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  1. Swirlyder and PenQuin were playing poker in the survivor room for the finals of a room-wide tournament. PenQuin was putting up a very good fight, but in front of Swirls' stone-faced expressionless, speechless face, even PenQuin could not win. It was at this moment that Swirlyder walked in the front door of the room, making everyone's heads turn to the entrance, then back to the table where they had thought Swirls was sitting.
  3. "Hey guys, what's up?" Asked the Swirlyder who came in through the door.
  5. PenQuin looked back and forth between the unmoving Swirlyder at the poker table he had just lost to and the Swirlyder who had come through the door. "WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU???"
  7. The Swirlyder who came in through the door responded "You do realize that's just a statue of me, right?"
  9. PenQuin looked at the statue that had just won the poker tournament. "You've got to be joking, it just won the poker tournament!"
  11. Half the room immediately burst into laughter at the fact that a mere statue had just won the poker tournament, while those that had lost to it started filing out the door. Swirlyder watched the line of people file out the door. "Did my statue really win a tournament?"
  13. Redylriws looked away from whatever it was he was doing long enough to say, "Yes Swirls, your statue won a poker tournament. You're just THAT lucky."
  15. PenQuin slumped onto the floor in utter defeat, because he had just lost in a game of poker to a statue. Swirls walked over to him, and patted him on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it Pen, my luck beats all forms of strategy, reason, skill, and common sense."
  17. Redylriws called out, "Trust me, I'm the only one that can match his luck, and it really is unreasonable. Just don't question it."
  19. Swirls sighed. "If it makes you feel better PPQ, I'll take you back to my room so you can cry it out."
  21. PenQuin nodded, following Swirls to his private room. Redy sighed, shrugging his shoulders. "Well, there goes another one to the charms of Swirls. I guess it's time to get the boxes."
  23.                                                           ~~ Later that night ~~
  25. Pen demanded a poker match against the real Swirls, which of course Swirls won due to his insane luck. Faced with the knowledge that he would have lost the tournament even if he was facing an actual person, Pen felt slightly better. "Hey, Swirls. What are you gonna do with your tournament winnings?"
  27. "I dunno, probably just return the winnings considering I didn't really win them, my statue did. Or I could give them to you." Swirls said.
  29. Pen shook his head. "No, the statue had your luck, it counts as you winning the tournament. Keep the money, I don't need it anyways."
  31. Swirls sighed, placing his hands on Pen's shoulders, giving him a massage. "Don't worry about it, the money should belong to Redy anyways, he's the one who made the statue in the first place. I don't really have anything to spend it on, so keep it."
  33. Pen shrugged. "Alright, fine, I'll take the damn money. Why are you so insistent on giving it to me anyway?"
  35. Swirls smiled. "Obviously because you deserve it, you took second place after all."
  37. Pen yawned, growing tired. "Makes sense I guess. Anyways, I'm getting tired, I guess I'll sleep on the floor." Pen laid down on the floor, and was asleep before long. Swirl picked Pen's sleeping body off the ground and placed it in Swirl's bed, which Swirl got into as well, before turning off the light and falling asleep, using Pen's sleeping body as a hug pillow.
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