Metal Gear [MSX] Any% Guide

Sep 29th, 2015
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  1. Metal Gear [MSX] Any% Route Guide
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Guide transcribed by: ndarren87
  5. Major Credit to PuchieDarcy for not only inspiring me to
  6. run this game but also for the wealth of information
  7. he's dug up and you will most likely find throughout
  8. this guide.
  10. If you have anything to mention concerning this guide,
  11. such as feedback, questions or complaints,
  12. contact me at:
  13. ndarren87(at)yahoo(dot)com
  15. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  16. ---------------------------------------FOREWORD-----------------------------------------------------
  17. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  18. This route follows the current world record and will be updated accordingly by me.
  20. The reason I am writing/updating this is because no good written guides currently
  21. due to how many people run the game, and in an effort to not only make running this
  22. more appealing but also more understandable(so people dont have to follow videos
  23. sluggishly, step-by-step) this should serve as a detailed guide one can refer to
  24. as needed.
  26. This guide will show the general directions you will follow, any major obstacles
  27. and any items you need to pickup/use as well as how many(if you need to leave and re-enter
  28. a room for multiple pickups).
  30. It will be split into several parts, as noted by the table of context(use ctr-f to search).
  31. Simple: This covers the bare minimum you need to know, so only which directions you need to
  32. go as well as what items/actions are required, nothing more. This leaves you to
  33. optimize all rooms you will traverse.
  34. Bosses: This will go over all of the tips and tricks used for each boss throughout the
  35. run along with all known stats for each fight.
  36. Complex: This section will cover the tricks/intricacies of making the most out of your
  37. movement in each room you pass through to help reach optimal times. This is last
  38. due to the size of this portion to make navigation easier for those looking for
  39. a quick reference.
  41. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  42. ---------------------------------------CONTENTS-----------------------------------------------------
  43. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  44. Title | Keycode
  45. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  46. -inportant Info | 002640
  47. -Simple Guide | 113750
  48. -Boss Guide | 224860
  49. -Complex Guide | 335970
  51. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  52. ------------------------------------Important Info--------------------------------------------------
  53. [Key: 002640]
  54. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  55. Viable consoles: PS2, PS3, X360, PS Vita(for collection or MGS3), MSX2(Original)
  57. IGTime Starts: Difficulty has been selected
  58. IGTime Ends: End of the the escape ladder
  60. FAQ:
  61. [To be updated/maintained as required]
  62. Q:How many version of Metal gear are there?
  63. A:Three, one for the MSX, the NES and one that comes with
  64. MGS3: Subsistence in all editions. This guide mainly
  65. focuses on the last of these three because of its
  66. availability.
  68. Q:What qualifies for a guard spotting/noticing me?
  69. A:Guards will only notice you if they see Snake's lower body
  70. within their range of vision.(waist down)
  72. Q:A bomb i placed disappeared after i used the menu, what gives?
  73. A:Opening the menu removes any placed items from the
  74. current game screen.
  76. Q:The floor is opening up under snake, wtf?!
  77. A:At certain parts through the game, there are several
  78. pitfall traps you need to avoid otherwise they will
  79. kill you. The detailed guide will tell you how to
  80. avoid them.
  82. Q:When should I rations?
  83. A:As will be detailed in the complex guide, there are certain
  84. times you will want to save your rations for as well
  85. as times where a certain amount will be required on
  86. your person to avoid certain portions of the game.
  87. For the most part try to maximize both speed and
  88. dodging to optimize your run to the fullest.
  90. Q:When will the detailed guide be finished?
  91. A:The complex guide is a constant, and massive, work in progress
  92. that details all room optimizations. Because of the nature
  93. of the guide it will not only take a very long time to write
  94. out but will also be changing as more strategies are discovered.
  96. Q:When do I rank up?
  97. A: Every fifth hostage is one rank.
  99. Q:What good is hitting an enemy once and stunning it?
  100. A:When stunned, enemies can't detect you and you
  101. can move through them as if they don't exist.
  103. Q:What are the requirements for Big Boss rank?
  104. A:Difficulty:Original
  105. Time: 44:59 max
  106. Saves: Unlimited
  107. Continues: None
  108. Alerts: 0(Excluding the 8 mandatory alerts)
  109. Human Kills: None
  110. Rations: 1
  111. Special Item: No
  113. Q:What alerts are mandatory?
  114. A:(1)The rocket guards atop building 1, (1) roof of building 2,
  115. (3)The screen before building 3, (3) first screen of building 3.
  117. Q:What tells you a wall is breakable, even with explosives?
  118. A:When you have snake punch a wall, if a question mark appears
  119. above him the wall is breakable.
  121. Q:How am I supposed to remember that long sequence for the MG fight?
  122. A:I've found the method that Puchiedarcy uses is extremely helpful for this,
  123. he broke the pattern into chunks of three.
  124. 1)R R L
  125. 2)R L L
  126. 3)L L R
  127. 4)R R L
  128. 5)R L R
  129. 6)R
  130. If you compare sets 1 & 2, with sets 3 & 4,
  131. you might notice they're inverses of each other.
  133. Guide Key:
  134. {} = Start/end of run or segment
  135. [] = Location, item or interaction
  136. () = Instructions
  137. <> = Using/Equipping an item for use
  139. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  140. ---------------------------------------Simple Guide-------------------------------------------------
  141. [Key:113750]
  142. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  144. Segments[Key]:
  145. Time Start[00001]
  146. Get Captured[00002]
  147. <>Shot Gunner(Boss)[11111]
  148. <>Machine Gun Kid(Boss)[11112]
  149. <>Hind D(Boss)[11113]
  150. The Ride Down[00003]
  151. <>Tank(Boss)[11114]
  152. <>Bulldozer[11115]
  153. <>Fire Trooper[11116]
  154. <>Cyber Twins[11117]
  155. <>Dirty Duck[11118]
  156. <>METAL GEAR[11119]
  157. <>Big Boss[11110]
  158. Time End[00004]
  160. TIME START{ [00001]
  161. UP, UP, RIGHT, UP[Middle Car]
  162. Get [card Key 1], Exit Car
  164. UP <Card Key 1>, Get [Gas Mask], DOWN
  165. LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP, UP, UP[Elevator, top floor], Exit
  166. DOWN, LEFT, DOWN[Hostage #1], RIGHT<Gas mask>
  167. DOWN<Card key 1>, LEFT(bottom)[Hostage #2], RIGHT
  168. RIGHT, UP, Get [Explosives], RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP(right)
  169. Get [Card Key 2], Down, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT
  170. UP<Gas mask>, LEFT<Card key 1>, UP, RIGHT
  171. RIGHT<Card key 2>[Hostage #3], LEFT, UP, RIGHT
  172. UP(middle), RIGHT<Card key 1> Get [Grenade Launcher]
  173. LEFT, DOWN<Card key 2>, RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN
  174. RIGHT<Card key 1>[Hostage #4], LEFT, UP
  175. UP[Elevator, second to last, bottom], Exit
  176. DOWN, LEFT<card Key 2>[Hostage #5], Exit
  177. DOWN, LEFT<Card Key 1>[Hostage #6], Exit
  178. RIGHT<Card Key 2> Get [Submachine Gun], Exit
  179. DOWN, LEFT
  181. GET CAPTURED{ [00002]
  182. LEFT[Hit Wall][Hostage #7], DOWN[Hit Wall], RIGHT
  184. ><><><><><><><BOSS: Shoot Gunner [11111]><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  186. RIGHT<Card Key 3>, <Explosives>[Break upper right part of wall]
  187. RIGHT, UP, UP, [Break left wall] DOWN, DOWN, LEFT
  188. UP, UP, [Break upper right wall facing downwards] RIGHT
  189. DOWN, LEFT[Door] Get[Blast Suit], Exit
  191. LEFT, UP(left side), Left[Break middle of wall] get[Enemy Uniform], Exit
  192. UP, RIGHT<Card Key 1>, UP[Elevator, Two floors up], Exit
  193. DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP(Door)[Hostage #8], Exit
  194. LEFT<Card Key 3><Submachine Gun>, UP(door)[Hostage #9], Exit
  196. ><><><><><><BOSS: Machine Gun Kid [11112]><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  198. UP<Card Key 1> Get [Parachute], Exit
  199. RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP(right), UP[Elevator, Top floor/roof], Exit
  200. LEFT<Grenade Launcher><Blast Suit>, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN
  203. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Hind D [11113]><><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  205. UP<Parachute><Grenade Launcher>, LEFT
  207. The Ride Down{ [00003]
  208. [Wait until you land], DOWN, UP(right truck) Get[Card Key 4], Exit
  209. UP, LEFT<Card Key 4>, UP(Far Left Door)[Hostage #10], Exit
  210. UP(Right Door), RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP, UP, UP(car) Get [Ration](Get 4), Exit
  211. UP, UP
  213. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Tank [11114]><><><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  215. UP<Enemy Uniform>, UP, UP, Left(in water)<Card Key 4>, UP
  217. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Bulldozer [11115]><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  219. UP, RIGHT, DOWN<Submachine Gun><Card Key 2>, LEFT Get <Antenna>, Exit
  220. UP, LEFT, UP[Elevator, to top floor], Exit
  221. UP(Left Door)[Hostage #11], Exit
  222. RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN<card Key 4>, UP(Door) Get [Card Key 5], Exit
  223. RIGHT<Card Key 5>, UP, UP[Elevator, To bottom], Exit
  224. DOWN, UP(Top Left)[Hostage #12], Exit
  225. Left<Gas Mask><Explosives>, Up, RIGHT(Break upper Right Wall)
  226. UP<Card Key 1>, UP[Hostage #13], Exit<Gas Mask><Submachine Gun>
  227. LEFT, UP<Card Key 5>, LEFT(Skip Hostage)Get [card Key 6]
  228. DOWN<Card Key 6>, LEFT
  230. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Fire Trooper [11116]><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  232. UP[Elevator, Top floor of the screen], Exist
  233. DOWN(Right Side), RIGHT, DOWN(Bottom Right)<Card Key 5>
  234. UP(left Door)[Hostage #14], Exit
  235. UP, RIGHT, UP(Left Door)<Card Key 3>[Hostage #15], Exit
  236. (Call Jennifer at 120.48, to be able to get rocket launcher)
  237. UP(Right Door)<Card Key 6> Get [Rocket Launcher], Exit
  238. LEFT<Card Key 5>, DOWN(Bottom Left)<Card Key 1>, LEFT
  239. UP(Far Left)(Machine gun enemies) Get all [Ammo](3 times), Exit
  240. RIGHT, UP<Rocket Launcher>
  242. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Cyber Twins [11117]><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  244. Get [Card Key 7], UP(Right Door)<Card Key 2><Submachine Gun>, RIGHT
  245. (Call Jennifer at 120.48, to be able to get compass)
  246. UP(Gun down enemies)Get [Compass], Exit
  247. LEFT, DOWN, DOWN(Bottom Right)<Card Key 5>, RIGHT, UP
  248. UP[Elevator, Down one floor], Exit
  249. DOWN, LEFT, UP<Card Key 6>, RIGHT(In Water), UP, DOWN(Left, out of water)
  250. LEFT, UP, RIGHT Get [Explosives](4 times), Exit
  251. DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT<Card Key 7>, UP<Compass>, UP, UP
  252. UP, UP, UP, UP, UP<Card Key 7><Explosives>
  253. [Bomb upper wall to the right after the end of the full first section from the right]
  254. UP, UP[Elevator, To bottom], Exit
  255. [Bomb bottom wall right underneath the small patch of building]
  256. DOWN Get [Air Tank], Exit
  257. UP[Elevator, to top], Exit<Submachine Gun>
  258. DOWN(Right), DOWN<Compass>, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN<Card Key 7>
  259. RIGHT<Air Tank>, UP(In Water), UP<Rocket Launcher>, UP, UP, UP
  260. UP(Far right to avoid floor)<Card Key 7>, UP
  262. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Dirty Duck [11118]><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  264. Get [Card Key 8] (Do not free hostages, it's a trap), DOWN<Submachine Gun>
  265. DOWN<Air Tank>, DOWN(In Water), DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN(left Side)
  266. LEFT<Card Key 6>, UP, RIGHT Get [Ammo], Exit
  267. DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT<Card Key 7>, UP<Compass>, UP, UP, UP, UP
  268. UP, UP<Card Key 7>, UP, UP[Elevator, to bottom], Exit
  269. LEFT<Card Key 8>, UP<Gas Mask><Explosives>
  270. [Break upper left wall, middle of open area denoted by the boxes around you]
  271. UP<Card Key 1>, UP<Gas Mask>, UP<card Key 1>, UP
  273. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: METAL GEAR [11119]><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  275. LEFT<Rocket Launcher>(Equip then unequip the cigarettes when
  276. practicing this as it gives you bonus time.)
  278. ><><><><><><><><><BOSS: Big Boss [11110]><><><><><><><><><><(Possible Segment)
  280. UP, UP(Far Left Ladder), continue until everything goes black.
  282. End of Time{ [00004]
  284. Enjoy the credits and check your time/splits. Congratulations on another finished run!
  286. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  287. ---------------------------------------Boss Guide-------------------------------------------------
  288. [Key:224860]
  289. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  290. Index | [Key]:
  291. Shoot Gunner | [11111]
  292. Machine Gun Kid | [11112]
  293. Hind D | [11113]
  294. Tank | [11114]
  295. Bulldozer | [11115]
  296. Fire Trooper | [11116]
  297. Cyber Twins | [11117]
  298. Dirty Duck | [11118]
  299. METAL GEAR | [11119]
  300. Big Boss | [11110]
  302. Shoot Gunner | [11111]
  303. The first boss of the game, you're thrown into the fight seemingly with no weapons
  304. save for your fists. Luckily, help is closer than you think.
  305. <>First run to the second door(from you) on the bottom of the room and hit it to break it.
  306. <>Enter the room and grab your belongings, open your inventory and remove the tracer
  307. <>Equip <card Key 2> and exit the room.
  308. <>Enter the door on the bottom you passed by earlier.
  309. <>Grab [card Key 3] and the [Ammo](Grab this 5 times by leaving/re-entering)
  310. <>equip <Submachine Gun> and exit the room to confront the boss
  311. <>A good strategy is to run up and get close to his left side
  312. to the point where the sprites are damn near touching
  313. then fire away with the gun at point-blank range until he goes down.
  315. Machine Gun Kid | [11112]
  316. The second boss you encounter in your run and another pushover.
  317. <>Upon entering the room go into the upper right corner and face him.
  318. <>As soon as you are able, gun him down with the Submachine Gun.
  320. Hind D | [11113]
  321. The third boss of the run, the super cheese copter.
  322. <>As soon as the fight starts go to the right of the boxes on the left
  323. of the Hind D where it can't hit you.
  324. <>Stand right at the far right of the first box before the second begins
  325. so the targeting reticule is on top of the cockpit.
  326. <>At this range the bullets should just barely pass by you.
  327. <>Fire away until the copter comes down.
  328. <>Dies after twenty grenades.
  330. Tank | [11114]
  331. The fourth "boss" to be encountered.
  332. <>Get hit by one of it's bullets to gain brief invincibility.
  333. <>Walk through the tank to the other side of it.
  334. <>If you touch it without i-frames being active, its
  336. Bulldozer | [11115]
  337. The fifth encounter for this run.
  338. <>While this boss is, for the most part easy, do not touch it
  339. any contact with it is an instant kill.
  340. <>As soon as the fight starts, begin to quickly lob grenades
  341. at the center of the tank until it dies.
  343. Fire Trooper | [11116]
  344. The sixth encounter you face. Yet another Easy Fight.
  345. <>As soon as the fight starts, hug the wall and go up towards
  346. the door.
  347. <>What out for his flamethrower.
  348. <>Once you can, run past him, still hugging the wall
  349. and go to the door.
  351. Cyber Twins | [11117]
  352. The seventh encounter, you require the Rocket Launcher.
  353. I recommend having rations on hand for this in case you
  354. take too much damage.
  355. <>Shoot them with rockets and don't miss, feel free
  356. to damage boost as much as able.
  358. Dirty Duck | [11118]
  359. The eighth fight, a bit tricky since the boss
  360. doesn't like to play fair.
  361. DO NOT HIT THE HOSTAGES, I cannot stress
  362. this enough.
  363. <>Immediately exit and re-enter the room as soon
  364. as the fight starts.
  365. <>Carefully time two rockets to hit him and
  366. down he goes.
  368. METAL GEAR | [11119]
  369. The second to last obstacle of the run.
  370. Thankfully the TX-55 doesn't actually attack you and
  371. relies on its two patrolling lasers, making
  372. this a fairly easy fight once you know
  373. what to do.
  374. <>You will utilize two safe areas, both out of range of the lasers,
  375. If you look at their path, they can't go past the walls
  376. that are jutting out so run behind those while waiting
  377. for your explosives to go off.
  378. <>To beat the TX-55 simply run from left and right,
  379. taking cover where needed and bombing its feet
  380. in a specific order. Try to hit the outward tips
  381. or middle of each foot to avoid accidentally hitting
  382. the other.
  383. <>The bombs have to be ON the foot you want to hit, not near.
  384. <>Order: Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left
  385. Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.
  386. <>Once the countdown starts, it's time to run!
  388. Big Boss | [11110]
  389. The man, the myth, the legend, your father.
  390. The one, the only, BIG BOSS!
  391. <>As soon as the fight starts, run underneath the top right box.
  392. <>Fire whenever our good friend comes out of hiding.
  393. <>After enough missiles to the face, he goes down like all the others.
  395. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  396. ---------------------------------------Complex Guide-----------------------------------------------
  397. [Key: 335970]
  398. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  399. ******UNDER CONSTRUCTION******
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