detailed Arcadian mindset notes

Mar 4th, 2016
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  1. Detailed Mindset Notes
  3. embrace your inner "smile". you are not peco
  4. you are fundamentally driven by the need for a better opponent
  5. you find love for the game through others. you embrace the game as instrument of discovery above all else
  6. the core of your energy is the desire to bring the best melee to someone else so that they can match/mirror you
  8. general preparation:
  9. -- focus strictly on the match in front of me; make sure i'm not looking at a screen until i have to if very important match
  10. 1. strategy
  11. 2. unique tactics
  12. 3. tilt points
  13. 4. heightened awareness points
  14. 5. envision self executing
  16. situation specifics
  17. what happens if i'm in winner's side top 8
  18. -- be gratified that you have a second chance if you need it
  19. -- this is proof that against all odds, you've made it into a more secure position
  20. -- that being said, the worst thing to do would be worry about the expectations and power of your position
  21. 1. long inhale, short exhale.
  22. 2. accept it. envision the fear and the anxiety as an object then hug it with your mind-self
  23. 2. your fear is natural. it is a sign that you are a human; stroke the fear...
  24. 3. now imagine absorbing the fear and changing colors. you are now more whole. you accept the fear
  25. and now the fear shall not control you. you have now forgiven yourself for any outcome, and are
  26. strictly engaged in doing your best in engaging an outcome
  28. what happens if i'm in loser's side top 8
  29. -- the worst thing would be to focus on how far i have to go, how much energy i need/how i'm coming short
  30. 1. deep breaths. diaphragmatic.
  31. 2. the goal is not to win the best way possible, it's to win at all. the struggle becomes much
  32. more human when you're running out of strength. embrace that feeling -- strive at all costs, accept
  33. all results.
  34. 2a. speak out loud to yourself, and speak exactly. a mantra: "i only need enough, i don't need it all." x 3.
  35. same breathing pattern, very slowly. really draw out the words.
  36. 3. short run and push ups to break negative thoughts. envelop yourself in the physicality of the motions.
  37. put on some rhythmic music that you're familiar with (but not too familiar), and try to sing along.
  39. what happens if i'm down 0-2 in a set (between games)
  40. -- go to restroom, splash cold water.
  41. -- mantra: "one chance at a time leads to one stock at a time leads to one game at a time." x 3, build speed as you say it.
  42. -- deep breaths, from diaphragm.. need strength.
  44. what happens if i was up 2-0 but they're coming back (between games)
  45. -- long inhale, short exhale.
  46. 1. close eyes. take a bit to find emotional self. take him on a date, ask him questions. imagine
  47. a beach, sunset, wine, shrimp scampi, two person table.
  48. 2. use the most significant item that you found out from your date to program self 1. in essence,
  49. use the emotion as an indicator of where to start for adjusting your game (including which observations
  50. of the opponent's behavior to include)
  51. 3. mantra: "i love myself. i trust myself." x 3, slow. smile more each time you do it.
  53. what happens if i'm in a losing position when i didn't expect to be
  54. -- use this as an opportunity to test your fortitude.
  55. -- you are now being challenged differently. rise up.
  57. review confidence stuff and mirth stuff
  58. "On expectations and facing others' confidence - it's okay to be nervous and to be distraught that little is expected of you,
  59. but remember that they'll never be you. Have more faith - your lack of progress is not any reason for a lack of faith in yourself.
  60. Remember MADD Asheville! You have things you've been working on and things you've been learning. If someone is playing good and is
  61. confident, it's way more fun to play him because you get an even better chance to test yourself and your plans.
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