KHWiki April 04 Roundtable Log

Apr 4th, 2014
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  1. [03:07] <+Neumannz> We can start
  2. 10[03:07] <Pea14733> First Agenda then
  3. [03:07] <+Neumannz> Someone logging?
  4. 10[03:07] <Pea14733> Regarding gif animations: Currently there is no example page on how they should be optimally dealt with
  5. 10[03:07] <Pea14733> Me
  6. 10[03:08] <Pea14733> Do they clutter the page, remove the focus from the text if there are too many of them, especially on ability pages where the descriptions are often very short? Should the numerous ability animations that change from game to game be moved to the gallery space or kept at one location of the page instead (probably tabbed)?
  7. 10[03:08] <Pea14733> What should be their optimal or at least maximum height and width? This is important considering the game they are created from (handheld or console, 4:3, 16:9 or other) and how the page is watched (desktop resolution, mobile resolution etc.). As the wiki image renderer (which automatically resizes an image to the desired dimensions) is limited for gif animations regarding file size and frame number, should the animations uploaded and/or updated in these dimensions?
  8. [03:09] <+Neumannz> That's a lot of issues
  9. [03:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Aaaaannnnd....I'm lost
  10. 10[03:10] <Pea14733> As expected from Shard
  11. [03:10] <+Neumannz> Let's start from the top
  12. [03:10] <auror> alright
  13. 10[03:10] <Pea14733> I think we can make "Appearance" section on the bottom or something and then we tab it for games
  14. 10[03:10] <Pea14733> IF it's too cluttered, that is
  15. [03:10] <auror> Pea14733: Don't we already do this for gallery?
  16. 10[03:11] <Pea14733> Can we tab the gallery?
  17. [03:11] <+Neumannz> Hmm
  18. 10[03:11] <Pea14733> Because seeing FFWiki's magic articles' gallery is like REALLY cluttered even in their gallery
  19. [03:12] <+Neumannz> Here are a couple options
  20. [03:13] <+Neumannz> One, move all gifs into a gallery, except for one
  21. [03:13] <+Neumannz> With the one at the top
  22. [03:14] <+Neumannz> Or
  23. 09[03:14] * Joins: FM|Phone (5eae9e14@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  24. [03:14] <FM|Phone> Am. Late?
  25. 10[03:14] <Pea14733> Lol
  26. [03:14] <+Neumannz> All of them at the top, but tabbed
  27. [03:14] <auror> FM|Phone: I'll pm you current topic
  28. [03:14] <KeybladeSpyMaste> FM, you're here!
  29. 10[03:14] <Pea14733> Hmm ....
  30. 10[03:15] <Pea14733> I think all of them tabbed at the top
  31. [03:15] <FM|Phone> So, we're still on gifs?
  32. 10[03:15] <Pea14733> Yes
  33. [03:15] <+Neumannz> Like how we have tabbed infoboxes
  34. [03:16] <+Neumannz> Only without the actual infobox
  35. [03:16] <auror> I like that
  36. [03:16] <Sora1995> well, it seems like the LP's went to hell
  37. [03:16] <Sora1995> maybe we should start them back up again..
  38. 10[03:16] <Pea14733> Add it to the agenda
  39. [03:17] <Uxie|LR> I tried to do an LP for KHFM, but it didn't work out
  40. [03:17] <FM|Phone> In that case, I'll take a few minutes to do some things and then I'll return on my Laptop
  41. [03:17] <+Neumannz> What was the probably
  42. [03:17] <FM|Phone> Phone irc is bad :/
  43. [03:17] <+Neumannz> It's not so bad
  44. [03:17] <FM|Phone> So brb
  45. [03:18] <FM|Phone> It is with auto correct
  46. [03:18] <+Neumannz> It just means I can't really look at the website
  47. 10[03:18] <Pea14733> Tirn it off ._.
  48. 10[03:18] <Pea14733> *TUrn
  49. 10[03:18] <Pea14733> Well what do you guys think about the GIFs
  50. 10[03:18] <Pea14733> KSM, Uxie, Sora?
  51. [03:18] <Sora1995> eh?
  52. [03:18] <Sora1995> oh
  53. [03:19] <Sora1995> i don't got on the wiki TOO much
  54. [03:19] <FM|Phone> That's long-winded when I can alternatively just use the laptop
  55. [03:19] <Sora1995> so i can't give input
  56. [03:19] <FM|Phone> But nvr mind
  57. 09[03:19] * Quits: FM|Phone (5eae9e14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)
  58. [03:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> hmmm...I don't really know.
  59. [03:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Isn't there usually just one gif per page?
  60. 10[03:19] <Pea14733> No
  61. [03:19] <+Neumannz> For many one-shots
  62. [03:20] <+Neumannz> But a lot have many gifs
  63. [03:20] <+Neumannz> Like magic
  64. 10[03:20] <Pea14733>
  65. [03:20] <+Neumannz> And recurring abilities
  66. 09[03:21] * Joins: Byzantinefire (4648aaf8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  67. [03:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> ok, I see the problem
  68. 08[03:21] * Retrieving #KHWiki-noticeboard modes...
  69. [03:21] <+Neumannz> So either a gallery or tabs would do the trick
  70. [03:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, I guess the tabbed idea works
  71. [03:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> A gallery will still distract you: from the other gifs
  72. [03:22] <+Neumannz> ?
  73. 10[03:23] <Pea14733> So, the tab idea?
  74. [03:23] <auror> yeah, the tab idea works
  75. [03:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm looking at the blizzard article. As I watch one gif (right now, I'm looking at the one under the 358 section), I'm distracted by another one (the BBS one.
  76. 10[03:24] <Pea14733> Then let's go to the size of GIFs
  77. [03:24] <+Neumannz> ok
  78. [03:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> is this how big they should be uploaded, or how big they should appear on the actual page?
  79. [03:26] <auror> oh, I see what you mean Keyblade0
  80. [03:26] <auror> however I think that gif is just inconsistently bigger than the rest on Blizzard
  81. [03:26] <+Neumannz> Are we talking about pixels or file size
  82. 10[03:27] <Pea14733> BTW
  83. 10[03:27] <Pea14733> Kryten's comment
  84. 10[03:27] <Pea14733> I can't make the meeting, but I feel that the animations should be no larger than 300px wide, and otherwise natural height; we can probably do with one lead animation and the rest in the gallery, unless there is too much image-less space on the article (arbitrary)
  85. [03:28] <+Neumannz> Yeah
  86. 10[03:28] <Pea14733> How big is 300px?
  87. [03:28] <+Neumannz> About the size of an infobox
  88. [03:28] <auror> yep
  89. 10[03:29] <Pea14733> Oh
  90. 10[03:29] <Pea14733> that's kinda big enough
  91. 10[03:29] <Pea14733> Although it'll be really small for those widescreen games
  92. [03:29] <+Neumannz> Easily
  93. [03:30] <+Neumannz> Not terribly
  94. [03:31] <+Neumannz> Check out the ones for bbs
  95. 10[03:31] <Pea14733> Oh, okay
  96. 10[03:31] <Pea14733> We'll go with Kryten's idea then
  97. [03:31] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think that's pretty big
  98. [03:32] <Sora1995> well
  99. [03:32] <Sora1995> if we're talking about images
  100. [03:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> As in, I think its fine
  101. [03:32] <Sora1995> should we wait to talk about them until 2.5?
  102. 10[03:32] <Pea14733> Why?
  103. [03:32] <Sora1995> or rather should we update them when 2.5 is launched
  104. 10[03:33] <Pea14733> We'll update them I think
  105. [03:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we could wait for 2.5 to update the related images. It's only a couple months, and then we have HD gifs
  106. [03:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The rest, however, can/should be updated
  107. 10[03:33] <Pea14733> okay
  108. [03:34] <+Neumannz> I wonder what makes some gifs not play at certain sizes
  109. [03:35] <Sora1995> well, should we wait to do LP's until after 2.5 is out?
  110. [03:35] <+Neumannz> Like, I just changed the size of the lead gif for zantetsuken
  111. [03:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we should wait on the LP's till we finish discussing the rest of the issues
  112. [03:36] <Sora1995> eh, it just popped in my head
  113. [03:36] <Sora1995> switching between things
  114. [03:36] <Sora1995> so if i go out of order, sorry
  115. [03:36] <Sora1995> ping me when we're ready to talk about them
  116. [03:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Nah, its fine.
  117. [03:37] <+Neumannz> Someone else take a quick look at zantetsuken please?
  118. [03:38] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hmmm.
  119. 10[03:39] <Pea14733> It sitll moves when i change the size to 500px
  120. [03:40] <+Neumannz> But not 300?
  121. 10[03:40] <Pea14733> ._.
  122. 10[03:41] <Pea14733> What
  123. 10[03:41] <Pea14733> How come it stopped moving
  124. [03:41] <+Neumannz> I was afraid of that
  125. [03:41] <+Neumannz> We'll need to figure out what makes that happen
  126. [03:42] <+Neumannz> And make it a rule for uploading gifs
  127. [03:42] <+Neumannz> We'll probably have to ask shard or erry
  128. 10[03:44] <Pea14733> Maybe
  129. 10[03:44] <Pea14733> It's because
  130. 10[03:44] <Pea14733> We resized the GIF?
  131. 10[03:44] <Pea14733> But wait, that GIFs from Blizzad page still moves ...
  132. [03:45] <+Neumannz> Other resized gifs are fine
  133. [03:45] <+Neumannz> Like the second one on zantetsuken
  134. [03:46] <+Neumannz> But there's a huge difference in number of frames and file size
  135. [03:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> currently searching Google for answers
  136. [03:46] <+Neumannz> So either or both of those could be an issue
  137. 10[03:46] <Pea14733> It's fine when the size is 450px ...
  138. [03:47] <+Neumannz> The natural size is 480
  139. 10[03:47] <Pea14733> yeah
  140. [03:48] <+Neumannz> There should probably be a size limit
  141. [03:49] <+Neumannz> We'll ask the guys who know to figure out what it should be
  142. 10[03:49] <Pea14733> Okay
  143. 09[03:50] * Joins: FifteenthMember (
  144. [03:50] <+Neumannz> But 300 is a good size
  145. [03:50] <+Neumannz> Yes?
  146. [03:51] <FifteenthMember> How are we doing?
  147. 10[03:51] <Pea14733> Yes
  148. [03:51] <KeybladeSpyMaste> FM, We're trying to figure out why certain gifs don't work
  149. [03:52] <FifteenthMember> Err, pea can you give me a log of the roundtable from start to present please?
  150. [03:53] <FifteenthMember> Or anyone else :P
  151. 10[03:53] <Pea14733> Wait a moment
  152. 09[03:54] * Joins: Xion4ever (9385ddaa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
  153. 09[03:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Xion4ever
  154. [03:55] <FifteenthMember> Hi xion
  155. [03:55] <+Neumannz> Yay, xion!
  156. [03:56] <+Xion4ever> I take it I haven't *completely* missed the meeting?
  157. [03:56] <+Xion4ever> I'm here for around an hour, then it's off to trumpet ensemble.
  158. [03:56] <+Neumannz> We started late
  159. 10[03:56] <Pea14733> We are only on the first agenda ...
  160. [03:56] <FifteenthMember> I think we're still on the first thing on the agenda (I came late too)
  161. [03:57] <+Xion4ever> Cool.
  162. [03:57] <+Neumannz> Anything else about gifs?
  163. [03:58] <FifteenthMember> Can someone summarise the basic plan we've decided for them?
  164. 10[03:58] <Pea14733>
  165. 10[03:58] <Pea14733> Here you go
  166. [03:58] <FifteenthMember> Thanks
  167. 10[03:59] <Pea14733> Well that's all about GIFs Shard posted
  168. [03:59] <+Neumannz> For pages with a lot of gifs, place them in tabs in the lead
  169. [03:59] <+Neumannz> Size on the page should be 300 px max
  170. 10[04:00] <Pea14733> So next...
  171. [04:00] <+Neumannz> File size should be restricted to make sure gifs run when resized
  172. [04:01] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, the gif problem will have to wait. I've found nothing on why it does that.
  173. 10[04:01] <Pea14733> Next: Additional help required in Mirage Arena.
  174. 10[04:01] <Pea14733> Should we move this to when Luxerion comes on?
  175. [04:01] <+Neumannz> What kind of help
  176. 10[04:02] <Pea14733> No idea
  177. [04:02] <+Xion4ever> I'm assuming the upkeep.
  178. [04:02] <FifteenthMember> Oh, I didn't miss much then
  179. [04:02] <+Xion4ever> Are we still using the Mirage Arena? I haven't seen activity there in some time.
  180. [04:02] <FifteenthMember> What day is the MA updated on? Friday or Saturday?
  181. [04:02] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Is Erry here, or can he be brought here? I think he's the one who asked.
  182. 10[04:02] <Pea14733> Ues
  183. 10[04:02] <Pea14733> Yes*
  184. [04:03] <FifteenthMember> I think the problem is EK no longer has the activity to run the MA
  185. 10[04:03] <Pea14733> That's why I asked if we want to wait for him
  186. [04:03] <FifteenthMember> Let's push that subject to the end of the agenda then?
  187. 10[04:04] <Pea14733> Yeah ...?
  188. 10[04:04] <Pea14733> So next?
  189. [04:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> ok, do we know if he'll be here?
  190. 10[04:04] <Pea14733> Nope
  191. 10[04:04] <Pea14733> Next: New staff? Promotions?
  192. [04:04] <FifteenthMember> But in case he does come on later
  193. [04:05] <FifteenthMember> "If we're getting new staff only to fill in empty positions, I don't think it's necessary. Staff are the same as regular editors; the only main difference is that staff can deal with vandalism easier. Considering not much of that happens, there's no need for more staff. We're coping fine already."
  194. [04:05] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Again, Erry's idea.
  195. [04:05] <FifteenthMember> From my pastebin
  196. 10[04:06] <Pea14733> I really don't know about this
  197. [04:06] <+Xion4ever> Has the Wiki been hit with excessive vandalism?
  198. [04:06] <FifteenthMember> Not any I've noticed
  199. 10[04:07] <Pea14733> Yeah
  200. [04:07] <KeybladeSpyMaste> We had a huge problem back in December, didn't we. But not much since.
  201. [04:07] <+Xion4ever> Any deletions we haven't already taken care of?
  202. 10[04:07] <Pea14733> Only some ....inter-wiki mess
  203. [04:08] <+Xion4ever> Those two reasons would be the only reason I see to get new staff.
  204. [04:08] <+Xion4ever> To continue, those two and if we were getting a ton of activity/traffic- which we haven't.
  205. [04:09] <FifteenthMember> For those reasons, we should probably not get any new stuff for the moment. Or at least postpone the idea for next month when EK is here to discuss his opinion too.
  206. [04:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I agree.
  207. [04:10] <FifteenthMember> So next topic?
  208. [04:10] <+Xion4ever> (Neumannz is awfully quiet...)
  209. [04:10] <+Neumannz> Oops sorry, got distracted
  210. 10[04:10] <Pea14733> lol
  211. [04:10] <+Neumannz> Hang on
  212. [04:11] <+Neumannz> Ok
  213. [04:11] <+Neumannz> Caught up
  214. [04:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So then, conclusion, the Mirage Arena and staff will be postponed until Erry can come, right?
  215. 10[04:12] <Pea14733> Next: A well-written manual of style for the manga-related pages, especially for the ones translated by both Tokyopop and Yen Press to avoid name conflits, as a few chapters have different names
  216. 10[04:12] <Pea14733> yes
  217. 10[04:12] <Pea14733> brb I'm going to get my bowl of mango
  218. [04:13] <+Xion4ever> Thought on Tokyopop vs YenPress naming:
  219. [04:13] <+Xion4ever> The way it has been now, KH and COM manga are going by Tokyopop release titles. YenPress: Days and KHII.
  220. [04:14] <+Xion4ever> This is mainly since the articles were created before the YenPress releases. To keep consistency, names for KH and COM were taken from Tokyopop. They were never changed following the YenPress release.
  221. [04:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think they should take the updated names, and then have redirects from their original publication names
  222. [04:16] <+Neumannz> How different are they
  223. [04:16] <+Xion4ever> Mostly? Minimal.
  224. [04:16] <+Xion4ever> One moment please.
  225. [04:17] <+Neumannz> Is there a reason to prefer one over the other?
  226. 10[04:17] <Pea14733> back
  227. [04:17] <+Xion4ever> (Tokyopop) vs The Scent of Darkness (YenPress)
  228. [04:18] <+Xion4ever> (tokyopop) vs Uncertainty (YenPress)
  229. [04:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I guess, it would depend on which one is most likely to be searched. Will people search "Uncertainty" more than "Ambivalence", or the other way around?
  230. [04:19] <+Xion4ever> Depends on the copy they have.
  231. [04:19] <FifteenthMember> But both searches will lead to the same place anyway, isn't it?
  232. [04:20] <+Xion4ever> The way I see it, this is a matter of whether we want updated names for everything or not.
  233. [04:20] <+Neumannz> Sure, we should have redirects either way
  234. [04:20] <+Xion4ever> To be quite honest, I don't care either long as the naming is completely consistent.
  235. [04:21] <+Xion4ever> So, use YenPress names with Tokyopop redirects?
  236. [04:21] <FifteenthMember> ^
  237. [04:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> How do we do it for other articles? Are abilities updated to their most recent naming, or do they keep their original appearance names?
  238. [04:21] <FifteenthMember> Sure
  239. [04:21] <+Neumannz> Most common, followed by most recent
  240. [04:21] <+Neumannz> With one exception
  241. [04:22] <+Neumannz> Neverland
  242. [04:22] <+Neumannz> I say yenpress
  243. [04:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I agree, YenPress publication.
  244. [04:25] <FifteenthMember> So is that it for mangas? What MoS should we follow?
  245. [04:26] <+Xion4ever> That's what we haven't made up.
  246. [04:26] <+Neumannz> This is a question of the sections to include?
  247. [04:27] <+Xion4ever> Pretty much.
  248. [04:27] <+Xion4ever> We don't have a clear page saying what to use as a format.
  249. [04:28] <+Xion4ever> Kryten once said this page was the "goal" of the chapter articles ->
  250. [04:28] <+Neumannz> Any problems with it?
  251. [04:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think it's great.
  252. [04:29] <+Neumannz> Are differences from the games covered in any of the sections?
  253. [04:29] <+Xion4ever> I got the article right moment.
  254. [04:30] <+Xion4ever>
  255. [04:30] <KeybladeSpyMaste> One note of "criticism":
  256. [04:30] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think the cover image should be at the top.
  257. [04:30] <+Xion4ever> The differences are noted in the respective volume.
  258. [04:30] <KeybladeSpyMaste> In the infobox.
  259. [04:31] <+Xion4ever> @ Keyblade: It used to be there. Maybe Kryten removed it?
  260. [04:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> B/c, its there on the Kingdom Hearts Volume 1 article, but the chapter articles have the chapter cover at the bottem
  261. [04:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *bottom
  262. [04:32] <+Neumannz> Xion, where are the differences noted?
  263. [04:32] <+Xion4ever> Not Calling.
  264. [04:32] <+Xion4ever> @ Neumannz:
  265. [04:33] <+Xion4ever> That is for any differences, at least what we had already, that correspond to what occured in volume one.
  266. [04:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I meant the chapter covers, not the Volume cover image.
  267. [04:33] <+Xion4ever> Oh.
  268. [04:33] <+Xion4ever> I think one of the chapters has it like that.
  269. [04:33] <+Neumannz> Why is going somewhere else...?
  270. [04:33] <+Neumannz> Weird
  271. [04:33] <+Neumannz> Ok I see it
  272. [04:34] <+Xion4ever> ^ That leads to another question of mine.
  273. [04:34] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think I know where you're going, and i was just going there
  274. [04:34] <+Xion4ever> On what Keyblade said: To remove the gallery, why don't we tab the cover and back images on the info box?
  275. [04:34] <+Xion4ever> Kinda like what we do for enemy images.
  276. [04:34] <+Neumannz> I like that
  277. [04:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I agree.
  278. [04:35] <FifteenthMember> Sure
  279. [04:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I thought you were going to ask something else.
  280. [04:35] <+Xion4ever> I don't know how to "fix" the coding to do that, or if we are going to create an entirely new template. Thoughts on that?
  281. [04:35] <+Xion4ever> Or rather, any volunteers?
  282. [04:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm willing to try.
  283. [04:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I play with those kinds of templates on the Fanon wiki a lot
  284. [04:36] <+Neumannz> Shouldn't be too hard
  285. [04:36] <+Xion4ever> I'm too busy with the university life to help out.
  286. [04:36] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'll do it.
  287. [04:36] <+Xion4ever> Okay, so that is how to handle the image concern on each chapter article.
  288. [04:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I was going to ask something related to Neumannz's earlier question about that Vol.1 link.
  289. [04:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Doesn't that List of Kingdom Hearts chapters seem redundant?
  290. [04:37] <+Xion4ever> That's what I wanted to discuss, actually.
  291. [04:38] <+Xion4ever> I have something to ask regarding the "bigger" hub pages. Articles in question are:
  292. [04:38] <+Xion4ever> The manga articles were started with references to the manga articles from the Digimon and Transformers Wiki.
  293. [04:39] <+Neumannz> What would you like to do with them
  294. [04:39] <+Xion4ever> The Digimon Wiki had a complete List of <Manga Here> Chapters, with individual chapter articles. The complete list page condensed everything about the manga- summary, titles, etc.- into one page.
  295. [04:39] <+Xion4ever> A briefer page over something already brief. If that makes sense.
  296. [04:40] <+Xion4ever> I don't exactly know what we should do. That's where your guys input is needed.
  297. [04:40] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I have an idea. just give me a bit.
  298. [04:41] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we should kill the "List of Kingdom Hearts chapters" page. Merge it with the Kingdom Hearts (manga) page.
  299. [04:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And link each Kingdom Hearts (manga) page with each other through a box at the bottom (KH, with KHII, with KHCOm, etc.)
  300. [04:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't know what to do with the individual volume pages. Kill them?
  301. [04:42] <+Xion4ever> I'm against that.
  302. [04:43] <+Xion4ever> The separate volume pages allow us to go in-depth on what actually happened in the chapter/volumes.
  303. [04:43] <+Xion4ever> The List of Chapters summaries those writings into a short paragraph. A summary, rather, for quick viewing.
  304. [04:44] <+Xion4ever> However, we still need some quality information on the chapters. Something I feel a brief summary cannot fully do.
  305. [04:44] <FifteenthMember> Other than Xion and Uxie, does anyone else have the manga?
  306. [04:44] <+Neumannz> I think the List of Chapters isn't clear on what its job is
  307. [04:44] <+Xion4ever> UltimaSpark, I believe.
  308. [04:45] <FifteenthMember> I'm not sure how active he is these days
  309. [04:45] <+Xion4ever> @ Neumannz: That was Kryten's creation. I never found out what he hoped to do with it. We need his opinion on that.
  310. [04:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If needed, I think has uploaded each page as an image.
  311. [04:45] <+Xion4ever> ^ Bad idea.
  312. [04:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Why?
  313. [04:45] <+Xion4ever> KH13 is from the online/fan translations. They differ from the original publications.
  314. [04:46] <+Xion4ever> I've looked there/done the comparison.
  315. [04:46] <+Neumannz> Ok, how about this
  316. [04:46] <+Neumannz> You know how Wikipedia handles tv shows with multiple seasons
  317. [04:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Oh, ok. Well, I don't have the real manga. I figured they only did that for KHII, since its still not out here.
  318. [04:47] <FifteenthMember> I'm wrong. Ultima Spark is very active :D
  319. [04:47] <+Xion4ever> Is that how you want to handle that, Neumannz? One big page for all the manga? (KH, COM, Days, KHII)
  320. [04:47] <+Neumannz> Example:
  321. [04:49] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You mean, make a massive chapter list?
  322. [04:49] <+Neumannz> I think the chapter summaries should go on the volume pages
  323. [04:49] <+Neumannz> And the list of chapters page should contain AT MOST a list of chapter titles
  324. [04:50] <+Xion4ever> In a template, such as they are on the current List of Chapters page, or as the typical [long] overview section?
  325. [04:50] <+Xion4ever> Regarding the chapter summaries, that is.
  326. [04:50] <FifteenthMember> I like that idea.
  327. [04:51] <+Neumannz> In a template is fine
  328. [04:51] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I prefer the template or some sort of table. It looks more professional and pretty.
  329. [04:51] <+Neumannz> (+Neumannz) Example:
  330. [04:51] <+Neumannz> Damn
  331. [04:51] <+Neumannz> Example:
  332. [04:52] <+Neumannz> There
  333. [04:52] <+Xion4ever> Okay. The current table is a template pretty much copy/paste from the Digimon Wiki- should we create our "own" template for that as well?
  334. [04:52] <+Neumannz> This would be like a volume page
  335. [04:52] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I have a question regarding the volume pages though.The volumes do not contain the same chapters anymore b/c of the YP publication
  336. [04:53] <+Neumannz> If we need our own, sure
  337. [04:53] <+Xion4ever> Neumannz: That would probably be for the best.
  338. [04:53] <+Xion4ever> @ Keyblade: Just need to <br> and put in the YP release names.
  339. [04:53] <+Xion4ever> Minor fix, just add it to the template to be used on the chapter summaries template.
  340. [04:54] <+Xion4ever> Wait. I'm dumb. Looking at the wrong article.
  341. [04:55] <+Xion4ever> The lack of YP names for the volume pages is because they use the TP names.
  342. [04:55] <+Xion4ever> Since we now decided to go to YP, those can be changed while we fix the individual article pages.
  343. [04:55] <+Neumannz> A table can easily include both titles
  344. [04:56] <+Xion4ever> ^ I like it.
  345. [04:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, I meant b/c the current Vol 1 page has the chapters list from the original publication (13) but the YP publication includes more chapters in Vol 1.
  346. [04:57] <+Xion4ever> The table can notate the difference.
  347. [04:57] <+Xion4ever>
  348. [04:58] <+Xion4ever> See the tables at the bottom of that ^ link. Those look okay?
  349. [04:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok
  350. [04:59] <+Xion4ever> We need to create our own template, though. Those are again taken from the Digimon Wiki.
  351. [05:00] <FifteenthMember> Who is able to make the template?
  352. 10[05:00] <Pea14733> KSM XD
  353. [05:00] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Sure!
  354. [05:01] <+Xion4ever> So, to review:
  355. [05:02] <+Xion4ever> 1) (Regarding individual chapter articles) Front and back cover images should be in the infobox- such as on the enemy articles.
  356. [05:02] <FifteenthMember> and review we must, since someone has to write a summary of today's roundtable at the end :<
  357. [05:03] <+Xion4ever> 2) New templates are needed for: adjusting the infobox to meet the above decision, the list of summaries chapter boxes, and list of chapter names per volume. KeybladeSpyMaster is in charge of those, right?
  358. [05:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yep.
  359. [05:05] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If I can note, I've been an active member here for maybe a year. This is the biggest Roundtable agenda I've ever seen listed.
  360. [05:05] <+Xion4ever> 3) The "List of KH chapters" page will be re-done in the image of .
  361. [05:05] <FifteenthMember> Nah, there was one longer I think
  362. [05:06] <FifteenthMember> Although we're still only halfway so we're probably going to beat that
  363. [05:06] <FifteenthMember> Is that manga sorted then?
  364. [05:06] <FifteenthMember> *the
  365. [05:07] <+Xion4ever> 4) The actual summary information will be added to the volume pages, under the overview section. Again, this is taken from as an example.
  366. 10[05:07] <Pea14733> Who's going to do the Manual of Style again?
  367. [05:08] <+Xion4ever> 5) Naming will be YenPress titles with redirects for the Tokyopop titles. On the volume pages, though, both publication names will be noted (this will be in the template)
  368. [05:09] <+Xion4ever> Regarding Manual of Style: We're following for the individual articles.
  369. [05:09] <+Xion4ever> As for actually writing a manga manual of style: I have no idea who.
  370. [05:09] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think Xion4ever might have done that right here just now with this summary.
  371. 10[05:09] <Pea14733> XD
  372. [05:09] <+Xion4ever> Manual of Style means what goes on each article. I've just summarized what we've discussed. ^_^;;
  373. [05:10] <+Xion4ever> For the individual chapter articles, they really need to be like Calling. Information regarding editors/all that infobox nonsense should be for both TP and YP releases.
  374. [05:10] <FifteenthMember> Xion, what time are you leaving again?
  375. [05:10] <+Xion4ever> In about ten minutes.
  376. [05:10] <FifteenthMember> :<
  377. [05:11] <+Xion4ever> That's college life, bro.
  378. 10[05:11] <Pea14733> So, moving on?
  379. [05:11] <FifteenthMember> XD
  380. [05:11] <+Xion4ever> Is everyone content with the above summary of the manga portion?
  381. [05:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Maybe we should skip to the Featured Media thing for Xion before she leaves
  382. [05:11] <+Xion4ever> I'm pleased with it. Neummanz?
  383. [05:11] <FifteenthMember> Yup, let's talk about Featured Media before Xion has to go
  384. [05:11] <+Neumannz> If there are no other manga-related issues for now
  385. [05:11] <+Xion4ever> Alrighty then.
  386. 10[05:12] <Pea14733> Well it's the next one :P
  387. [05:12] <+Xion4ever> Featured Media time:
  388. [05:12] <+Xion4ever> Simply put, it's not active. Uxie and I are the only people voting/nominating.
  389. [05:12] <+Xion4ever> That's no way to run the featured media or articles.
  390. [05:12] <FifteenthMember> However, I still think it should be kept but the rules may need to be tweaked
  391. [05:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'll be there now, since i finally have the 200 edits, but that's still too few people
  392. [05:13] <+Xion4ever> The rules aren't the problem.
  393. [05:13] <FifteenthMember> Linking into KSM's point later in the agenda, Featured Articles and Featured Media both bring in new users
  394. [05:13] <+Xion4ever> We have people, regular editors, on the Wiki.
  395. [05:13] <+Xion4ever> Yet, for whatever reason, no one remembers/cares to "vote/nominate" on either page.
  396. [05:13] <+Neumannz> Hmm
  397. [05:14] <FifteenthMember> For me, that's because I don't really notice any articles superior to others.
  398. 10[05:14] <Pea14733> ^
  399. 10[05:14] <Pea14733> I really don't know what a good article is >.>
  400. [05:14] <FifteenthMember> They're all at a pretty good standard
  401. [05:14] <+Neumannz> Not gonna lie, I don't think I've voted once for FA or FM since I came to the wiki
  402. [05:15] <+Neumannz> Well, there are plenty that are below standard, still
  403. [05:15] <+Neumannz> But we're not voting on that
  404. [05:15] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, of course
  405. [05:15] <+Xion4ever> My reason to bring it up was this: it's inactive, no one seems to be doing anything about it, so let's do something about it.
  406. [05:15] <+Neumannz> I can start voting and stuff
  407. [05:16] <FifteenthMember> Maybe what we should do is shift the Featured Articles and Media to focus it on current projects
  408. [05:16] <+Xion4ever> We have a current project tab on the main page.
  409. [05:16] <+Xion4ever> I think it's in the bottom right hand corner...Last I remember it was the magic articles.
  410. [05:16] <FifteenthMember> That never gets updated :/
  411. [05:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Let's be honest, very little gets updated anymore.
  412. [05:17] <FifteenthMember> My idea was we use Featured Articles to broadcoast new formats and such
  413. [05:17] <+Neumannz> It's a dry spell until 2.5 comes out
  414. [05:17] <+Neumannz> There simply isn't a great deal of activity on all fronts
  415. [05:17] <FifteenthMember> For example, the "Calling" manga chapter article would be one Featured Article
  416. [05:18] <+Neumannz> Even though some still need a great deal of it
  417. [05:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yep, that's where I was going with my issue later.
  418. [05:18] <+Xion4ever> @ 15: I can see that. Calling is a well-written article that is complete.
  419. [05:18] <+Xion4ever> It qualifies as a featured article.
  420. [05:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Maybe a reminder across the board to vote?
  421. [05:18] <FifteenthMember> Yeah...
  422. [05:18] <+Xion4ever> ^ That is my point.
  423. [05:18] <+Neumannz> Site notice
  424. [05:18] <FifteenthMember> I'm fine with that
  425. [05:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I mean, with a full month to vote, I think sometimes, we just forget
  426. [05:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> that it's even there.
  427. [05:19] <FifteenthMember> Personally, I'll start voting on images/articles that are related to the current "trends"
  428. [05:19] <+Xion4ever> So, site notice/reminder about the Featured Media/Articles. Wonderful.
  429. [05:19] <FifteenthMember> Considering, they're there to set good examples
  430. [05:20] <FifteenthMember> Lemme quickly ask something
  431. [05:20] <FifteenthMember> Is it worth keeping that "only users with 200 or more edits can vote" rule. On one hand, it encourages people to join the wiki and contribute but on the other hand, it may also put people off from getting involved entirely.
  432. [05:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Case in point: that one anon that suggested the currently posted FM and FA
  433. [05:21] <FifteenthMember> The problem with this is I'm not sure if more people benefit from this or the majority are put off.
  434. [05:22] <FifteenthMember> I'd like to propose a poll on a public place on the KHWiki (maybe the main page) for both registered users and anons alike
  435. [05:22] <+Neumannz> For FA/FM?
  436. [05:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think the fear is that people will just vote for their favorite article rather than well-constructed articles and good-quality images. RIght?
  437. [05:22] <FifteenthMember> For that rule in particular
  438. [05:23] <FifteenthMember> Good point.
  439. [05:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> At the same time...
  440. [05:23] <+Xion4ever> @ Keyblade: If you read my message, I proposed/second the option just in case that point was brought up.
  441. [05:23] <+Xion4ever> I still think it should be our own 200+ editors.
  442. [05:24] <FifteenthMember> I just want the data of whether more people feel motivated to edit by that rule or if more people get put off.
  443. [05:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think the FA/FM has been used in the past to make better articles and images that weren't all that great.
  444. [05:24] <FifteenthMember> Did
  445. [05:24] <Sora1995> wow, we're still going
  446. [05:24] <FifteenthMember> Never mind
  447. [05:25] <FifteenthMember> How often is the FM updated again?
  448. [05:25] <+Xion4ever> Once a month.
  449. [05:25] <+Xion4ever> Gotta go. The rest is up to you guys.
  450. [05:25] <FifteenthMember> Okay
  451. [05:25] <+Xion4ever> Nice work, folks.
  452. [05:25] <FifteenthMember> To be honest, I think that poll will go nowhere :/
  453. [05:26] <KeybladeSpyMaste> ok, see ya!
  454. [05:26] <FifteenthMember> Bye Xion, thanks for coming!
  455. 09[05:26] * Quits: +Xion4ever (9385ddaa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: No problem)
  456. [05:26] <FifteenthMember> Sl .e
  457. [05:26] <FifteenthMember> *So let's just wrap things up on that?
  458. [05:26] <FifteenthMember> We'll send out a sitenotice to encourage people to nominate and vote
  459. [05:26] <+Neumannz> Ok
  460. [05:27] <+Neumannz> ...and actually nominate and vote
  461. [05:27] <FifteenthMember> :P
  462. 10[05:27] <Pea14733> :P
  463. [05:27] <+Neumannz> Next?
  464. [05:27] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  465. [05:27] <FifteenthMember> "How to deal with unattributed DisneyWiki images?"
  466. [05:27] <FifteenthMember> Now, before we talk about KSM's point
  467. [05:28] <+Neumannz> Has there been any action from their admins?
  468. [05:28] <Byzantinefire> Sigh.
  469. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> I'd like to explain my bit since I've spent a considerable amount of time on their chats and forums
  470. [05:28] <+Neumannz> Ok
  471. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> (I've already prepared a page)
  472. 10[05:28] <Pea14733> :O
  473. [05:28] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Wow. ummm.....
  474. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> "The main reason I put this on the agenda is a huge number of images that were downloaded from us and reuploaded onto the DisneyWiki with no attribution whatsoever. To deal with this, we've made an attribution template ( and I've started a thing with the Disney Wiki users where each week, a certain number of images is expected to
  475. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> be attributed (I monitor to see that progress by checking this category The exact number of how many images was agreed upon with members of the DisneyWiki and several members agreed to make their own forum posts about this to motivate editors (since my own thread had no impact whatsoever). However, the expectation and
  476. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> targets were not met despite numerous second chances and those forums were never made. It seems, the only way I motivated anyone to do any work is giving them an ultimatum: Either you guys stick to your promises and agreements, or I discuss with the rest of the KHWiki what action we should take against DisneyWiki. Unfortunately, the threat got some response but my weekly checkups
  477. [05:28] <FifteenthMember> on the category still showed the progress to be poor."
  478. [05:29] <FifteenthMember> The "page" was really just what I gave pea in case I couldn't come to the roundtable :P
  479. [05:29] <FifteenthMember> And on second thoughts, I should've just pastebinned it...
  480. [05:30] <+Neumannz> Argh
  481. [05:30] <Uxie|LR> I've got one thing to say after we speak of the image crisis
  482. [05:30] <FifteenthMember> So, here I am following up my threat and asking you guys what we should do.
  483. 10[05:30] <Pea14733> Well what CAN we do?
  484. 10[05:30] <Pea14733> How about we talk to their admins?
  485. [05:31] <FifteenthMember>
  486. [05:31] <Byzantinefire> How about instead you just add the template yourselves if you want it done faster.
  487. [05:31] <FifteenthMember> That's what I wondered myself
  488. [05:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, Byz tried to get SilverFlight (one of their admins) and she didn't respond
  489. [05:32] <Uxie|LR> Okay, I've got one request
  490. [05:32] <FifteenthMember> In the past, one proposed action was quite drastic but it might as well be shared
  491. [05:32] <Uxie|LR> I'll wait until you guys have spoken about this first
  492. [05:32] <Uxie|LR> Just letting you guys know
  493. [05:32] <FifteenthMember> Okay, Uxie
  494. [05:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And, the category is acutally a flawed way to check atribution. Let me explain.
  495. [05:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> There are several images that appear on that page, but don't have the template b/c SilverFlight only added the category, without the template.
  496. [05:34] <FifteenthMember> Anyway, the suggestion was we remove images directly from their galleries, which is quicker for us than putting the templates in each individual page as Byzantine wanted.
  497. [05:35] <+Neumannz> Mmhm
  498. 10[05:35] <Pea14733> It's not like anyone would notice the template either :/
  499. [05:35] <Byzantinefire> I dissagree with that suggestion entirely.
  500. [05:35] <+Neumannz> WE KNOW
  501. [05:35] <FifteenthMember> x_x
  502. [05:37] <+Neumannz> I wonder if AutoWikiBrowser would make it easier to add the template
  503. [05:37] <FifteenthMember> Hmm, what's that?
  504. [05:39] <auror> a bot, i believe
  505. [05:39] <+Neumannz> It's a program that makes making repetitive edits quicker and easier
  506. [05:39] <+Neumannz> Not actually a bot
  507. [05:39] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, I'm going to be a bit busy right now, so I may not respond very quickly for a while.
  508. [05:39] <+Neumannz> But we use it for our "bot"
  509. [05:40] <FifteenthMember> I understand
  510. [05:40] <+Neumannz> It's very handy sometimes
  511. 10[05:41] <Pea14733> So what do we do with it? Does DisneyWIki has something like that?
  512. [05:41] <FifteenthMember> It requires the Disney Wiki admins for installation, right?
  513. [05:41] <+Neumannz> No
  514. [05:41] <+Neumannz> You install on your own computer
  515. [05:42] <FifteenthMember> Oh.
  516. [05:42] <+Neumannz> The wiki doesn't have to do a thing
  517. [05:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm going to be honest, there's just one flaw with requiring attribution to this wiki.
  518. [05:43] <KeybladeSpyMaste> All the images are available everywhere, all over the internet. Others have copied us, we copy others.
  519. [05:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Some of the images are quite obviously ours, originally, but others...not so much.
  520. [05:44] <FifteenthMember> That's why in my pastebin, I said " Which images need attribution (renders, screenshots etc) ?"
  521. [05:45] <FifteenthMember> Because I'm not entirely sure of how Shard's work goes but I believe he does his own work in order to get original images
  522. [05:45] <+Neumannz> He does
  523. [05:45] <FifteenthMember> Usually, when we upload renders and stuff, we cite the guy who broke a code or got the render etc.
  524. [05:45] <+Neumannz> Correct
  525. [05:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's true
  526. [05:46] <+Neumannz> "Official images" may not need to be attributed to us...?
  527. [05:46] <FifteenthMember> Yeah,
  528. 10[05:46] <Pea14733> I'm thinking of watermarking but that's .... too much work
  529. [05:47] <FifteenthMember> Watermarks will also make our wiki become an uglier place :(
  530. [05:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If we don't do anything, though, we'll just face a plagiarism argument like the one back in December, again.
  531. [05:47] <+Neumannz> Mmhm
  532. [05:49] <FifteenthMember> It's quite hard to come to any conclusion really.
  533. [05:49] <FifteenthMember> Question: How should we deal with those weekly monitoring reports I mentioned?
  534. [05:50] <+Neumannz> I think we can agree we don't want this to happen again, yes?
  535. [05:50] <FifteenthMember> Yes
  536. 10[05:50] <Pea14733> yes
  537. [05:50] <KeybladeSpyMaste> yep
  538. [05:52] <FifteenthMember> But what can we do to prevent it from happening again, though?
  539. [05:52] <FifteenthMember> Can we do anything?
  540. [05:53] <+Neumannz> Can we go to their affiliates
  541. [05:53] <Uxie|LR> Speaking of affiliations
  542. [05:53] <FifteenthMember> What would we tell them, however?
  543. [05:54] <FifteenthMember> *though
  544. [05:54] <Uxie|LR> We should investigate our own, as well
  545. [05:54] <FifteenthMember> They have 50 affiliates :(
  546. [05:54] <FifteenthMember>
  547. [05:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Go to their affiliates? What do you mean?
  548. [05:54] <FifteenthMember> Would we go to every one...?
  549. [05:54] <Byzantinefire> Why bring that up>
  550. [05:54] <Byzantinefire> *?
  551. [05:55] <+Neumannz> I'm just throwing it out there
  552. [05:55] <+Neumannz> Because they don't seem to be taking this seriously
  553. [05:55] <+Neumannz> Or am I wrong
  554. [05:55] <FifteenthMember> From my view, I haven't seen any real change
  555. [05:55] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Go to them and do what? Tell them they're plagiarizing from us? Why would any of them care? Honest question, no mean to be rude.
  556. [05:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I just don't get it.
  557. [05:56] <FifteenthMember> Mostly empty promises or half-truths to be quite frank :/
  558. [05:56] <FifteenthMember> And I could give several examples if need be
  559. [05:56] <FifteenthMember> What would happen if we go to Community Central?
  560. [05:57] <FifteenthMember> Do they have any policy on plagarism?
  561. [05:57] <+Neumannz> Worth checking
  562. 10[05:57] <Pea14733> I believe we have spoken about this before and the result is thatwe can't do a thing?
  563. [05:57] <+Neumannz> Byz, have you been working on this
  564. [05:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's a start. But, if I recall, other wiki's have also complained. And judging from the result, nothing's changed.
  565. [05:57] <Byzantinefire> Only a bit.
  566. 10[05:58] <Pea14733> And I remember Shard talking to one of the wikia staff
  567. [05:58] <FifteenthMember> It does break the "Attribution" part of the law.
  568. [05:58] <+Neumannz> Recently?
  569. [05:58] <FifteenthMember> Yes, but I don't know how that went
  570. [05:58] <FifteenthMember> Months ago
  571. [05:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Byz, to be honest, is probably the only one trying. He doesn't do everything we ask him, when we ask him, but I've yet to see SilverFlight or anyone else get down on the problem the way Byz has.
  572. [05:59] <FifteenthMember> ^ I agree
  573. [05:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Other than delete pages, which he did back in January, and then let the project die
  574. [05:59] <FifteenthMember> Personal issues aside
  575. [05:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *she
  576. [06:00] <+Neumannz> What about the other admin
  577. [06:00] <FifteenthMember> Which one?
  578. [06:00] <FifteenthMember> "Sam"?
  579. [06:00] <+Neumannz> The one me and xion talked to
  580. [06:00] <FifteenthMember> On that thread back in December? That was SilverFlight
  581. [06:01] <KeybladeSpyMaste> It doesn't break the attribution part, I don't think. They always attributed the articles back to us, they were just copied word for word
  582. [06:01] <FifteenthMember> KSM, I mean the images
  583. [06:01] <+Neumannz> No, it was a chat
  584. [06:01] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Oh, yeah, that's true
  585. [06:01] <FifteenthMember> In SF's defence, she did rewrite and reword a numerous amount of character articles
  586. [06:02] <FifteenthMember> NZ, no idea.
  587. [06:02] <FifteenthMember> Byzantine, who is "sam"?
  588. [06:02] <Byzantinefire> What?
  589. [06:03] <FifteenthMember> Once on the Disney Wiki, you said "sam" would help with the images too
  590. [06:03] <FifteenthMember> Or something like that anyway
  591. [06:03] <Byzantinefire> Oh i meant Max.
  592. [06:04] <FifteenthMember> Yes, what's Max's username?
  593. [06:04] <Byzantinefire>
  594. [06:05] <FifteenthMember> Thanks
  595. [06:05] <FifteenthMember> So this is what I think we should do:
  596. [06:06] <FifteenthMember> Recommend the use of AutoWikiBrowser to the Disney Wiki
  597. [06:06] <FifteenthMember> Byzantine is here now so he can tell them, yes?
  598. [06:06] <Byzantinefire> Yes i can tell them.
  599. [06:07] <+Neumannz> How feasible would it be for us to do it all ourselves after all?
  600. [06:07] <Byzantinefire> Very feasible.
  601. [06:07] <+Neumannz> With or without AWB
  602. [06:07] <FifteenthMember> It would solve a lot of arguments, as much a pain and unfairness it would be
  603. [06:07] <Byzantinefire> AWB?
  604. [06:08] <FifteenthMember> But one thing is the DisneyWiki is so broad, it's quite a mess
  605. [06:08] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we could help, but I would like to see some work from the Disney Wiki too. It's not like we made the mess for us to have to clean up ourselves.
  606. [06:08] <FifteenthMember> From my time editing there, it's hard to actually find anything
  607. [06:08] <+Neumannz> Byz can give us the list of files
  608. [06:09] <FifteenthMember> Err, linking every single image file is longer than copy'pasting the template and category onto them.
  609. [06:09] <+Neumannz> AWB can let us edit them one after another
  610. [06:09] <FifteenthMember> I'd think that anyway
  611. [06:09] <Byzantinefire> I can't comply a list.
  612. [06:10] <+Neumannz> Why not, wouldn't it be under your own contribution history
  613. [06:10] <Byzantinefire> Well its been a while.
  614. [06:12] <FifteenthMember> :O
  615. [06:13] <FifteenthMember> Hmm, never knew about that
  616. [06:13] <Byzantinefire> Well that was for the Keyhole.
  617. [06:14] <FifteenthMember> Oh
  618. [06:14] <+Neumannz> For the keyhole, from over a year ago?
  619. [06:14] <FifteenthMember> Oops, the last comment was from 5 days ago
  620. [06:15] <FifteenthMember> So I assumed the entire thread was new x_x
  621. [06:15] <FifteenthMember> I'm wondering what we could gain from Community Central
  622. [06:15] <+Neumannz> Guys, a side point
  623. [06:15] <FifteenthMember> Assistance, perhaps?
  624. [06:15] <Byzantinefire> No i believe it was from a long time ago.
  625. [06:15] <+Neumannz> is the article situation better?
  626. [06:16] <Byzantinefire> Not for me it is.
  627. [06:16] <+Neumannz> Because you wanted all of them to stay
  628. [06:16] <FifteenthMember> All gameplay, key item and minigame stuff has been resolves fortunately
  629. [06:17] <Byzantinefire> Most of them at least.
  630. [06:17] <FifteenthMember>
  631. [06:17] <FifteenthMember> It's pretty much just this that's left
  632. [06:17] <+Neumannz> Guys I have less than 20 minutes left
  633. [06:17] <Uxie|LR> Wait
  634. [06:17] <Uxie|LR> A few wikis are no longer linking to the KHWiki
  635. [06:17] <FifteenthMember> I'm thinking we should actually continue this roundtable next week cos it's so long :<
  636. [06:18] <Uxie|LR> Okay then
  637. [06:18] <FifteenthMember> Uxie, which ones?
  638. 09[06:18] * Quits: Uxie|LR (7cb66eae@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)
  639. 10[06:18] <Pea14733> ._.
  640. [06:18] <FifteenthMember> x_x
  641. [06:19] <+Neumannz> Huh
  642. [06:19] <FifteenthMember> It was just a suggestion...
  643. [06:19] <FifteenthMember> And guys: According the Wikia terms of use:
  644. [06:20] <FifteenthMember>
  645. [06:21] <FifteenthMember> And then you have a community central thing where
  646. [06:21] <+Neumannz> Ok, well, we can look into the feasibility of doing it ourselves
  647. [06:21] <FifteenthMember> (pause for me faffing with links)
  648. [06:21] <FifteenthMember> Hmm, forget it
  649. [06:21] <+Neumannz> And st the same time reach out to wikia and/or community
  650. [06:22] <+Neumannz> For advice or assistance
  651. [06:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't mind getting involved and doing it ourselves.
  652. [06:22] <FifteenthMember> HERE WE GO
  653. 10[06:22] <Pea14733> Oh cool
  654. [06:22] <FifteenthMember> vstf is an extension of community central since community central's navbar had a "Report Wiki" button leading there
  655. [06:23] <FifteenthMember> And it does say "Add if you believe a wiki violates Wikia's terms of use"
  656. [06:25] <FifteenthMember> That's a possible avenue to go down. A fallback plan perhaps?
  657. [06:26] <+Neumannz> Yes
  658. [06:26] <FifteenthMember> So this is what's left of Disney Wiki to do
  659. [06:26] <+Neumannz> Maybe a discreet inquiry on where the line is
  660. [06:27] <+Neumannz> I have ten minutes
  661. [06:27] <FifteenthMember> *Finish the images, as helped by Byzantine
  662. [06:27] <FifteenthMember> *Figure out what to do with their KH-exclusive character articles, world articles and music
  663. [06:28] <FifteenthMember> Now, the first half is all depending on whether or not Byzantine can get the list?
  664. [06:28] <FifteenthMember> So can you, Byz? :P
  665. [06:29] <FifteenthMember> Eurgh, we still have three more stuff on the agenda
  666. [06:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The next one seems pretty easy, no?
  667. [06:29] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, I'm pretty sure we need to either save the stuff for next roundtable or continue it next week
  668. [06:29] <Byzantinefire> well i want to keep the music.
  669. [06:29] <+Neumannz> I'm ok with next week
  670. 10[06:30] <Pea14733> I think next week as well
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