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  1. --Fuu's Skills--
  3. -Confusion Blade (100 Ki)
  4. Fire off multiple suspended Ki Blasts in front of you!
  5. Hold [LS_D] and perform the move to launch them left or right!
  7. -Sneaky Strike (100 Ki)
  8. Vanish into thin air and move around with [LS_N].
  9. Press the button to reappear and rush your opponent!
  10. You can also cancel the move and reappear by guarding.
  12. -Energy Minefield (100 Ki)
  13. Set up multiple Ki Blasts to trap your opponent!
  14. The Ki Blasts will explode as soon as your opponent approaches them!
  17. -Remote Serious Bomb (300 Ki)
  18. Seal your opponent's Awoken Skills with a Ki sign!
  19. Use your Ki to activate the attack again to generate a Serious Bomb and launch it at your opponent!
  21. --Jiren's Skills--
  23. -Power Impact (100 Ki)
  24. Fire a chargeable Ki Blast!
  25. Hitting your opponent with a fully-charged Ki Blast will temporarily increase the power of your Ultimate Attacks!
  27. -Meditation
  28. Enter a state of extreme calm and raise your Ki!
  29. Press and hold thebutton to continue meditating and temporarily raise your max Ki to 1000!
  31. -Power Rush (1000 Ki)
  32. Charge up a large amount of Ki and unleash a brutal flurry of attacks at your opponent!
  33. Your increased power will return to normal once the attack ends.
  35. --Android 17 (DB Super)'s Skill--
  37. -Rough Ranger (100 Ki)
  38. Brace yourself for your opponent's attack.
  39. Retaliate with a kick or put up a barrier based on what kind of attack your opponent uses!
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