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stroke order font rikaichan tweak

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Aug 3rd, 2016
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  1. Greetings anon! You would benefit greatly from exploring each kanji as a set of radicals, each radical consisting of several strokes drawn in a specific order. This makes it much easier to parse and memorize kanji not as abstract blobs of ink, but as logical, sequential structures.
  2. For that, you can customize Rikaichan to use Kanji stroke order font from, which also has numerous improvements in the recently released v4.000
  3. The description of the steps required to achieve that is provided here (but author made the typo there, so you can copy my code from below instead).
  6. In order to change the Rikaichan fonts do the following:
  8. In Firefox click 'Help' -> 'Troubleshooting Information'
  9. On the config site click the 'Open Directory'-button next to 'Profile Directory'
  11. In this directory open (or create) the folder 'chrome' and then open (or create) the file 'userContent.css'. Paste the following piece of code in there, save and restart Firefox. Voilà, the font for displaying Kanji in Rikaichan is changed.
  13. #rikaichan-window .k-kanji {
  14. font-family: KanjiStrokeOrders !important;
  15. font-size: 800% !important;
  16. }
  17. #rikaichan-window .w-kanji {
  18. font-family: MS PMincho !important;
  19. font-size: 200% !important;
  20. }
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