect
  162. >You raise your hand
  163. >Looks like no-one else is going for it
  164. >Fuck yes
  165. >Suddenly another man puts up his arm shyly
  166. >Fuck no
  167. >The bidding continues between you and him
  168. >The current price is at 16 grand
  169. >He looks uncertain but does not put his arm up any more
  170. >What a relief
  171. >"Going once.... twice.... sold! To the gentleman with the grey hoodie!"
  172. >You let out a great sigh of relief
  173. >And you didn't go over the budget too
  174. >You walk up to the auctioneer that proceeds to give you a 6 month supply of magic suppressants, a little gadget that controls the collar and a metal leash
  175. >"Congratulations young man on your purchase of this *fine* pony"
  176. >He says *fine* with an emphasis
  177. >Whatever
  178. >"That will be 16 grand"
  179. >You insert your bank card into the device to complete the transaction
  180. >Once this is done the auctioneer tells you
  181. >"Do not forget to give her the magic suppressants every other day and to keep the ring on her horn on her at all times! If you run out of medication, just head to your local pharmacy to purchase more!"
  182. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind"
  183. >As you hold on to the leash, you notice that the pony is not moving
  184. >She's looking at the white alicorn
  185. >They seem to be talking to each other in-between their minds or something
  186. >Maybe they're sisters?
  187. >One has a sun on her butt and the other has a moon
  188. >Makes sense
  189. >After a few moments, your pony decides to finally follow you as you hold onto her leash
  190. >Guess her sister must have told her something to convince her to oblige
  191. >You reach the door and get outside
  192. >The bouncer is still at the door
  193. >He gives you a nod
  194. >You keep going on your way
  195. >Its still raining but somewhat more now
  196. >The drive back home is quiet
  197. >You want to say something but she seems to be gazing out the window with a very depressed look on her face
  198. >rightinthefeels.mp3
  199. >You decide to speak up to break the silence
  200. "So um... hi. My name is Anonymous but you can call me Anon for short. What is your name?"
  201. >She keeps staring out the window as if she never heard you for a half a minute
  202. >Maybe she doesn't want to talk?
  203. "Do you not want to t-"
  204. >"Our name is Luna"
  205. >You weren't expecting that
  206. >Wait hold one a second, did she just say *our*?
  207. >Odd
  208. >Just go with it
  209. "Well that is a nice name"
  210. >She doesn't acknowledge you
  211. >Fuck, you shouldn't have said that
  212. >That sounded too creepy
  213. >You decide not to say anything else for the rest of the drive to your apartment
  214. >You insert your key into the door handle and unlock it
  215. >Man you're pretty drained
  216. >Its around mid-night and you have work tomorrow
  217. >Once you get inside, you remove your shoes and hoodie and proceed to remove the leash from Luna's collar
  218. "Alright Luna, come this way please"
  219. >Without resistance she follows you
  220. >You lead her to your spare room that you used in case you had a guest over for the night
  221. >Not like that happened very much any ways
  222. >Just a mattress on the floor with a pillow and a few blankets
  223. "This is your room Luna"
  224. >She looks at you for a few seconds, as if you're joking or something
  225. >Finally she walks over to her bed and curls up into a ball
  226. >Somewhat
  227. "Well I've got work tomorrow morning, feel free to use the wash-room across your room. If you end up hungry tomorrow, you can take whatever fruits you would like from the counter."
  228. >She's still curled up in a ball facing away from you
  229. >But you can tell she's still listening because her ears are still somewhat perked up
  230. >You turn off the lights of the room and leave the door slightly open since she probably won't be able to open the door without magic
  231. >She is the second tallest of the other ponies but just to be safe
  232. >You head back to your room, doing the same to your door
  233. >You get undressed and fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow
  235. >Its early in the morning now
  236. >The sun hasn't even appeared on the horizon yet
  237. >You get out of bed and do your casual morning routine
  238. >You take a quick shower, make a cup of coffee and chow down some waffles
  239. >Just before you head off to work you check on Luna
  240. >Still asleep
  241. >Thank god you didn't wake her up, she looked pretty tired when you brought her back from the auction
  242. >You place down the bowl of fruit and a glass of water right outside the door since she probably will have a hard time reaching the bowl on the counter
  243. >Hopefully she can hold the glass with those hooves easily
  244. >Oh well, off to work
  245. >Many boring hours go by
  246. >It is now lunch time
  247. >While you indulge on your sandwich, you can't help but overhear a conversation coming from the same area you managed to get info of the auction on Friday
  248. >J:"And then he said you can't fucking come back to the next 2 auctions! God fucking dammit! I've been trying to get my hands on a decent priced slave for months!"
  249. >Sounds like Jim isn't too happy that he got tattle-tailed on
  250. >J:"You know what's the worst part?"
  251. >S:"What?"
  252. >Sounds like he's having a conversation with Steve, another co-worker of yours
  253. >J:"Some bastard purchased the pony I wanted while I was out back taking a smoke! It was darkblue with a fucking moon on its butt. Apparently she was a princess of her world!"
  254. >Oh fuck
  255. >This may complicate things
  256. >S:"So are you going to try to find the guy who fucked you over?"
  257. >J:"Hell yeah. The bouncer said it was someone who also works here and that overheard us, so I'm going to check up on some people to see if I can find anything"
  258. >Man, this guy couldn't be any louder with his plans
  259. >He proceeds to make some chit chat with other workers in their cubicles before finally heading to you
  260. >This gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself and to make it look like you're doing your work
  261. >"Hey there anon!"
  262. "Hey"
  263. >"So how was your weekend pal?"
  264. "Spent the whole weekend playing Fallout 4"
  265. >"Cool, cool... Did you ever even leave your apartment?"
  266. "Just once to buy some stuff at the grocery"
  267. >"Alright cool. See ya around then"
  268. "See ya"
  269. >He walks off to continue trying to find out info on who fucked him over
  270. >wellthatwaseasy.png
  271. >He didn't seem suspicious of you at all considering no lifeing Fallout 4 isn't unusual of you
  272. >Looks like you're off the hook for now
  273. >The rest of your day goes by smoothly
  274. >Hopefully Luna is up by now and has eaten something
  275. >She looked pretty skinny yesterday
  276. >Damn auction barely kept her in a healthy state
  277. >You unlock the door and walk into your apartment
  278. "Luna, I'm home!"
  279. >No response
  280. >She seems like quite the quiet type
  281. >Probably for good reason too
  282. >Her world was destroyed
  283. >Her kind enslaved
  284. >She got separated from her sister
  285. >You'd probably feel like shit for eternity
  286. >Maybe it wasn't the best of ideas to buy a pony "Unwilling to do anything but basics"
  287. >You're going to have to win her trust somehow
  288. >Enough thinking for now
  289. >You make your way to her room
  290. >Crap, she hasn't touched any of the fruit nor has she had any water
  291. >You open the door to her room
  292. >Luna is sitting near the window, gazing out into the open
  293. >You walk up next to her
  294. >She's got tear stains under her eyes
  295. "Luna, I know you may not trust me but you need to get something in your stomach"
  296. >Her stomach grumbles loudly as you make your remark
  297. >She doesn't acknowledge your presence and she just keeps staring outside the window
  298. "I'm not leaving this room until you talk to me"
  299. >After a few minutes of silence she closes her eyes for a moment and lets out a sign
  300. >She turns her head towards towards you
  301. >"We do not trust you even if our sister told us you could be trusted. You humans are all the same. Evil, perverted, warmongering monsters"
  302. >Guess you were right about the whole telepathy thing
  303. >Seems like she still retains some of her magical abilities
  304. >You're pretty certain she's right but at the same time, not all mankind is like this
  305. "What could I do to gain your trust?"
  306. >"Absolutely nothing"
  307. >Well fuck
  308. >She's pretty pessimistic
  309. >What do
  310. >Come on brain, think dammit
  311. >......
  312. >Light bulb!
  313. >She's staring right into your eyes as you have found a solution to your problem
  314. >You storm off to your bedroom leaving Luna somewhat curious of your plan
  315. >You walk back into Luna's room but in your hands is the remote to the shock collar and anti-magic ring
  316. >The iris of her eyes shrink in horror of what you possess in your hands
  317. >You make your way towards her
  318. >She's starting to panic, shuffling on the floor with her hooves up against the wall
  319. >You're now only a few feet away from her
  320. >She's trembling
  321. >You reach to press one of the various buttons on the remote
  322. >Luna closes her eyes in preparation of intense amount of shocking pain
  323. >But all is heard when you press the button is an audible *click*
  324. >Proceeded by the sound of metal hitting the floor
  325. >Luna is still there awaiting her punishment until she realises something is missing from her neck
  326. >She opens her eyes slowly and places one of her hooves around her neck
  327. >This has taken her by complete surprise
  328. "Luna.... you may not trust in me but I want to tell you that I have full trust in you"
  329. >What you had done is unlock the shock collar from her neck which proceeded to fall onto the floor
  330. >Luna is completely taken by surprise to which she proves so with the inability to speak
  331. >She's trying to say something but all that comes out of her mouth is stuttering
  332. "You may be right about the majority of humans being evil and whatnot but there are always ones out there that aren't. So here I am proving you wrong"
  333. >While she is still in disbelief, you press another, smaller button on your remote
  334. >A smaller *click could be heard
  335. >You just pressed the release button on the anti-magic ring
  336. >It detaches itself from her horn and you raised your arm up to slide it off her horn
  337. >There's a buzzing sound, indicating that she is free from the rings effects
  338. >Her mane and tail suddenly come to life, looking as if you would look up at the night sky full of stars
  339. >Its all magical and wavy
  340. >Her face is full of emotions, processing what just happened
  341. "Luna..... before you make your decision of what to do now that you are free reign of your magic again let me tell you something"
  342. >She's still processing
  343. "If you want to kill me now due to my own stupidity of releasing you, go right ahead because the authorities will manage to put you back right into the situation I found you in and if you run away, the same thing will happen
  344. >Luna seems to be back to the real world now but is still struggling to speak
  345. >"I....I..."
  346. >With a sudden quick movement Luna jumps at you
  347. >Guess its all over now
  348. >However, you receive a surprise yourself
  349. >You find yourself being squeezed by Luna
  350. >At first you're thinking that she's going to strangle you for your stupidity
  351. >Turns out she's hugging you
  352. >"Yes! Yes! Yes! Celestia was right about you, you're not like the others!"
  353. >She's crying tears of joy into your shirt
  354. "Um, Luna? You're k-kinda... squeezing me too hard and its making it..... hard to breathe..."
  355. >"Oh right, sorry"
  356. >She lets go of you, finally allowing you to catch your breath
  357. >You were fucking scared that she was going to squeeze you until your insides exploded out of you
  358. >Before you proceed to say something, Luna's stomach makes another loud grumble
  359. >"We should probably eat something now."
  360. "Why do you keep referring yourself as we?
  361. >"Oh, it is a long story. We would rather not talk about it
  362. >Fair enough
  363. "Let me get the bowl of fruit for you right outside the door, you must be starving"
  364. >"Wait anon, let us try to get them ourselves"
  365. >Oh right, she's got magic now
  366. >Luna's horn starts to glow and 2 apples from the bowl glow of the same colour
  367. >The apples slowly start floating in the air towards her but you notice that Luna is struggling
  368. >Just as they get a few feet in the air they drop to the ground, magic glow no longer wrapping them
  369. >You look back at Luna, exhaustion in her face
  370. >"It seems like our magic is rather weak. We haven't been able to use it since we were captured"
  371. "The effects from the magic suppressants must still be affecting you"
  372. >"Oh right... Guess we will wait until they wear off then"
  373. >You pick off the apples from the floor and hand them to Luna
  374. >Once she chows them down she asks you to use the washroom
  375. "Go ahead Luna, you don't need to ask me for permission"
  376. >She gives you a nice smile and proceeds to walk across the hallway to the wash room
  377. >"Care to give us a wash? We usually use our magic in the shower but obviously we cannot at the moment"
  378. >You weren't expecting that
  379. "Ehhh... sure I guess. If you don't mind that is"
  380. >Luna hops into the bathtub and you turn on the shower head
  381. >You get her wet (no pun intended) and lather her up with some soap
  382. >You can tell she finds this very satisfying, must have not been washed very well since she was at the auction
  383. >Once you rinse the soap of her, you dry Luna off with a towel
  384. >You begin drying her head and hair
  385. >As you finish, Luna's eyes and yours lock for a few seconds, staring at each other
  386. >Damn, Luna is fucking beautiful
  387. >Your little friend in your pants is starting to wake up
  388. >godownwiener.png
  389. >You snap out of your daydreaming and back into reality
  390. >Your face is bright red like a tomato, a trait you shared with your father
  391. >Luna starts to giggle
  392. "I.. eh... um... here take the towel.... you can finish drying yourself off"
  393. >You hand her the towel and storm out of the wash room
  394. >You grab a bottle of water from the fridge and crash onto the sofa
  395. >God dammit brain, why do you do this to me
  396. >Gotta keep a mental note to avoid situations like that in the future
  397. >You turn on the TV and tune in to the news
  398. >Seems like the auction you went to got busted for selling ponies without a license
  399. >4 of the staff running the auction, 3 ponies and 1 officer were killed in the bust
  400. >Atleast those ponies are in a better place now
  401. >Your stomach grumbles and you realise you haven't eaten yet
  402. >You get up to grab some leftover pizza from the fridge and you devour on the the remaining slices while chugging down your bottle of water
  403. >Once you're down replenishing your stomach you hear hoovesteps coming from down the hall and Luna appears
  404. >She walks up to the sofa and takes a seat right next to you to your left
  405. >You don't know what to say so you just keep watching the news
  406. >Luna finally decides to break the ice
  407. >"What is this device?"
  408. >You were expecting her to ask that since she was looking at the television with curiosity
  409. "Its called a television. What it does is it transmits sound with moving images from things like cameras. Television is mostly used for stuff like entertainment, education, news and advertising. I imagine you never had this kind of technology in your world?"
  410. >"No but we did have cameras, however they were expensive and only few could afford one"
  411. >You both continue to watch the news until Luna asks another question
  412. >"But how does it receive all these images? And where does it get its source of magic?"
  413. >Magic? Guess they must have never had electricity back in Equestria and everything ran on magic
  414. "First off, there is no such thing as magic in our world.... well technically there is but its just a bunch of clever tricks to make illusions. The kind of magic I imagine you had has only ever existed in the form of fiction and fantasy. What we use to power our devices is electricity. I'm no genius but the basic way to get electricity is by burning stuff like coal and gas to run an engine or turbine to generate electricity."
  415. >"That doesn't sound very safe for the environment"
  416. "It definitely isn't but we have a other sources of electricity that is much safer for the environment such as hydroelectric and nuclear energy however I'm not going to bore you with that kind complicated stuff."
  417. "And to answer your question about the television, it receives signals from a cable. I don't know exactly how it works tho. Originally TV's used to receive signals using high-powered radio-frequency transmitters to broadcast the signal to individual receivers, they're actually still commonly used since its cheaper than using wires"
  418. >The news has switched to talking about the current war against ISIS and the recent attacks in Paris
  419. >Maybe this isn't the best stuff to show to Luna
  420. >You lean forward to grab the remote and shut the TV off
  421. "Well I've got to head to bed Luna, I need to wake up pretty early tomorrow to head to work"
  422. >"Oh... um.... okay then"
  423. "Feel free to serve yourself to some more food and if you need anything don't hesitate to wake me up"
  424. >You head to the washroom to brush your teeth
  425. >As you walk out of the washroom you see Luna coming down the hall to her room
  426. "Goodnight Luna"
  427. >"Goodnight Anon"
  428. >You change into your pajamas and hop in bed
  429. >It doesn't take very long for you to fall asleep
  431. >You wake up with a massive headache with blood dripping out of your mouth
  432. >You're upside down
  433. >Taking a look at your surroundings with your blurred vision you notice its dark outside and you're in your dad's car
  434. >And fucking hell its freezing
  435. >You try to mutter words as tears start to trickle off your face from the amount of pain you're in
  436. "Dad?... W-what happened?" you say with your pre-puberty high pitched voice
  437. >No response
  438. >You struggle to remove your seatbelt and fall from your seat onto the ceilling of the car
  439. >Looking to your left, you can see your father also hanging upside down, motionless
  440. "Dad? Can you hear me?"
  441. >No response again
  442. >Turning to your right, you open the door of the car and crawl out of the car onto the cold snow
  443. >Its snowing lightly but nothing close to a storm
  444. >You struggle to get onto your feet
  445. >Observing your surroundings with more detail, it seems you're in the middle of the forest next to a cliff
  446. >You proceed to the other side of the car with great effort and manage to get the door open
  447. >You detach the seatbelt and pull with all your strength from your little body to get your father out of the wreck
  448. >Laying his body onto the ground you check is pulse
  449. >None
  450. "No...no no no no..." you whisper to yourself
  451. "Dad! Please wake up! Dad... don't leave me..." you say as you shake his body
  452. >You need help and fast
  453. >You think fast and the flip phone from your dad's pocket
  454. >He always told you to call 911 if anything bad ever happened
  455. >You dial the number with your little frozen fingers
  456. >The voice of a woman picks up the call
  457. >"Hello, please state your emergency"
  458. "Hello, I've been in a car accident and I don't know where I am."
  459. >"Alright hun, are you alone?"
  460. "I'm with my dad but I think... I think h-he's... dead"
  461. >Tears start to flow faster down your cheeks, not from the blistering headache but to the fact that your dad is dead
  462. >"Please stay calm hun, we've tracked your phone's position via satellite, help is on the way."
  463. "Please h-hurry.... its really cold..."
  464. >"Grab whatever you can to keep yourself warm hun. The helicopter will be there in 15 minutes."
  465. >"You're going to feel tired but keep talking to be to stay awa-"
  466. "Hello? What were you saying?"
  467. >You look at the phone
  468. >The screen is black
  469. >Damn, battery is dead
  470. >You turn around and proceed to collapse on your dad's corpse, unleashing your full out crying
  471. "Please wake up dad!... you're not dead.... please.. wake up..."
  472. "Please.... don't leave... me..."
  473. >You're becoming increasingly tired
  474. "Please.... wake.... up..."
  475. >Everything fades to black
  477. >You awake once again, back to the present
  478. >You jolt out of bed
  479. >Your PJ's are damp and you're sweating like a gorilla
  480. >You've been reliving that horrible event in your dreams for many years
  481. >And it all happened over a dozen years ago
  482. >But it feels like it only happened yesterday
  483. >The memory is still fresh in your mind
  484. >You open your window to let fresh night air into your room to cool you down
  485. >The door to your room creaks and in comes Luna
  486. >She looks at you with a hint of worry in her eyes
  487. >"Anonymous?"
  488. >You sit back down on the edge of your bed and catch your breath
  489. "I'm fine Luna.... just had a bad dream is all"
  490. >She comes up and takes seat next to you placing her hoof onto your back to comfort you
  491. >"I'm sorry for what happened to your father anon, I- we know how hard it is to lose something very important."
  492. >She staring right into your eyes, as if she's going to suck your soul out of you
  493. >You can see that her eyes are watery
  494. "How do you know what happened? You weren't there...."
  495. >"We weren't there for when it first happened but we were there you dreamed about it earlier"
  496. "How?"
  497. >"We have the ability to visit the dreams of other ponies. I am princess of the night, hence the cutiemark and the color my mane and coat."
  498. "That's interesting.... wait a second, you just said you can visit other ponies dreams but clearly I'm not a pony."
  499. >"We weren't sure if we could enter your dreams until I tried earlier. We haven't had the chance to dreamwalk until you removed the device from our horn."
  500. "Why didn't I see you in my dream?"
  501. >"We made sure to remain out of sight and we didn't want to alter the memory of your dream."
  502. >Somewhat furious that your personal life was breached, you snap and raise your voice
  503. "Just don't come into my dreams again, okay?! I don't really feel comfortable someone-er.. I mean somepony else to just come into my dreams! They're very personal and I'd rather not talk or think about them."
  504. >Luna looks at you momentarily with the face of slight sadness and disappointment
  505. >She removes her hoof from your back and gets off from the edge of your bed and proceeds to make her way to the door
  506. >"As you wish Anonymous" she says coldly
  507. >She exits your room and closes the door on her way out, leaving you to your thoughts
  508. >A pang of guilt goes through your body
  509. >Shit, you must have offended her or hurt her feelings
  510. >You didn't say anything mean to her
  511. >You were just being assertive
  512. >Maybe a little too much
  513. >No, definitely too much
  514. >It really wasn't a subject you ever wanted to talk about, not that you had anyone that you valued to talk to about it
  515. >You remove your still wet PJ's and replace them with new clean and dry ones
  516. >You get back into bed and try to get back to sleep
  518. >Your eyes peer wide open as your alarm
  519. >It reads 7 am
  520. >You've been in bed for what felt like eternity
  521. >You barely managed to get any sleep after your dream
  522. >You lazily get out of bed and get out of your room, heading towards the living room
  523. >You don't both checking on Luna
  524. >Probably not the best to talk to her for a little while
  525. >You pick up the phone and dial the number of your somewhat friend George
  526. >He's also your boss
  527. >After a few rings he picks up
  528. >"Hey Anon."
  529. "Yo"
  530. >After a few moments he speaks up again
  531. >"Bad night again?"
  532. "Yup"
  533. >"Alright, enjoy the day the off"
  534. "Thanks"
  535. >"No problem kiddo..... and um... if you ever... you know, want to grab a drink somewhere or if you just need some company, just call me"
  536. "You always say that.... but I'll keep that in mind"
  537. >"You always say that too"
  538. >He couldn't be anymore right
  539. >"Well anyways, have a good Christmas tomorrow and weekend kiddo. I'll see you back in the office on Tuesday"
  540. "You have a good Christmas too George"
  541. >You hang up and sigh with relief
  542. >You knew that he'd say yes but you always had that fear that one day he would say no
  543. >Atleast you got Christmas eve off
  544. >You're pretty damn appreciative of his generosity tho
  545. >He was a good friend of your father's
  546. >They had such a good bond, one could mistake them as brothers
  547. >You and your father were on the way to his cottage farther north in Canada
  548. >That's when the accident happened
  549. >Vision was limited and the road was very slippery
  550. >George was just has emotionally hit as you were
  551. >He ended up selling the cottage shortly after and had blamed himself for the cause of your fathers death, having the cottage only accessible by a road that was very dangerous when the weather was cold
  552. >In your father's last will, it was written that George would take care of you, since all of your grandparents were already deceased and your mother was out of the question since your parents had been divorced for about 2 years before the incident and your father had won custody over you
  553. >However, George would never be able to fill the shoes of your father but atleast he cared for you just as much as your father did
  554. >You place your phone back onto its stand
  555. >On the corner of your eyes you see Luna standing in the hallway
  556. >She was probably there for most of the conversation with George but you hadn't noticed her
  557. >"Who were you speaking to?"
  558. "My boss from work. I've got the day off today."
  559. >"We imagine the device you were holding has some kind of power to communicate wirelessly?"
  560. "Correct, it works similar to the Tv"
  561. >"Human ingenuity is very.... interesting"
  562. "Sure is.... well I'm pretty hungry. You want some breakfast?"
  563. >"What are you making?"
  564. "I don't know yet but I'm going to see what I have in stock. Feel free to take a seat at the table."
  565. >You head over to the rather small kitchen but did this not bother you
  566. >You have simple taste and don't mind not eating anything complicated or fancy
  567. >You just eat what is easiest to make and cheapest to buy
  568. >You head back to the table with a box of cereal under your arm with a jug of milk in your hand and your other hand with 2 bowls with spoons
  569. "All I've got right now is some whole wheat honey nut cheerio's and some milk"
  570. "You don't mind drinking milk right? Since ponies are vegetarian and all"
  571. >"As a matter of fact, we do like milk very much"
  572. "Cereal and milk it is then"
  573. >You take a seat at the small table for 2 across Luna
  574. >You serve Luna her bowl and serve yours
  575. >As you start to dig in, you look back up to see Luna trying to use her magic on the spoon but with difficulty
  576. >She manages to get the spoon full with some cereal but as soon the spoon levitates closer to her mouth the magic surrounding the spoon vanishes and the spoon falls on the floor
  577. >Luna looks down at the spoon and then back to you with an intense blush that you could see despite her dark blue coat
  578. >You try not giggle so you giggle on the inside
  579. >"Oops... sorry. Its hard to keep it up with precision while trying to open our mouth at the same time"
  580. "No problem, I'll clean it after I'm done"
  581. >She looks back down to her bowl and then back to you
  582. >Oh boy is she really going to-
  583. >Luna plunges her muzzle into the bowl
  584. >Yup, she is
  585. >She starts to eat the cereal from the bowl like a dog
  586. >At this point you would of lost your sides if you hadn't controlled yourself
  587. >You just continue to eat from your bowl
  588. >Luna finally pulls out of the bowl, milk covering her muzzle
  589. >She starts to lick it off the milk
  590. >Holy sweet mother of god that is incredibly cute
  591. >She looks back at you for a moment and starts to giggle
  592. >You just realized you're blushing like a tomato again
  593. "I.... um..... I forgot to have my morning piss...eh... be right back"
  594. >You get up and proceed to storm off to the washroom to avoid that rather awkward situation
  595. >Again
  596. >You've never really been very social nor have you ever really experienced these kinds of situations before
  597. >Its just by instinct that when a situation gets too weird you just leave
  598. >After splashing some cold water on your face to calm you down and catching your breath, you head back to the table
  599. >Luna is still there and muzzle deep into her bowl
  600. >It appears that she's served herself another portion
  601. >Guess she must like it
  602. >Before taking back your seat, you quickly clean the little mess Luna made on the floor
  603. >Once seated again, you continue to eat your now soggy cereal but that doesn't bother you
  604. >Its quiet now, with only the sound of munching cereal and your spoon coming in contact with the bowl can be hard
  605. >You swallow your last spoonful of cereal and decide to finally speak up
  606. "So about last night...."
  607. >Luna removes her muzzle out of the bowl again to look at you giving you her full attention
  608. "I'm sorry for snapping at you, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or insulting you... its just.... what happened is very personal to me and few know about it. I just.... just don't want to be reminded of the past."
  609. >Luna's horn begins to glow and you see her pick up a napkin to wipe off the milk from around her mouth and muzzle
  610. >"We accept your apology anonymous"
  611. >"And we also want to apologize for intruding your dream. If we had known of what lied within, we would of stayed out of it"
  612. "I also accept your apology"
  613. >Luna gives you a nice smile and extends her hoof out towards you
  614. >Confused, you just sit there clueless
  615. >Are you supposed to shake or something?
  616. >Shit shit shit think anon, think! What are you supposed to do? She's sitting there waiting for you to do something
  617. >Maybe she wants you to kiss her hoof? Is that something she did as a princess when she would accept an apology?
  618. >If you do that and you're wrong you might look like a fucking idiot
  619. >You're starting to sweat and your face starts to heat up again from all the nervousness
  620. >"Is it really that hard to shake my hoof anon?"
  621. "Oh... y-you wanted a h-handshake? Well eh.. more like a hoofshake but what would i-it be called if its both..."
  622. >Spaghetti spilling overload
  623. >Luna starts to laugh uncontrollably at your spaghetti spilling
  624. >She tries to maintain her posture but fails horribly
  625. >Between her laughs and incoherent words she manages an understandable sentence
  626. >"Just shake it you silly ape!"
  627. >You extend your arm forward and grab her hoof
  628. >You carefully make sure to not grab and shake too hard
  629. >She retracts her hoof and manages to regain her composure
  630. >Silent moments of awkwardness pass by as Luna blushes again due to her little outburst of laughter
  631. >Luna grabs the box of cheerio's to serve herself another portion
  632. >However nothing comes out indicating that its empty
  633. >"This cereal tastes very good anon. We like how it tastes of honey."
  634. >Note to self, buy more flavored cereals for Luna
  635. "If you like that then I'm sure you'll love the hundreds of different flavours the stores have. You'll have to wait until a few days since everything is closed for Christmas"
  636. >"Ah that. We heard you say that word earlier when you were talking to your boss. Is it some kind of holiday?"
  637. >Either that was a really lucky guess or she's pretty damn smart
  638. "Precisely. In short its a holiday where everyone gives gifts to each other, decorate their homes and decorate a specific type of tree to place in a living room but most importantly spend them with their family...."
  639. >That last word hit hard
  640. >Luna can tell your sudden shift in mood and tries to change subject
  641. >"That's really strange because that sounds very similar to hearth's warming eve"
  642. "What was that about?"
  643. >"It was to remember how the 3 different types of ponies united together and founded Equestria. Alongside plenty of gift giving and story telling of the event that happened well over a thousand years ago"
  644. "Wow, it seems like that holiday goes far back just like Christmas"
  645. >"One thing I've noticed however is the complete lack of snow outside. Does Christmas not celebrated during the winter?"
  646. "In fact it does but it seems like the weather refuses give us snow. Most years there is no snow... but there's tons if you go up north out of the city"
  647. >"So humans haven't conquered the weather with their technological might?"
  648. "Not even close but we have controlled facilities that can control the weather inside of them to a certain extent"
  649. >"Maybe one day humans will get there" as Luna gives you the tongue with a wide smirk across her face
  650. >You pick up the empty bowls and place them in the dishwasher to be cleaned when it will be full
  651. "Well since I've got nothing else better to do right now, want to watch some TV?"
  652. >"Sure"
  653. >Luna and you take seats comfortably on the sofa
  654. "What do you want to watch?"
  655. >"We don't know, what is there to watch?"
  656. "Nearly anything about everything"
  657. >"Maybe some news? We just need some time to think about what we would like to know about first"
  658. "Okay just let me know when you've made your decision"
  659. >Around an hour goes by of the boring usual stuff.. war, politics, disease, natural disasters and whatnot
  660. >You start to feel very sleepy
  661. >Dammit you forgot to have your morning coffee
  662. >You curse to yourself in your mind
  663. >Slowly but surely your eyes start to close until you fall asleep on the couch
  665. >You awake to the sound of faint gunfire and explosions
  666. >Your right arm is also numb
  667. >Please for the love of god don't tell me this is another weird dream of sorts where your arm has been blown off or something
  668. >You straightened yourself upwards
  669. >You can't see what's playing on TV since your eyes are still adjusting to the sudden brightness but you can definitely hear audible gunfire and explosions here and there alongside a very soothing voice
  670. >Morgan Freeman
  671. >Yup this is a documentary
  672. >Annnd also on the top of the list of things you didn't want Luna to learn about
  673. >She must have managed to change channels with the remote
  674. >You didn't teach her how to use it
  675. >She probably figured out from seeing you use it, Luna is quite clever
  676. >You turn your head to your left to look at Luna who is still there with her eyes focused on the TV
  677. >She notices your awakening
  678. >"Rest well?" she asks while giving you a genuine warm smile
  679. "Yup, how long was I out for?"
  680. >"Around 7 hours or so"
  681. >Shit, she could have watched multiple documentaries at this point
  682. >You look back at the TV and just stare into it as if there was nothing there
  683. >"Anon? Are you ok?"
  684. "Yeah... yeah... I'm fine... I just didn't really want you to see this specific part in human history. Actually more like all of it since its filled with war and suffering. I didn't want you to change your mind on my species being hungry warmongers."
  685. >"Do not worry anon, this is n-nothing. We've seen far....w-worse"
  686. >She's bluffing, you guarantee it
  687. "Have you really?"
  688. >She looks at you with her eyes that are filled with fear
  689. >"N-no..."
  690. >You can see it coming
  691. >You lock down the hatches mentally because its going to get real messy
  692. >Luna's eyes begin to water
  693. >Incoming tidal wave
  694. >She grabs you and begins her assault of tears into your shirt
  695. >You can't think of a way to react so you just answer with you embracing her and petting her mane
  696. "Shhhhh Luna.... its okay.... it happened.... shhhhhh..... just let it go"
  697. >Between her violent crying and random incoherent mumbling she manages to speak understandably
  698. >"Why did so many innocents had to die.... for nothing"
  699. >All you can do up to this point is reassure her and calm her down
  700. >As she cries into your neck you look back towards the TV
  701. >You grab the remote and check the history of what the channel played when your were gone
  702. >Pretty much all of it was about events between WWI and the cold war
  703. >Just as you stare at the TV, they show off nukes
  704. >This just isn't right
  705. >You hastily turn the TV off and continue to embrace Luna as the barrage of crying continues
  706. >Eventually she falls asleep
  707. >You carry her back to her room
  708. >Damn she's heavy
  709. >Luna is obviously bigger than all of the other ponies you had seen before
  710. >Only to be beaten by her sister
  711. >You bring her back to your room and tuck her into your much more comfortable bed
  712. >Probably the comfiest thing she's slept on since coming onto this cruel world
  713. >You leave the door to your room slightly open and head to the kitchen to grab something to eat
  714. >You sit back down on the sofa and devour your heated frozen leftover
  715. >You change the channel to the news again
  716. >Seems like they're actually talking about Christmas stuff and not the usual overly depressive shit
  717. >This is your first Christmas since you were 7 that you're spending with someon- somepony else
  718. >You want to make this Christmas to be a memorable one for Luna
  719. >You want to show her that the human race is not THAT bad
  720. >An idea comes to your head
  721. >You get up and rush over to the phone and dial the only number you dial frequently
  722. >After a few rings he picks up
  723. >"Hello?"
  724. "Hey George, it's me"
  725. >"Oh hey anon, I wasn't expecting you to call me at this hour. What can I do for you kiddo?"
  726. "I was wondering if you're doing anything out of the ordinary tomorrow for Christmas"
  727. >"I don't think so. Just the usual relaxing Christmas with the wife. Why?"
  728. "Do you want some company?"
  729. >Surprised, George takes a few moments to answer
  730. >"I thought you'd never ask"
  731. "Same here"
  732. >"What time do you plan on showing up?"
  733. "I was thinking around 9 ish. Is that good for you?"
  734. >"That's perfect. We'll have a good ol breakfast ready"
  735. "Thanks George and also if you don't mind... I'm bringing a friend with me"
  736. >You've successfully surprised him twice in only a few minutes
  737. >"But of course you may! Oh my god... I've been waiting so many years for this day to come. I just got to tell Michelle!"
  738. >You can hear him yelling out her name
  739. >"Yeah.... anon will be coming..... with a friend..... I know right?"
  740. >He's all super excited and pumped full of joy
  741. >"Alright anon, we're looking forward to seeing you and your friend tomorrow morning"
  742. "Thanks George"
  743. >"Any day kiddo"
  744. >You hang up
  745. >And with that, you have a plan set for tomorrow
  746. >Your very first Christmas for over a decade
  747. >You're looking forward to it
  749. >The next morning arrives with great speed
  750. >You took a quick and satisfying shower and shaved your morning stubble
  751. >As you were brushing your teeth you seen Luna exiting her door
  752. "Merry Christmas Luna!"
  753. >Luna eyes a still adjusting to the light in the hallway
  754. >"Merry Christmas to you to anon"
  755. >You rinse your mouth and Luna gives out a big yawn
  756. >"We thought you didn't celebrate Christmas"
  757. "I haven't in over twelve years but since I have someone- I mean somepony else with me I might aswell"
  758. >"But you don't have any of the decorations you talked about"
  759. "Don't worry about that, we aren't celebrating it here"
  760. >Luna looks at you curiously
  761. "Well I'm done with the washroom Luna, you can go ahead and take a shower... or a bath. Whichever you please."
  762. >You show her how to function the cleaning facilities which is pretty straight forward enough
  763. >As you head back to your room to pick something better to wear, you hear the shower turn on giving you the answer to which she picked
  764. >Once clothed you head to the living room
  765. >You take a seat and turn on the news to kill some time before you leave to George's place
  766. >After about 10 minutes you hear hoofsteps coming from down the hall
  767. >"Well that was certainly refreshing"
  768. >You turn your head towards her and give her a smile
  769. "You ready to go?"
  770. >"We don't think that we need to bring anything with us so we're ready whenever you are"
  771. "Alright then... lets go"
  772. >You turn off the TV and get up
  773. >You make your way to the entrance to your apartment and put your shoes on
  774. >As you grab your leather coat the leash that you got from the auction is revealed hanging off the wall
  775. >You freeze
  776. >Its too late because Luna definitely sees it
  777. >"You're not going to use that again... right?"
  778. "N-no... I don't need to"
  779. >"Are you sure?"
  780. "Well.. technically its not socially acceptable to be walking around with you in the streets without a leash but since its Christmas nobody will be around to see us and we'll be going in the car anyways."
  781. >"Okay"
  782. "Let's go"
  783. >You and Luna head down to the elevator to the lobby and take a back-door that leads out to the parking lot next to the apartment
  784. >You're taken by surprise by the sheer blindness as you open the door
  785. >It takes a few moments for your eyes to adjust but you finally are able to see why you just got blinded
  786. >Snow
  787. >And its everywhere
  788. "Well then, it seems like it must have snowed last night"
  789. >The icy coldness of the air enters your lungs
  790. "And the temperature dropped significantly"
  791. >You make your way to your car with Luna right behind you
  792. >Fuck your hands are freezing
  793. >You struggle to unlock your car with your keys
  794. >Eventually you reach success and get in the car
  795. >You open the glove box to get... you guessed it, gloves
  796. >And a toque too
  797. >You put them on and reach behind your seat to grab a big brush made to clear snow of cars and to scrub office if need be
  798. "I'll be right back Luna. I need to clear the snow off the car"
  799. >Luna nods in acknowledgement
  800. >After several minutes you are satisfied with the job you've done and get back into the car
  801. >You grab your keys and place them in the ignition
  802. >Thankfully none of the fluids in your car froze so the car starts on your first try
  803. >You drive through the down town area since George lives on the other side of the city
  804. >Surprisingly the city streets are nearly completely empty with few cars and pedestrians out and about
  805. >"This city looks surprisingly very similar to Manehattan"
  806. >Manehattan?
  807. "That sounds a lot like Manhattan"
  808. >"Are we in Manhattan right now?"
  809. "Nope... most major cities these days look all the same... high density population in a small area. Plus Manhattan is only one of 5 boroughs of New York city"
  810. >"How many do cities of this size you think are there total in the world?"
  811. "Hundreds atleast. The city we're in right now, Toronto, has the highest population city in the country"
  812. >"How does it compare to New York?"
  813. "New York crushes Toronto completely in terms of population with the second highest in the whole world"
  814. >"That is really impressive... do you know the population of your world?"
  815. "A little over 7 billion I think... and by the way we call our planet earth"
  816. >"That's a silly name to call a planet"
  817. "Tell that to the guy who came up with the name"
  818. >You two share a laugh together
  819. >The rest of the ride to George's is mostly quiet
  820. >Finally you arrive at George's place
  821. >He lives in a higher class neighbourhood due to the position he has at the job
  822. >You park your car in his driveway and head to the door
  823. >You quickly check the time on your phone, 8:47
  824. >A little early but that's no problem
  825. >Luna looks at the house with a wide open smile
  826. >"Oh my... this house is very well decorated!"
  827. >You walk up to the door and prepare yourself to ring the doorbell
  828. >Luna is next to you
  829. >George is in for a big surprise
  833. > = LUNA
  834. >> = GEORGE
  835. >>> = MICHELLE
  840. *Ding dong*
  841. >It takes a few moments but you see blurry movement behind the glass panes of the door approach
  842. >A click is heard behind the door and then the door opens
  843. >Holding the door open is George
  844. >"Hey anon, come on in! You must be freezing out there"
  845. >You and Luna enter the house
  846. >Luna closes the door behind her
  847. >>"Its so good to see to see you anon"
  848. >He gives you a good ol man hug
  849. >>"And merry Christmas"
  850. "Merry Christmas to you too...You know you can always just come see me every day at the office right?"
  851. >>"Yeah but I'm always too busy around the office.... every time I would ask you how you were doing you'd just say: Oh you know, just the usual"
  852. >He tries to imitate you when you give him that response
  853. >You chuckle a little
  854. >He looks next to you and he looks surprised, as you had predicted
  855. >He must have been too busy with you to notice Luna
  856. >>"So this is your friend you told me about"
  857. "Eh... yes"
  858. >Luna extends out her hoof to George
  859. >"Our name is Luna. It's a pleasure to meet you George"
  860. >>"Nice to meet you too Luna" George says as he shake Luna's hoof
  861. >At least he doesn't spill spaghetti everywhere like you do
  862. >You take your shoes off and place your coat on the coat hanger
  863. >>"Right this way you two"
  864. >George leads you and Luna the kitchen where you see Michelle busy preparing breakfast
  865. >As you enter the room George's wife, Michelle, takes notice of your presence
  866. >>>"Oh anon! It's so good to see you!"
  867. >Michelle has her arms wide open and gives you a big, strong hug
  868. >She's squishing you much more then George did
  869. "Yeah you too and merry Christmas"
  870. >>>"Merry Christmas anon"
  871. >After letting go of you she notices the dark-blue mare behind you
  872. >Just like George, she wasn't expecting that
  873. >>>"Oh hello there"
  874. >"Greetings"
  875. "Oh right.. eh Michelle this is Luna... Luna this is Michelle"
  876. >Michelle gives a warm genuine smile to Luna to which Luna does same
  877. >>>"Have a seat at the table dears, breakfast will be ready soon"
  878. >You take a seat at the end of the rectangle table with Luna to your right while George is on the other end sipping his coffee while reading the newspaper
  879. >>>"Anon my dear, would you like some coffee?"
  880. "Sure"
  881. >>>"How would you like it?"
  882. "Black please"
  883. >>>"And you Luna?"
  884. >"Two cream, one sugar and with a little honey please"
  885. >Michelle nods and grabs two coffee mugs and proceeds to make your coffees
  886. >You noticed that neither George or Michelle have been phased by the fact that Luna refers to herself as "we" and "us"
  887. >Nor by the fact that her mane and tail are pretty strange but cool at the same time
  888. >Maybe because they're older that they're more understanding and tolerable
  889. >Michelle comes by the table and drops off you and Luna's coffee
  890. >"Thank you Michelle"
  891. >>>"You're welcome Luna"
  892. >You just give her a nod with a slight smile
  893. >Michelle smiles back and heads back to the kitchen to make breakfast
  894. >A few minutes in George folds his newspaper and places it on the table
  895. >He just looks at you and Luna while you both are sipping on your coffees
  896. >Is... is he getting ideas of... y-you and L-luna?
  897. >You had never even considered that yourself
  898. >>"Hey anon"
  899. "Yeah?"
  900. >>"Mind if I have a word or two with you... in private?"
  901. "Eh... sure I guess"
  902. >He probably is getting ideas
  903. >You and George head out of the dinning room into the living room far enough so that you don't think Luna will hear you
  904. >He just stares at you quietly
  905. "What?"
  906. >>"Tell me what you want to tell me"
  907. >He's giving you the chance to explain why you have Luna
  908. >George just keeps staring at you until you spill the beans
  909. "Okay okay, fine you win"
  910. >George smirks in victory
  911. "I bought her a few days ago at some slave pony auction"
  912. >>"Well she doesn't seem to be treated as a slave. Plus if she was, I don't think you would of brought her"
  913. "Yea... well...."
  914. >You just let the sentence hanging in the air
  915. >>"Why did you buy her?"
  916. "Well you see... its kind of a long story"
  917. >>"Don't tell me your fucking it..."
  919. "WHAT! Of course not! Who do you think I fucking am?"
  920. >>"Well I don't know. I barely ever see you and you've always been very lonely and depressed since... you know..."
  921. >The accident
  922. "Look... I'm not too sure why I bought her myself, I guess just so that I could have someone do some cleaning around the apartment and keep me company"
  923. >>"Clearly it seems more to keep you company then cleaning"
  924. >You let out a sigh
  925. "Yup"
  926. >>"Hey anon, you're a good kid you know?"
  927. "I'm 24 George, you can stop calling me a kid you know"
  928. >>"Whatever you say kiddo" he teases back
  929. >Both of you head back to the table and resume sipping on your coffee's quietly
  930. >Thankfully your coffee is still hot
  931. >Luna just looks back you
  932. >She gives you a smile
  933. >You smile back
  934. >Michelle walks over the table with a plate in each hand
  935. >She places a plate infront of you and then another infront of Luna
  936. >>>"Belgian chocolate chip waffles with banana slices topped with whip cream and strawberries coated with maple syrup. Enjoy"
  937. >Both you and Luna say thank you at the same time
  938. >You both blush a light shade of red
  939. >Michelle places two more plates for her and George
  940. >You all begin eating your breakfast
  941. >This is the shit right here
  942. >It's so damn good
  943. >It's been forever since you had this meal
  944. >Atleast 6 years since because you moved out as soon as you turned 18
  945. >Taking a look to your right, you notice that Luna is actually eating with a fork using her magic
  946. >Man she's recovering mighty fast
  947. >The auctioneer that sold you her did tell you she needed to take the magic suppressants every other day
  948. >Guess they wear off fast if she can use her magic much better already
  949. >>>"So Luna"
  950. >Michelle don't you fucking dare
  951. >>>"How did you meet anon?"
  952. >Cunt
  953. >You would of spit out the coffee you were drinking if it weren't for the fact that you would look like a complete asshole
  954. >Luna who appears to be caught by surprise finishes her bite and levitates a napkin to wipe the whip cream off of her mouth
  955. >"Well.... it's a sort of complicated"
  956. >>>"Oh please, do tell"
  957. "Michelle, I don't think its a good ide-"
  958. >>>"Is your name Luna? No? Then be quiet and let the lady speak"
  959. >George just shakes his head telling you not to even bother arguing
  960. >Michelle is a bitch sometimes but she doesn't do it purposely
  961. >You just keep your mouth shut and hope Luna plays it cool
  962. >"Um... well... we didn't really meet... more like.... p-purchased... as a s-slave"
  963. >>>"You certainly don't seem to be treated as one, else you would still have that little ring device thing on your horn and a harness over your wings"
  964. >You decide its time to step in
  965. "That's because she's not a slave Michelle. She's just as free as you and I" you say with a serious tone
  966. >>>"Oh.....I..um... I did not mean to be rude or intrude. My apologies Luna"
  967. >"No worries"
  968. >George decides to finally step in and change these subject
  969. >>"Man these waffles. Can you believe them?"
  970. >"They are delicious, thank you for this lovely meal"
  971. "Yeah these are great. Thanks"
  972. >>>"Thank you for the lovely compliments you guys"
  973. >Michelle blushes slightly
  974. >You all continue to eat in silence
  975. >Once you are all done Michelle clears the table of the dishes and starts placing them into the dishwasher and cleaning the counters
  976. >George tells you and Luna to wait in the living room because he's got something to give to you
  977. >While waiting you've realized that you don't have any gifts for neither Michelle or George
  978. >Same goes for Luna
  979. >It's not your fault tho, it was pretty last minute and all the stores are already closed
  980. >You'll have to get them all something at a later date
  981. >After a few minutes of waiting, Michelle comes into the room and offers some green-tea to which you decline
  982. >On the other hand, Luna accepts some
  983. >Michelle leaves and comes back a few minutes later with a tea-cups in each hand
  984. >Just moments later George is finally back with a medium sized box that is appears to have been just recently wiped of dust
  985. >>>"So it was in the attic dear?"
  986. >>"Yup. It was buried behind a bunch of other boxes in the back"
  987. >George hands you the box
  988. >>"Merry Christmas anon"
  989. >George backs away and takes a seat next to his wife
  990. >You make a detailed inspection and analysis of the box
  991. >You've come to the conclusion that the gift wrapping on the box is ancient
  992. >If George had been storing it in the attic then it means he's been waiting for a very long time to give this to you
  993. >The box is also surprisingly light for its size
  994. >Your rip the gift wrapping from what you presume to be the top of the box
  995. >You grab your switch-blade from your pocket and cut the transparent duct tape holding the top of the box closed
  996. >Who the fuck cares if switch-blades are illegal because you sure don't
  997. >Placing your knife away, you open up the box
  998. >Its full of gift tissue paper of various colours
  999. >The box is mostly empty
  1000. >However you suddenly feel something
  1001. >Something flat and square that is taped to the inside of the bottom of the box
  1002. >You struggle to get a good grip on it but you finally succeed
  1003. >Once properly gripped you tug at it will all your strength
  1004. *RIIIIP*
  1005. >You managed to got rip it off of the box
  1006. >You inspect the item in your hands
  1007. >It a CD case
  1008. >You remove the surrounding tape from the case and pry it open
  1009. >A slip of paper falls out of the CD case but you pick it back up and flip it over
  1010. >It reads
  1011. *To my son*
  1012. >Your face goes pale
  1013. >You recognize the handwriting
  1014. >Your father's
  1015. >You look at everyone in the room
  1016. >They're all watching you silently
  1017. >You get up and place the CD in the DVD player for the TV
  1018. >You grab the remote to play the CD
  1019. >You sit back down and hit play
  1020. >Your dad appears on the TV
  1021. >He appears to be in the garage of the house you had lived in with him
  1022. >The camera is shaking around as he tries to adjust it properly
  1023. >*Come on, stay straight camera... there we go*
  1024. >He stands back and takes a seat on a stool
  1025. >*Hey anon. It's dad*
  1026. >You're leaning forward as you sit down with full attention devoted to the TV
  1027. >*If you are currently watching this video*
  1028. >He pauses and lets out a big sigh
  1029. >*It means something has happened to me and I am no longer alive*
  1030. >*I don't know how long you're seeing this after my passing but I want to say that I love you very much and that the day you were born was the single happiest day of my life*
  1031. >*I couldn't be anymore proud of you anon*
  1032. >All of a sudden you see a 6 year old you come into the room
  1033. *Dad, are you coming to play?*
  1034. >*I told you to wait for me for a few minutes*
  1035. *But I was getting borrrred*
  1036. >*I'm nearly done, if you got wait a little longer we can go pick up some icecream!*
  1037. *Okay!*
  1038. >6 year old you runs out of the room to go wait for your dad
  1039. >Your dad chuckles and gets up
  1040. >He proceeds to look back at the camera and picks it up
  1041. >*I love you anon. Never forget that*
  1042. *Comon daaaad!*
  1043. >*Coming!*
  1044. >Your dad fidgets with camera again and then the screen goes black indicating the end of the recording
  1045. >Your eyes have been practically full of water the whole video
  1046. >But now it feels like a tidal wave is imminent
  1047. >You look around the room through your watery vision
  1048. >George and Michelle both have several tears flowing down their cheeks
  1049. >So does Luna
  1050. >Finally you open the floodgates
  1051. >A tsunami of tears trickle down your face
  1052. >You're mouth is wobbling as you try not to cry out loud
  1053. >All that comes out of your mouth is whimpering sobs
  1054. >George and Michelle both get up and stand infront of you together
  1055. >You also get up and embrace into a group hug
  1056. >After about a minute or so you've calmed down
  1057. *sniff* "W-why did you *sniff* w-wait so long to give me that?"
  1058. >>"Your father told me to only give you this on Christmas and only when I felt that you were ready to receive it"
  1059. >He gives you a light smile
  1060. >>"But I never even had the opportunity to give it to you since you never wanted to celebrate Christmas after his passing"
  1061. "I'm sorry for closing myself off from you two after the incident"
  1062. >>>"It's okay anon. You wanted to be left alone so we did. We understood how you felt"
  1063. "Thank you. Both of you. This has been the best *sniff* Christmas I've ever had... I really mean it"
  1064. >>"Us too anon"
  1065. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you two some gifts. It was so last minute and all the stores were closed I didn't have the chance to get something"
  1066. >George grabs both of your shoulders
  1067. >>"Anon... just having you here with us is an incredible gift. It's all we ever wanted"
  1068. >>He smiles at you with a couple of tears coming out of his eyes
  1069. >You hug again
  1070. "I'm going to go for a walk... this is just so much to take in and I just need to think"
  1071. >>"We will be here when you get back"
  1072. >>>"Would you like some hot chocolate ready for when you get back?"
  1073. *sniff* "Y-yes please"
  1074. >You head over to the main entrance and put your shows and coat back on
  1075. >Alongside your gloves and toque
  1076. >You open the door but as you are about to leave you notice that Luna is right behind you
  1077. "Stay here Luna. I want to be alone for a bit"
  1078. >"Okay"
  1079. >You head threw the door frame and close the door behind you
  1080. >You can see the glistening of Luna's mane through the glass panes of the door
  1081. >You let out a sigh and head towards the side walk for your little walk around the neighbourhood
  1082. >For once in a very long time, you feel happy
  1084. >Be Luna
  1085. >Anon just told you he wanted to be alone for a while and that he wanted to go on a walk by himself
  1086. >So now you're just waiting for him to return in however long that will be
  1087. >George and Michelle are both sitting next to each other both reading a different book
  1088. >Occasionally George takes a swig of a little metal canister with a cap on top
  1089. >Being over a thousand years old, you easily recognise it as alcohol
  1090. >Its so strange that Equestria and Earth have so much in common
  1091. >You sip on the delicious green tea that Michelle made you
  1092. >Having nothing else to do to pass the time you decide to make small talk
  1099. "What are you reading Michelle?"
  1100. >Michelle looks up to you with her glasses on
  1101. >>"I'm reading a health book. This volume of the series of books talks about the medicinal properties of plants, their various affects, what they're used in and where to find them in the wild"
  1102. "What about you George?"
  1103. >"A book about the Pacific war during World War II"
  1104. >You remember that from the documentary
  1105. >The massive bombs dropped on two cities full of innocents
  1106. >"But you wouldn't know what it is anyways" George says as he continues reading his book
  1107. >You just stare at into emptiness, completely zoned out
  1108. >Never in your long life have you seen a species so destructive
  1109. >Even Tirek didn't go around killing ponies
  1110. >You and Celestia had been so blind to the human threat
  1111. >Celestia...
  1112. >You miss her so much...
  1113. >>"Luna? Are you alright?"
  1114. >You snap back to reality
  1115. >There's a single tear running down your right cheek
  1116. "W-we're fine. Tis... nothing"
  1117. >Michelle takes her glasses off and places her book down
  1118. >>"Don't lie to me Luna. I can tell something is bothering you. We can talk about it if it makes you feel better"
  1119. >You wipe away the tear off your cheek
  1120. "We... we would rather not talk about it..."
  1121. >>"Well if you ever feel like you want to, we're always here to listen. I'm sure anon is too"
  1122. >"Yup. Anon is a good listener" George chimes in
  1123. >>"Would you like a book to read to pass time?"
  1124. "That would be nice. Have anything on geography?
  1125. >>"Let me check the bookshelf"
  1126. >Michelle checks the bookshelf and after half a minute she hands you a book titled *A Dictionary of Geography*
  1127. >You open the book with your magic and begin reading
  1129. >Be anon
  1130. >It's been a few hours since you left George's house
  1131. >Should start heading back soon
  1132. >Storm's a brewing
  1133. >You probably still have plenty of time
  1134. >You think you know the way back to the house
  1135. >You haven't been around this neighbourhood in many years but the memories are coming back
  1136. >A strong gust of wind blows by
  1137. >Ok it's definitely time to head back
  1138. >You start to pick up the pace
  1139. >Much to your unluck your right foot steps on a stealthy hidden patch of ice sending your right leg into the air
  1140. "FU-"
  1141. >A sharp pain hits your head and everything goes black
  1142. >As your body lays on the side walk the wind becomes much more consistent in strength
  1143. >Snow begins to fall from the sky
  1145. >Be Luna again
  1146. >You place the geography book back in its place since you just spent the last few hours reading all of it
  1147. "Shouldn't anon be back by now?"
  1148. >"He probably got lost in this storm. I'm going to give him a call"
  1149. >George pulls out a similar device that you had seen anon use
  1150. >After about a minute he pulls away the device from his ear
  1151. >"He's not answering my call. Maybe this storm is affecting the signal"
  1152. >>"What are we going to do?"
  1153. >"I'm going to go look for him"
  1154. >>"In this storm? Are you crazy?"
  1155. >"I'm not loosing anon. Especially on a day like this"
  1156. >George gets up but before he can leave the room you stop him
  1157. "Wait... I think I can find him easily"
  1158. >"How?"
  1159. "We have the ability to travel in the dream-scape. If he's unconscious he's probably dreaming and I can locate him that way"
  1160. >George and Michelle give each other a look
  1161. >"Alright then. Make it quick"
  1162. >You nod in acknowledgement
  1163. >You take a seat on the sofa and close your eyes
  1164. >It takes a few moments to locate anon's dream but you finally find it
  1165. >You fly into the dream
  1166. >Immediately you're blinded temporarily
  1167. >Once your eyes readjust to the brightness, you take a look at your surroundings
  1168. >It's mid-day and you're above a completely different neighbourhood
  1169. >You see two humans next to one of the machines humans use for transportation
  1170. >However it's pretty boxy
  1171. >You land close by and walk towards the two humans
  1172. >You recognise both instantly
  1173. >The taller being anon's dad and the other being anon
  1174. >You take a look at the vehicle and on it, it reads:
  1175. *Ice cream*
  1176. >It appears that anon is dreaming of the events right after the video you had viewed earlier
  1177. >You stand a few meters behind anon
  1178. >You're practically towering over him
  1179. >It takes a few moments for him to realise your presence
  1180. >Once he does, his eyes go big
  1181. >The ice cream he was holding drops to the floor
  1182. >"L-luna? What are you doing here?"
  1183. "Something happened to you anon. You're currently dreaming right now!"
  1184. >"I... I'm dreaming?"
  1185. >The whole world flickers until it all collapses
  1186. >An emptiness of whiteness surrounds you and anon
  1187. >Anon begins to shiver
  1188. >"Christ it just got really cold"
  1189. "We think you're unconscious and we can't find you in the storm"
  1190. >"How is visiting my dream going to help?"
  1191. "Can you try and remember what happened before you went unconscious?"
  1192. >"Um... well let's see.... I was walking around and..."
  1193. >As anon describes, the surrounding of his dream materialises into what he remembers and another version of him is seen acting it out
  1194. >"I had noticed the storm coming so I decided that it was time to head back"
  1195. >You see the fake anon walking down the side-walk
  1196. >Up ahead is a sign reading:
  1197. *Albert Street*
  1198. >"And I... I think I slipped?"
  1199. >The dream anon slips and the whole dream goes back momentarily and then back to empty whiteness
  1200. >"Great! I know where you are then"
  1201. >Anon collapses onto his knees groaning in pain
  1202. >"Fuck... this headache is killing me..."
  1203. >You grab anon into your hooves
  1204. >He's shivering intensely
  1205. "Hang in there anon! I'm coming to find you!"
  1206. >The dream is starting to get darker
  1207. >The darkness is approaching anon
  1208. >He's barely able to talk in between his shivering
  1209. >"P-please... h-hurry"
  1210. >You rapidly open your eyes back to the real world
  1211. "We know where anon is! He's somewhere near Albert street! Do you which way it is?"
  1212. >"Yes and you're staying here Luna. I'm going to go get him. Its too cold for you"
  1213. >There's no way George can make it to anon fast enough
  1214. "But-"
  1215. >"Don't throw your butts at me Luna. You are anon's responsibility and if anything were to happen to him the responsibility would fall upon us"
  1216. >George is pretty stubborn and this makes your blood boil
  1217. "NAY! THOU SHALL NOT!"
  1218. >The royal Canterlot sure surprised them as they're both trembling
  1219. "Just tell us the directions"
  1220. >George takes a few moments to recover but he's still trembling a little
  1221. >He explains you which way it is
  1222. "Alright then make sure you two get ready for when we bring anon back. He's probably going to be really cold so get something warm ready for him"
  1223. >>"Dear go light the fireplace while I go get some blankets and prepare some hot chocolate"
  1224. >"Okay"
  1225. >You nod to them and open the door with your magic and head out
  1226. >You close the door behind you and start making your way down to the front of the house
  1227. >You can definitely notice the cold but it doesn't bother you very much
  1228. >You always did like the cold; being the princess of the night after all
  1229. >Giving your wings a big stretch you jump to take flight
  1230. >You barely last a few moments in the air before getting blown back to the ground by a strong gust of wind
  1231. >You land in a pile of snow
  1232. >Great
  1233. >Now your coat is covered in snow
  1234. >You hop out of the pile and back onto the pavement
  1235. >Trying to do that again will probably end with the same results
  1236. >Examining the wind pattern an idea comes to mind
  1237. >You could use the wind to help
  1238. >Much to your luck the wind is blowing in the right direction
  1239. >You open your wings once more and take flight
  1240. >This time you struggle much less
  1241. >It's been a while since you've had the chance to use your wings
  1242. >After a few minutes of navigating through the storm you arrive to where you think anon should be but he is nowhere to be found
  1243. >There's no way his entire body would be covered by now
  1244. >Did you accidentally pass the street? Or is it the next one? You can't remember
  1245. >You decide to keep going down the road
  1246. >Luckily the sign has Albert street marked on it
  1247. >Great! Anon should be nearby
  1248. >You pick up the pace until you see anon in the laying in the snow
  1249. "ANON!"
  1250. >You rush to him start clearing the snow off of him
  1251. "Anon wake up!"
  1252. >He's still unconscious
  1253. >You attempt to wake up by shaking him but your efforts come empty hooved
  1254. >The snow behind his head isn't tainted red so that's good
  1255. >Now how are you going to bring him back?
  1256. >...
  1257. >You didn't think about that
  1258. >You try lifting him off the ground with your magic but you can barely lift him due to your still weakened state
  1259. >You curse under your breath
  1260. >Pulling him isn't really an option
  1261. >Maybe you could carry him on your back
  1262. >After some struggle you finally manage to get anon on your back and you begin making your way back to the house
  1263. >Darn humans, why do you have to be so tall?
  1264. >The wind is even stronger now and the snow is falling at an increasing rate as if the world is trying to stop you from saving anon
  1265. >A familiar voice in your head tells you to abandon him and run
  1266. >You can't put your hoof on the owner of the voice
  1267. >You try to push these thoughts outside your mind but you do not succeed in doing so
  1268. >There's no way you're leaving him for dead
  1269. >You hear the same voice directly behind you
  1270. >"Are you sure about that?"
  1271. >You turn around looking for the source of the voice
  1272. >You're visibility is rather poor in this weather
  1273. >You estimate you can maybe see up to about 20 metres
  1274. "Show yourself you fiend!"
  1275. >You hear an all too familiar laugh echoing from all around you
  1276. >"What's the matter Luna? Have you already forgotten about us?"
  1277. >You remember now
  1278. "Nightmare moon...."
  1279. >"There you go Luna.... now was it so hard to remember me?"
  1280. "Why are you here" you say bitterly
  1281. >"What ever do you mean dear? I've been here this whole time! I'm you after all."
  1282. "GET OUT OF OUR MIND!"
  1283. >"Fine"
  1284. >Seems like the royal Canterlot voice has worked once again
  1285. >You catch your breath
  1286. >The cold air is sending sharp pains in your throat
  1287. >The reappearance of Nightmare moon is fairly concerning but now is not the time to think of her... or would it be you since she is you and you are her? Whatever
  1288. >After what seemed like eternity you finally make it back to the doorsteps of the house
  1289. >You barely manage to open the door with your magic and behind it you find George getting dressed in winter clothing; probably about to go find you
  1290. >Taking only a few steps inside you crumble in exhaustion
  1291. >Immediately George and Michelle take notice of your presence and rush towards you
  1292. >Michelle hands George a blanket to which he proceeds to wrap anon in and then carries him back to the living room
  1293. >She crouches down to you and wraps you in a blanket
  1294. >The warmth feels really nice
  1295. >Michelle helps you up into sitting position
  1296. >She doesn't say anything but she leans forward and gives you a hug
  1297. >"Thank you Luna."
  1298. >You hesitate for a moment but you return the gesture
  1299. "You're welcome"
  1300. >After a prolonged hug Michelle breaks it off
  1301. >"Would you like some hot chocolate?"
  1302. "That would be lovely"
  1303. >You head over to living room to warm up next to the fireplace
  1304. >Something you failed to notice that this house had
  1305. >George put anon on the sofa and removed his boots, coat, gloves and toque
  1306. >He also wiped off most of the snow on him
  1307. "Is he going to be alright?"
  1308. >"He only seems to have a minor concussion. Thankfully no frostbite or hypothermia from the cold but if he had been out there for another 10 minutes he probably wouldn't be with us anymore"
  1309. >Michelle comes into the room holding a mug of hot chocolate in each hand
  1310. >She hands you one and you thank her
  1311. >She sets down the other one on the coffee table next to anon
  1312. >You take hold of your mug and take a sip
  1313. >You can feel the warmth across your body
  1314. >Everyone in the room is sitting down keeping occupied while waiting for anon to wake up
  1315. >You just remembered about earlier and how you used the royal Canterlot voice on them
  1316. >They were so frightened they were shaking
  1317. >You should probably apologize
  1318. >You cough to grab George's and Michelle's attention
  1319. "We.... would like to apologize for yelling at you two earlier"
  1320. >They just stare at each other a few moments
  1321. >"It's okay Luna. I understand why you wanted to do it so badly because honestly I probably wouldn't have gotten very far. I appreciate that you took the initiative to do it yourself"
  1322. >>"Do you happen to be royalty by chance?"
  1323. >How in Tartarus did they figure that out?
  1324. "Well... not anymore..."
  1325. >>"Ah so that explains the use of a more Shakespearian speech and how you refer yourself as "we" "
  1326. "Oh that? It's just a bad habit that we- I still have from my return of my banishment"
  1327. >"Banishment?"
  1328. "We would- I would rather not talk about it"
  1329. >>"So what kind of royalty were you and what did you do?"
  1330. "Well I was princess of the night and my role was to raise and lower the moon while my sister would do so to the sun"
  1331. "We ruled over my little ponies together and put their safety as our top priority"
  1332. >Your eyes begin to become watery
  1333. "But we obviously failed since the successful invasion of Equestria by humans and the enslavement of our species"
  1334. >Tears begin to flow down your cheeks
  1335. >You close your eyes and begin to sob quietly
  1336. >A few moments later you are embraced in a hug
  1337. >You don't know who's hugging you until you open your watery eyes
  1338. >>"I'm so sorry for what happened to your kingdom Luna. If it makes you feel better there were millions of people around the world that were against it and there were many protests"
  1339. >"A friend of mine that was in the army at the time was assigned to the first invasion force but he and many others straight up refused direct orders so they got court-marshalled"
  1340. "Really?"
  1341. >>"Yes dear. We're not all soulless monsters. The only reason why it happened is because most governments are corrupt and do most things to enrich themselves"
  1342. >You wipe your tears away
  1343. "Thank you.... for being part of those people"
  1344. >Michelle gives you a genuine smile
  1345. >>"Well I'm going to go take a quick nap for a few hours. I'm feeling pretty tired"
  1346. >"I need to do some paperwork that I'm behind on. Gotta get that stuff finished before the end of the year"
  1347. >"If you need anything Luna, I'll be down the hall in the first room to the left"
  1348. "Okay"
  1349. >You are now alone with an unconscious anon
  1350. >You think back to your encounter with Nightmare moon
  1351. >What was she doing here? Why did you have those thoughts? Are you slowly turning into Nightmare moon again?
  1352. >So many questions but none with answers
  1353. >If only Celestia were here
  1354. >Guess you'll just have to await
  1355. >Only time will tell
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