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  1. Charles P.: Ni'len probably isn't happening.
  2. Let's check out the Aiwin lands. It's a place designed for the low levels.
  3. Xelor: Let's do that or dungeon diving, Cal only has 1 cave bug
  4. I want him to get a few more
  5. Charles P.: The Oroboro dungeon has gotten tougher, since we wrecked all the entrance area.
  6. Xelor: Any other dungeons nearby?
  7. Charles P.: Aiwin property has tons of em. I made the setting suggestion.
  8. Xelor: Aight Aiwin then
  9. Also did the Ring we found last time dissapear with Pimp. And his fortune. And Tat?
  10. Charles P.: Oh, I'd like you to run just one character. Now that I'm back to lvl 1, the xp is important.
  11. Yes. The ring was with Pimpernell.
  12. Xelor: Fair, Cal or Ayrani?
  13. Cal's back to 0 too btw, but you'd get Cal+Ba or Ayrani+Gerome
  14. Charles P.: Cal seems like he's more likely to be excited about random exploration. I like the idea of us being the same level, too.
  15. Xelor: Honestly Cal is more OP than Ayrani but sure lol
  16. Charles P.: He really is.
  17. Xelor: Both have assassins behind them so be prepared for attacks
  18. From the card
  19. Charles P.: Oh right. Ha.
  20. Maybe Janus demons won't be able to bother us in M'Shesh territory.
  21. Xelor: Cal - two evil demon looking mofos, and Ayrani has a knife in her back
  22. Hopefully
  23. What class/race is your new guy?
  24. Charles P.: Alright Wizz! We're going to rob the Aiwins.
  25. Human fighter. He's as generic as possible.
  26. Xelor: Well, Dungeon delve, but regardless, hopeful Cal gets a bug badge soon
  27. Charles P.: Chainmail, longbow, longsword and shield.
  28. Xelor: Also only taking Cal and Ba, since Charles requested 1 char only for XP purposes
  29. But Aiwins yes
  30. Wizzzargh (GM): Following Cal's map, then?
  31. Xelor: We could do that too, get that out of the way (unless that is Aiwin)
  32. Charles P.: I'd rather not. We're very low level, and very low on time.
  33. Xelor: Alright, Aiwin then
  34. Charles P.: Some less important dungeon sounds like it'd fit the bill.
  35. Wizzzargh (GM): It is in the aiwin area
  36. Along with several other ignored maps t dungeons there
  37. Xelor: Bug rolls: 9 3
  38. Wizzzargh (GM): well rumours/maps
  39. Xelor: (only 2 since level 1 again)
  40. In that case, lets use it I'd say
  41. Since we're headed there anyways, I think its a dungeon wizz had me pick last time
  42. Charles P.: Hmmmm. I don't remember those rumors/maps...
  43. yeah sure. There's no point saving the good stuff for later, since this is a game.
  44. Xelor: Also wizz, what happened to Tatanya, Pimps Fortune, and the Ring we found?
  45. Charles P.: Pimpernell didn't have a fortune.
  46. Xelor: His gold
  47. Charles P.: None.
  48. There's shrines with gold where he lives, but it's not really his...
  49. Wizzzargh (GM): Tatanya didn't get picked up as a character as i expected, so she's decided to pursue her own interests on mantlehearth.
  50. Charles P.: Oh ha. That sapphire is at his place. I guess if a funeral is held, then my new char will start with 6 thousand xp.
  51. Cal runs around, gathering bugs after the fun day with the cards, and finds bugs like him just a little less. The sad wasp Glum sticks around though, and Ba does too. With Pimp gone he looks for a new friend to explore the Aiwin Elves lands for bugs, of course.
  52. Charles P.: She's lvl 4 now!
  53. Pimp died at lvl 8.
  54. HP 5
  55. Cal: (Also I'm just gonna blow the 5000 gold and get 500 xp for Cal)
  56. Wizzzargh (GM): The ring went down with Pimp with the rest of his gear.
  57. Cal: (How?)
  58. 550 xp
  59. Because 10% human bonu
  60. (So we lost all the magic items lol)
  61. (Bow is gone, deck is used and gone, and the ring has sunk)
  62. (Easy come, easy go)
  63. Charles P.: Can I get an Undersun funeral funded by that 6 thousand GP sapphire?
  64. Wizzzargh (GM): Yeah, Tatanya would set that up
  65. Cal: Well, you fine with my 2 chars then, or only 1 still
  66. ?
  67. Charles P.: Hmmm... how about that stone spell tablet? That can get sold to the academy for another 6k! It's got 10 spell levels on it.
  68. 5k*
  69. Wizzzargh (GM): Sure
  70. So maybe Samuel is one of those 5 swords knights rather than some penniless yahoo
  71. Charles P.: Wizard lock, massmorph, confusion should be added to the academy's spell selection.
  72. Cal: Also, spells:
  73. Doodle Bug (City)
  74. Cal
  75. level 1
  76. Effect
  77. If eaten, immediately causes the appearance of leprosy without any actual disability. Lasts until alcohol is consumed.
  78. Termite Queen (City)
  79. Cal
  80. level 1
  81. Effect
  82. Destroys a shack (or wooden object shack-sized or smaller) in 1 day by devouring all of the wooden components. Destroys a cottage in 1 week (50% chance of being noticed and stopped halfway through). Destroys a mansion in 1 month (80% chance of being noticed and stopped halfway through). Multiple bugs do not increase chance of success.
  83. (Wizz, how long you got from now?)
  84. Charles P.: Samuel is lvl 4, now. So feel free to bring along Cal and Ayrani, bc I'm back to barely needing xp. HP:30
  85. Wizzzargh (GM): 3-4hours about
  86. Charles P.: Woah. I'm buff.
  87. Cal: (Alright great, dual characters then!)
  88. Charles P.: Yeah. I'll take a five knights seat.
  89. I guess the other guys decided to take a break, and visit their families in a distant land. Samuel doesn't have one.
  90. Samuel: "Let's go see where this treasure map leads, young man."
  91. Cal: (Also Ayranis int loss basically means that she's forgotten the "plan", specially with Pimp gone, but still feels a drive to help the slaves for some reason. Though the int loss is permanent, she'll feel inexorably drawn to help Pera kill the Cat Lord - the name Phiddepos rings in her mind - and she'll be back on track, if a little duller, to defeat the Baron. For now, she's a little back to her old self, looking for adventure and Cal seems the way to go).
  92. Cal grins and nods
  93. Ayrani , dragging Gerome along, also joins up with her friend Cal.
  94. Ayrani: "Hiya, I'm Ayrani. And you're?"
  95. Samuel: "Sir Samuel Goffanagoff. A pleasure to meet you, m'lady."
  96. Ayrani: "Great, great Samuel. Does the name Phiddepos ring any bells, I can't remember what exactly and my bud here Gerome won't say for some reason?"
  97. Gerome Veldsbit scratches his head sheepishly.
  98. Gerome Veldsbit: "No need to pursue that thread Ayrani, why don't we relax and do some adventuring. Get some gold, and not fight insurm- erherm, pursue feasible goals, as it were."
  99. Ayrani gestures to him with a annoyed look on her face, and looks at Samuel curiously.
  100. Cal watches in boredom on Ba's shoulders, as the man stoically waits, arms crossed, "C'mon, let's go!"
  101. Samuel: "No, I've never met the man."
  102. "Let's away."
  103. Cal and the small contigent heads to the Aiwin lands with Cal's map
  104. Samuel sets off walking... for some reason he has no horse... and isn't wearing his shining platemail today...
  105. Wizzzargh (GM): Loaners from the otehr 5 knights, maybe you''re the youngest barely-not-a-squire of the bunch
  106. Samuel: Easily fixable, if this expidetion bears fruit.
  107. expedition*
  108. Following the detailed map's descriptions, you ride/walk NW from Oroboro through peasant farmland. The crops rattle in the early winter breeze, and no peasants emerge from their homes to watch you pass, save for those tending animals.
  109. You arrive at your destination- an unassuming hill near a farmer's home. Apparently beneath the rock atop the hill is the challenge left behind...
  110. Samuel takes point.
  111. Cal: "Lookit!"
  112. Cal points to it
  113. Cal: "In there! Onwards, Ba!"
  114. Ba Chaidaoin draws his weapon and goes behind Samuel carefully, setting Cal down and standing in front of him protectively.
  115. Cal: "Baaa-"
  116. Cal cuts off from a serious look from the man and stays behind him for now, hoping to spot some grubs
  117. There's a short drop into an irregular cavern with a free-standing statue with the words 'The one who passes the halls may choose their reward' engraved on it's impressive torso.
  118. Ayrani and Gerome draw their weapons/ready spells and follow at the tail, protecting Cal from behind
  119. Once you are all inside, the rock rolls back to it's own position of it's own volition, blocking off your exit!
  120. Wizzzargh (GM): *its
  121. Ayrani: (We can see the whole map if that matters)
  122. Wizzzargh (GM): It does not, your map contains all sorts of handy info.
  123. Ayrani: (aight)
  124. Charles P.: (My interwebz pooped out, so I'm on mobile, now.)
  125. The rock shifts and reveals a door where there was none before. You hear more cracks and groans from the earth and everything trembles somewhat.
  126. Ayrani looks at the statue, "Anyone recognize that?"
  127. Gerome Veldsbit: "It's a Golem, my dear."
  128. Ayrani: "Oh, uh, I knew that."
  129. Charles P.: "It looks like a statue to me."
  130. Charles P. passes through the door
  131. Ayrani looking a little embarrassed, proceeds behind Samuel.
  132. Samuel: *
  133. Gerome Veldsbit follows with a somewhat sad look on his face...
  134. Cal giggles and follows Samuel, behind the ever stoic Ba.
  135. The next room expands somewhat as you enter, like it wasn't quite done forming itself. A snorting bull, rather than a minotaur, rages and paws the earth in the cage. There is another golem-statue that reads, Be strong to help, be fast to survive.'
  136. Cal keeps an eye out for any little critters
  137. Wizzzargh (GM): Looks like the map is merely mostly correct... But there is a heavy stone on the ground that should allow access to the later areas if lifted.
  138. Ayrani: "Be strong, and be fast...what's that mean?"
  139. Samuel: "Well... I'll just kill this bull before we open the cage, or anything..."
  140. Ayrani goes over to the stone and tries to push it.
  141. Ayrani tries further to lift it.
  142. Gerome Veldsbit glances back at the mad bull.
  143. Gerome Veldsbit: "Um, Ayrani, you might want to hold off on that..."
  144. Wizzzargh (GM): It's quite heavy- Ayrani can't manage by herself. Sam, you can stab the bukll to death without much trouble.
  145. Gerome Veldsbit: "Wait for Samuel..."
  146. Samuel walks around to the bulls flank...
  147. Cal runs over to the stone, "Ba can do it, right Ba!"
  148. Samuel: "Can I just... stab it to death? Surely there's some catch?"
  149. Ba Chaidaoin walks nods but looks to Samuel, clearly the sensible one of the group.
  150. Samuel stabs a bull
  151. Ba Chaidaoin: (Any bull movement?)
  152. Ba Chaidaoin seeing no movement from the apparently dead bull nods and goes to lift the stone.
  153. Samuel: "Alright... it looks like we can pick this up to open the door."
  154. Samuel helps out ba
  155. Ayrani and Cal move for Ba to do his work.
  156. Ba struggles by himself, but Sam's assistance raises it easily. As it lifts, so too does the cage with the dead bull, and part of the wall. A hallway with a cracked floor is revealed beyond.
  157. Gerome Veldsbit wipes his brow and keeps an eye on the cage...
  158. Samuel: Alright... let's all get past this door, so we can put this down...
  159. ""*
  160. Ba Chaidaoin: "You first, young Shaman."
  161. Cal: "You got it Ba!"
  162. You stagger past the secret wall-door with the rock.
  163. Samuel dumps the large stone onto the cracked floor.
  164. Wizzzargh (GM): There's only room for Ba and Sam before the cracked floor starts, past that.
  165. Samuel: Hold on...
  166. There will be no dumping if we can't all fit.
  167. Cal: (Ba holds for Cal to go through first)
  168. Samuel puts the stone down
  169. Samuel: "Alright... let's see this map."
  170. How much trapped pit do we have to get past?
  171. Cal: (Ok, so only Ba and Sam are on the other side?)
  172. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  173. Samuel: Oh `/em walks back out.
  174. Wizzzargh (GM): Looks like a good 30 feet of alleged pit
  175. Cal: (I'm a little confused on how this mechanism works - you lift the stone and and the door opens?)
  176. And shouldn't the others be able to slip through?
  177. Samuel: "Anybody got rope? We can have the fastest of us try to run across... then this lever might be able to support our wieght while we shimmy across."
  178. Cal: (Because Ba wouldn't leave his Shaman, so he'd go back unless the Boy could go as well)
  179. Ayrani: "Hey, I got some!"
  180. Samuel: "Can you run thirty feet in six seconds?"
  181. Ayrani grinning pulls out 50 feet
  182. Ayrani: "If there's one thing I can do its run."
  183. Gerome Veldsbit looks a little nervous, "Are you sure, my dear?"
  184. Wizzzargh (GM): Ther's only room for 2 people beyond the door
  185. Without stepping on trapped hall
  186. Samuel: "Good man. Gimme one end, then we'll pick this rock up and let you have at it."
  187. Ayrani: (I think Sam and Ba came back to the main hall
  188. (
  189. Ayrani waves a hand.
  190. Wizzzargh (GM): Aight, so ayrani runs with the rope while ba and sam hold the rock
  191. Ayrani: "Don't be a worrywort Gerome, I got this!"
  192. Ayrani takes one end of the rope and sprints as the opening opens!
  193. Ayrani: (Wait - walls on the sides?)
  194. Samuel: As the opening opens...
  195. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  196. Ayrani: (Can she jump for a wall and spidercrawl?)
  197. (lol I can't english)
  198. Wizzzargh (GM): Sure, roll thiefly climbing to traverse the corridor
  199. via wall rather than floor
  200. Ayrani:
  201. Ayrani's
  202. Climb Walls Skill Check
  203. Success N(0)/Y(1)
  204. 1
  205. Ayrani will tie the rope once (if) she reaches the other end (not speaking too soon).
  206. Wizzzargh (GM): Ayrani crawls spiderlike across the hall. There is a lever and an open door at the end. You can see another golem-satue beyond..
  207. Ayrani ties the rope to the lever and gives a thumbs up to the others.
  208. Ayrani: "Shimmy away!"
  209. Cal: "Alright!"
  210. Cal squeezes through the opening and shimmies along the rope to the other side.
  211. Samuel: "Cal and Gerome. You go. When we set the stone down, the wall will pin the rope into place."
  212. Gerome Veldsbit takes a breath and follows Cal across with the rope.
  213. Gerome Veldsbit: (Waiting for the stone to be set down of course
  214. )
  215. Samuel: (Cal&Gerome: crawl along an unsecured rope and fall to thier deaths)
  216. Cal: (lel)
  217. Wizzzargh (GM): Assumed initial securing aside, this will go as you planned it and you'll make it across.
  218. Samuel: Same thing with Ba and Samuel.
  219. Oh, we're outta room.
  220. Oh nvrmind, the door's open.
  221. Wizzzargh (GM): Yeah, you'll be heading into the next room as people come over.
  222. Cal: (Next room then)
  223. Samuel: Oh. Sorry Xelor. I think that bull counted as Ayrani's next encounter.
  224. Wizzzargh (GM): A monster is specifically some unnatural beast
  225. people and farm animals don't count
  226. Samuel: Alright then. Good luck with this pack of Orcs.
  227. Another golem-statue reads 'Those guilty with return here later.' Past A hall with 3 doors, you can see another statue in the distance.
  228. Wizzzargh (GM): You can hear faint screaming from behind one of the heavy iron doors- the only one that appears to be locked tight.
  229. Ayrani rushes over, concerned, and tries to pick the locik.
  230. Wizzzargh (GM): go ahead and roll, since it's no secret whether you succeed or not
  231. Samuel: Sooo.... just as an RP note. Samuel doesn't know about the defeat an enemy thing. Nobody else does either, really.
  232. Gerome Veldsbit: "You might not want to do that. Adventuring isn't really your thing is it?
  233. "
  234. (Except Ayrani and Gerome)
  235. Ayrani's
  236. Open Lock Skill Check
  237. Success N(0)/Y(1)
  238. 0
  239. Samuel steps up behind ayrani, with weapon drawn
  240. Wizzzargh (GM): No good.
  241. Maybe some longer picks, the lock is so huge you had toruble reaching the tumblers
  242. Ayrani: "Can't get this goshdarn thing to open.
  243. "
  244. Samuel: "The map is pretty clear about there being someone in trouble back there..."
  245. Ayrani turns around, "Anyone else want to give it a try?"
  246. Ayrani: "We need to help them!"
  247. Samuel gives the door a few heavy kicks 5
  248. Gerome Veldsbit: How would they STILL be in trouble all this time? While it does appear to be some sort of test, I doubt things are quite as they seem.
  249. Samuel: "There was a bull in that last room with no food water, or feces. This after the room grew before our very eyes.This place is clearly magic."
  250. Cal: (Any bugs)
  251. Samuel: "This door isn't budging."
  252. Ayrani: "Magic or not, we have to help. Ba, can you do anything?"
  253. Samuel: "Cal, Gerome? Any magical help?"
  254. Ba Chaidaoin looks at her and at Samuel, then to the boy crawling on the ground for grubs, grunts, and tries the door as well.
  255. Samuel: (only one force doors check.)
  256. Wizzzargh (GM): ^
  257. Cal: "I'm looking for bugs! I can do only hurt wood right now!"
  258. Ayrani looks to Gerome pleadingly, "Can you do anything, Gerome?"
  259. Ayrani: "I know you can do ventriloquism, perhaps you can make whatever's hurting the man open the door using a voice?"
  260. Gerome Veldsbit: Hmm...
  261. Ayrani: "Or anything, I don't want them to suffer."
  262. Gerome Veldsbit: At a guess, maybe we should offer ourselves up? You could hop on a cross and I'll stay in the room with you to guard you if anything shows up.
  263. This after he cast a brief look at the map.
  264. Ayrani takes a breath, but nods and heads to it, Gerome in tow
  265. Samuel: Well... maybe we can teleport in there."
  266. "If two of us get onto a cross, and a third person goes through the door, They might teleport into the third room..."
  267. "Maybe... if the Orcs have taken down the prisoner..."
  268. Ayrani: (The other two doors are unlocked?)
  269. Wizzzargh (GM): yup
  270. Samuel: "It's too risky for me to say it's worth trying. There's a lot that could go wrong with this."
  271. Gerome Veldsbit: Well, let's give this one a shot first. There's some ropes on this X I can tie you up with Ayrani.
  272. Ayrani: "I don't know why but the voices screaming...they're hurting me in a way I can't place. I have to help."
  273. Ayrani has a somewhat hazy, but determined look on her face
  274. Gerome Veldsbit: You'll probably hear some screaming and so on from inside, though I reckon my magic can handle it.
  275. Ayrani lets Gerome tie her up.
  276. Ayrani: "Let's do this."
  277. Gerome Veldsbit: You lot wait outside so we don't ALL get trapped...
  278. Samuel: "Hold on. That's not how this works."
  279. Cal nods as he scours for any bugs to help, Ba watching over him protectively
  280. Wizzzargh (GM): Sam you gonna march into the cell with gerome or chat from outside?
  281. Samuel: In.
  282. "When we tie someone up, their worst enemy appears. Then we kill that person, I guess. They're probably a dick."
  283. "Then we leave them tied up, with no one to torture them."
  284. Gerome Veldsbit eyes Ayrani's bonds critically.
  285. Samuel: "Do the same with a second person..."
  286. Gerome Veldsbit: That was a fake knot... maybe that's cheating.
  287. I'll try a real one.
  288. Samuel: "Then the third person can use this teleportation clause. That might get them teleported into the third room."
  289. Gerome Veldsbit unties the bonds and reties them.
  290. Cal: (tfw when is slowing things done so you don't do this shit lol)
  291. Samuel: "You seem to not be following me at all..."
  292. Gerome Veldsbit: Oh, I follow. But no one's shown up, have they? So we must be doing something improper.
  293. Samuel: (ooor. My dialouge happened before your Ayrani got tied up? Things aren't instant.)
  294. Ayrani looks around expectantly, looking to see someone or something she can't place that might be her worst enemy
  295. Wizzzargh (GM): During I expect, you didn't say 'I slap gerome away or nuffin'
  296. Samuel: I did not. I'm totally cool with things not going horribly wrong.
  297. going horribly wrong*
  298. Ayrani: "Soooo...what's supposed to be happening?"
  299. Samuel: "Your worst enemy is supposed to come torture you."
  300. Ayrani: (Do these cells have grated windows to other ones?)
  301. Wizzzargh (GM): nope
  302. Ayrani: "Alright..."
  303. Ayrani starts whistling
  304. Samuel: (Since I see Gerome and you typing, I assume he's your worst enemy)
  305. Ayrani: (lol)
  306. Gerome Veldsbit: Well?
  307. Samuel: "I guess the map was wrong again."
  308. Wizzzargh (GM): Are you gonna do your plan or something else
  309. Ayrani: "I'm not sure...I can't place who my worst enemy is, exactly?"
  310. Samuel: "Let's try the ventriliquism thing."
  311. Ayrani: "I've been forgetting a lot of things, and yeah, I like that idea."
  312. "Let's do the ventriloquism."
  313. Gerome Veldsbit unties Ayrani and prepares to cast ventriloquism at the third door.
  314. Samuel: "My idea was to tie Cal and Gerome up, kill thier worst enemies, and then let Ayrani brave a band of Orcs."
  315. Gerome Veldsbit: Uh
  316. MMy worst enemies are a horde of gem-eyed dwarves
  317. No offense but I doubt you could handle them all, Ser Samuel.
  318. Ayrani eyes widen, "Let's not do that! I remember them!"
  319. Samuel: "I'd have the drop on them, and Bal and Ayrani to assist me."
  320. Ayrani: ""No, they're bad news!"
  321. Gerome Veldsbit: By contrast, Ayrani's worst enemy is- and I apologize for snooping- an irritable woman named Buckely.
  322. Ayrani grounds her foot into the dirt and pouts, "Oh yeah...her...hate her, little !@#$!"
  323. Samuel: "Then she'd be an excellent choice to send into the third room. I know Buckley, and she'd be good back up against a horde of Orcs. "
  324. Ayrani: "Can't believe I've been so forgetful lately..."
  325. Gerome Veldsbit: Well, if Cal doesn't mind, I'd prefer you face MY greatest enemies at full strength.
  326. All of you standing as guards for the two-dozen or so freak-dwarves that ambushed my apprentices
  327. Ayrani: (Is the map we have the one in the game world?)
  328. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  329. Cal perks up, "Guys! I saw something on the map!"
  330. Samuel: "Nah. Two dozen is too many to fight."
  331. Cal: "It says if you go through the next door on with weapons you'll be transported to a cross!"
  332. Cal points at the map excitedly
  333. Samuel: (I thought it was six... and then Pimp killed one.)
  334. "Oh my god, I fuckin quit."
  335. Ayrani considers, nods and heads to the door at the end of the hall, "That's an idea, let's try it."
  336. Samuel: "Great idea."
  337. Ayrani takes a breath and passes the doorway
  338. Ayrani: (with her weapons still on her)
  339. Wizzzargh (GM): Any responses to that? Cell changes, etc
  340. Cal sees her do that and tugs on Ba's sleeve and points to the second cell, "Let's go in there! If she ends up there!"
  341. Samuel: I'll be in the hallway. Watching Ayrani until she (presumably) dissapears.
  342. Cal: (Cal and Ba in Cell 2, just in case.
  343. )
  344. (I guess, just Gerome in 1...)
  345. Wizzzargh (GM): Gerome will stop aiming ventriloquism at cell 3 and go to guard cell1 then
  346. ^
  347. Ayrani vanishes as she walks through the door, and appears on the cross in cell one, limbs bound by the ropes!
  348. Wizzzargh (GM): The door slams shut and Sam hears the lock click!
  349. 3 5
  350. Samuel: "Wow. what an incredibly bright idea, guys."
  351. A somewhat inebriated Buckely appears, and Gerome whips out his knife and advances towards the bound Ayrani!
  352. Samuel: is mostly grumbling to himself "All four of you. That was really spectacular."
  353. Cal and Ba rush out, "Ba, Sam try breaking the door!"
  354. Samuel kicks the door 2
  355. Wizzzargh (GM): THe rusted hinges give way!
  356. Cal and Ba rush in too.
  357. Samuel stands in the doorway.
  358. Wizzzargh (GM): You see Buckely aiming her spear at Gerome's back, and Gerome advancing towards the bound Ayrani with his knife.
  359. Samuel: *taking in the view
  360. "Hey Buckley."
  361. Ayrani: (is she awake?)
  362. (ayrani)
  363. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  364. Samuel rushes foreward to grab her spear
  365. Ayrani: "Gerome behind you!"
  366. Samuel: Grapple 14
  367. "Can you not, right now? We're in the middle of something."
  368. Wizzzargh (GM): Aight then, Buckely will aim the spear at you instead of Gerome then 14 8
  369. It skids off your armor and you grab the spear
  370. Samuel: "Woah! Are you trying to kill me? That wasn't a subduing blow, Buckley."
  371. Gerome cuts Ayrani's wrists as he hacks away at the ropes binding her 1 damage
  372. Ayrani: "Ouch, watch it!"
  373. Buckely: I've been shummoned to battle! Thish short of thing happensh a lot. Have at you!
  374. Samuel swings the flat of his blade at Buckley's face 9 3
  375. Samuel: Oh wait... I have a grapple right now, right?
  376. Ayrani: (Ayrani free?)
  377. Wizzzargh (GM): Nah you grapbbed her spear remember
  378. Nope ayrani
  379. Samuel: Oh, good deal.
  380. Ayrani: (What does bukely look like and have again?)
  381. Wizzzargh (GM): Buckely expertly parries the blow witha leather-vambrace'd arm before it hits her face and goes for a legsweep.
  382. BUckely is a very tan woman wearing the hide of a scaly beast as armor, with some standard leather bits of the armor.
  383. Cal: "Hey Ba, knock her out!"
  384. Wizzzargh (GM): Roll for Ba before the legsweep then.
  385. Cal: Cal takes out his own sling and tosses it at the woman too, hoping to knock her out.
  386. (Tosses a pebble he finds)
  387. Cal attacks with Sling (30')
  388. Attack
  389. hits AC 9
  390. Damage
  391. 2
  392. Wizzzargh (GM): 10
  393. It clacks off Samuels armor.
  394. Cal: ba: 3
  395. (Unless he had some bonus?)
  396. (+2(
  397. )
  398. (so 5)
  399. Wizzzargh (GM): No good, Ba cab't get a good angle
  400. Samuel trys to break her nose again... 17 7
  401. Wizzzargh (GM): 17 legsweep 1
  402. Sam you've been tripped.
  403. Samuel: Ooooh.
  404. Wizzzargh (GM): So that'll be a miss from your prone position.
  405. Samuel: I thought the "clacks off," comment was for Buckleys kick.
  406. Wizzzargh (GM): 2 more damage to ayrani as gerome enthusiastically but inexpertly hacks away at the rope
  407. Cal: (And she's not free yet?)
  408. Wizzzargh (GM): It's been like 10 seconds tops dood
  409. Samuel: If I'm prone my action would change, if it's allowed
  410. Cal: (Goddamit Gerome you're gonna kill her before she's free)
  411. Wizzzargh (GM): Nah, you rolled so that was it
  412. Cal: Cal's gonna send another pebble towards her face, and Ba another attack
  413. (From Samuel): Gerome is totally her worst enemy. I knew it.
  414. Cal: Ba: 2
  415. Buckely: And now for you big guy! she puts up her fists and throws some feints at Ba, standing atop the fallen Sam
  416. Cal: (+2)
  417. (goddam ba!)
  418. Wizzzargh (GM): Ba warily draws back, perhaps out of concern for squashing Sam
  419. Cal:
  420. Cal attacks with Sling (30')
  421. Attack
  422. hits AC 1
  423. Damage
  424. 3
  425. (OOF)
  426. (these rolls)
  427. Wizzzargh (GM): Cal, you smack 2
  428. Gerome in the back of the head
  429. Cal: (LMAO)
  430. Gerome Veldsbit: I'm hurrying, jeez!
  431. Cal: "Sorry!"
  432. (Does Gerome have hp on his sheet only?)
  433. (10)
  434. Samuel grabs Buckleys feet and tries to trip her up 20
  435. Buckely: Take this! 20 A flying kick to Ba, which at close quarters lets her drop an elbow onto Sam as well.
  436. Samuel: Man... I stay jumping the gun around here.
  437. Cal: (Uh, that's gonna smart)
  438. Wizzzargh (GM): 2 damage to you both, but now you and buckely are tangled up on the ground.
  439. Samuel: What's Ba's health... as a retainer to a lvl 1 player, and all...
  440. Cal: (14)
  441. Wizzzargh (GM): [1d4]] damage to Ayrani but that hand is free
  442. 3
  443. Ayrani: "I'll untie my other Gerome!:
  444. "
  445. (Can she?"
  446. )
  447. Wizzzargh (GM): Unfortunately no- it hurts to move and is slick with blood
  448. Ayrani winces, "Or continue..."
  449. Wizzzargh (GM): 10 Ba morale
  450. Samuel BEAR HUG 14
  451. Ba Chaidaoin musters up what dignity he can with a bootprint on his face and goes to stand by Cal.
  452. Samuel: Ugh. I'm still ahead. I'm going to go get spmething to eat, and maybe it'll actually be my turn when I get back.
  453. Ba Chaidaoin: I remember it may only be allowed for knights to hit women in these lands.
  454. Ayrani: (lol, Ba's out then)
  455. Ba Chaidaoin: 1
  456. Wizzzargh (GM): Was meant to be buckely, Sam is properly bear hugging her now. Gerome slashes at the other ropes 3 damge
  457. And ALMOST parts them in a single blow.
  458. But mostly just cut up that wrist as well.
  459. Ayrani: (Ok is Ba out?)
  460. (Or still attacking?)
  461. Wizzzargh (GM): Ba is out, his roll was meant to be buckely.
  462. Cal: "We'll show this lady who's boss!"
  463. Cal runs up with his butterfly staff and hits the grappled lady
  464. Cal:
  465. Cal attacks with Butterfly Staff
  466. Attack
  467. hits AC 4
  468. Damage
  469. 1
  470. Cal misses horribly
  471. Cal: "Oof, ouch!"
  472. Wizzzargh (GM): You plop the net over her head perfectly. A beer-burb filters through the netting up to you as she and Sam wriggle on the ground.
  473. burp
  474. Cal: "Argh!"
  475. Cal pulls the net off and goes back to Ba
  476. Samuel: (Is it actually my turn, now?)
  477. Cal: (This is legit the most pathetic fight I've ever been in)
  478. (ye)
  479. Wizzzargh (GM): Is next round yeah, and buckely didn't wriggle free
  480. Samuel: "I'm jealous Buckley. I never get summoned to do battle." Auto damage:3
  481. You squeeze the boozy breath outta her and she tries to headbutt you to stun you for an escape- 1
  482. Wizzzargh (GM): But you had a helmet on, so!
  483. Samuel: "Do... do you have padding in your breast?"
  484. Buckely: Ish my armor, fug jeez!
  485. Wizzzargh (GM): 2 damage to Ayrani and that hand is free.
  486. Samuel is squeezing the stuffing out of her Auto Damage: 2
  487. Ayrani jeers also wincing in pain, "Yeah, get her!"
  488. Ayrani: (Can Ayrani do any attacks?)
  489. Gerome Veldsbit: I'll get yer feet next.
  490. Ayrani: "Also, Gerome, ya trying to kill me bud?!"
  491. (is there bleeding damage?)
  492. Wizzzargh (GM): Not like an ongoing thing or anything, just whatever damage is rolled.
  493. Samuel: "I always thought... squeeze ...these were... squeeze ...bigger... squeeze ...I gues not... squeeeeeeeze"
  494. Wizzzargh (GM): Also all you could really do is bash Gerome re attacks
  495. hands are a bit slipepry to throw a dagger
  496. Ayrani: (with disadvantage or something maybe? A try?)
  497. Wizzzargh (GM): Sure
  498. Any actions from Cal?
  499. Ayrani: (one sec)
  500. Ayrani pulls out her dagger with bloody fingers and aims for the woman she hates so much with a sneer
  501. Ayrani:
  502. Ayrani attacks with Dagger
  503. Attack
  504. hits AC 18
  505. Damage
  506. 0
  507. Ayrani attacks with Dagger
  508. Attack
  509. hits AC 19
  510. Damage
  511. 3
  512. (Disadvantage, whatever you define that as)
  513. She has one more before she's out)
  514. Wizzzargh (GM): Astounding
  515. You manage to clip buckely with the hilt of the dagger onto her head despite your stiff, slippery fingers, 3 damage
  516. Cal runs and tries again!
  517. Cal:
  518. Cal attacks with Butterfly Staff
  519. Attack
  520. hits AC 10
  521. Damage
  522. 4
  523. Ayrani jeers at the woman and laughs, "Ha! Take that, bitch!"
  524. Wizzzargh (GM): You bonk Sam's back harmlessly as they suddenly roll over each other. 20
  525. Cal: "Whoops!"
  526. (RNG today lol)
  527. Wizzzargh (GM): Buckely ends up on top and twists Sam's helmet backwards, catching his nose in it and leaping back to her feet once more.
  528. Samuel stands up and puts his dukes up
  529. Wizzzargh (GM): Gerome takes a different approach, plunging the dagger into your boot to saw through it and the rope. 2 damage as he goes too deep, Ayrani.
  530. Cal: (legit the most pathetic fight I've ever been in period. How is this drunk woman doing this shit...)
  531. Ayrani: "Ouch watch it!"
  532. Ayrani tosses another dagger with a grin at Bucklry!"
  533. Ayrani:
  534. Ayrani attacks with Dagger
  535. Attack
  536. hits AC 8
  537. Damage
  538. 3
  539. Wizzzargh (GM): 1
  540. 5
  541. Cal:
  542. Cal attacks with Butterfly Staff
  543. Attack
  544. hits AC 14
  545. Damage
  546. 3
  547. Wizzzargh (GM): Bounces off Sam.
  548. Ayrani now daggerless, starts cursing at the woman!
  549. Ayrani: (assume Ayrani can't use a bow, probably)
  550. Wizzzargh (GM): Buckely gives cal the old 'hold at arm's length with one hand' thing to cal and looks around the room for a weapon...
  551. Samuel: (Can I throw a punch, or was standing up my action?)
  552. Wizzzargh (GM): Standing was action.
  553. Cal: "I gotcha! I'm getting at ya ha!"
  554. Wizzzargh (GM): 6
  555. Buckely takes a moment to vomit instead.
  556. Cal: (lel)
  557. Wizzzargh (GM): and that'll be it for that round
  558. 3 damage to Ayrani as Gerome saws away, repeatedly stabbing her foot with every alternating sawing motion.
  559. Samuel decides to do the polite thing...
  560. Ayrani: "FUCK GEROME Watch it!"
  561. Samuel: "Here, lemme hold your hair... 17
  562. Grapple btw, if it wasn't clear.
  563. Ayrani reaches for her bow with slipperly, blood soaked hands.
  564. Ayrani: (Can she try a shot)
  565. Wizzzargh (GM): Sure
  566. Ayrani: (or is it pointless)
  567. Ayrani attacks with Longbow (70')
  568. Attack
  569. hits AC 23
  570. Damage
  571. 4
  572. Wizzzargh (GM): Disadvantage again
  573. (From Samuel): this is hilarious
  574. Ayrani pulls a blood slicked arrow and tries to ping Buckley!
  575. Wizzzargh (GM): so roll again take worse etc etc
  576. Ayrani:
  577. Ayrani attacks with Longbow (70')
  578. Attack
  579. hits AC 12
  580. Damage
  581. 1
  582. Cal keeps a swingin'!
  583. Wizzzargh (GM): A shot that WOULDA been perfect if you hadn't fumbled the blood soaked arrow...
  584. Cal:
  585. Cal attacks with Butterfly Staff
  586. Attack
  587. hits AC 8
  588. Damage
  589. 2
  590. Wizzzargh (GM): Also sam has grasped Buckely's long braid of hair
  591. 18
  592. You're still gripping it as she drunkenly stumbles over to Gerome's back, snags the knife, and shanks the guy for 4
  593. x2 for backstab
  594. Ayrani: (Down to 3 hp)
  595. (Oh he dead)
  596. Samuel: "Whoa!! Uncalled for!"
  597. Samuel tries to drag Buckley away. 6
  598. Wizzzargh (GM): Actually she slits the dudes throat and then rounds on you with the knife, growling. Ayrani, you can try to wriggle free if you like.
  599. Ayrani: (Does he finish sawing Ayrani, cause that would have been the fucking perfect end lol)
  600. (good)
  601. Samuel: "Oh shit..."
  602. Ayrani: Ayrani tries
  603. (whayt roll)
  604. Wizzzargh (GM): just a d20
  605. Ayrani: 20
  606. (That f-ing RNG)
  608. You slip out of your last bound boot and Buckely disappears.
  609. Gerome breathes one last word as he bleeds out...
  610. Ayrani breaks free and falls to her knees in tears, her pained bloody hands holding the man who'd been her only friend's corpse in her arms...
  611. Ayrani: "What, what is it friend?"
  612. (Don't do it wizzz,. I know what he's gonna say)
  613. (Dont do it)
  614. Samuel: (That int score, tho.)
  615. Gerome Veldsbit: Darkness!
  616. Ayrani: (Oh, good)
  617. Gerome Veldsbit: save v spell Ayrani
  618. Ayrani: (I thought it was Ankleshot lol)
  619. Wisdom Check
  620. Ayrani
  621. Success: N(0)/Y(1))
  622. 0
  623. Wizzzargh (GM): THat woulda been better lol
  624. You see only hate in geromes eyes as he fades, his face twisted into a manic rictus bloodlust worthy of any altar of Isfrix. Ayrani's sight fades, dark clouds covering her eyes.
  625. Ayrani realizing Gerome has cursed her, "Hey buddy, why?! I know you're shit at cutting ropes and almost killed me but why?!"
  626. Ayrani as her vision fades yells one word into the sky, fist shaking...
  627. Ayrani: "BUUUCKKKLEEEEYYY!"
  628. Samuel: "Uh-huh...""
  629. Ayrani: "Not again!!!!!"
  630. Wizzzargh (GM): Poor buckely
  631. Saves you from a ghoul priestess and a cursed wizard and this is what she gets
  632. Samuel loots Genome
  633. Ayrani: (Poor ayrani you mean)
  634. Wizzzargh (GM): You find SPIRAL ENERGY
  635. Wait wrong man, wrong campaign
  636. Samuel: I'm bummed that you didn't let him kill her.
  637. It was gonna be great.
  639. (^ This is why)
  640. (He didnt)
  641. (So is Ayrani Permanent;ly blind now or something)
  642. Samuel: That spellbook tho. Hello riches.
  643. Wizzzargh (GM): You dunno
  644. You find knives, a spellbook, a mirror, a card with a picture of ayrani's back with a knife in it
  645. Some papers, inkwell, and quills.
  646. Ayrani stumbles around blindly, ""What do you see? Did we help that man"
  647. Samuel helps himself...
  648. Ayrani is bloodied in her arms and one foot and can barely stand let alone walk,"Someone help please?"
  649. Ba Chaidaoin sets to cutting Geromes robes into bandages to wrap her up.
  650. Cal looks at her and wrinkles his nose, "Ba, do we hafta help. I know she's bleedin and all but...she's Ankleshot Ayrani!"
  651. Ba Chaidaoin: Yes.
  652. Ayrani: "WHO SAID THAT!"
  654. "
  655. "I'll kill you!"
  656. Ba Chaidaoin: Hold still.
  657. Cal backs up but jeers of the dreaded name echo around the cell.
  658. Samuel: "We no longer have enough people for my teleporting idea to work. We'll probably have to leave the screaming man behind."
  659. Ba Chaidaoin checks something inside his bag once Ayrani is no longer bleeding out.
  660. Ba Chaidaoin I will gamble with dice and horses alone from now on.
  661. Samuel: "I'll just try one last thing..."
  662. Samuel heads over to the orc door and bangs on it...
  663. Cal: "Yeah yeah, let's get going Ba! Sam's doing something cool, Ankleshot'll come!"
  664. Cal sprints after Sam.
  665. Ba Chaidaoin helps Ayrani along rushing behind Cal.
  666. Ayrani stumbles blindly, grasping Ba for all support
  667. Wizzzargh (GM): No response sam
  668. Samuel: "Hey! Your mom's a whore! If you open this door I'll come in there and F&%# you liked I F&$!ed her ten months before you were born!"
  669. Ayrani: (brb)
  670. Ba Chaidaoin: You are different from other knights I've met.
  671. Samuel: shrugs and offers a short explanation "I'm of ignoble birth."
  672. "Well. That didn't work. I guess we're not getting through this door."
  673. Wizzzargh (GM): Aight- ditching weapons to get through the teleport door?
  674. Samuel: I was thinking I'd just hack the crosses apart so there's no vacancies.
  675. Wizzzargh (GM): Sure
  676. Seems to work!
  677. Samuel: Is that a secret door I see?
  678. Wizzzargh (GM): There's an S on the Map but you see only rock wall behind the golem.
  679. Samuel: Having the whole map to the dungeon makes things a world easier....
  680. Samuel heads through and looks for the "banelings looking people."
  681. Samuel: "Cal, hold onto Ayrani... Me and Ba willl.....waaaaaaiiiiiit a minute."
  682. Wizzzargh (GM): There's two dead humanoid things in the hall ahead. You can see a bridge over mud to your left, and hear faint singing.
  683. Samuel: "That bug of yours destroys wood?"
  684. (ugh, right... he's not here.)
  685. Afk Cal: Sure does mister
  686. Samuel: "Wow, you suddenly stopped being a little sociopath too?"
  687. "Anyway. Could you just toss it under the door back there and hope it eats the cross for that 'old man,"
  688. Ayrani: (b sorry for delay)
  689. Samuel: "It's worth a shot, at least."
  690. Cal: "Yeah, the bug does!"
  691. Cal does what Sam asks
  692. Samuel: "Hopefully they don't figure out what's going on until too late."
  693. You hear a flurry of munching and crunching, and then the door is unlocked from the inside. An old man covered in bruises, whip-marks, and missing fingernails stumbles out.
  694. Samuel: "Sorry that took so long."
  695. Old Man: You saved me, dear friends- Err, I mean, whoever you are.
  696. Are you here for the treasure?
  697. My companions may have already taken some, or fallen to terrible fates themselves...
  698. Samuel: "I think they died like twenty feet from here."
  699. "We are here for the treasure though."
  700. Old Man: Well, we were old men with little to lose. We half- expected it was a fool's errand...
  701. I can't offer much assistance but- that map!
  702. His eyes light up.
  703. Old Man: I see, so you must be 'official,' eh? Say no more, say no more.
  704. Samuel was about to say more, but now just looks puzzled
  705. Old Man: He leans in conspiratorily and whispers 'Yer Majesty...'
  706. Ayrani sits in stunned silence blindly looking around..."Are you the man who was suffering?"
  707. Ayrani: "H-how did they free you?"
  708. Samuel: looks confused, then remembers the maps label...Right. Well, you don't happen to be a cleric interested in becoming a retainer, do you?"
  709. Old Man: Termite under the door, ate the cross and those bandits vanished.
  710. Wizzzargh (GM): 5
  711. Ayrani: Termite...you mean CAL's termite?
  712. Old Man: Nah, just an old farmer trying to bring some wealth to his famiily before he dies.
  713. Samuel: "Well, you're welcome to tag along with us."
  714. Old Man: Of course, yer... pal...ness.
  716. He winks hugely.
  717. Ayrani seems oblivious to the goings on.
  718. Cal hides behind Ba, "I'm scared, Ba! She looks crazy."
  719. Cal also looks at Samuel, "You're a king?"
  720. Ba Chaidaoin: Yes. She is weak from bloodloss though, so do not fear.
  721. Samuel: "Right. Well, let's move on. None of these detours look like they're worth turning aside from the main path."
  722. Cal looks at Sam curiously as Ba drags a raging Ayrani with the weird group behind sam
  723. Cal looks Samuel, "Hey can I have my map back, Sam>"
  724. Samuel: "Oh, I spoke too soon. There's an alchemist."
  725. Cal: '"I wanna see, gimme!""
  726. Samuel passes the map
  727. At the end of the hall, there's evidence of some sort of explosion.Some gargantuan mermaid covered in mud, her face sprouting big ol' carp-whiskers, belts out a tavern tune as she rolls lazily in the mud.
  728. Samuel: "Let's take this right..."
  729. Wizzzargh (GM): The door to the right is unlocked.
  730. Ignoring the behemoth fish-female, you push into what looks like A&A's potion laboratory, simply on a smaller scale. An old man eyes a variety of potions of red, blue, and yellow. He looks up as you enter and rushes forward, as does your old man.
  731. Wizzzargh (GM): They embrace, and you get the gist that they know each other and the alchemist is a failed wizard sent back to the farm.
  732. Cal: (Where are we?)
  733. (Got it)
  734. Samuel: "Is it a bad time?"
  735. Sorta Alchemist: No, no! I'm trying to figure out how to bypass the bewitching music beyond the next door!
  736. Cal: (Also any Cal bugs?)
  737. Wizzzargh (GM): Nope
  738. Sorta Alchemist: I've found a way to turn into a Ningen, but not a way to turn back.
  739. That's actually my wife out there.
  740. Old Man: Blimey!
  741. Samuel: "Ouch."
  742. "She seems nice."
  743. Cal: (If Ayrani wanted to do anything, how are her rolls? And did she heal any HP?)
  744. Wizzzargh (GM): Regular rolls now she's gotten treatment, but no ho
  745. hp
  746. Samuel: -4 for blindness?
  747. Wizzzargh (GM): Oh, that'll wear off about now
  748. Or at least during the chat here.
  749. Samuel attempts to figure out what's going on here...
  750. Ayrani 's vision comes back as she looks up and around, blinking and runs to Cal to grab him by the scruff of the shirt...
  751. Ba Chaidaoin blocks her way
  752. Sorta Alchemist: Here's my Dilemma- The blue potion turns you into a fish. The red potion turns you into a man. Mix them, it turns yellow and you become a fish-person. But!
  753. Ayrani looks at the large man but turns to the others with a few choice curse words as Ba protects the kid, who looks for bugs
  754. Sorta Alchemist: They mix in your stomach!
  755. Wizzzargh (GM): So once you reach a mixture, you're stuck as a fishperson!
  756. Samuel: "That does seem like a problem..."
  757. Sorta Alchemist: I've only got 5 of each color left. I don't know how to proceed.
  758. Ayrani storms over and huffs, clearly annoyed, "What's the problem here? Potions and the like hrm?
  759. Samuel: (I've got a solution, but it's anachronistic, and not exactly pg13... )
  760. (You huys have heard of enemas, right?)
  761. Wizzzargh (GM): Trust me that ain't anachronistic
  762. Samuel spends a little bit thinking, then looks a little reluctant, but speaks up.
  763. Samuel: "Have you ever heard of a supository?"
  764. Ayrani shrugs
  765. "The alchemist strokes his beard and produces a funnel" Hmm...
  766. Samuel: (oh god...)
  767. Alchemist: Explain further...
  768. The plan that is, I know what you're angling it.
  769. Wizzzargh (GM): *at
  770. Samuel: "Well... if you've got both potions in you, you turn Ningen, right? So we'll just get all transformed, pass through the halls, and then... evacuate the blue potion... There's more than five of us, though."
  771. Old Man: If I might make a suggestion yer sirness... Only two of us need become NIngen. Their prodigious size and strength should suffice to forcibly carry the others through the halls.
  772. Samuel: "That'll do. You can go ahead and apply a red potion to your wife, too."
  773. "We'll... we'll wait here."
  774. Alchemist: He bellies full of yellow I'm afraid- she'll be that way for some time yet.
  775. Wizzzargh (GM): *her
  776. Alchemist: Perhaps forever. As such, I'll probably just stay here with her with a yellow potion of me own. After all, it seems to have restored her youth!
  777. Old Man: Oho? Then perhaps I'll join you and leave the treasure to the rightful- err, to the young 'uns
  778. Samuel: "Alright. Ba, you already know what I'm about to ask you, right?"
  779. Ba Chaidaoin: Yes. I will hold you down as the old men administer potion to your butt.
  780. Cal giggles, "He said butt!"
  781. Ba Chaidaoin: 2
  782. Ayrani: (wtf lol)
  783. Ba Chaidaoin: Please come back here.
  784. Ayrani turns bright red and turns away
  785. Ba pursues Samuel around the lab!
  786. Cal goes over to watch the show
  787. Samuel: "Hold on a minute! Dammnit!"
  788. "Let's talk to the lady outside first."
  789. Cal: "Yeah, Ba, get his-hehe-butt!"
  790. Samuel: I'm going to want some privacy too, for gods sake."
  791. Samuel drinks a red potion
  792. Samuel: "Y'all get out! Tie yourselves up, and look useful."
  793. Ayrani hurries and takes a giggling Cal out to do so
  794. Wizzzargh (GM): Aight, soon enough, Samuel, as a gigantic half-man half fish, emerges, flopping along the ground.
  795. Ayrani: "You little shit...you're gonna be in a world of pain when Ba isn't around..."
  796. Wizzzargh (GM): He is 30 feet long and can easily carry the lot of you.
  797. Ayrani glances at the fish man and Ba, preparing herself
  798. Ayrani: (did the old men just become fishmen and join the woman?:)
  799. Wizzzargh (GM): The door mechanism appears broken here due to whatever ruined the wall and golem, but giant Sam can force the issue easily enough.
  800. They'll stand by in case something befalls you first
  801. Waving goodbye and good luck
  802. Aight- gripped in Sam-fish's arms, you wriggle through the hallway. Some of those held may succumb to bewitching tunes from behind doors, but the huge limbs of fish0-sam do not allow escape, and you wriggle on by into what is according to the map, the second to last room.
  803. Samuel: lol
  804. Cal pulls out the map and tries to say something but can't
  805. You arrive in a tangled heap facing every which way in a small cavern.
  806. Wizzzargh (GM): It is supernaturally silent inside.
  807. Samuel picks out the spot on the wall that's supposed to be a secret door and starts battering it with his tail
  808. Wizzzargh (GM): A golem statue reads 'DO no turn back, you are too close'
  809. Cal points to a large S to everyone trying to yell but fails
  810. Ayrani checks the area too for the secret door
  811. Wizzzargh (GM): and there is a slumped skeleton facing the door you came in.
  812. There are some shining runes on the rock wall, but it feels as solid as a mountainside.
  813. Samuel: Well darn. Giant fish str Not-ftw.
  814. Samuel shits blue potion
  815. Wizzzargh (GM): save vs things not meant to be seen
  816. Ayrani: (Just runes, anything else?)
  817. Samuel: And splatter.
  818. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup.
  819. Sam has regained the form of man.
  820. Samuel examines the runes
  821. Ayrani: (Cal finds any bugs?)
  822. Wizzzargh (GM): Some spell-gibberish.
  823. Cal will look at them too, hoping bug knowledge can help
  824. Wizzzargh (GM): Nope. This place seems bug free for now. Maybe some will sneak in after hours pass.
  825. Ayrani checks the rest of the room for any other exits, secret doors, etc
  826. Samuel decides to wax poetical.
  827. Samuel: Maybe it's a riddle, he thinks, and turns the statue 180 degrees
  828. Wizzzargh (GM): It's too large to do so alone, but Ba will asist and between the two of you you twist it to face the runes. Ayrani, there's nothing but the now-rotated freestanding golem statue and the slumped skeleton.
  829. Samuel shrugs
  830. Ayrani examines the statue
  831. Wizzzargh (GM): It's well balanced for the sort of maneuver Sam just pulled. Humanoid, though rough, with those lines inscribed on it.
  832. Ayrani goes and examines the skeleton
  833. Samuel backs as far away from the statue as he can
  834. The skeleton is seated against a wall, as though it died watching the door you entered.
  835. Samuel walks over to the guy and twists it's skull around to face the runes
  836. As you and the golem watch the skeleton get twisted to face the runes, the stone of the runes vanishes and a hallway appears.
  837. Wizzzargh (GM): *you all
  838. Fabulous treasure waits within!
  839. Samuel exits the room
  840. Ayrani and the rest follow
  841. A golem reads 'The rule is simple. You can only take one prize.'
  842. Ayrani: "Well that was...random. Never understood magic. "
  843. Samuel: "Wizards."
  844. (It's a sentence, not a word.)
  845. Ayrani chuckles, "I know, right? I mean, Gerome...."
  846. Ayrani 's face falls
  847. Ayrani: "Nevermind."
  848. Samuel is looking at the treasure with exitement
  849. Ayrani heads over and looks at the Pink thing, and then the circle in the middle.
  850. Wizzzargh (GM): Huge chests filled with platinum pieces, fatty jewels, all manner of magical items...
  851. Samuel: "What I'm wondering, is if we each get one thing, or all get one thing."
  852. Ayrani: "I'm, not sure...."
  853. Samuel: "And also what the purple thing on the map with an arrow pointing at it is..."
  854. Ayrani: "Though it seems as Cal's not interested."
  855. Wizzzargh (GM): Ba picks up a random crown and all the treasure vanishes. Spooked, he throws it back, and it lands on aheap of reappeared treasure.
  856. Cal shoves aside gold looking for creepy crawlies
  857. Samuel: "One only for all of us, then."
  858. Cal: "Gold schmold, I want some cool cave bugs."
  859. (What's the pinl thing(
  860. (pink)
  861. Samuel: I'm wondering the same. What could be special in a pile of anything you want.
  862. Looking around the treasure hoard, you find something that especially catches your eye (the pink indicator)- An iron crown, with 8 empty sockets that look as though they could hold gems of legendary size.
  863. Ayrani picks it up
  864. Ayrani: "Interesting."
  865. Samuel: "Oooh shit. That's the crown of Oroboro, isn't it."
  866. Ayrani grins, "Maybe..."
  867. Ayrani: "Let's...take this, shall we"
  868. Wizzzargh (GM): The rest of the treasure vanishes as usual. Sure fits the description of the lost crown/.
  869. Samuel: "I'll just uh... Hold onto that..."
  870. Ayrani: "No no, allow me."
  871. Ayrani holds it back
  872. Samuel: "No, I insist..."
  873. Ayrani: "I'll watch over it, friend"
  874. Samuel: "Really."
  875. Ayrani: "I've had a shitty few months, this is the first turn of luck I've had in a while."{
  876. "But, its for us, of course."
  877. "Ours"
  878. "I'll just...hold onto it."
  879. "For us."
  880. Samuel: "Yeeeeeeeah... It's totally for everyone equally..."
  881. Ayrani gives him a sweet smile.
  882. Ayrani: "Well, why should you hold it."
  883. "I've only just met you. And I saw it first."
  884. Cal is still wandering around for cave bugs, not caring about this critical plot point
  885. Cal: "C'mon, there's gotta be something."
  886. Samuel: "Because I get first dibs. Ask Cal, it was in our agreement to travel together, and it's his map."
  887. Ayrani looks at Cal, a steel edge in her voice, "Is this true, buddy?"
  888. Samuel: "So, we'll share, and I'll keep this safe, until it comes time to... share ..."
  889. Ayrani approaches him menacingly as Ba stands in her way. This time, she doesn't back down.
  890. Ayrani: "Out of the way, you fat oaf. I'm talking to the kid."
  891. Cal looks up at her, then Sam, then Ba, realizing the position he was in, "Uh, yeah. I told S-sam that, yeah."
  892. Ba Chaidaoin: City-dwellers.
  893. Ayrani looks at him coldly and up at Ba, "I don't believe you. I'm leaving with this. Now. I've had a shitty run of luck, and I'm tired of him."
  894. Ayrani looks around and sees the Angel statue, and heads to it, crown in tow
  895. Samuel lets out a sigh, and follows
  896. Cal looks at Ba, "What just...happened?"
  897. Ba Chaidaoin scowls but doesn't intervene. He's not going to risk his Shaman for some jumped up city trinket when there's perfectly good wilderness he and Cal could live in.
  898. Ba Chaidaoin: Nothing.
  899. Cal follows the rest, "All I wanted was some cave bugs, can we stick around a little bit longer?"
  900. Ba Chaidaoin: Let us find a real cave. There is only sorcery here.
  901. Cal looks around, and sighs.
  902. Cal: "Ok"
  903. Samuel: We're exiting, wizz.
  904. Cal follows the rest
  905. Cal: (I'm just curious if Ayrani can actually get away this this. OOC, no hard feelings, hopefully, Charles, just playing her how I think she'd act due to her shit luck and having basically her only friend die.)
  906. (And probably betray/hate her in the end)
  907. Samuel: (I'm waiting for PC combat until after we get past the judgmental angel. There's definitely some strong words coming up ahead.)
  908. Cal: (That's what I'm waiting for too ;))
  909. A portal opens to the surface, along with some stairs. The hill shrinks, and 3 huge fish-people pop out of it like a slippery bar of soap squeezed.
  910. Young Old Man FIsh: MY!
  911. Well, I suppose since we're fish now, it's up to us to tell the seafolk there might be a new king and queen of Oroboro and they should pay some tribute like in the old days, eh?
  912. What are your names?
  913. Samuel: "Indeed."
  914. Cal tilts her head and smiles, "King and Queen, yes. Ayrani."
  915. Ayrani tilts her head and smiles, "King and Queen, yes. Ayrani."
  916. Cal looks at the fish people in awe
  917. Samuel: "I am Sir Samuel Goffanagoff."
  918. Cal: "Wow, you're those fish people right?"
  919. "Cool, I'm Cal by the by!"
  920. "And this is my friend Ba"
  921. "If you see any fish in the Ocean, let me know, will ya?"
  922. Young Old Man Fish: We will, Cal.
  923. Cal: "Thanks!"
  924. Cal looks pretty stoked, and after talking looks around wherever they are for some bugs
  925. Samuel: "It was nice meeting you. We'll be heading back to Oroboro now."
  926. They wave and begin sliding across the frosty ground towards the Aiwin Lake (which is visible on the horizon), apparently none too concerned about drying out or anything.
  927. Samuel starts walking back with the group, waiting to be out of sight of the fish people.
  928. Cal: "We should visit them again, Ba. Anyway, back home then? Haven't found a lot of bugs, so I'm hoping we'll run into some on the way back."
  929. Ayrani and the rest follow back to Oroboro
  930. Ayrani: (follow Sam)
  931. Samuel: Once we're relatively alone I'll go ahead and have it out with Ayrani.
  932. Ayrani: (PVP time?)
  933. Samuel: (Oh yeah.)
  934. Samuel stops and turns to Ayrani
  935. Ayrani: (Away from Ba and Cal?)
  936. Samuel: (Nope)
  937. Ayrani: (Cause when all's said and done, would like a weird funeral at least for xp gains lol)
  938. Ayrani looks at him with an eyebrow cocked.
  939. Samuel: "Alright, I'm not questioning your character, maim, but..."
  940. Ayrani: "Yes?
  941. "
  942. "But?"
  943. Samuel: "There are a lot of bad people in Oroboro, and honestly..."
  944. "...I don't think you're capable of holding on to that crown."
  945. Ayrani takes a small step back, tilts her head, and smiles, "That may be true. But neither, do I think, are you."
  946. Ayrani: "In fact, in our entire little duo, I only see one man fit to hold the crown."
  947. Ayrani turns to Ba, "You like that little shit too much, but you seem honest enough. Will you hold onto this Ba? I think you have little reason to grab for power?"
  948. Ayrani: (*little party)
  949. Samuel: "I think I'll do better than you. For instance..." the knight draws his weapon and strikes in a single motion (flat of the blade, and flanking, since she turned her back) 8 1
  950. Wizzzargh (GM): You are one step short.
  951. Ba Chaidaoin grabs cal and flees.
  952. Ayrani sees then, and looks at the fleeing man, "You'd kill a defenseless woman here for a crown would you?"
  953. Ayrani looks at Samuel, at the Crown, at her bandages, and back up at him, "Fuck my life."
  954. Samuel levels his blade
  955. Ayrani tosses the crown to the ground.
  956. Ayrani: "Just do it, alright."
  957. "Just kill me and get my pathetic existence over with."
  958. Ayrani smiles
  959. Ayrani: "Prove the man you really are."
  960. "Prove that you can kill a defenseless woman, unarmed for a crown."
  961. Samuel: "Like I said, I'm not questioning your character, just your ability to hold onto such a relic."
  962. Ayrani: "I SAID KILL ME!"
  963. Ayrani bursts into wracking sobs.
  964. Ayrani: "Just end it!"
  965. "Everyone hates me! My one friend blinded and betrayed me! And now you're trying to kill me too!"
  966. "Why should I even live?"
  967. "Take the stupid thing and do it?"
  968. "I'm not allowed any happiness am I?"
  969. Samuel: The knight strikes again 4 7 (does the opponent not making any effort to avoid give me a bonus?)
  970. Ayrani: "Just fucking do it?"
  971. "Just fucking do it!"
  972. Samuel: Ugh... These rolls...
  973. Ayrani sees the missed shot and sighs.
  974. Ayrani: "I'm done."
  975. "Keep the crown."
  976. "Fuck it."
  977. "Fuck you."
  978. "I'm leaving for Oroboro."
  979. Samuel: "RNG is making an ass of me, you depressing witch. 19 6
  980. "There we go."
  981. Ayrani is struck down to 1 hp
  982. Ayrani: "WHY?"
  984. "JUST END IT"
  985. "Can't I even die easily"
  986. "Goddamn my fucking life"
  987. Samuel: Oh hey, that's 8 dmg, for a crit.
  988. Ayrani: (With crit mate)
  989. (Just do one strike)
  990. (Or rather, we can just say he does, cause she's not going anywhere)
  991. (Unless he's that cruel lol)
  992. Samuel: Good god, everybodies got a ton of hp these days...
  993. Ayrani: "B-before you do..."
  994. "Just promise me a funeral..."
  995. Samuel: 9 6
  996. Ayrani: "Alright"
  997. Samuel: 10 1
  998. 8 3
  999. Ayrani: "A small thing"
  1000. Samuel: 10 5
  1001. 11 6
  1002. Ayrani: "Stop missing, and bury me so I don't go to hell"
  1003. Samuel: 9 1
  1004. Ayrani: "Please"
  1005. Samuel: 0 8
  1006. 16 2
  1007. Lol
  1008. Ayrani: (Tha'tll do)
  1009. Ayrani is finally struck after multiple shots
  1010. Samuel: is sweating
  1011. Ayrani: "I guess I should say thanks...but you hit like a pussy"
  1012. Samuel: "Phew"
  1013. Ayrani chuckles and dies
  1014. Wizzzargh (GM): "You're not tough enough to hold onto the crown!"
  1015. Ayrani: (lol)
  1016. Wizzzargh (GM): (takes over a minute to kill a helpless woman)
  1017. Samuel: "Shut up, you're unconcious."
  1018. Nah. Those were subdual blows.
  1019. Ayrani: (lol)
  1020. (Her last words)
  1021. (You hit like a pussy)
  1022. Samuel ties the lady up and tosses her over his shoulder.
  1023. Wizzzargh (GM): Ayrani can also just expire due to her bad shape from bloodloss
  1024. Ayrani: (hahahaha)
  1025. Wizzzargh (GM): Then we can have pimp, bers, and ayrani ALL in the aftterlife adcenture
  1026. Ayrani: (Nah, Sams garbage hits are canon)
  1027. (We need that lol)
  1028. Samuel: "Goddamn I need Rictis to show me that knockout blow again."
  1029. Samuel trudges to Oroboro
  1030. Ayrani: (Cal and Ba, back in Oroboro then)
  1031. Samuel: "Oh hi guys."
  1032. Ayrani: (well, still a better death than Gerome cutting her to death lmao)
  1033. Samuel: (You're still not dead...)
  1034. Cal looks at him, at Ayrani's corpse, and at Ba...
  1035. Wizzzargh (GM): Wrong
  1036. Cal: (I mean, dude, she's at zero)
  1037. Wizzzargh (GM): Xelor sed expired from the excess beating and bloodloss
  1039. (jk)
  1040. Samuel: Subdual hits are lethal... Sure.
  1041. Cal: (She was already cut 50 times by Gerome)
  1042. Samuel: I'm fine with this.
  1043. Cal: (Anyway, I want a new char anyway, and Ayrani was legit cursed with the worst luck)
  1044. (How do funeral xp gains work)
  1045. Samuel brings her to a healer, only to find out she's dead.
  1046. Wizzzargh (GM): Pssh, she made it to level 5
  1047. you've forgotten what REAL worst luck looks like
  1048. Cal: (Exactly)
  1049. (Those who die early are the lucky ones)
  1050. (You die a hero - or live long enough to become the villain)
  1051. (and then die)
  1052. (Also, with Nilen taking Sarkomand and Charles Posed to take Crownless, I call dibs on next game. Shukra lost the orb, Ayrani lost the Crown, third times the charm)
  1053. (Want me some good old fashioned game control lol)
  1054. Samuel: Ayrani lost the crown...
  1055. Cal: (Well, she sure as shit wasn't gonna be able to beat you to keep it, with Gerome cutting her, as evidenced by her relatively fast departure - until 1 hp of course ;))
  1056. (jk no worries man, I'm just kidding around)
  1057. Samuel: Fast departure...
  1058. Cal: (those ellipses though)
  1059. (Is that session end?)
  1060. Wizzzargh (GM): yeh
  1061. funeral xp is a 1-1 ratio
  1062. of gold spent on funeral
  1063. Cal: (B-b-but, Ayrani is penniless. Can we say Cal's gold was spent on Ayrani's funeral, somehow?)
  1064. Wizzzargh (GM): I don't see why he would after her expressed hatred of him this session
  1065. Cal: (True...)
  1066. (is there any way to get her xp to a new char though)
  1067. Samuel: And the fact that his parents steal all his money.
  1068. Cal: (Newest hit sitcom, everybody hates Ayrani)
  1069. (In that case...can we just say subdual damage and she lives)
  1070. (Cause otherwise pretty much 90% of everything I've played is lost)
  1071. Wizzzargh (GM): Well, the underworld adventure with bers and pimp has resurrection on the line
  1072. Cal: (Ress for 1 or all is the question?)
  1073. Wizzzargh (GM): all ideally, yeah
  1074. Samuel drops Ayrani's corpse off at the oubliettes
  1075. Cal: (In that case, ok).
  1076. Samuel: That -1 lvl is pretty lame.
  1077. Cal: (-1 level?)
  1078. Wizzzargh (GM): i said resurrection, not raise dead
  1079. Samuel: For ressurection.
  1080. Good deal, then
  1081. So the next time all three of us make it to a session, three months from now, we'll have that to look foreward to.
  1082. Cal: (Hmm...not really all that jazzed to make a level 1 character with no xp boost, so I'll just play Cal for the time being and wait out Ayrani/Pimp/Bers ressurrection sess)
  1083. haha
  1084. Wizzzargh (GM): yee
  1085. Oh, Sam learned a Secret Technique
  1086. Cal: (Honestly, bug catcher class is broken enough that its pretty much levelless)
  1087. Samuel: Pro wrestling?
  1088. Wizzzargh (GM): Drunken Master style
  1089. Samuel: Oh yeah?
  1090. Wizzzargh (GM): if you're drunk, all hits are crits
  1091. All misses are critical fumbles
  1092. Samuel: Huh. That sounds awesome.
  1093. Should I go public with the crown thing, or keep it on the DL?
  1094. Cal: (I'm pretty sure the entire Clerics of the Crown would turn against you mate)
  1095. Samuel: Half of them.
  1096. Cal: (Except the find crown sector)
  1097. (ye)
  1098. Samuel: 2/3rds.
  1099. Cal: (I mean, Civil war might be fun)
  1100. Wizzzargh (GM): "6 wis"
  1101. Yeah for sure go public
  1102. Cal: (Wait Sam?)
  1103. Samuel: Yup
  1104. Cal: (Yeah, then for sure mate, you have to go public, worse than Ayrani jeez)
  1105. Wizzzargh (GM): Ayrani had 4 wis looks like...
  1106. Cal: (Oh right ye)
  1107. (lol)
  1108. (Problems: Blight, Dungeons, Monsters, Cults, Necromancers, Felgraft, Corrupt gov, Cat lord. What else do we need? OH YEAH - A Civil Fucking War!)
  1109. (I swear to god this world is gonna spontaneously combust some day)
  1110. Wizzzargh (GM): Well I mean
  1111. that' IS felgrafts plan
  1112. Cal: Ineed
  1113. indeed
  1114. Samuel: Meh. I guess I'll keep it on the DL. The comment about it being hard to hold onto was for real, and it doesn't have cool powers yet.
  1115. Cal: (Oh cmon, destroy the world - I want to see it burn!)
  1116. (jk)
  1117. Samuel: When I hit domain lvl, fer sure.
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