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  2. So as you are all aware, our guilds history and DC are very intertwined back from the original days. Two members of the original guilds Previsible & Drunkenhero formed a 1 guild policy where both guilds work fluently with eachother and they would be a 200 man powerhouse as it were as required for content. Far as I know we eventually took the castle and Drunkenhero was the guy who channelled it for us from another nuian guild I might add.... Needless to say this alliance/ friendship continued through various leaders to blackbeard. One of the agreements ended up with him getting an Enoan & us feeding them until they got one... Drunkenhero went away for a while because of irl issues so Driveby assumed full control and eventually our lead fell to Wee. At this point our guild was dead we had a castle but no members or older leadership remaining our guild bank was stolen. Wee set out with new leaderships help to rebuild our guild into what it is now during this process we renegotiated our terms with DC which was said meeting. Drunkenhero did not attend and the reason was because he didn't need to be cause he's no longer got a say over DC he's a member "who they cannot control"....We agreed our new terms (aswell as finding out they were selling the enoan scraps, which PN buy from AH) We were once again a 1 guild team at all content and getting on really well in discord  together....
  3. On the siege weekend 1 month ago (1 week after the meeting) They won our scroll as normal (we pay for the bids) but this particular weekend they went very quiet with no leadership responding. I sat at my castle all day on top of the fortress and saw them spawning tanks and testing angles on farms aswell as moving their rally point.... We had 2 hours to get what people we could together to defend it.... They did 70% damage to our 110k "Vanity building" as they call it... Unrepairable we have to spend that again to rebuild it.... After this we remained amicable and agreed we would split off our guilds but recognise eachother as neutral pro-faction guilds. Next Day Drunken is killing all of our guys... On report as always "we cannot control him our RoE policy is this......" So we added them to PFP and eventually KoS.... The rest has escalated from this moment.
  4. Drunkenhero essentially holds us to the old days & has a feeling of ownership due to channelling the castle, which was merely him joining our guild to help siege as friends will do. The fact is he has ultimate control even when in fact Driveby is lead of DC or that's what was said.
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