KH3 - 100% Gummiphone Notes (WIP)

Feb 2nd, 2020
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  1. Dive to the Heart
  2. - Choose Wisdom (left with Mickey), then Mystic (right with Meow Wow)
  3. - If you have Re:Mind DLC, choose left (KH1 Epilogue)
  4. - Choose "I'm good for now" after defeating Darkside
  6. Olympus (1st Visit)
  7. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Equip Classic Tone, Ultima Weapon, and Oathkeeper
  8. Donald: Remove Ether
  9. - Spam Water while moving in 1st forced fight while making sure you don't run out of MP
  10. - Menu: Abilities: Sora: Remove Somersault, Sonic Cleave, Aerial Dodge, Assist Friends, and Damage Control
  11. Equip Magic Combo Thrift, Quick Slash, Flash Step, and Aerial Dive
  12. Donald: Remove Donald Thunder and Donald Aero
  13. Goofy: Remove Goofy Turbo, Goofy Discus, and Defender
  14. Customize: Shortcut Set A (Ether, Fire, and Water)
  15. Donald: Recovery - Use Like Crazy, On Self & On Others = OFF
  16. - Get AP Boost chest after 1st forced fight before leaving the area
  17. - Spam Waters while moving on Flame Cores
  18. - Get Map: Thebes chest once you're in Overlook after 2nd forced fight
  19. - Get Potion chest right after 1st Trinity Sled
  20. - Get Ether chest shortly after the Potion chest and free falling to the left
  21. - Get AP Boost chest northwest of the Ether chest
  22. - Take 1st left path for Shield Belt chest
  23. - Get Potion chest near Gardens Save Point
  24. - Get Magic Ring chest like normal
  25. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Equip 3 Ethers on Auto-Refill and Magic Ring
  26. - Get Mega-Potion chest above the fire pit after running on the wall
  27. - Get Ether chest left of the last Trinity Sled portion right before timed fight
  28. - Get AP Boost chest on the left high ledge after timed fight
  29. - Get Potion chest right before Rock Troll
  30. - Get Water Cufflink chest like normal
  31. - Get Map: Mount Olympus under the apple tree after wall running up
  32. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Replace Magic Ring with Water Cufflink
  33. Donald: Equip Magic Ring
  34. Items: Use all 3 AP Boosts on Sora
  35. Abilities: Sora: Equip Radial Blaster, Treasure Magnet, and MP Haste
  36. Donald: Equip Fire Boost and MP Haste
  37. Goofy: Equip Lucky Strike
  38. - Switch to Oathkeeper before fighting Rock Titan and switch it out after the fight
  39. - Planning on getting into Double Form OKP for next forced fight?
  40. - Get Fluorite chest after defeating Rock Titan
  41. - Get Refocuser chest to the right after Realm of the Gods Satyrs
  42. - Get Fluorite chest on the way to the right under the stairs
  43. - Get the Elixir and Potion chests right before Titans fight
  44. - Chests: 19/32
  46. - All Gummi Ship stuff is exactly the same as Any% due to starting with Ultima Weapon
  48. Twilight Town (1st Visit)
  49. - Get 1st Lucky Emblem on the wall near Gummi Shop
  50. - Get Map: The Neighborhood and Hi-Potion chests on the way to Underground Conduit
  51. - Get Fluorite chest behind boxes and barrels right before entering Underground Conduit
  52. - Get Refocuser chest at the end of Underground Conduit
  53. - Get 2 Lucky Emblems before entering forced fight in The Woods
  54. - Get Lucky Emblem and Defense Boost chest right before entering the Mansion
  55. - Get Fluorite chest, Lucky Emblem, AP Boost chest, and Ether chest on the way back to The Neighborhood
  56. - Get Fluorite and Mythril Shard chest along with getting Lucky Emblems on the Table and Theater Screen while collecting 9 Ingredients
  57. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Elixir
  58. Buy: Veal, Sole, Onion, Celery, Morel, Porcini, Chanterelle, King Oyster Mushroom, Black Trumpet, Cloves, and Caviar to 10
  59. Lemon x12, Chocolate x2, Butter x2, Tents x15, and Ethers
  60. - Visit the Bistro through Save Point (Get Excellent on all Food!)
  61. - Mushroom Terrine x10
  62. - Sweetbread Poele x10
  63. - Chocolate Mousse x2
  64. - Consomme x10
  65. - Sole Meuniere x10
  66. - Menu: Equipment: Donald: Equip Gourmand's Ring
  67. Cuisine: Chef's Choice for EXP Incentive, save as Favorite!
  69. Toy Box (1st Visit, Part 1)
  70. - Get everything in Andy's House (4 chests & 4 Lucky Emblems)
  71. - (Mythril Gem, Fluorite under Bed, Map: Andy's House, & Elixir)
  72. - (Below Mythril Gem chest, on Roof before Elixir chest, at Andy's front door, & back of silver van)
  73. - After 1st Gigas fight, get into a Gigas and collect the following before next forced fight
  74. - Lucky Emblem to the right on Floor 1 with Hi-Refocuser chest
  75. - Use Exploder on back-center stand for Lucky Emblem
  76. - Go inside Space Capsule for Map: Galaxy Toys chest
  77. - Take Green Rail for Fire Cufflink chest at Rest Area
  78. - After Supreme Smashers fight, go behind you and play Rumblin' Time with Punching Dinos for Strength Boost
  79. - Go south-west behind green/blue/white robots for Ether chest
  80. - Get on "Sale" counter near Customer Service for Soldier's Earring chest, then take a picture of Beasts & Bugs
  81. - Let the vent take you all the way up for another Ether chest, then get Lucky Emblem right before Refocuser chest
  82. - Get Taxi Troubles chest near Save Point
  83. - Get Gold Amulet chest nearby after cutscene skip and get Lucky Emblem in a form of Disco Balls
  84. - Get Mage's Staff+ chest above, then Air Slide over to Fluorite chest
  85. - Kill a Patchwork Animal near Fluorite chest, then get Fire Bangle chest inside Doll House
  86. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Replace Water Cufflink with Fire Cufflink
  87. Donald: Replace Magic Ring with Gold Amulet
  88. Abilities: Equip Aerial Recovery, Unison Fire, Combo Plus, and Fire Boost
  89. - Get Lucky Emblem on Toy Statue outside Play Place before UFO
  90. - Drop down to Petite Ribbon chest, then drop down into cutscene
  91. - Get Lucky Emblem on UFO, take green railing to Potion and Mickey Cuts Up chests, then Verum Rex
  92. - Play Verum Rex again for Game Records
  93. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Equip Moon Amulet
  94. Abilities: Sora: Equip High Jump
  95. - Get Ability Ring+ chest behind the counter, then leave world
  97. Kingdom of Corona (1st Visit)
  98. - Menu: Customize: Thunder on both Shortcut Sets A and B, Ether/Fire/Aero on B
  99. - Get Map: The Forest (1/2) after 1st forced fight and go to Rapunzel's tower to take a picture of it
  100. - Get Mask Rosette chest right before approaching the tower
  101. - Get Refocuser chest right before 2nd forced fight
  102. - Take a picture of a Chief Puff as the fight starts
  103. - Get Potion chest behind log near save point and Panacea chest west of lake area
  104. - Get Wind Fan chest against the right wall shortly after Reapers fight, then go west for Elven Bandanna chest
  105. - Get Map: The Forest (2/2) chest in Marsh, then southwest to Shadow Anklet chest in small water area
  106. - Go northwest for Lucky Emblem and go south to get Potion chest
  107. - Get Damacus chest on a cliff after getting out of the Marsh
  108. - Get Ether chest on left path up ahead after cutscene skip
  109. - After 1st Aero jump, run up left wall for Defense Belt chest
  110. - Go inside cave for Lucky Emblem and Mythril Stone chest along with Damacus chest right at cave exit
  111. - After Chaos Carriage, Aero Jump to Mage's Earring chest and to Hi-Ether chest once Rapunzel sees birds
  112. - Get The Wayward Canary chest, then take pictures of Rapunzel and Eugine
  113. - After entering The Kingdom, backtrack for AP Boost chest and Lucky Emblem at the border and re-enter
  114. - Get Ether chest right next to save point and get Lucky Emblem downstairs
  115. - Get Sea Bass en Papillote+ chest along with picking up Ingredients in the water
  116. - Southeast of 1st Lucky Emblem for Scallops x2
  117. - Southwest of Sea Bass en Papillote chest for Lobsters x3
  118. - East of big tower for Sea Basses x3
  119. - Get Rune Ring chest on mini-tower and Lucky Emblem on door right below it
  120. - Get Lucky Emblem at the top of tower and Hi-Potion chest underneath boxes nearby
  121. - Get Lucky Emblem on the west side of Festival entrance, enter Festival Dance
  122. - Get Bronze Amulet chest in west small alcove area before going back to Tower for forced fight
  123. - Use Meow Wow for forced fight, touch save point, then Ralph for Grim Guardianess
  124. - Re-enter The Kingdom
  125. - Take a picture of the Festival and get The Karnival Kid chest
  126. - Get Pumpkins/Zuchinni/Tomato/Eggplant/Garlic all on left side before Festival area
  127. - Get a Lucky Emblem outside of Festival area, get Magic Boost chest, then Festival Dance again
  128. - Menu: Equipment: Sora: Equip Star Charm and Mage's Earring; Equip Hi-Refocuser
  129. Items: Use all Boosts on Sora
  130. Abilities: Sora: Equip Counter Slash, Last Charge, Unison Fire, Superjump, Air Combo Plus, and Water Boost
  131. Cuisine: Eat Favorite Food with EXP Incentive
  133. Toy Box (1st Visit, Part 2)
  134. - Dock in Galaxy Toys - Main Floor: 3F
  135. - Get Mythril Stone chest at green/red slides and get Abas Chain chest below "Wood Blocks" sign
  136. - Get Hi-Ether chest right before entering Kid Korral
  137. - Get Thunder Trinket chest in ball pit after 1st Kid Korral forced fight
  138. - Get Potion chest (1st floor) and Fluorite chest (3rd floor) right after 2nd forced fight
  139. - Get Buster Ring chest right before getting into Purple Gigas for 3rd forced fight
  140. - Get The Barnyard Battle chest and take a picture of the Cactuar
  141. - Spam Shotlocks on King of Toys
  143. Monstropolis (1st Visit)
  145. The Caribbean (1st Visit)
  146. (After Port Royal area)
  147. The High Seas / Sandbar Isle
  148. - 2 chests on land
  149. - 3 chests in Underwater south of Map chest, 1 chest north of Map chest
  150. - 11 chests in Underwater area with 2 Lucky Emblems
  152. The High Seas / Ship's End
  153. - Dive into Red X for lots of Crabs
  154. - Get Lucky Emblem up ahead
  155. - Dive Underwater for Map Chest
  156. - Go through all of Underwater section for 2 more chests
  158. Exile Island
  159. - Get Orichalcum+ chests, get a lot of crabs if you want
  161. Horseshoe Island
  162. - Get Lucky Emblem on Island
  163. - Get 5 chests at the middle of the Island, get a lot of crabs at the barrel tower if you want
  165. Isle of Luck
  166. - Get Lucky Emblem
  168. Isla Verdemontana (Monkey Island)
  169. - Get 3 chests (last chest being within big Red X box) and Lucky Emblem after 2nd chest
  170. - Warp to The Gateway of Regret and go to Isla de los Mastiles
  172. Isla de los Mastiles
  173. - Get Lucky Emblem on small Island nearby
  174. - Break Red X Box for chest
  175. - Get Map chest inside
  176. - Climb up to enter Underwater section for 3 chests
  178. Confinement Island
  179. - Get a lot of Crabs here if you want and get last chest
  180. - Go to Shipwreck Cove afterwards
  182. Olympus (2nd Visit)
  183. - Start from Realm of the Gods: Apex for Battlegate 2 and picture of Zeus
  184. - Drop down to dive into Elixir chest
  185. - Take left path for a Lucky Emblem on the right wall
  186. - Get another Lucky Emblem and Mythril Shard chest nearby, then follow flowmotion rail
  187. - Drop down to special area for a Lucky Emblem and take railing back up
  188. - Go left and Ralph your way up (should just use 1 Tent for this) and glide up at the end
  189. - Take picture of Lucky Emblem in the distance, get Refocuser chest, and Get On railing
  190. - Get Map: Realm of the Gods chest near Save Point and get Potion chest near Battlegate 1
  191. - Finish Battlegate 1, then leave to Mount Olympus: Summit
  192. - Drop down from Rock Titan arena and get a Lucky Emblem up ahead
  193. - Get Hi-Ether chest shortly after the Lucky Emblem and drop down for AP Boost chest
  194. - At the next split, take a right and get a Lucky Emblem
  195. - Go back to above the Shadows alcove area and get Potion/Ability Ring/Panacea chests in there
  196. - Drop down for "forced fight" with Water Cores at the waterfall for Lucky Emblem
  197. - Jump up to Bronze Necklace chest, glide over to Potion chest, and glide over to Lucky Emblem on a pillar nearby
  198. - Drop into the Statue Shoe for Power Ring chest, then enter Thebes
  199. - Get Lucky Emblem on the stairs and get Fluorite chest up ahead
  200. - Take a picture of Hercules's Statue and take east path to another Lucky Emblem
  201. - Go through Gardens and get another Lucky Emblem shortly before running up a wall
  202. - Get Lucky Emblem and satisfy Cherry Flan, take a picture of Hercules, then leave World
  203. - Chests: 32/32
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