Half-Moon in Equestria 32

Sep 28th, 2012
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  1. Sunlight creeps in your eyelids, and you roll over, your arm wrapping around something fuzzy. Instinctively, you pull it close before you realize what is happening. You immediately roll away, and find yourself on the floor.
  2. Working up to a sitting position, you look over and see Twilight completely zonked on your bed. "Hey, Twilight?" you say as you nudge her "Hey, you gonna wake up?" Getting no response, heck, not even a mumble or a shift, you shrug and head to the kitchen.
  3. The smells of waffles and eggs greet you as you enter. Spike is up at the stove, frying pan in hand and waffle iron going. "Morning Spike. You know why Twilight was asleep in bed with me?"
  4. "Yeah. Last night when you came in and passed out, Twilight got all worried." He replies, flipping an egg “She spent hours searching through books trying to figure out what happened to you. She ended up passing out from exhaustion, and I'm not strong enough to carry her upstairs."
  5. You nod "That was pretty cool of you Spike; how’s breakfast coming?"
  6. "Pretty much done. Think you can wake Twilight?"
  7. "Sure little buddy." Walking back into the main room, you see Twilight is still fast asleep. "Hey, sleepy head, are you going to get up?" Gently nudging her side, she rolls over, her hooves sticking up in the air. "Hey, come on." You poke her in the side. Her horn starts glowing, and you are pulled down on top of her, and she starts nuzzling your face. The pulling of the magic stops, but as you try and get up, her hooves wrap around your neck and chest.
  8. Standing up, you walk into the kitchen with a sleeping Twilight attached to your chest. As you enter, Spike turns around, and gives you a questioning look, to which you reply with a shrug. Walking out, you leave the library, getting several curious glances, but most ponys remain fairly silent.
  9. Reaching Trixie’s wagon, you slip inside, and find Trixie is still asleep as well. Sneaking into her bedroom, you slowly work Twilights grip off you, and lower her to the bed. Twilight quickly wraps around Trixie, much to your surprise, and what’s even more surprising, is Trixie doesn’t react.
  10. Shaking your head, you pick up both girls, and carry them back to the Treebrary. Along the way, you get numerous approving or jealous stares from Stallions, and a number of bedroom eyes from mares.
  11. It takes a bit of work, but you manage to squeeze in the building without waking the girls. Setting them in your bed, you do your best to pull them apart, but with no luck. "Well, here goes nothing." Taking a deep breath, you stick two fingers in your mouth and blow.
  12. The resulting whistle rips through the silence, and the girls shoot up and awake. Spike comes running in, a waffle hanging half out of his mouth. He sees you standing there, with both girls trying to shake the last remnants of sleep from their eyes and walks back into the kitchen.
  13. "Good morning girls. Today, we are going to grab breakfast and then finish your test right away." They both stare at you confused for a moment, before what you said sinks in. The smell of breakfast draws them to the table. Instead of joining them, you make your way out to the training grounds. On your way, you are stopped by a very familiar unicorn.
  14. "Umm Anon. Can I talk to you?"
  15. "I'm a little busy Lyra, but if you want to walk with me, I have no problems listening."
  16. "Well..." She says, shuffling her hooves "I was wondering if I could get you to stop by my house sometime? After you left that hand thing for me, I shared it with my marefriend, and we kind of... Really liked it. We wanted to know if you could maybe... Give us massages?" She blushes heavily and looks at the ground.
  17. Your run a hand across your chin. "I'll see if I can. I will be rather busy for the next month or so, but I will see if I can’t stop by some time. Oh, and No funny business like last time."
  18. She makes a very girly *Squee* and jumps up and hugs you, before running off. Shrugging, you continue on your way, only a few ponys stopping you for hoofshakes or autographs, but within twenty minutes you make it out to the field.
  19. Shining and the guards are all performing morning workouts as you arrive. Shining notices you approaching, and says something to the others and they all form up. Reaching shouting range, you yell "Don't worry. All of you have the day off." The guards share confused glances between each other. As you get close enough, you say "I would like to make a suggestion as to what you do though. Today, I am finishing the first test of my other students, and you are free to watch. Also, at noon I have a demonstration for you and a preview as to your trainings results."
  20. All the guards expressions are either excited, curious or a combination of both. Murmurs go through the group, and you dismiss them before walking to the island.
  21. Twilight appears in the middle of the island a minute or so later, and as for Trixie... A puff of purple smoke and a few small fireworks announces her arrival. Addressing them, you say "Could one of you bind my arm to my side?"
  22. Soon your arm is bound, Twilight and Trixie have their horn rings on, and the guards are all seated. Some even have popcorn, courtesy of Pinkie Pie.
  23. Speaking of Pinkie Pie, the pink devil herself is in a hot air balloon with spike, and both have microphones ready.
  24. "Mares and Gentlecolts" Spike says, his amplified voice easily heard by all "We are gathered here to join these three in holy matrimony..."
  25. Silence and a stray tumbleweed cross the field, before Pinkie bursts out laughing."OMIGOSH! I can't believe you actually read that out loud!" Her laughter echoes though the two mics and spike groans, and a burst of green fire shoots out, incinerating the note.
  26. "Now that that’s dealt with, we are here to observe the final day of Twilights and Trixies first test.
  27. "We should be in for a good show, especially if it is like his show that he did in Canterlot. OOOOH Maybe he can make...
  28. "PINKIE!" you yell "You do realize this will be nothing like that right?" She looks down at you confused. "Just because this is alchemy, doesn’t mean its all fun and games. It is just as much a tool of hurting as it is a tool of helping."
  29. "But... But... you aren't just teaching them to fight, right?"
  30. "Of course not" you say, and Pinkie breathes a sigh of relief "I am teaching them both sides. Spike, do you think you can count us down?"
  31. "Sure" he replies "Three!... Two!... One!... G...*WHUMP!*"
  32. Celestia and Luna land in the field with the force of two angry goddesses. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!" Celestia says, her royal Canterlot voice causing everyone to cower a bit.
  33. Everyone looks confused, until Twilight facehoofs "Spike, did you use normal fire or letter sending fire when you burned that little prank from Pinkie?"
  34. He looks abashed, as he says "Ummm... I might have used letter fire accidentally..."
  35. "SPIKE!!"
  36. "If I might interject" You say "We were just about to start the final day of the girl’s first test. If you wish to watch, please, feel free to take a seat. Otherwise, would you be able to leave?"
  37. "Anonymous!" Twilight cries out indignantly "Don't speak to the princesses like that."
  38. "No, it’s quite alright. We may have overreacted about the note, and we apologize for the interruption." Celestia makes a short bow, and Luna does the same, before they both take to the sky.
  39. "I believe you were about to say something Spike?" You say, kneeling down.
  40. "Oh, right. GO!"
  41. You scrawl a circle and activate it, earth welling up towards your students.
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