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DanyalAngel Feb 16th, 2019 131 Never
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  1. Guest_LostLiLTreasure has joined the chat
  2. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: thats one of the ones connected tothat lot
  3. DanyalAngelELWarrior: taalk or walk
  4. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: was loading
  5. TarienSoulELWarrior: -hides in daddys shirt-
  6. DanyalAngelELWarrior: -cuddles baby tight to me-
  7. DanyalAngelELWarrior  > TarienSoulELWarrior: who exactly
  8. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: nice place
  9. DanyalAngelELWarrior: ty i made it
  10. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: you did well
  11. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: she was one of the ones who hung out in that room sis did and she is followed by trueblueeyes and the others and think shes following them
  12. DanyalAngelELWarrior: your trublue eyes friend arent you
  13. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i will be straight up with you
  14. DanyalAngelELWarrior: your here bout lily like everyone else
  15. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: was yes but like many others have opened my blind eyes
  16. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: shes still following them all
  17. DanyalAngelELWarrior: afer the past 2 months of constant harrassment why should i beleive this
  18. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: truth be told i am concerned for her yes but not to upset her
  19. DanyalAngelELWarrior: there is nothen to be concerned about from us but everything to be concerned about from thse comming from distractions, from ravenkalimoonfrye,trueblueeyes and doc steal
  20. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: but i have now been blocked by 3 littles that used to hang out in my corner of the room
  21. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: chu see de pic on fb
  22. DanyalAngelELWarrior: and i see your friends with 4 of th harrassers constantly haunting my sister and threatening her rl kids lives
  23. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: that is exactly my concern is what i hear they have done to her not about any of you
  24. DanyalAngelELWarrior: well it to the point she is moving ast min and the maine state police are involved and have custody of her laptop
  25. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i am sorry you think that but i am not any longer since i have been informed of their treatment of her
  26. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: dont believe it till she blocks them even then still wont
  27. DanyalAngelELWarrior: and her bys are in protective custody untill she is moved
  28. Guest_LostLiLTreasureGuest_LostLiLTreasure : i feel for her going through that, really i do
  29. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : according to the maine state police this is quickly entering into federal crime investigation
  30. Guest_LostLiLTreasureGuest_LostLiLTreasure : it is her leaving that has gotten many of us to learn the truth and migrate from that room
  31. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : she left cause i told her to he was being hunted
  32. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : she*
  33. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: well i hope they come to a speedy resolution for her
  34. DanyalAngelELWarrior: but why are you here
  35. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: it is good to see she is being looked after
  36. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: well i didn't come seeking trouble, only to check on the 3 that have blocked me and been unreachable
  37. DanyalAngelELWarrior: and who are the 3
  38. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i understand now why i was blocked
  39. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: lily, rosalie and delia
  40. TarienSoulELWarrior  whispers: delia seems interesting
  41. DanyalAngelELWarrior: im a real life Dom Master it is a Doms obligation to uphold the lifestyle and all it stands for as well as the creeds in place for both Dominants and Submissives
  42. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: understandable
  43. TarienSoulELWarrior: -snuggles into me daddy-
  44. DanyalAngelELWarrior: It is a Dominants obligation to defend the abused from fake Dominants
  45. DanyalAngelELWarrior: im no savior Im doing what any real life Dominant would do
  46. DanyalAngelELWarrior: -continues to play with babys fingers-
  47. TarienSoulELWarrior: -smiles watching chu play with me fingers-
  48. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: it is a pleasant suprise to see there even is a real dom here
  49. DanyalAngelELWarrior: a Real Dominant knows full well he/she is no god and is humble with the submissive gifts he/she is given and do not develop a ggod complex
  50. DanyalAngelELWarrior: nor do they misue their authority or trust or power gifted to them by their sub
  51. DanyalAngelELWarrior: for it is exactly that..a gift earned by free will
  52. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i understand and i am familiar with the creeds that sadly many here ignore
  53. DanyalAngelELWarrior: A dom is just a title gifted to him by his sub..he can not claime it..or posses it he must earn it and is nothing without a sub to gift it
  54. DanyalAngelELWarrior: hell even a slave in the LS has at least one free will..the free will to relinquish free will
  55. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: the other sad reality is that their does no appear to be any active rooms for littles where real and trueness exist which is why many fall upon fake ones such as distracting
  56. DanyalAngelELWarrior: mine has been up for yrs but i see so many prefer the beutiful short lifed lie
  57. DanyalAngelELWarrior: do you know wut it means to be a Dom
  58. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: that is what i mean is that the only active ones are those
  59. TarienSoulELWarrior: that coz people dont look in the right places for rl ones
  60. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i have never been a dom but have had a real dom in rl and have also done research so i believe i do
  61. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i can't disagree with you on that
  62. DanyalAngelELWarrior: to be a Dom means your life is forfeit for your submissive become her everyting..her friend, companion, lover, nurse, teacher, guard,counselor, psychologist,preist, comforter, doctor
  63. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i have looked but most are empty
  64. TarienSoulELWarrior: or his :P
  65. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: that is what i have thought it to mean
  66. DanyalAngelELWarrior: its called the exchange of power
  67. Guest_LostLiLTreasure  nods
  68. DanyalAngelELWarrior: the sub gives the Dom control and the Dom becomes the subs servant
  69. DanyalAngelELWarrior: we do everything for them
  70. DanyalAngelELWarrior: we fight their battles
  71. DanyalAngelELWarrior: we deal with problems they cant handle
  72. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : we protect them from themselves
  73. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: but such doms appear to be non existant here or already have their subs
  74. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : we teach them so they can become better we lift them up we do not step on them and keep them down in their places for the truest power comes from when the Dom is no longer needed by the sub..but is wanted anyways
  75. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: if you ask lily or even the other 2 about lacey unicorn i think they will tell you she acted as protector to them in rooms
  76. DanyalAngelELWarrior: can not protect in rooms designed to kill those who are already feelen to weak that they desire to become subs
  77. DanyalAngelELWarrior: however the sad part of tht is the sub has the true strength
  78. DanyalAngelELWarrior: ask any one of those Doms to sub and they wont
  79. DanyalAngelELWarrior: they cant
  80. DanyalAngelELWarrior: they cant trust enough to
  81. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i am just saying if you ask them i would be suprised if they told you anything else
  82. DanyalAngelELWarrior: i will ask but i will do nothing till it is confirmed
  83. DanyalAngelELWarrior: their safety means more then my life
  84. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: they most likely will not know me by this name but i used to be lacey unicorn and have not changed my avi look
  85. TarienSoulELWarrior: question is how can someone protect someone if they are not always in the room when the other are they can not
  86. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: and that is understandable i am very thankful that i have been given the chance to talk and not booted
  87. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : the others were booted cause they lied
  88. DanyalAngelELWarriorDanyalAngelELWarrior : and resorted to illegal rp, god-modding and force
  89. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: that is correct i was just saying they will remember that i did when i was able to be there
  90. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i even stopped an sob from force collaring rosalie
  91. TarienSoulELWarrior: they dont go there any longer as it is unsafe
  92. DanyalAngelELWarrior: thy cant remove my collar
  93. DanyalAngelELWarrior: only i can
  94. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i wasn't aware anyone had been booted but given all that she has been put through was expecting i may have been
  95. TarienSoulELWarrior: i think the force collaring was before we met her daddy
  96. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i do not go there anymore myself, i am looking for other places to hang out
  97. DanyalAngelELWarrior: ik im just stating a fact baby i trust no one tillactions prove otherwise
  98. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: she was not wearing a collar at the time it was about 3 weeks ago
  99. DanyalAngelELWarrior: words are meaningless and easily broken in the wind of power control fame and greed
  100. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: and i understand not being trusted
  101. TarienSoulELWarrior: kissy
  102. DanyalAngelELWarrior: kiss
  103. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i will not come in hunting anyone sown just wanted to see how they are
  104. DanyalAngelELWarrior: just bunch of 50 shades of suck my cock wannabe posers
  105. DanyalAngelELWarrior: i will mention you and see wut is said
  106. DanyalAngelELWarrior: and then you will be carefully watched to see wut your actions speak of you
  107. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i appreciate that
  108. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: there won't be much to watch now that i am just looking for better places to go but again i understand
  109. DanyalAngelELWarrior: i will warn you..think carefully i will only give one chance to prove your truth in this fr im not one to be merciful enough to fall for the trap of giving chance after chance
  110. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: ty for that warning
  111. DanyalAngelELWarrior: cause i am not just a real Dom Master i am also an Iron Cross enforcer
  112. DanyalAngelELWarrior: and not one them fake iron crosses you see on here these days
  113. DanyalAngelELWarrior: as well i am also a retired Crip member
  114. DanyalAngelELWarrior: 5 dots i were in my skin on the web of my left hand
  115. DanyalAngelELWarrior: im not one to be played with
  116. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: well you have already given me what i was seeking which was only to see how they are so i will not come around again unless the day comes that they seek me out
  117. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: i only wish them well and can see they are in good hands here and i thank you for your time
  118. Guest_LostLiLTreasure: you have a wonderful weekend
  119. Guest_LostLiLTreasure has left the chat
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