Half-Moon in Equestria 37

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  1. Both Twilight and Trixie wake the next morning, a warm, happy feeling filling them. Nothing special happened, but it felt as if a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders.
  2. As you rise, Luna had just finished  lowering the moon. "Thanks for taking care of me Luna, amd out of curiosity, did you share that dream with them?"
  3. Luna yawns before replying "Sort of. I was like the one with Celestia, we merely set the stage, and you were the actors."
  4. A towel provides some cover, and you say "How about I escort you to your chambers?" She smiles and nods, before yawning again. The two of you make your way up to her room, pausing only when she stumbles.
  5. On the last step, a chunk of flesh vanishes from your left leg, making you cry out in pain, and causing Luna to snap to attention. The moment her barrier forms, Celestia's door is practically blown off its hinges as she comes running out. She quickly heals it, but unlike last time, it isn't perfect.
  6. Some of the muscle tissue is absent, and the skin is a little thin, but overall function seems unnafected. Both princesses examine the spot, and you all come to the same conclusion. "I pray they solve this quickly." You say, and the two agree.
  10. Just like yesterday, all your friends are out searching for, and documenting chaos. Thus far you have found, Cotton candy clouds, sugar cube corner is now an actual pastry, a number of fruit trees are now growing candy and... *BOOM!!!*
  11. Looing up, confetti and streamers rain down and cover everything. A confused, but giddy Pikie bounces over, her party cannon in tow. "Pinkie, what happened? You ask as she gets close.
  12. "I don't know." She says, unhooking her cannon "I was just cleaning my party cannon and making sure its in working condition, when it went off, and now there's confetti everywhere!"
  13. "Hmnnnn..." You ponder, pulling out a map and notepad. "Pinkie, where doid you go looking yesterday?" You ask, while showing her the map. She takes a quill and starts drawing a line of where she went. You do the same for yourself in a different color. Adding in marks where the chaos happened, you notice something. Nearly all the chaos happened somewhere near where Pinkie was, especially near where your lines crossed hers.
  14. "Pinkie, can you go and gather the others? I have a theory, and I need them to help confirm it." You ask and she salutes, before sprinting away quickly.
  15. Soon she returns with the others, and you have them add their own lines to the map. You quickly notice there is always a large cluster of chaos wherever the multiple paths cross, even at different times.
  16. "Twiligh dear, I do hope that map isn't insinuating what I think it is." Rarity says, and Applejack nods.
  17. Floating overhead, Rainbow Dash looks over the map "Look over here. My house was above here last night, but theres no mark there."
  18. "Maybe your house is too high or something" You say "But you raise a good point. Tonight, lets camp out outside ponyville and have Spike, Cadence and the guards watch out for new chaos happenings." Everyone nods but Fluttershy.
  19. "Ummm... We don't have to go anywhere scary, right?" She asks, partly hidden behind her mane.
  20. "The Great and Powerful Trixie is capable of moving her wagon, if you are afraid to sleep in the open." Trixie offers, giving Fluttersy a smile "Consider it thanks for all the times you helped heal me after training." Fluttershy smiles back, and nods.
  21. "Its settled then. Tonight we are camping out!" Pinkie shouts, jumping up in the air, throwing up confetti from Celestia knows where.
  22. The rest of the day is spent prepping everything, and by dinner time, there is a pair of tents, Trixies wagon and a lone cloud in a field out by Whitetail woods.
  23. Pinkie, like usual, decides a party is required, and nopony says no to a Pinkie Party. Even Trixie enjoyed the party. I guess when she's not being all stuck up, she isn't that bad.
  24. "Pardon me Twilight, but might you be writing a letter to Anonymous?" Rarity asks, shaking you from your internal monologue.
  25. Finishing up the line, you reply "Yes, is there anything you wish to add?" The moment these words leave your lips, everypony is in your face, vocalizing get better wishes for Anon.
  26. After getting everything straight, you pull Trixie aside and share your thouhts with her. She agrees, and between the two of you, you set up something on a piece of paper and attach it to the letter before sending it to Spike to be sent.
  30. Enjoying your book, you note the clock, marking the shift change and your night watch arrives with a letter. Unrolling it, a small sheet falls out and you catch it and set it aside. The letter briefly explains Twilights theory, and is also filled with a bunch of get well wishes from your friends.
  31. The small piece of paper has a transmutation circle on one side, one not of your creation. Setting it on the ground, you activate it, your guard watching, intrigued. Below it, the ground starts coverging under the center. The paper bursts into flame, and you release it. Under it, an elegant silver chain hangs through a ring at the top of a pendant. The pendant itself is a gold circle, emblazoned with half of each of their cutie marks. Turning it over reveals a silver moon, half shaded making it only a half-moon.
  32. Picking it up, you set it on your neck, moon facing outward, before putting away your book and crawling into bed.
  36. You are awoken by a loud screaming, and the feeling of somepony crawling under you. Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you notice Rarity is under you and your tent has been replaced by a spider web, complete with large, but inanimate spiders.
  37. "Rarity" You groan "The spiders aren't real, and if you didn't know, spider silk is some of teh softest available, once its been cleaned."
  38. She climbs out of the blankets, straightening her mane as she says "Of course I knew that Twilight, I was just... Erm... I wanted to see how you'd react to the spiders." With a huff, she starts unwraveling and cleaning the web, turning it into a silken thread. By the time she's done, she has a ball about the size of a fillys head.
  39. The other tent seems fine, but when you look at Trixies wagon...
  40. It takes all your will not to burst out laughing. Paint is smeared across it in classhing splotches, making it look like it was done by newborns.
  41. "Trixie!" You call out "You might *Snicker* want to get out here!"
  42. "NO! I REFUSE!" he yells, and Fluttershy step out. She immediately notices the spider, and shoot over until she find out they are fake.
  43. Looking up at you he say "Twilight you shoud try and help her. The chaos ummm... Changed her a bit." A little confused, you nod and walk up to the wagon.
  44. Knocking on the door, you say "Trixie, I'm going to come in and see if I can help."
  45. You get no responce for a moment, until she says "Okay, just... Promise you wont laugh or tell anypony about this. Especially Anon."
  46. This give you pause. 'It so ba he oesn't want even Anon to know.' Caliing back, you reply "I promise." and you walk in. As you close the door behind you, she comes out of her room.
  47. Her normaly lustrous blue coat is now a vivid pink with purple and orange spots, and her mane is a sickly green. "Its horrible, I know." She sulks, plopping down on a cusion. "We have to stop this chaos, before it ruins my coat for good, and before Anon's arm is gone."
  48. Channeling your magic, her coat slowly smooths to pink, before shifting to her normal blue. Her mane is much the same, and soon it to is back to normal "There we go. Cadence should be arriving soon, and we can confirm..."
  49. A loud cry of "GALL DANG IT!" cuts your sentence short and you and Trixie immediately run outside Applejack is glaring at an apple with enough intensity to make you shudder. The moment he comes within a foot of it, it instantly turns into an orange. She stomps it into a mushy paste, and lets out a sigh of frustration "Twi, ya think ya cam help me out? Anytime Ah get near an apple, it turns into a blasted orange."
  50. Behind her, you notice Pinkie, in full ninja ger, sneaking up behind Applejack, a peeled apple in her mouth. This apple, like the other turns into an orange, but this one is peeled. "Succes!" he shout out, jumping in the air, orange held in her forehooves. Applejack turn, and spotting the orange, tries to swat it away, but Pinkie scarfs it down.
  51. "Pinkie, now is not the time for joking around" You say, before noticing Cadence and Shining approaching. He is leaning against her and you wave to them "How town?" You ask as they get close.
  52. "Jut as you left it." hinig says quickly sitting down "Hurts a bit to move, but I will be fine." He ads, seeing your look of concern.
  53. Candsnce lays next to him and says "Looks like your idea was right Twilight. Now we just have to determine who is the host."
  54. "I think I know who it i too." You say, and everypony group up. "Based in everything I believe it is..."
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