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  1. I promise if you do this for a while, you will not have any stress.
  3. Some facts: Inflation eats you alive
  4. What cost $5000 in 1970 would cost $22,146.84 in 2000.
  5. What cost $500,000 in 1970 would cost $2,214,684.02 in 2000.
  6. What cost $500000 in 1970 would cost $2,916,144.08 in 2012.
  7. Use an inflation calculator and theory craft about the future money value if you sit on it based on if you invest it.
  9. Go to and see what you would have now had you invested that money even during the worst years of the recession. VTSAX is a broadly diversified market that follows the overall stock market.
  11. You are FAR better off investing broadly in the market, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK INDIVIDUAL STOCKS with a sizable percentage of your holding, diversify.
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