Horizon 5-A

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  1. Prologue:
  2. Life on the Musashi is back to normal while it remains in the Ariake.
  3. Word arrives that Hashiba has entered Mouri territory.
  4. Musashi plans to carry out the history recreation against Houjou next.
  6. Chapter 1:
  7. A few of the Sanada Braves prepare to monitor Houjou and the Musashi.
  8. Nate's mom does lewd things with her husband.
  10. Chapter 2:
  11. Class Plum discusses the situation in Hexagone Francaise.
  13. Chapter 3:
  14. The discussion turns to the situation with Houjou and how to have them begin the Battle of Kannagawa.
  15. The battle between Mouri and Hashiba begins.
  17. Chapter 4:
  18. Kiyomasa leads an M.H.R.R./P.A. Oda force against an Hexagone Francaise force.
  20. Chapter 5:
  21. Takenaka Hanbei (Speer-09) uses Crus Fortitudo - Vetus and the spell Three Thousand Worlds to assist the P.A. Oda forces.
  22. She drops a transport ship on the Hexagone Francaise force, but it is destroyed and Hexagone Francaise uses the explosion to cover their retreat.
  24. Chapter 6:
  25. Segundo and Juana discuss why Hexagone Francaise retreated.
  26. Class Plum discusses the same which leads into making/reaffirming their own plans for the future.
  28. Chapter 7:
  29. Asama and Nate have a discussion in the bathroom.
  31. Chapter 8:
  32. Azuchi Castle leaves Edo to assist in the fight against Mouri.
  33. Takigawa remains in Edo and explains that Musashi must convince Houjou to attack her to trigger one of the major flags for Nobunaga's assassination.
  35. Chapter 9:
  36. Class Plum shenanigans occur until Houjou fires on the Ariake.
  38. Chapter 10:
  39. Those on the Musashi do their best to defend against the bombardment.
  40. Terumoto heads for the front lines with an army of automaton maids.
  41. Houjou sends out mechanical phoenixes that drop bombs of light that turn anything that reflect the light into ether.
  43. Chapter 11:
  44. Houjou continues their bombardment to give Azuchi Castle time to leave.
  45. Toori convinces Yoshiyasu not to head out and attack Azuchi Castle.
  47. Chapter 12:
  48. The Musashi/Ariake continues its defensive battle against Houjou.
  50. Chapter 13:
  51. Musashi drags Takigawa into the fight to initiate the Battle of Kannagawa.
  53. Chapter 14:
  54. Sassa, Fuwa, and Toshiie discuss Takigawa's and their futures.
  56. Chapter 15:
  57. As the battle continues, Kakei, Unno, and Mochizuki of the Sanada Braves show up to avenge Isa's death.
  59. Chapter 16:
  60. Futayo fights Kakei.
  62. Chapter 17:
  63. Tenzou and Mary fight Unno, Futayo continues fighting Kakei, and Narumi fights Mochizuki.
  65. Chapter 18:
  66. Narumi and Futayo gain some ground in their fights.
  68. Chapter 19:
  69. Tenzou plays dead and waits for a chance to act.
  71. Chapter 20:
  72. Tenzou, Naito, and Naruze work together to destroy Unno's Yomi spell.
  74. Chapter 21:
  75. Narumi defeats Mochizuki.
  77. Chapter 22:
  78. Futayo defeats Kakei.
  80. Chapter 23:
  81. Horizon offers to accept the Sanada Braves if they ever want to join Musashi, but the Braves escape.
  83. Chapter 24:
  84. The battle against Takigawa's Shirasagi Castle continues.
  86. Chapter 25:
  87. The Musashi sinks the Shirasagi Castle.
  89. Chapter 26:
  90. Katagiri Katsumoto of the Ten Spears negotiates with Musashi.
  91. Sanada Nobuyuki, Chancellor of Sanada Academy, shows up and says he wants to be on Musashi's side.
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