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  1. The info below was sent to me by another youtuber, I can't confirm or deny if it is fact:
  2. "this girl performing a striptease in front of a live camera stream. The clip you showed in your video is what brought her to 4chan's attention. At that point, they were only trolling her Youtube comment section. It was pretty tame trolling for 4chan standards, until a link to a video of her performing a striptease that had been captured by a viewer of her web stream (removing her bra and lifting up her shirt and cupping her breast with her hand) was posted in a thread on /b/. Within 2 minutes of that link being posted, it was suggested that a link to the video be sent to her father for lulz. Suggestions on what funny and humiliating things to do with the link began to snowball. THAT video is what caused b/tards to switch gears into overdrive. They thought it would be funny to send an email to her father with the subject "wanna see your daughter naked?" They obtained and posted her complete Dox within 40 minutes of the link being posted. (name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, Google street view of her house, school, principle's name and home phone number, local child protective services phone number, etc) By this point, almost half of the threads on /b/ contained her Dox, and a raid was born. They began bombarding her local police department with emails imitating "concerned parents" reporting Jessi Slaughter's parents for neglect. They emailed pictures of and links to the striptease to her principal. They hacked her school's computer, obtained a PTA list of all of the parents of children who go to school with her and got those parents emails off of the PTA list. They then sent pictures of and links to this striptease to all the parents on the PTA list under the guise of "a concern parent" with e-mail subjects including "I don't want my daughter associating with this girl. Do you?" I also seriously doubt any pizza delivery service will go to her house anymore. The element of child pornography is a significant part of this story. Social Services and the police actually went to her house, which I believe was the primary motive for the father's anger. It wasn't just comments left on her Youtube channel."
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