Hooves worship (TwixAnon) To do

May 13th, 2017
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  1. >"I-isn't that... weird?"
  2. "Come on babe, I wanted to try it for... forever! Just let me try, just this once."
  3. >"... I don't know Anon..."
  4. >The pretty mare turns away, blushing, embarrassed.
  5. "Just this once, please? It'll feel good, I swear."
  6. >You grab a front hoof, rubbing your thumbs up and down, trying to reassure her.
  7. "I'll stop the second you ask me to, I swear."
  8. >You pull it towards you and kiss it, softly, as if you were trying to chase pain away.
  9. >She doesn't respond. She simply stare at you, worried that you would hurt her. Or even worse, that you'd somehow end up hating her.
  10. >As if that could ever happen.
  11. >So you give it another kiss, this one lingering longer. You keep your eyes on hers.
  12. >She's not saying no anymore, and she doesn't pull her hoof away when you give it a third kiss.
  13. >You readjust your grip on it, taking your time admiring how soft her fur is, and how good she smells, the perfume of her shampoo still lingering around her.
  14. >You lean forward and kiss it again, lower this time.
  15. >"Mhh..." A sigh leaves her lips. You grin.
  16. >Your tongue part your lips and prod at her soft fuzzyness.
  17. >You grab her second hoof with your left hand and bring it against its twin. You kiss it.
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